On Propaganda


As a supplement to Self-Liberation 101, let’s review and contrast some propaganda.  First of all, note that there is essentially NO propaganda being directed at the Jews of the Holy Land by any Jewish group committed to the defense of Eretz Yisrael from Moslem aggression and Israeli conspiracy.  We know this because we know the characteristics of a successful propaganda campaign.

Consider, for example, the following news article


This article highlights the tremendously successful Taliban propaganda campaign.  Note the nature of the campaign:

1) It is multifaceted.  All available media, from ringtones and DVDs to tribal singers are being used to spread the message.

2) It uses simple messages anchored in popular values

3) It is incessant.  The same messages are being used over and over again

4) Enemy propagandists are eliminated

5) The insurgents take credits for successes, but never for failures.  Attacks that kill primarily Western occupation forces and puppet government troops are claimed by the Taliban.  Attacks that kill large numbers of Afghanis are not claimed by the Taliban.

Note especially the use of music.  Islam categorically prohibits most music and song (in fact, this is one of the proofs of the Satanic nature of Islam).  When they were in power, the Taliban spent a great deal of effort on eradicating music from Afghanistan.  Nonetheless, human nature is such that song and music mobilize better than speech and the written word.  The reason is that music bypasses the intellect and appeals directly to emotion.  The best form of propaganda in the modern world is a music video.  This is especially true when appealing to youth.  Youth are not readily swayed by intellectual debate and explanation, but they follow music eagerly and ape their favorite musician in all things.  Therefore, despite their utter opposition to music in all forms, the Taliban are using music.  This is a key aspect of a successful guerilla movement — ideology is nice, but victory is more important.  Any and all means are used to achieve victory, no matter how abhorrent they may be or how much they conflict with the guerillas’ ideology.  The only restriction on means is that the means must not publically embarrass the insurgency.  Islamic insurgents run whorehouses, for example, but they never do this openly.

While Israeli youth listen to leftist trash that emphasizes confusion and division, like this:


The Moslem enemy fills their heads with well-crafted antisemitic propaganda, like this:


Note that both these videos are shown on Israeli TV.  They reach millions of young viewers.  Forget everything else.  Turn off the sound and watch the video.  Whose cause is portrayed as legitimate?  Who has a coherent message?  Who is shown as united?  While you are at it, note the portrayal of the Jews of Yesha in the Israeli video.  Is it a positive portrayal?  Now, turn the sound back on.  Note that both songs are in HEBREW.  Imagine yourself as a confused Israeli kid of 13, without an iota of Jewish education, raised by the TV and Yuli Tamir’s schools.  Whose cause will you grow up to support?  In your heart of hearts, will you believe that Israel even has a right ot exist?

In the meantime, while Israeli youth grow up to hate themselves and their country, the youth of the “Palestinains” listen to well-crafted, unifying propaganda, like this:


This particular video has been re-geared for the West.  Thus the introduction by Ramsey Clark.  Forget the introduction.  Go straight to the video itself.  Imagine yourself as an Arab youth.  Would it not make your blood boil?  Would it not inspire you to fight?

While the Arabs direct a message of “legitimate grievance” at the Israelis, they direct the message of “kill the Jews, kill them all” at their own people.

Where are the Jewish equivalents of these messages?  Where is the Jewish message directed at Israelis, portraying the legitimate grievance of the Jews of Yesha?  Where is the internal message mobilizing the youth of Yesha to struggle for national liberation or even to engage in self-defense?  These messages do not exist.

While we are on the subject of propaganda, let’s look at some propaganda from Iraq.  Note the careful compilation of dozens of attacks.  Not a single attack takes place without being filmed.  Many are filmed from multiple angles.  The camera is more important than the IED  After all, what’s the point of the attack?  Killing occupier soldiers is meaningless in itself.  It is the MESSAGE that counts.  The public must KNOW that you have killed occupier soldiers.  Note also that only successful (or moderately successful) attacks are generally shown.  Over 70% of IEDs are, in fact, discovered before they explode.  Most Iraqi snipers miss.  But you would never know it from these videos.  Note also the careful use of Koranic verses as soundtrack in order to mobilize religious fervor and portray the cause as not only victorious, but also holy and deserving of reward by Allah.  Finally, note the ever-present logo of the insurgent group, in this case the Islamic Army in Iraq, a Sunni nationalist group composed originally of former soldiers.  The Islamic Army wants the public to know that IT and not anyone else, is the true epitomy of success.  This brings more recruits, more money and more publicity than the same video without attribution.



Here is recruiting propaganda from Jaish Al Mahdi.  Note the different emphasis.  This stems from the nature of the audience.  Whereas the Sunni Islamic Army of Iraq seeks to recruit those who (preferrably) have a military background and are intersted in PERSONAL heroism, the Shia Mahdi Army places emphasis on the Shia tradition of MASS heroism and GROUP self-sacrifice.  Thus the repeated images of Ashoura (and also the Mahdi Army parades on Ashoura).  The propaganda deliberately seks to draw a parallel between the Shia failure to come to the aid of Imam Hussein at Karbala and the opportunity to expiate this sin by joining Muqtada al-Sadr’s army in the battle against the Americans


Here is a Mahdi Army video geared toward the Arab Diaspora.  Note the emphasis on the eternal nature of the struggle, the kinship and alliance between Muqtada al Sadr and his brother-in-law Hassan Nasrallah and the deliberate invocation of the great jihadis of antiquity.  Again, the emphasis is very much on MASS self-sacrifice and on a single charismatic leader.  Note also that both videos advertise internet sites where individuals can go to help the cause.  These recruiting portals are the first step for both donors and fighters.  This is an example of doctrinally correct fundraising.


Here is another important example of Mahdi Army propaganda geared toward the internal Iraqi audience.  Here, the emphasis is placed to establish the young and inexperienced Muqtada al-Sadr as the true successor to his father Muhammad al-Sadr.  The elder Sadr’s immense authority and popularity is thus conferred onto the son.  Again, note the recruiting plugs throughout the video.  Before the Sadr uprising of April 2004, the Shia areas of Iraq were flooded with such videos, distributed on DVDs.


In one of his blog entries, A7’s Fishy Fishman complained that he has no money to engage in serious propaganda, because it costs some ridiculous amount of shekels to order posters printed and to pay somebody to put them up.  Insurgents print posters by themselves.  They put them up by themselves.  They make the DVDs by themselves.   This is why the “National Right” has FAILED utterly in every propaganda campaign.  The “National Right” is either INCOMPETENT (Feiglin) or UNWILLING TO FIGHT (Nadia Matar) or simply in cahoots with the Israelis (Aryeh Eldad and the Yesha Council).  Thus they are either unable or unwilling to produce good propaganda and to wage a doctrinally correct War of Symbols.  They waste the time of their youth on waving orange ribbons and squatting on hilltops, when these youth should be attacking Israel’s Moslem stooges, putting up posters and distributing videos.

Among the first signs that aliyah is no longer a form of suicide will be a COMPETENT propaganda campaign aimed at both the Israelis and the Jews of Yesha.  The themes targeting the Israelis would emphasize that the Jews of Yesha are oppressed by Israel, have a right to the Land that the Israelis do not have and are willing to live in peace with the Israelis only if their grievances are addressed.  At the same time, it should portray Medinat Yehudah as THE ONLY viable alternative to the Islamic Emirate of Palestine.  The Israeli public must be given this choice EXPLICITLY.  They should be told that their only options are a hostile Hamas State in Yesha or a friendly Jewish State.  The alternatives are civil war (unthinkable) or continued occupation (unthinkable).  The propaganda should arouse a deep shame in the heart of the Israeli as well as a desire to pull the IDF out of Yesha in some kind of negotiated settlement so that Medinat Yehudah can arise AND be successful.  It should cause him to feel that Jews and Israelis can live in peace ONLY if the Jew has his own State and the Israeli has his own State.  Note that such propaganda will sway huge numbers of Israelis and will deeply split Israel’s ruling elite.  The rulers of Israel know full well that the Moslems are a deadly djinn that will certainly turn on them.  They cooperate with the Moslems solely out of desperation.  It is the threat to their power and privilege emanating from the Jews that drives these people.  By giving the Israeli elite the alternative of Medinat Yehudah , the Jews actually give them a SAFE way to eliminate the threat to their power.  With a Jewish State as the buffer between the Haifa-Tel Aviv coastal strip and the Moslem world, the elite would be free to rule and indulge in hedonistic idiocy to its heart’s content.  No more having to deal with Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Gaza, Yesha…  It’s a dream come true.  Half the elite will jump at the chance to make this happen.  Once the seeds of discord are planted among the elite in this fashion, they wil rapidly grow to the point where massive military and political assistance, covert or overt, will flow from the ruling classes to the Jewish self-liberation movement.

At the same time, the propaganda aimed at the youth of Yesha should portray the struggle for national self-liberation as Maccabean in nature.  It should emphasize self-sacrifice, mass heroism and allegiance to the ideal of an independent Jewish State.  The propaganda should tell the youth of Yesha that they are NOT Israeli, that Israel is a foreign occupying power with whom they have nothing in common, that Israel is responsible for all Moslem terrorism and that peace is only achievable when Jews and Israelis live in separate States.

P.S.  Some have complained that Jewish posters are rapidly taken down by Israeli soldiers and policemen.  US troops in Iraq quickly got out of the habit of messing with Mahdi Army and Hezbollah posters when the insurgents began to booby trap these.  Plasic explosives formed into thin sheets, especially RDX moulded with 5 -10 % styrofoam by dissolving both in acetone and then slowly evaporating the acetone, are excellent quality, waterproof, durable media.  They make excellent backing for posters.  A less advanced method is to build small IEDs and conceal them in niches behind posters.  A few missing fingers and/or hands later, the enemy begins to treat every poster as an IED, even if only 1% really ARE IEDs.  When every poster requires an EOD robot to take down, posters tend to stay up for quite a while.  After all, the number of EOD robots and skilled technicians to operate them is highly limited.


8 Responses to “On Propaganda”

  1. Velvel Says:

    Regarding the Jaish al mahdi recruiting videos and appeals to global Arabs, is youtube the primary means of distribution? And what is the most effective way to spread the propaganda? I believe the Israeli counterpart to youtube is Flix, which is utilized by many thousands of Israeli youth.

    Shabbat Shalom.

  2. Velvel Says:

    Also, that clock is off; I did not post during Shabbat, chas veshalom.

  3. sk Says:

    Very interesting essay and examples, Mike. It really is astounding how well the Bolsheviks have removed every bit of initiative and creativity from the settlerfolks–whose daily life, at least, should have taught them something.

  4. Vienna Mike Says:

    In Iraq during the 2003-2004 timeframe, the primary means of distribution for video propaganda were DVDs sold by vendors or handed out on the street. They essentially constituted the only easily accessible form of mass entertainment. The insurgents made a point to eliminate all competition (e.g. prevent vendors from selling Turkish porn and Syrian girl-pop music videos). Few Iraqis had access to computers or internet connections, but cheap Chinese DVD players were everywhere. This again goes back to the doctrinal foundations of the War of Symbols — all competing sources of propaganda and information must be eliminated as speedily and ruthlessly as possible.

    Insofar as Jihad on the internet, this is primarily spread via a myriad websites. These arfe primarily geared toward mobilizing young Moslems in the West and affluent Moslem youth in the Moslem world. (Note that every one of the 9/11 hijackers was upper middle class). Youtube is one of the many places online where these kinds of videos can be found. Youtube is global, so searchers can look for things of interest to them in their language. This makes Youtube, like most internet repositories, almost impossible to effectively police.

    But even the most “mainstream” Moslem organizations operate jihadist propaganda campaigns. For example, here is the website of the Young Moslems of Canada


    This site comes on as a fuzzy-bunny feel-good care-for-your-fellow-man social organization, sort of like a Moslem B’nai B’rith. But dig deeper and you find Hassan al Banna’s seminal work “Jihad in Islam”, the cornerstone of modern Islamist ideology.


    Some of the western-based hardcore Jihad portals operate by constantly switching URLs and posting talkbacks and such on Islamic discussion groups to inform members of the new location. But most are simply blogs or online sites run by committed young Moslems in the West. The internet is almost impossible to police and Western free speech laws protect propagandists as long as these do not call for imminent specific lethal action against specific individuals. There are also numerous sites where registration is required. The more serious of these should operate a vetting process for new members. Traditionally in underground operations one must be vouched for by a full member or a probationary member in order to be classed as a sympathizer. Various tests are then required to gain associate membership, probationary membership and, finally, full membership.

    The most effective way to spread the propaganda is to use all available means. This applies to online propaganda as well. Talkbacks on various forums drive individuals to websites that further radicalize them. Videos and songs appeal to those who would never read more than three lines on a web page and recruiting plugs embedded in the videos drive these watchers to more websites, eventually leading to hardcore discussion groups and operational portals.

    Flix would certainly be a great place to post Jewish propaganda.

  5. Vienna Mike Says:

    Upon additional reflection, one Israel-specific means of disseminating propaganda would be via instant messages sent from prepaid cellphones bought with cash. The messages would lead to free music and music video downloads. Every young Israeli you see nowadays is glued to a cellphone. If the music is good, they will download it and they will share it. And the message will sink in, though they listen only for the catchy tunes.

  6. Questioner Says:

    Now to find some patriotic Jewish musicians?

  7. Rob Says:

    If we are going to use “all means”, Then we should not over look one of the most valuable resourses. here is a clue: A certain israeli news site takes full advantage of this resource.

    I believe it is imperative we tap into this potential pot of gold in order to move ahead in a more rapid fashion, thus perhaps saving precious lives of Jewish in the Holy Land.

    I have spent the last seven years in this endevor, perfecting methods which are very effective, but require much personal sacrifice and a confrontational attitude at times, but when you have piqued the interest and gained the respect of a person, it is not hard to influence, and correct their thinking. It is possible, and the end product is a real treasure. Interested?

  8. Velvel Says:

    Rob you’re being too cryptic. What are you referring to?

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