Parshah Eikev: Everything That is Wrong in Today’s Holy Land


This week’s Torah portion neatly summarizes everything that is wrong in the Holy Land today. All the root causes and symptoms of all the problems being experienced by the State of Israel and those trapped within it can be found simply by carefully reading the parshah.

To start with, what is wrong with Israel’s ruling elite and its godless majority? We can pile upon words words until Moshiach comes, but, in the end, we can summarize it all with this simple injunction from the parshah:

…Take care lest you forget HASHEM your G-d by not observing his mizvot, mishpatim and chukim, which I commanded you today, lest you eat and be satisfied and build good houses and settle, and your cattle and sheep and goats will increase, and you increase silver and gold for yourselves, and everything that you have will increase – and your heart will grow haughty and you will forget HASHEM your G-d… …And you will say in your heart “My strength and the might of my hand made me all this wealth!”…

Does this sound familiar? When you hear arrogant Israeli prattle about the might of the IDF and their great “pioneering spirit”, are you not reminded of this verse? In light of this simple verse, is the chillul Hashem that Medinat Israel is and always has been not explicable? They honestly believe that their might comes from their tanks and their planes and their deals with filthy goyim in Washington, and from the dollars they get peddling techno-toys and cute tricks. Only an idiot could think that the miracles of 1948, 1967 and 1973 can be explained by simple skill or training or brilliant generalship. Only an idiot could think that the continued survival and well-being of the Jews of the Holy Land depends in any way on Teva’s balance sheet or on the alacrity with which the rulers of the shanda called “the State of Israel” run to kiss the boots of goyshe animals in Washington. But the godless monsters who run the State of Israel and the addled horde of heretics who keep them in power honestly DO believe this!

So what is the consequence? Well, it is quite simple. Hashem will take from them all the things that these people think matter. Their power, their wealth, their security, their prosperity, their favor in Washington… It is all evaporating before our very eyes!

When was the last time the IDF actually won a battle, much less a war? One need only to look at the disgrace of the Second Lebanon War to see the worth of today’s IDF. Tens of thousands of glorified gendarmes with tanks and planes they had no idea how to use invaded Lebanon and were decisively crushed by 1500 Moslem light infantrymen. They can thump their chests all they want and claim that their enemies “hid like rats in bunkers”, but the fact of the matter is, they accomplished not a single one of the military and political objectives they set out for themselves. Hiding in bunkers, moving through tunnels, striking and rapidly withdrawing… These are the things the light infantryman does to defeat a mechanized opponent. This is how the light infantry defends ground. This is how it breaks heavy forces. It’s not cowardice. It’s DOCTRINE.

At every turn the Israelis were outmaneuvered. Man to man, one Hezbollah infantryman was worth 20 IDF kapos. Israeli commanders had no idea what to do. They would not move a block without calling higher for permission. Initiative was nonexistent. Creative thinking was entirely absent. Israeli soldiers sat around in vulnerable buildings and their tanks played pop-up target for Hezbollah ATGM squads. The level of indecisiveness and sheer incompetence displayed by the IDF at every level from the individual private up to the chief of staff has not been seen since the Italians invaded Abyssinia.

Today’s IDF does not qualify as an army at all. A simple glance at their gear, much less their performance on the battlefield, can tell this to any observer. Take any picture and look at the SWAT gear and the useless toy rifles. It becomes apparent immediately that what you are looking at is a glorified police force. After 40 years of abusing the IDF to play idiotic police games in Yesha and Gaza, the results Israel has achieved speak for themselves. Israel’s so-called “soldiers” couldn’t do a thing against Hezbollah. But they were great at beating and raping Jewish children at Amona and boy did they make short work of Gush Katif! And don’t worry, this is just the beginning!

Do you think that there might be a reason why Washington has begun making ridiculous demands upon the State of Israel? Is it a coincidence that this happened right after the IDF disgraced itself in the Second Lebanon War? Do you think that the Americans perceive a nation that inspires genocidal hatred within all its neighbors yet has a worthless military as a useful ally? Or do they perceive Israel now as an albatross around America’s neck? And as Israel trades terrorists for corpses and releases captive Moslem fighters for no good reason whatsoever, do you think Israel’s esteem rises higher in the eyes of those who make policy in Washington? The dominoes are falling one by one. As the rockets fall on Sderot and as Hezbollah builds up its arsenal, how long do you think it will be before the next war? And do you really think that America will stand by Israel when rockets fall not just on Sderot but on Lod, Haifa and Tel Aviv as well? If you do, I would like to sell you a bridge in Brooklyn!

But let’s get back to our parshah:

…Do not say in your heart, when HASHEM pushes them away before you, saying “Because of my righteousness did HASHEM bring me to possess this Land…”…

Does THIS sound familiar? When the Jews of the Holy Land arrogantly carry on about the unequivocal superiority of those who have made the great aliyah “sacrifice”, when they misquote the Talmud to call all those who do not immediately drop everything and rush off to their shanda of a State “idolaters”, when they treat the Jews of the Diaspora with contempt while simultaneously demanding our money, are you not reminded of this verse? When you hear arrogant assertions of the alleged indestructibility of the State of Israel, do you not hear these words? When you hear Talmud quoted out of context to “prove” that sitting limply on your hands in Israel as the Second Holocaust draws nearer and nearer is somehow “equivalent to all the mizvot in the Torah”, does it not ring in your mind? As those who speak the Truth and sound the bell of warning are vilified for their trouble, labeled as “spies” and censored, do you not hear in the self-righteous trumpeting of the Lemmings of the Holy Land: “Because of our righteousness we are given the Land!”

And as the rockets explode and the bulldozers rampage, as the terror multiplies and the expulsions continue, do you not see the terrible punishment? Do you not pray that the Jewish lemmings of the Holy Land wake up and see the doom before them? But Hashem has blinded their eyes and closed their ears and addled their minds because, even as the Evil Decree draws near and the Divine punishments multiply, still the lemmings arrogantly trumpet “Because of our righteousness we are given the Land!”

And they will stay deaf and blind and stupid. And they will continue to march mindlessly to the slaughter, to the Holocaust of hatchets and knives, rejecting all appeals to reason and sanity as long as they continue to arrogantly trumpet with their squeaky lemming voices “Because of our righteousness we are given the Land!”

And let us return to the parshah yet again:

…It shall be that if you forget HASHEM your G-d and go after the gods of others, and worship them and prostrate yourself to them – I testify against you today that you will surely perish, like the nations that HASHEM causes to perish before you, so will you perish because you will not have hearkened to the voice of HASHEM your G-d…

As you hear blasphemous assertions of the supposed holiness of a State that beats Jewish girls within an inch of their lives, destroys Jewish homes, desecrates schuls, hands pieces of Hashem’s Holy Land to Moslem adherents of Amalek and facilitates the murder of Jews in their thousands, are you not reminded of this verse? Are you surprised that the segment of Israel’s population that loudly and arrogantly called the State of Israel “holy” and proclaimed its corrupt rulers to have the halachic authority of Davidic kings was the first set of Jews to be viciously attacked by the forces of that very State? Their own idol has turned against them! They who have forsaken Hashem and come to worship a man-made THING, who have erected an unholy goyish altar of nationalism upon which to sacrifice their children to their Molech are the first to be beaten with clubs, raped, murdered, expelled and left to drift aimlessly through the Land as paupers!

None were as loyal to the idea of the “holy” State of Israel as the Jews of Gush Katif. None worshipped the State with as great a devotion. None ran to do its bidding with greater alacrity. And so it was upon them FIRST that the sword of retribution fell. Even as the Israeli pogromschiks gathered around them, the Jews of Gush Katif still had time to repent. If they had sent their women and children to safety in Yesha; if they had driven spade into the ground to dig tunnel and plant IED; if they had taken to their settlements with rifle and mortar and rocket and RPG and suicide vest; if they had earnestly prepared to soak the holy ground of Gush Katif with their own blood and the blood of Israeli kapos; if they had readied themselves to splatter the streets of Tel Aviv with the guts of the little Eichmanns who gorged themselves on sushi in Sheinkin as they eagerly applauded the coming humiliation of the hated mitnakhalim; the decree of pogrom and expulsion might yet have been averted. But instead the Cowards of Gush Katif chose to surrender their weapons and go meekly to the buses sent by their “holy” Molech of a State. They cried like women for what they would not defend like men.

Today as you see the meaningless running to and fro to build useless outposts, as you see the continued refusal to take up arms against the monstrous State of Israel and its psychotic rulers, as you continue to hear assertions of the holiness of the “first flower of geula”, remember this verse. The punishment is coming to those who will not repent. The promise of death and destruction is both individual and collective. Only those who reject the idolatrous worship of Medinat Israel and struggle for the birth of Medinat Yehudah have a chance at salvation. All the rest shall perish.

And finally let us return to the parsha again, not for a message of admonition but for a message of hope:

…You shall love the ger, for gerim you were in the land of Egypt…

This verse is always mistranslated. Some foolishly or maliciously render “ger” as “stranger”, coming up with the idiotic Christian assertion “Love the stranger, for strangers you were in the land of Egypt”. Does the Torah really tell us to unconditionally love every stranger? Every goy? What if he is an idolater? A murderer? A child molester? A Nazi? If he tries to kill us, are we still to love him? If he murders our children before our very eyes are we still to kiss him with love? Does Hashem really demand behavior that is not only idiotic but ultimately suicidal? Does Hashem demand insanity? Is He insane, chas ve sholom? Of course not! This is nonsense! The verse does not and cannot mean anything of the sort. “Ger” does not mean “stranger”. “Ger” means “convert” or “proselyte” if you want to be old-fashioned and fancy in your choice of words. But what does it really mean to render “ger” as “proselyte”?

Those who are unwilling to face the truth of Torah play silly games, rendering the verse “Love the proselyte, for strangers you were in the land of Egypt”. Strange, isn’t it, how the same word means two completely different things in the same sentence? Let’s render the verse the way it is meant to be rendered:

…You shall love the PROSELYTE, for PROSELYTES you were in the land of Egypt…

Why are so many afraid of the meaning of this verse? Why does this verse convey such enormous hope? The answer is, of course, before our very eyes.

Among the great mysteries of Torah is the amazing fact that the Jews entered Egypt with 70 people and left with millions. The force that invaded Canaan counted over 600,000 fighting men. Given the typical proportion of able-bodied adult males fit for military service in a human population, this gives us over 6,000,000 Jews! All kinds of foolish notions have been advanced to explain this seeming contradiction. The most popular is the assertion that every Jewish woman in Egypt has dozens and dozens of children for generations on end. In some kind of ongoing miracle, none were barren, none miscarried, none died in childbirth and every one of the children survived to breed! Amazing, isn’t it? The Jews of the Egyptian exile, descended to the 49th level of impurity, sunk in wickedness and oppressed with brutal slavery for their assorted sins, somehow merited such a miracle for centuries on end! Really? Do you, dear reader, believe this? The Lubavicher Rebbe, one of the greatest tzadikkim in history, died without issue. Yet every last Jewish slave in Egypt had 30 children? The child mortality of antiquity was suspended? Epidemic diseases had no effect on the Jews? Women given the medical care of ancient Egypt, consisting mostly of incantations, incense and mixtures of animal dung, did not die in childbirth? If you are THIS gullible, I really DO have a bridge in Brooklyn. A million dollars and it’s yours!

The real answer, the answer that scares the racist snobs of Meah Shearim and Boro Park half to death, is right before their faces. They read it every year but, in an amazing feat of willful blindness, choose to ignore it. The vast majority of the Jews who left Egypt were CONVERTS AND THE CHILDREN OF CONVERTS.

Is it really this surprising? Go to any schul. Take a look around. Who shows up to every minyan? The convert! Who abides by every last obscure detail of every last mizvah? The convert! Who is the most diligent in Torah study? The convert! The righteous converts put us born-Jews to shame! If we all had a tenth of the emunah of the average ger, Moshiach would come this instant on a chariot of fire amid a choir of angels to miraculously transport us to the Holy Land and institute the Kingdom of God on Earth with a single snap of his fingers! The Jewish people will never be this righteous. Our lot is ultimately the struggle for redemption “in its time”. But it’s a nice vision, isn’t it?

Why is this verse a message of hope? Because at the end of the day, when the idiots who throw up barrier after barrier before those who seek to embrace the Covenant of Abraham are long gone, it will be the converts who will come from every corner of the human-populated universe to fulfill Isaiah’s prophecy:

For thus said my Lord HASHEM/ELOHIM: Behold! I will raise My hand toward the nations and to the peoples I will hoist my banner, and they shall bring your sons in their arms, and your daughters shall be carried on their shoulder…

Whatever happens in the Holy Land, however terrible Hashem’s judgment against those who have embraced the idolatry of Zionist state-worship, however many tribulations the Jewish People are yet destined to see as retribution for our sins, at the end of the day Am Yisrael is immortal. As long as but a single Jew survives with but a single copy of the Torah in his backpack, we will be reborn. For we will heed the mizvah to love the righteous ger.

23 Av 5768


4 Responses to “Parshah Eikev: Everything That is Wrong in Today’s Holy Land”

  1. sk Says:

    So I guess that the Kabbalah great Rav Leon (Fish’s favorite–the one with suspenders and a belt, I mean a flying saucer sized kippah and a hat) is wrong to focus on hemlines?

    Deadly analysis, Mike. The discussion of the translation of “ger” is fascinating as well. Your approach seems to hold to Occam’s Razor from the get-go. This is how you end up rethinking the translation.

  2. Vienna Mike Says:

    Yes, somehow I don’t think that focusing on hemlines will make the Moslem menace go away. But, on a serious note, it is important to dispel the ignorance regarding modest dress.

    The problem with fanatics who want to swaddle every woman they see in a head-to-toe black burka is that not only are they moronic sex fiends, they are also against Torah. Halacha clearly tells us that women should not wear clothing specifically designed for men, nor objects specifically designed for men (e.g. swords). It also tells us that women should cover their arms to slightly below the elbow and their legs to the knee. A married woman must cover her hair. Clothing should not be overly revealing, i.e. not too tight, and should cover the entire torso from the legs to the top of the collar bones. Anything beyond this is idiocy and Islamism.

    For men, the torso and armpits must be covered, clothing must not be overly tight, the legs must be covered to slightly above the knee and the arms to mid-bicep. Stupid-looking clothing from medieval Poland is not necessary.

    Note that the fashions of the 1950s are perfectly reasonable as a form of tziniut dress. There is not even an issue with women wearing pants, as long as they are recognizably NOT pants for men (e.g. what straight man would wear hot pink jeans?). And the morons who extend the prohibition on swords to all arms need to be reminded that some weapons are designed specifically for women and therefore cannot be worn by a man. Certain stilletoes, the ladies’ derringer, a samurai woman’s dagger and the ninja set of hair pins immediately come to mind, for example. The idea that a woman cannot carry a firearm is so ludicrous that only a haredi ignoramus can believe it.

    All in all, if you want to see what is modest (and not stupid) I suggest you go find the nearest Modern Orthodox schul or a Chabad house

  3. jew613 Says:

    As you mentioned the reprehensible hostility some Jews feel to converts it is interesting to contrast this with the Rav in whose eyes a Jew was a Jew. To the point at least 3 of the Rav’s bodyguards over the years were Geirim.

  4. Rob Says:

    Dear V Mike. This one hits pretty close to the heart. Thank you.

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