What Zionism Wrought


It is healthy and proper for us to periodically search out and examine the propaganda of our enemies. By so doing, we remind ourselves what we are fighting AGAINST. We remind ourselves what we are fighting FOR. And we remind ourselves of both the origins of our current predicament and the sources of weakness within our camp.

With this in mind, let us present the true face of evil. No, I will not take you to the pages of Hamas or Al Qaeda or any of the Nazi groups that multiply on the internet. Nor will I take you to the screeds published by the likes of the International Solidarity Movement. All these monsters are, frankly, banal. You know them well. Their noxious screeds will teach you little besides the obvious fact that any attempt to “engage” them is futile. The only kind of “engagement” open to us is the kind that involves one side pulling triggers and the other side dying.

You cannot negotiate with genocidal hatred, nor appease those who can only be appeased by the annihilation of the Jewish People. Peace with these creatures will only occur when the last of them is shoveled into a shallow grave. Until that fateful day, we can either lie down and die or we can accept the reality of war without end for us, and our children and our children’s children from now until the coming of Moshiach, may it be speedily in our days. And if we decide that dying is just not our cup of tea then we must resolve that not only will we fight but we will fight to WIN. And if we resolve to fight to win then we must likewise resolve to fight by any and all available means, rejecting no method because of squeamishness and false morality. If it is total war, then the lives of our enemies have negative value. If it is total war without end, then no distinction can be made regarding age or gender, nor can anyone in our camp who advocates “peace” be anything but a traitor to be executed immediately upon opening his mouth. If they seek to exterminate US, then the only possible answer is for us to exterminate THEM.

Thus it is written: “If a man plots to murder you, rise early and kill him first”. If the Oral Torah makes this statement regarding a single man, kal veChomer how much more true it is regarding the entirety of Am Yisrael! But you already know all this or you would not be reading this blog.

Instead, let me introduce you to the ultimate product of secular Zionism and humanist education. Here is a man who grew up in Israel and served in the IDF, a talented musician, composer, political commentator, comedian, Geffen Award nominated writer and… supreme advocate of the destruction of the State of Israel, elimination of the Jewish People and the abrogation of Judaism and Jewish identity. When asked to choose between the Jews and the “Palestinians” he not only proudly chooses the “Palestinians” but openly claims that that the Jew should not exist at all. He advocates the burning of synagogues before lecture halls full of college students. In a single breath he goes from condemnation of Zionism to condemnation of Judaism and hence to a call for assimilation. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Gilad Atzmon.



It is easy to dismiss this man as a “self-hating Jew” or “Jewish antisemite” or other some such label and go about our business. Yes, this man is, in fact, a Jewish antisemite. But labeling a thing is not sufficient. When confronted with an obvious threat, such as this person, we must ask ourselves how and why this threat exists. How is this man possible? He is not insane. He is obviously not stupid. What made Gilad Atzmon? How does one become a traitor to his own people?

Gilad Atzmon was brought up in a supposed Jewish State and educated in Israeli secular schools when they still, supposedly, taught Jewish pride, Israeli identity and all the rest of the buzzwords so beloved by the secular Zionist crowd. Don’t blame Yuli Tamir for him! So what went wrong? Why do we have the likes of Gilad Atzmon coming out of Israel in droves? Taking a brief glance around we have Oren Ben-Dor, Avi Shlaim, Yehuda Kupferman, Uri Davis, Ilan Pappe, Uri Ram, Shlomo Zand, Teddy Katz, Eyal Ben-Ari, Tali Fahima… Why is an alleged Jewish State producing such a bumper crop of traitors who openly call for the destruction of their own country and the extermination of their own people? How can a supposed Jewish State raise a whole generation of prominent intellectuals who gleefully collude with Hitler’s successors? Yes, we have their ilk in the Diaspora also, all those Norman Finkelsteins and Noam Chomskys, but these can be explained by the deleterious nature of the Galut, right? Or maybe not?

Perhaps they are out merely for personal gain? Maybe they just want the nice university chairs and the acceptance of goyim at fancy parties? Is that why they led and still lead the charge against the Jewish People and their own country? For hors d’ouvres and a few glasses of wine? How easy it is to dismiss them with this simple handwave, “traitors out for gain”! It is simple. But is it accurate? Yes, many of them have made quite a bit of gain. But others have not. Some have even been crushed by bulldozers. Yet still the question remains. How does a man just decide to wake up one fine morning and betray his country for some hors d’ouvres? What’s the underlying cause?

Science teaches us to look for similarities. When unlike systems exhibit similar behavior, we look for similarity among them in order to identify the common causes of the behavior. People are complex systems. They too are subject to scientific analysis.

Note the similarities between all these people. They are all relatively intelligent. They are reasonably well educated in secular humanist terms. And virtually every one of them started off as a secular Zionist.

So what is going on? Well, frankly, it is quite simple. Zionism produced these people. Secular Zionism is a racist, fascist ideology that uses pseudo-Jewish symbols in order to justify things that are morally unjustifiable to any good secular humanist. When examined in the prism of secular humanism, Zionism immediately falls apart. As a result, any adherent of Zionism who is also a secular humanist and has even a modicum of intellectual honesty is bound to not only reject the entire ideology but to turn violently against it. Let us examine the claims of secular Zionism in detail.

To start with, Zionism alleges itself to be a “Jewish Nationalism”. As such it claims that Jews are an ethnic group, like Russians or Albanians. It therefore follows that, as an ethnic group, Jews have a right to self-determination in their historic homeland. Since the ancestors of the Jews lived in the Holy Land, the Holy Land must be handed to the Jews in order to establish therein an ethnically Jewish national entity.

But this Zionist claim is farcical on its face. Jews are often ethnically different from their neighbors, but we are certainly not an ethnic group! How do a black Falasha, an Indian son of the Bnei Menashe, a milk-white Ashkenazi from Russia and a swarthy Sephardi form Morocco belong to the same ethnic group? And don’t forget, there are also Jews in China who look Chinese and Jews in Japan whose ancestors proudly wore Samurai swords and Jews in Finland who love huge knives, vodka and silence. In fact it is fair to say that if there were little green men on Mars, there would be little green Jews on Mars, too!

So if the Jews are not a single ethnic group, how can they have a right of self-determination? How can they, for that matter, have a single ancestral homeland? And if they do not have a single ancestral homeland and they do not have the right of self-determination, then to any self-respecting secular humanist, the entire Zionist enterprise is nothing more than an exercise in brutal colonialism, robbery and land-grabbing!

But wait, says secular Zionism, Jews were once a single ethnic group! It is merely that the original pure Jewish race was diluted by converts over 2000 years of exile. Therefore, the original, ethnically “pure” Jews must have a homeland!

Now, this argument is more than ludicrous, it is reprehensible. First of all, how do you prove that any one Jew is “pure”? How does any Jew “prove” that he is the true descendant of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and, finally Judah? Because let’s not forget that if you define the Jews racially, then you must define the Jew as the son of the tribe of Judah!

And leaving aside the question of “proof” are we not looking at simple racism? What is a “pure” race? After 2000 years of exile, how can you even claim to have a “pure” race? And anyway, what about the Arab inhabitants of the Holy Land? Their ancestors have lived there for nigh-on a millennium! Why does some random person from Russia or America or India for that matter have any better claim on the Land than they? What kind of argument is it that, by virtue of your race, you have the right to dispossess people who have lived somewhere for over a thousand years, take the land they inhabit and erect upon it a country that belongs exclusively to your ethnic group? Indeed we can find this argument in history! This is the argument made by Hitler on behalf of das Deutsche Herrenvolk! It is also the argument made by apartheid South Africa!

When you wonder where our home-grown Jewish antisemites get their claims of “apartheid”, look no further than their secular Zionist textbooks! When they use analogies between Zionism and Nazism to justify Islamic conquest of the Holy Land and a Second Holocaust, don’t ask where they got them! They were taught them in school!

But secular Zionism advances yet another claim. The Jews have faced persecution throughout history, says secular Zionism, therefore the Jews require a State of their own in order to protect their rights and escape persecution.

Really? What about the Gypsies? Have they not been persecuted throughout history? Do they also need a state of their own? And what about the Mormons? They too have been persecuted. Should they have an independent state? And homosexuals have faced persecution for millennia. Do they not deserve a state?

Where does it stop? If every persecuted minority, whether national or religious or ethnic or cultural, is entitled to a state of its own, then every square block of every city in the world can be made into an independent state! Everyone can claim persecution and, on this basis, demand a state. Why even consider such ridiculous “solutions”? Instead, we can simply build democratic secular states that guarantee the civil rights of minorities. The argument again does not stand. But it gets worse!

Does the fact that one is persecuted entitle one to persecute others? If one’s home is demolished, does it entitle one to demolish someone else’s home? If the Jews have been persecuted by Europeans, for example, how does this justify setting up a Jewish State in the Middle East? And even if the Jews have been persecuted by some Moslems, does this give the Jews an automatic right to persecute other, completely different Moslems? Does having your synagogue demolished in Berlin justify your demolition of a mosque in Ramallah? Since when do two wrongs make a right?

But wait, says secular Zionism, the Jews have faced unique persecution. The suffering of the Jews is unique and special. There were pogroms and inquisitions and a Holocaust. There were rivers of Jewish blood spilled. Certainly this is a justification for the establishment of a Jewish State in “Palestine”! Or is it?

Half a million Gypsies perished in the Holocaust. They were hunted and exterminated because the Nazis considered them to be an inferior race of parasites. Altogether, ten million non-Jews perished in the Nazi concentration camps. All of them were murdered with the same callous disregard for humanity. All were considered by the Nazis to be racially inferior, somehow depraved or “race-traitors”. Was their suffering irrelevant?

Who gave the Jews a monopoly on suffering? Why is the Holocaust unique? How is it different from Stalin’s collectivization of the Ukraine or from the genocide in Rwanda or from the current horror in Darfur? All these things are testimony of man’s inhumanity to man. Why should the Jews be special? The Rwanda genocide was just as brutal as any pogrom. More people died in Mao’s Great Leap Forward. The American Indians, hunted, murdered and driven onto reservations to die of starvation, suffered just as horribly as Jews murdered in the pogroms.

So if Jewish suffering is not unique, how is it special? And if it is not special, how can it be used to justify inflicting suffering upon others? Are not all people equal to the good secular humanist? Do they not all have equal rights? So why do the Jews get to march into the Holy Land after 2000 years, expel and dispossess the current inhabitants, establish a state that preferentially favors them and maintain this state by the continuous application of naked force? Certainly this is racism, colonialism, fascism, militarism. No one can justify such behavior from the point of view of secular humanism.

No, wait, claims secular Zionism, the Jews are a single people because of their Jewish culture!

Really? There is a single Jewish culture? Where is it? The secular Zionist cannot point to the Torah, the Talmud, the collected works of our Sages. These things are alien to him. All his life he has been taught that they are fairy tales. The new secular Zionist superman is freed of the shackles of the ghetto, with its ridiculous religious laws. He is a new, modern man. He doesn’t believe in such things as pillars of fire and parting seas and voices from Heaven dictating an eternal Law to assembled multitudes of redeemed slaves.

So what is the secular Zionist left with? Gefilte fish? Bagels with lox and cream cheese? Hummus and pita? Falafel and shish kebob on Yom HaAtzmaut? This is the unique and single Jewish culture?

First of all, what is single about it? Do Sephardim eat bagels with lox? Will you find gefilte fish in Ethiopia? Obviously not! Each Jewish community has its own customs and traditions, its own mode of dress, its own signature foods. In the secular humanist definition of “culture”, there is no single Jewish culture at all.

Secondly, what is so valuable and unique about bagels with lox? What, because bagels and lox must be preserved at all cost the Jews have a right to invade “Palestine” and establish therein a Jewish State? We can send tanks into Ramallah in the name of hummus and falafel and kebob on Yom HaAtzmaut? Not only is there no single “Jewish culture” to begin with, but it is also not worth keeping!

But wait, secular Zionism cries out, the Jews are special! The Jews are a chosen people. They are entitled to the Holy Land because they are chosen!

But how can the secular Zionist claim such a thing? Chosen by whom? For what? What makes the Jew “chosen”? He is not biologically different from anyone else. He has no superior culture, even if there were such a thing as a superior culture, which there isn’t. He certainly cannot claim a uniquely elevated morality. There are Jewish crooks and liars and murderers just like there are non-Jewish crooks and liars and murderers. There are humane and honest Jews, but there are also humane and honest non-Jews.

Without Torah-true Judaism, the concept of chosenness becomes nothing more than another tawdry reiteration of a ridiculous master race concept, discredited by history and actively disgusting to every unbiased secular humanist observer.

So, given secular Zionism and secular humanism as guideposts, why should a Jewish Zionist State exist in the Holy Land? It dispossesses a population that has lived there for centuries in favor of an imported population of foreigners from all over the world. These foreigners claim that 2000 years ago some semi-mythical ancestors lived there, but they themselves speak dozens of languages, come from dozens of countries and are virtually indistinguishable from the inhabitants of those countries. They have nothing in common with one another, except for some incoherent babble about suffering, some kind of pseudo-culture based around random food items and some racist philosophy about being a chosen race.

Manifestly, they are not a race, not chosen by anyone for anything, not superior to anyone in any way and certainly not entitled to any land. Therefore, the Zionist state is, by definition, a fascist colonialist enterprise born out of a reprehensible, racist ideology. Neither the Zionist state nor its ideology have any right to exist. To any self-respecting secular humanist it is self-evident that the State of Israel must be dismantled forthwith, the Land handed back to the “Palestinians” who are its rightful owners and the Jews who inhabit it either shipped off to their original countries or else forced to accept the rule of the “indigenous Palestinian people”.

But it gets worse! Given secular Zionism and secular humanism, why should the Jews even exist? They are not a nation. They have no single or unique culture. They claim suffering, but that is neither justification for having a state nor an excuse for their actions. They have invaded other people’s land, manipulated nations into doing their bidding and established a racist, fascist, militarist regime whose existence cannot be justified on any grounds. Therefore, since the Jews have been a source of constant vexation for centuries and since they are neither unique nor valuable, they should simply disappear! To put an end to the entire racist ideology of Zionism, the Jew must disappear along with his State! THAT is where secular Zionism ends up.

Are you surprised now at the likes of Gilad Atzmon? He is what his secular Zionist, humanist teachers have made him. He is nothing more than intellectually honest within the belief system inculcated into him from birth. The simple logical application of secular humanism to secular Zionism turned him from Zionist to anti-Zionist to murderous antisemite who gleefully colludes with the spiritual heirs to Hitler. Every intellectually honest person raised within the noxious belief system of secular Zionism is bound to end up exactly where he ended up.

Those who are less intellectually honest simply refuse to admit to themselves the contradiction between secular Zionism and humanism. Therefore, they embrace simple hedonism. If thinking is painful and leads to painful results, then let’s not think! Instead, let’s enjoy life. Let’s turn off the news and pretend that everything is “beSeder”. Better yet, let’s go to London or New York or some other nice place far away from all these problems and just enjoy life! Why fight and die in the Holy Land when you can lie stoned out of your skull on a beach in Goa?

Given secular Zionism and secular humanism, is it any wonder that the average Israeli is escapist? It is any wonder that he will vote at the drop of a hat for anyone who promises him any respite, however ephemeral, from his current predicament? Is it any wonder that he anticipates his own destruction? Is it any wonder that he dreams not of settling the Land but of the magical Green Card, not of Jewish women but of blond shiksas, not of proud self-defense but of some futile, impossible “peace”? He is what secular Zionism and secular humanism have made him – a rootless, godless, faithless, hedonistic, escapist, macho coward! Is it therefore any wonder that he is great at beating Jewish girls with clubs, but can’t do anything against the Moslem warrior of Hezbollah?

The Moslem warrior is willing to fight and die for his beliefs. He goes into battle obedient to the Word of Allah. He risks life and limb gladly for the honor of the Moslem ummah. Confident in Allah’s Eternal Reward to the Shaheed, he goes to his death without hesitation, even eagerly, with a laugh and the cry of “Allahu Akbar!” Nothing stands between him and the highest level of Allah’s Paradise except to be killed by the enemies of Allah, fighting for the cause of Allah. His prophet said so. It is written so in his Koran, again and again and again. There are over thirty Hadith that testify it is so. Therefore, what cause does he have to fear death? He does not truly die but goes to life eternal!

What does the Israeli have to fight for? What is he willing to die for? Pita and hummus and kebob on Yom HaAtzmaut? The Israeli has no belief in any god, no confidence in life eternal. He sees nothing beyond himself. His secular humanist Zionist teachers have liberated him from all these primitive medieval prejudices. They have made him free to pursue his “human potential”, to search for “personal fulfillment” unfettered by ancient superstitions.

Is it any wonder that the Moslem warrior is winning? Is it any wonder that the Israeli seeks only to surrender, escape, run away and assimilate into the great unwashed of the American goldene medina? Is it any wonder that even when he fights, he is ultimately self-destructive? In his heart of hearts he believes himself to be in the wrong because that is what he has been taught! He WANTS to die. He WANTS his country to be destroyed. This is what Zionism has wrought when it rejected Torah in order to build a secular ideology and a liberated, secular Zionist “new man”.

Zionism is bankrupt. It is over. It’s time to admit, once and for all, that the Zionist enterprise has failed and that it never had any chance of success to begin with. The seeds of its destruction were implanted within it at its creation. Now these seeds have blossomed into the poisonous flowers of antisemitism and defeatism. Secular Zionism inevitably leads to Jewish national suicide.

So what are we to do? Should we now lie down and die because some addled idiots’ secular pipe dream has vanished into smoke? Or should we, perhaps, find an intellectually honest alternative to Zionism? Where can we find a philosophy that does not lead to self-destruction? What makes us Jews? Is it really as shallow as bagels with lox?

Here is a novel idea! Let’s return to JUDAISM. For 2000 years we have yearned for the Land. We were born yearning for the Land, we lived yearning for the Land, we died yearning for the Land. We did so not because our ancestors lived there, nor because of our suffering in the galut, but because HASHEM, creator of all and master of the universe, has commanded us to yearn for the Land. HASHEM promised the Land to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their children and their children’s children for all eternity. It is ours because He says so. We need no other justification.

The Torah is our culture. We need no other and we have no other. The rest is all meaningless, valueless drek, pretty accoutrements we picked up casually while wandering about among the nations and can discard at any time.

We are neither an ethnic group nor some cockamamie “religion”. We are a PEOPLE. We have a Law. This Law tells us who is part of our People and who can become part of our People and under what circumstances. It tells us everything we need to know about where to establish our State, how to structure it, how to defend it, how to govern it, how to conduct all aspects of policy, foreign and domestic, economic, political and military. Indeed, the Law tells us how to live every aspect of our lives. It tells us how to eat, how to sleep, how to dress, how to marry, how to do business and everything else we need to know about conducting our daily affairs from cradle to grave.

HASHEM gave us the Law and chose us to serve Him by carrying out His Law here on Earth. We are chosen not because of any inherent quality on our part, but because HASHEM says so. Among our service to HASHEM is His commandment to possess the Land He promised us, drive out from this Land any inhabitants who oppose our rule and establish therein a State that lives by the Law of HASHEM.

The Law of HASHEM is not subject to value judgments on the basis of secular humanism or any other man-made philosophy. It is above such philosophy. What man has the right to judge HASHEM?

HASHEM, the supreme ruler and creator of Heaven and Earth, defines what is right and what is wrong, what is moral and what is immoral. He who goes against these definitions goes against HASHEM.

THIS is clarity. THIS is morality. THIS is worth fighting for. THIS is worth dying for. THIS is worth living for. We need not chase after the ephemera of Zionism and humanism any longer. In fact, we never needed to do so in the first place. Everything we need to define ourselves and everything we need to justify our actions in our own eyes is found within the Jewish triangle of Torah Yisrael — Am Yisrael — Eretz Yisrael. At the apex of this triangle is HASHEM himself.

Therefore let us topple the filthy idol of Zionism once and for all. Let us adopt Judaism. Let us crown HASHEM king. We need no other. Let us obey HASHEM’s Law. We should heed no other. Let us be His People. We can be no other. And let us build His State. There can be no other. The alternative to Medinat Yehudah is national suicide. There is no other way.

26 Av 5768


9 Responses to “What Zionism Wrought”

  1. gilad Says:

    Dear Sir. whoever you are,

    In my writings and my talks I have never called for the “elimination of the Jewish People” nor did I ever argued “that the Jew should not exist at all”. Moreover, “the burning of synagogues” is a misquote spread by Zionist smear campaigners.

    I suggest that you check out your sources.

    As far as my writings and public appearances are concerned , I am critical of Jewishnes (spirit/identity) yet refrain from talking about Jews (as people) and Judaism (the religion).


  2. sk Says:

    Mike, this quite an interesting essay–kind of a Kahane-esque analysis developed far more impressively than Kahane ever achieved. Yet I think it fails in important ways. I would need hours to do it justice, and I may need to spend these hours, but for now I’ll sketch out my objections.

    First, let’s consider your thesis: Zionism has wrought anti-Zionism among Israelis in a way that could be described as “dialectical.” Your links to that Jew-hater are most instructive. Having read the pages you linked to carefully, my general impression is that they are very telling if one substitutes “Muslim” for “Jew” and “Islam” for “Judaism” and “Zionism.” In other words, the author is a Platonic Form of Useful Idiot. The implication is that it is not Zionism per se that has wrought anti-Zionism, but Islam and Muslims that have done so, with important help from Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.

    Second, that Zionism lacks the tools to defend itself against this Islamic attack is indeed interesting. But modern-day secular humanism fails for the same reasons, as does Christianity, Hinduism, and Animism, for that matter. Thus, Islamic attacks on the West and in Asia and Africa are entirely comparable to those against Israel, and the failure of non-Muslims to counter-attack properly is also comparable to what the Israelis are failing to do. The larger picture is simply that the main modern religions and ideologies are not designed for a proper defense, even when they have the economic and military might for it.

    Third, the implication of my second point is that we need a better ideology. Judaism offers some important components, as it would support the kind of military action that you are considering. My guess is that any successful anti-Islamic ideology would benefit from borrowing some Jewish ideas. Having said that, my own view is that we need to reject nearly every aspect of what has become “secular humanism,” all of which has become infected by the consequences of WW2. For example, we need to learn to say and believe that it’s a-ok to advance the interests of oneself and one’s group. Let’s not pretend to be shocked at the idea–evolutionary biology is definitive on this matter. The ideal way of advancing one’s interests is via market mechanisms, as, in theory, capitalism is noncoercive (and in practice, less coercive than alternative economic systems). But we need to realize that coercion is sometimes necessary if some will not play by the rules that benefit us. Thus, for example, why should the Fakestinians not have a “homeland”? There are many reasons, but the definitive reason for me is that Muslims should hold no more land than they do now, and should be pushed back all the way to Mecca. I can say this because I believe that Islam is inherently a threat to my interests and to those of my friends. I need posit nothing from Torah to reach this conclusion. I can also say that I happen to prefer that Jews have this country. Why shouldn’t I act on my preferences? The other side does all the time.

    Fourth, that you can flourish Torah as a reason for a REAL Jewish state in Eretz Israel is very convincing to many Jews and Christians, but it is simply one ideological basis for Israel. Some believe in it, and it can have great power, but let’s not pretend that it is “universal” if by that word we mean something that everyone will agree with. It has the great merit, though, of not having “contradictions” in it.

    Fifth, I think you err terribly in buying into the rhetoric of “racism,” “fascism,” “colonialism,” and the rest. This is the rhetoric of the enemy. Putting this aside, such rhetoric is itself at least as incoherent as Zionism. For example, let’s say we oppose “colonialism.” What land on earth has not been “colonized”? Why limit the term to 17-19th Century Western empire building? This rhetoric should be seen for what it is: a tool of war. Let’s not pretend it is anything more “universal” than that.

    Sixth, and definitely of less importance, I could quibble with much of your nicely argued dismantlement of Zionism. For example, I could assert, with some evidence, that there is a genetic basis for some kind of a Jewish nation. I could pretty easily assert that in terms of the proportion and regularity of Jews slaughtered throughout history, Jews are unique. I could further assert that, unlike the gypsies (oops! “Roma”), Jews have been slaughtered despite adding greatly to every society in which they have lived. (And please, no special pleading for the gypsies.) In other words, I could argue that, uniquely, there is absolutely nothing that Jews could do to avoid being slaughtered by a majority. So yes, as an empirical matter, I suspect the Jews really are unique. As for homosexuals, whose persecution really does at times look somewhat to that against Jews, there is the obvious problem of creating such a state. Again, though, I consider the subpoints under this heading to be definitely secondary.

  3. Vienna Mike Says:


    I thank you for the compliment. However, I stand upon the shoulders of giants. If my poor scribblings have managed to clarify, amplify and possibly even develop upon the ideas of the Martyr Rebbe (z”l), it is only because he led the way. I am not worthy of being compared with him.

    Please note that I have re-polished this essay today as I was somewhat dissatisfied with it when I re-read it this morning. It may be more clear to you in its new version. Now, to address your comments:

    Your realpolitik is where Vienna Mike was about a decade ago. The problem with this approach is that it provides no true self-motivation for most people. Academics like yourself, sitting in the sterile environment of a university campus, have the luxury and capacity to reason rationally from self-interest. The average person does not. Either there is no capacity or there is no time or, in the extreme case of the soldier on a battlefield, there is neither. The average human acts on emotion and instinct. It is therefore necessary to ground any ideology in visceral, instinctive roots. Philosophies provide complex ideas. Ideologies provide simple symbols.

    While it is true that enemy propaganda has helped to shape the useful idiots who comprise the core of Jews for a Second Holocaust, it is not sufficient as an explanation. It is true that the stressor of Moslem attack was necessary in order for these people to actually begin their thought process. However, were their thought process not poised at the premises of secular Zionism and not designed to follow the paths of secular humanism, they would have never arrived at the conclusions they reached, nor would they have accepted enemy propaganda as a valid input unless elements of it were already present in their consciousness.

    The outcome that produced these people is not the sole possible result of the conflict between Ziionism and humanism. For example, the likes of “Obadiah Shoher” started out with the premises of secular Zionism. But, because they were brought up in the Russian culture, they never truly absorbed the conceptual processes of secular humanism. Instead they were inculcated with a heavy dose of rationalism coupled with an admiration for brutal, results-oriented ruthlessness. Their thought processes were given only a superficial humanist coating. As result, when the contradiction between humanism and Zionism asserted itself, instead of ditching Zionism they ditched humanism, ending up with pure nationalism often sliding rapidly into blatant racism. In this respect, the open admission by “Obadiah” and his admin that the color of the skin of the Bnei Menashe is what bothers them about absorbing these people into Israel is beautifully illustrative.

    The so-called “secular nationalists” have thus achieved a metastable self-definition. However, this condition is not stable because it defines them with respect to what they are NOT, rather than what they ARE. This requires them to constantly find new things to hate. It also triggers a search for identity, resulting in visible swinging from one extreme to another. Take “Obadiah Shoher”. Today he is for Medinat Yehudah. Tomorrow he is against it. Today he thinks that theocracy is the answer. Tomorrow he thinks it would be fatal. Today, America is friendly. Tomorrow, America is a diabolical enemy. He literally does not know what to believe.

    If you define yourself solely in terms of things you hate and fear, ultimately you cannot define yourself at all. You do not know what you are, or what you want. You do not know why you fight or what, beside immediate survival, you hope to achieve. Your only option becomes a desperate self-defense coupled with the search for escape. And at the end of that road is, again yeridah and assimilation. Secular nationalism collapses within a generation. Take a look at Tsipi Livni. Her father was a Lehi commander. You could not find a more ardent secular nationalist if you tried. Even his gravestone bears the Lehi logo and the slogan “both sides of the Jordan”

    It is to illustrate the nature of the thought processes associated with the secular humanists that I used their rhetoric. Its objective coherence or incoherence is unimportant. It is coherent within their frame of reference, where the words used have specific definitions that MAKE it coherent and correct. It is also not important if subtle points can be brought in to poke small holes in their dialectic. Such holes do not detract from the whole and only motivate it to grow more coherent as they are repaired via the same dialectic process that created the structure in the first place.

    And this brings me to Torah as sole motivator. By ditching both humanism and Zionism in favor of simple Judaism, all the problems are avoided. There is no argument possible. There are no holes. There is no doubt. There is no question of self-definition. There is no question of self-motivation. There is no question of inner legitimacy. Everything is based upon the solid bedrock of faith, the same bedrock that has sustained us through 4000 years of history and 2000 years of exile.

    The universality of this construct is irrelevant. There is no need to try and convince the world of the legitimacy of a Jewish State. The world will never be convinced. Satan will see to THAT. The goyim will attack us always, unless they perceive it to be in their self-interest to leave us alone. They will so perceive if the Jewish State is sufficiently strong and sufficiently ruthless to deter them. If they cease to so perceive even for a moment, they will immediately attack with genocidal intent.

    Therefore our sole need is for SELF-definition and SELF-legitimacy. With Judaism as our sole guide and motivator, we can pit our own Gibor Yehudi against the Moslems’ shaheed. We can pit Milkhemet Mizvah against Jihad, Halacha against Shariah, towering faith against towering faith and iron will against iron will. With this counterposition of values, we and they can both fight a war without end. They cannot wear us down psychologically, which is how Islam generally conquers. This removes the conflict from the psychological plane, where it is deadlocked, and places it squarely within the physical plane and the plane of the Heavenly Court. In other words, now we get to pray hard for the favor of Hashem while we pitch Jewish brains, superior skill and organizational capacity against the teeming hordes of barbarians in green headbands.

  4. Vienna Mike Says:

    Mr. Atzmon:
    I am afraid that your denials are beyond disingenuous. You are on record as saying, in front of a lecture hall full of students at SOAS: “I’m not going to say whether it is right or not to burn down a synagogue, I can see that it is a rational act.” Whatever excuses you proffer in an attempt to erase this statement, it left your lips in this form. This is a call for the burning of synagogues. It is delicately phrased for political deniability, but forgive me if the ear of a man raised listening to the subtleties of TASS news reports and reading between the lines in Pravda picks it up rather easily.
    As for the rest of your denials, your own words condemn you:
    “…Zionism’s project dictates the plunder of Palestine in the name of Jewish national aspiration.”
    “…A total review of the amalgam formed by Israel, Zionism and Jewishness is now overdue.”
    “I insisted that schlepping innocent youngsters to the apartheid ‘Jews only state’ would contribute little to their future well-being, and in fact, it may distort their ethical senses.”
    “It doesn’t take a genius to realise that everything I have mentioned so far belongs to the land – i.e., Palestine rather than the state – i.e., Israel.”
    “Zionism invented the Jewish nation…”
    “Seemingly, the Bible is for most part “written after the Babylonian Exile and whose writings rework (and in large part invent) previous Israelite history so that it reflects and reiterates the experiences of those returning from the Babylonian exile.”
    “However, we may note that Jesus, Spinoza and Marx, didn’t manage to transform the Jews (as a collective), though they had a bit of success with some of them. Seemingly, the move from hard-core dogmatic monotheistic tribalism towards tolerant pluralist universalism is on the verge of the impossible. Indeed, more than a few Jews have managed to leave God behind, as we know some had become Marxists but somehow even many of those remained loyal to their monotheistic tribally exclusive ‘Jews only’ philosophy”
    “It is extremely crucial to mention that many Jews have managed to assimilate and to leave their tribal traits behind, they operate as ordinary human beings. They have nothing to do with Bund, Neocons or Zionism. Seemingly, those truly liberated beings are not the subject of my study, and I can only wish them luck and success.”
    “If we want to tackle the crimes committed by Israel and the evil promoted by global Zionist lobbies, we better initiate a profound study of the Jewish question and the Jewish experience. It is not just Israel or Zionism but rather the unique devastating amalgam of complexity formed by both. Unless we question the Jewish experience, we are doomed to continue wasting our time employing irrelevant archaic 19th century terminology that has nothing to do with the conflict.”
    “Once we are brave enough to explore the Jewish question and Jewish identity we may be able to understand that Israeli apartheid is not just political circumstances, it is actually a natural outcome of a particular racially orientated tribal philosophy. The Israeli wall is not a political measure but rather a manifestation of an exclusive racist attitude that stands at the core of the Jewish notion of segregation.”
    “I would strongly argue that in the light of the crimes committed by the Jewish state in the name of the Jewish people, we are perfectly entitled to question the philosophy and praxis involved with Jewish experience. We should never be intimidated by Jewish ethnic activists and Zionist smear campaigners.
    Since Jews do not form a race but largely succumb to some different forms of collective, racially orientated politics, we shouldn’t be afraid of touching the matter. Once we take it as a given that Jews do not form a race, the study of Jewish identity and politics is neither racism nor essentialism. It is actually the very opposite, it is in fact a critical reading of racist ideology and its inherent supremacy.”
    “At the end of the day, I tend agree with president Ahmadinejad. In my writings and interviews I keep challenging the Jewish state’s right to exist”
    “Roth’s Lindbergh is indeed imaginary, but the Jewish collective paranoia isn’t. It is very real. Moreover, the Jewish intent upon shaping American reality is more than real. Most importantly, while the Nazi plot to run America is totally fictional, the Jewish Plot to run America is now more vivid than ever. Nowadays, when the American army is acting as an Israeli mission force in the Middle East, when Syria and Iran are just about to be flattened by Anglo-American might, it is rather clear what the real meaning of the ‘Plot Against America’ may be.”
    I can keep quoting for days on end, but there is no further point. These words in and of themselves are calls for the elimination of the Jewish People through forcible assimilation or a Second Holocaust. You have also all but denied the original Holocaust and have gone on record stating that Israel is worse than the Nazis. What, pray tell, is the logical consequence of inculcating such beliefs into an audience?
    As for some kind of “Jewishness (spirit/identity)”, it does not exist. There is no “Jewishness”, there is only a Jewish People. If you talk about “Jewishness”, you talk about the Jewish People. If you call “Jewishness” a form of racism and call for its elimination, you are calling for the extermination of the Jewish People. If you talk about Judea and Samaria, not to mention Gush Dan, as “Palestine”, you not only deny the word of Hashem and millennia of history, you also call for Islamic conquest with all that this entails in terms of dhimmitude, rape, slaughter, pillage, devastation and perpetual slavery. Your actions on behalf of the mythical “Palestinian People” are nothing more and nothing less than collaboration with the successors to Hitler and a betrayal of your own people. You can deny your intent all you want, but at best such denial makes you an idiot. Since we both know that you are no idiot, we can safely assume that you are aware of the consequences of your actions.
    Given this fact, I am pleased to inform you that your so-called “peace activist” friends will shove you into the cattle car LAST. In the case of your Moslem “friends”, they will even be gracious enough to let you watch as they rape your daughter before they sell her into slavery. Then, of course, your utility will be at an end and they will slit your throat. After all, Islam disapproves of decadent music such as jazz and you just aren’t worth turning into a slave. Too old.
    You have already forfeited the World to Come. As an atheist, you no doubt couldn’t care less. Perhaps of more consequence to you will be that your art will die with you. Your “friends” will not play kike music if they win. And if they lose, we will not play traitor music either.
    For your own sake, I sincerely hope you repent and spend the rest of your days performing teshuvah. You can start by helping the victims of Islamic terror and by repudiating everything you have said and written to date.

  5. Vienna Mike Says:

    P.S.: For all your claims to be a “Hebrew-speaking Palestinian” and for all your references to your “Palestinian brothers and sisters”, do you really, truly believe that these people see you, your wife and your children as fellow “Palestinians”? If you do, I would like to sell you a nice bridge in Brooklyn.

    Why don’t you go and learn a little about Islam. You don’t have to start with Bat Yeor or Robert Spencer. You can start by picking up Benny Morris’ latest book, “1948”. Perhaps even the likes of you can open their eyes, if you try hard enough.

  6. jew613 Says:

    Vienna Mike, as you alluded to Muslims are in the habit of killing their Leftists allies following the primary victory(note the fate of the Tudeh in Iran following the Islamic revolution) are Leftists unaware of this? And if they are aware how could they support Islam when it will mean the eventual death of said leftists?

  7. Velvel Says:

    To “gilad”

    Who are you to separate “jewishnes” (sic) from Jews the people and Judaism the religion? And even if this wasn’t a laughable fantasy of a delusional self-imagined-tyrant such as yourself, what is a Jewish person and Judaism without a spirit or an identity? A nation can’t live without an identity, and cannot maintain its identity without a spirit. It ceases to be a nation and simply merges into nothingness.

    Darkness, chaos and death… Wonder how you’ll enjoy the Islamic dhimmitude…

  8. Vienna Mike Says:

    To jew613:

    There is a simple explanation. The leftists are also in the habit of killing their allies after the revolution is underway. Because they view religion as an inherently primitive, backward clutch of meaningless superstitions, they tend to believe that only primitive morons could be religious. Thus they expect to outsmart the Moslems in the end. Unfortunately for them, the Moslems are not truly stupid. And they tend to be far more ruthless and brutal than any leftist can possibly imagine.

  9. Rob Says:

    Dear Sk, that was an outstanding analysis/critique

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