Two States for Two Peoples


As I work on the next installment of Self-Liberation 101, I cannot help but notice the good news coming from the Holy Land. Acts of spontaneous Jewish resistance against the Israeli occupier and his Moslem allies are occurring with increasing regularity. Rocks are thrown at IDF kapos. Shots are fired at Moslems. Infrastructure is attacked. And yesterday a prominent antisemitic monster was attacked with a bomb. Yes, the acts are small, isolated, often amateurish. The bombs are too small, the shots are not aimed to kill, the rock-throwing is spontaneous, not planned, sporadic, not regular. But the acts of resistance are occurring! They are multiplying! All across the Holy Land, small groups of men and women are gathering. They gather in their living rooms, in their schuls, in the dorms of their yeshivot. They speak angrily. They know the old methods have failed. They know that something must be done. Here and there, books and papers are passed around. Meir Kahane’s “Revolution or Referendum”. Binyamin Kahane’s last letter. Some speak of the need to fight. Others claim that one cannot fight against “fellow Jews”. But the laws of stopping a rodef and the Book of Maccabees are also passed around. Slowly, slowly realization dawns. A few see clearly. Most are confused. The strategy of rock throwing, of retaliation, of violent demonstration is brought up. The strategy of infrastructure attack is considered. And from every Haftara, from every prophecy of geula a single word emerges – Yehudah, Yehudah, YEHUDAH!

When Paul Revere rode across the Massachusetts countryside on the night of 18 April 1775, he and the many couriers who rode that night did not shout from horseback “The British are coming! The British are coming!” What kind of nonsense would that be? They WERE British. Or so they thought, at any rate. Quickly, quietly, with organization and dedication, like good couriers, they went door to door, to the houses of the minutemen, to the commanders of the Sons of Liberty. In a countryside filled with British Army patrols, nondescript and hidden by darkness, they knocked on doors and said quietly to the man of the house: “The regulars are coming out.” Revere was arrested on his way to Concord. He still thought himself British.

When the Lexington militia gathered at Buckman Tavern, they still thought themselves British. When hundreds of minutemen ran and rode toward the Crown forces, they still thought themselves British. As they aimed their muskets at the redcoats, they still thought of them, somehow, as “their” British Army. Even as they fired at the enemy, they thought him a “fellow Englishman”. Even as a pitched battle raged around Breed’s Hill, the Continental Congress, still thinking of itself as British, was petitioning King George for a peace, a compromise and a redress of grievances. Yet a penniless printer named Thomas Paine had already put pen to paper. And soon a rich Virginian planter named Thomas Jefferson would do so as well.

Like a sleeping man who hears the alarm clock and incorporates the sound into his dream, yet still begins to wake up, so were these “Englishmen”. And so are now the Jews of Yesha.

Today, Colonel Barr bans Jews from Joseph’s Tomb, and the Jews do nothing but whine. Tomorrow a group of activists will barge into the filthy kapo’s home and pin him with his true insignia. Let Standartenfuhrer Barr proudly wear his SS epaulettes! He deserves them. This author, for one, will applaud the YouTube video of the presentation. For, mark my words, there will be a video. What use, after all, would such a presentation be, if it is not filmed and distributed? Indeed, perhaps it will even start a trend. Let every IDF kapo, from the rank-and-file Sturmmann to Gruppenfuhrer Ashkenazi himself, receive his correct rank insignia! The most outstanding ones can even receive a complimentary splashing with blood and a copy of Mein Kampf for their outstanding efforts to make Yesha Judenfrei!

Today, infrastructure attacks are still happenstance, irrigation pipes and trees, things that a young man might destroy with his hands or a hammer. Tomorrow, kilometers of high-voltage power line that supplies Gaza and Ramallah and every other hive wherein the Israelis’ Moslem allies swarm like poisonous, bloodthirsty cockroaches, will come down in clouds of dust. The day will come when homemade explosives bring down main lines in dozens of locations simultaneously and Israel’s entire national electric grid will collapse in a country-wide blackout. The power will be restored within days. But every time the Israelis think about displeasing the Jews, they will consider the cost of another blackout.

Today, IDF kapos receive rocks only when their role in helping Moslem terrorists is outrageously apparent, as happened in Yitshar last Shabbos. Tomorrow, IDF kapos will be greeted with rocks and jeers everywhere they go, the moment they show up. And the day after that, the rocks will turn to bullets and roadside bombs.

Today, the bombs are small, the rockets fall short and the actions are indecisive. Yet in this age of information, these things can change in a heartbeat. The information is available even to those who do not have friends in America who can send them books by Uncle Fester and David Harber. You want rockets? Here are rockets. You want explosives? Here are explosives.  You want to learn how to place explosives correctly? Want to crater the roads to Jenin so that commercial trucks cannot pass and the city starves? Want to bring down bridges and power lines? Here is GTA 5-10-033.  Everything one could possibly need is found online. One need only look. And the youth of Yesha are looking. Finally, they are looking!

The day will come when the ground of occupied Medinat Yehudah will burn under the Israelis’ feet. The day will come when they will howl in pain and terror. The day will come when they will seek negotiations and understandings and a peace process.

My brothers and sisters, take heart. Our country will soon be free. The alarm clock is ringing. The sleeper is waking. And here is what he will say when he wakes:

There are in the Land of Israel two peoples distinct in identity, beliefs and culture. From the founding of the State of Israel, the Israelis have oppressed and sought to forcibly assimilate the neighbor people with whom they share the Land of Israel. At times, the Israelis’ attempts edged over into utter brutality. They have stopped at no crime, preventing time-honored cultural and religious practices by force and even kidnapping children to be raised as Israelis. At other times, discrimination has been more subtle. For years, the Israelis have denied their neighbors employment unless these neighbors adopted the ways and culture of the Israelis, ate like the Israelis, dressed like the Israelis and sent their children to Israeli schools. This policy was a semi-official one, enforced and implemented by agents of the Israeli State with the deliberate intent of destroying the cultural identity of their neighbor people and of turning them into Israelis. The Israeli educational system has raised generations of Israelis to hate and despise their neighbor people, to consider it inferior in every way, worthy only of contempt as backward, medieval barbarians. By deliberately structuring their armed forces in a manner incompatible with their neighbor people’s religion and culture, the Israelis have effectively excluded a substantial proportion of their neighbor people from service in the Army. Yet, at the same time, the Israelis constantly hold up their neighbors’ failure to serve in the Israeli Army as a prime example of their inferiority, going so far as to call their neighbor people “parasites”. Successive Israeli governments have often denied their neighbor people the right to live peacefully in the Land, preventing homes from being built and forcibly evicting residents at whim. Perhaps the most subtle and reprehensible of all acts of discrimination has been the recurring and often successful Israeli effort to turn their neighbor people into wards of the state, trapped in a perpetual welfare trap and represented by corrupt “leaders” interested only in perpetuating the welfare system.

Yet, despite all the efforts of the Israelis, their neighbor people, the original inhabitants of the Land, refused to disappear. Stubbornly clinging to its faith and culture, this people has persisted in living on the Land, refusing all attempts to destroy it. Despite Israeli discrimination, their neighbor people has consistently grown in strength. Enjoying a birth rate multiple times greater than that of the Israelis, their neighbor people has consistently demanded equal rights and continued to look forward to the day when it forms a majority in the Land. The Israelis’ neighbor people has made no secret of the fact that, when it is the majority, it intends to completely abolish the Israeli State and replace it with a State of ruled in accordance with the law and beliefs of the majority. In recent decades it has become apparent to many Israelis that the days of their majority are indeed numbered. Alarmed by the demographics, the Israelis have engaged in ever more brutal oppression as they look desperately to bring in foreign peoples to balance their neighbors’ population growth. These measures, of course, are to no effect. A few hundred thousand Slavs from the former USSR and some thousands of Ethiopian Christians cannot balance the rapid growth of the Israelis’ neighbor people. This neighbor people are, of course… The Jews.

From its very beginning, the secular Zionist enterprise had nothing to do with restoring the Jewish State we pray for three times a day. Instead, the secular Zionists sought to establish a secular, “progressive”, socialist republic somewhere in the world. They sought to be “a people like any other”. Ben Gurion went so far as to loudly proclaim that the Zionist State would not be complete until there were Jewish whores in the streets of Tel Aviv. It is only by an accident of history that the secular Zionists settled on Eretz Israel for their social experiment in the first place. Many favored Uganda. Many have wistfully said over the years that it should have been Uganda after all.

The secular Zionist “dream” is best encapsulated in the schizophrenic Declaration of Independence of the State of Israel. This declaration simultaneously proclaims Israel to be a secular democracy with equal rights for all citizens yet also a Jewish State reserved exclusively for the Jews. Any intelligent, unbiased reader cannot help but immediately proclaim: “Which one is it? It’s one or the other!” If Israel is a democracy then it stands to reason that, were, say, the Arabs to become a majority, they could democratically vote to annul the Jewish identity of the state, change the flag, change the official language and even adopt Shariah as the law of the land.

If Israel is a Jewish State, then should it not be ruled by Jewish Law? Why should the goyim be given political rights when the Rambam rules that they cannot participate in government or hold public office? Why should secular laws invented in Britain less than a century ago take precedence over Halacha, the divinely inspired body of law by which the Jewish People has governed its affairs for well nigh four thousand years? Are secular British legislators wiser than our Hebrew Sages? Are the origins of British Common Law more holy than the Torah given to us by the Supreme Being himself? Why should a Jewish State negotiate or make peace with surrounding Islamic nations when, on the one hand, the Torah apportions to the Jews all the land from the Nile to the Euphrates and, on the other hand, Shariah clearly prohibits Moslems from abiding by any peace treaty with non-Moslems? Why, indeed, should peace even be desirable between a Jewish State and nations whose religion promises that the final redemption will not come until the Moslems exterminate the Jews?

The founders of the secular Zionist state were well aware of the problem at the core of their incipient nation. Being communists, they sought to deal with the problem the communist way. As Stalin put it not two decades before the founding of the secular Zionist state, problems are created by people. No person – no problem. Unlike Stalin, Ben Gurion did not have the luxury of perpetrating a physical genocide. The young State of Israel, a socialist “fighting nation”, was desperately in need of people to carry the rifles and the shovels in the Struggle to Build a Nation of Developed Socialism.

Israel was originally envisioned as the enlightened socialist state for the secular, assimilated Jewry of Western Europe. That Jewry having perished in the Holocaust, the leaders of the secular Zionist state had no choice but to accept the “inferior”, “backward”, “medieval” Sephardic Jews. At once they resolved on a cultural genocide. The pious, God-fearing Sephardim would be broken down by hardships, transplanted into an alien environment and forced to adopt a completely alien way of life. It was a conscious decision. In this decision is rooted the practice adopted by the secular Zionist authorities of doing nothing whatsoever to help the Sephardic Jews desperately seeking to escape the Arab World until the latter had reached designated havens, areas often greatly removed from locations where the Sephardim actually lived. As an Israeli official put it, the “weak” would die on the way. The “weak”, of course, would be the leaders, the rabbis, the elders of the community most able to rally their people in resistance against the cultural rape planned for them. The deliberate abandonment of thousands of helpless Jews to the Arab Holocaust of 1948 – 1949 is among the most reprehensible crimes of the secular Israeli State. The number of innocent men, women and children who perished as direct result of Israeli actions will never be known. Nor will we ever know the number of women carried off as sex slaves or the number of children forcibly converted to Islam during that awful chapter of our history. Unlike the Nazis, the Moslems did not keep good records. As for the survivors of the European Holocaust, their fate was to be no different from that of their Sephardic brothers and sisters. In their case, of course, the “weak” had already perished.

No sooner did the Jewish refugees arrive in the Holy Land than they were placed in concentration camps. The Israeli officials who ran the camps demanded the surrender of Jewish identity as the price of survival. The new immigrants were to abandon Jewish observance, cut off their peyot, shave their beards, join the Histadrut, vote for Mapai and send their children to secular schools. No obedience? No job. No job – no food. What of their Judaism? They were told they did not need it. They were “home”. In a crime that beggars description, hundreds of Sephardic children were simply kidnapped and sent to be raised on secular kibbutzim. Their exact numbers will never be known.

A different fate altogether awaited the haredim already present in the Holy Land. It was not possible to forcibly assimilate these people. They still had their rabbis and leaders. Their communities were largely intact. The secular Zionist communists had no stomach for massacres. They preferred that others do the massacring for them. So they used bribery. Rabbis were made employees of the State. As a concession of sorts, the secular Zionists even handed their new “employees” control over marriage, divorce, and other things they deemed unimportant.

The leadership of the haredi community was instantly corrupted. The rabbis now depended on handouts from the secular authorities. No cooperation? No salary. The State can always find another, more pliable, “employee”. The haredi communities were given payments to “support” them, lest they suffer some kind of awakening under the pressure of having to provide for their own survival. The haredim would be welcome to wait for Moshiach in splendid self-isolation as they always did, just as long as their tame religious parties voted to support the secular government’s every move.

The results of these policies are here for everyone to see. The vast majority of Jews did indeed assimilate. Under the terrible pressure placed upon them, they became Israelis, a secular people bereft of cultural identity running any deeper than kebob on Yom HaAtzmaut, falafel and, possibly, the blue-and-white flag. As Ben Gurion wanted, halachically Jewish whores now ply their trade on the streets of Tel Aviv. The haredim became wards of the state. Their parties are now concerned only with winning ever more generous handouts from the public treasury. The corrupt rabbinate is dependent utterly on government handouts. Why did virtually no rabbi call for soldiers to disobey orders during the Gush Katif pogrom? Behind all the protestations regarding the need of the soldiers to obey the government in the name of military discipline and national security lies the true motive – they feared for their jobs.

Indeed, the communist tactic of bribing the leaders of the community lives on. The so-called “Yesha Council”, good employees of the secular Zionist state, did its best to scuttle all meaningful resistance to the Gush Katif pogrom even as the corrupt rabbis led meaningless prayer vigils to dissipate the energy of the Jews and provide for them the illusion of action. The travesty of it all is that both the rabbis and the Yesha Council acted in the full knowledge that, at the end of the day, with the cover provided by their actions, Israeli soldiers would evict the Jews of Gush Katif.

Israel’s communist founding fathers, as most communists, did not have the foresight or intelligence to consider the consequences of their actions. They did not stop to ask themselves, for example, what would hold the secular, socialist Israeli in Israel? After all, what kind of argument is it that his ancestors lived here? He is upwardly mobile, a multicultural, cosmopolitan, “sophisticated” Citizen of the World. He is above such crass, provincial considerations as patriotism, tradition, Jewish culture. He has been taught that all cultures, all traditions are equally valid. He is certainly above such crass, medieval, racist superstitions as the belief in a God who chose a Nation for Himself, gave that Nation a Torah on some mountain in the desert of Sinai, charged that Nation with an exclusive Mission and promised that Nation a Land. If socialism is to be desired, better socialism can be found in Scandinavia. If one seeks a better “quality of life”, why not move to America? Why stay in this tiny sliver of land, surrounded by enemies on all sides, condemned by the world and attacked by terrorists from every direction? For that matter, if the only argument in favor of his owning the Land is that his ancestors lived here, is it not also true that the Arabs’ ancestors lived here, and for far longer? What is his source of inner conviction, of inner legitimacy?

The Hamas terrorist believes firmly in his Satanic god. He is willing to fight and die for the Islamic Emirate of Palestine. He weekly demonstrates his devotion, going to jihad with a calm smile on his face, confident in Allah’s promise of eternal reward to the shaheed. What, precisely, is the secular Israeli willing to die for? What, for that matter, is he willing to fight for? Is he willing to go to milchemet mitzvah with a smile on his face, confident that HASHEM will give the Righteous Dead a share in the World to Come? Is it surprising that the secular Israeli soldier, though provided with every multimillion dollar accoutrement of modern military technology, cannot stand before the jihadist of Hamas, with his two dollar Kassams, his RPG and his AK-47? One would think that the citizens of Israel, of all people, would know that superior technology does not win wars by itself.

Israel’s communist founding fathers also did not bother to ask themselves what the price of creating a rapidly breeding sector of wards of the state would be. When the tiny haredi communities of 1948 grew into entire cities, who would pay for the welfare? Recent attempts to bring the haredim into the workforce and into the Israeli military bespeak of a belated realization of this fact. Alas, the haredi parties are now invested in maintaining the welfare state and they hold the swing vote in the Knesset…

Not all is doom and gloom, however. After the great catastrophe of the European Holocaust the majority of the world’s Jews came to agree that the goyim had violated the Three Oaths and that, therefore, mass settlement of Eretz Israel was now permissible. The miracles of 1948, 1967 and 1973 caused an ever increasing number of religious Jews to believe that Jewish settlement of the Holy Land and the establishment therein of a Jewish State are divinely ordained missions.

In the end, the secular Zionists failed. Despite their efforts, the Torah is indestructible. From 1967 on, the dati leumi community, the true heirs to 2000 years of yearning for redemption, began asserting itself in the Holy Land. Today this community enjoys an unprecedented growth rate. Even as the Israelis have chosen “quality of life” over life itself, as they lose all interest in defending their own country, as their birth rate plummets and their sons dodge the draft, the dati leumi public is steadfast in its loyalty to the ideal of Jewish sovereignty in Eretz Israel. It is a telling fact that the majority of the IDFs combat arms soldiers now wear knitted kippot. It is also telling that, despite this, the majority of the IDF’s upper-level leaders are secular Zionist communists.

Demographically, the end is nigh for the Israelis. They know full well that, absent drastic action, in a few decades the Jews will form the majority. When this happens, their secular Zionist state will be dismantled. Indeed, they have understood this for twenty years. Those who ushered in the Oslo Suicide Process are not stupid, though they are both monstrously callous and demonstrably insane.

Behind Oslo’s pronouncements of eternal peace and harmony with inhuman mass murderers whose religion makes them more dangerous than the Nazis ever were, there lies a hidden motivation. By importing a terrorist infrastructure into Yehudah and Shomron and creating therein a terrorist State of Palestine, the leaders of the secular Zionist state remove the ability of the dati leumi public to isolate itself from the corrupt secular culture of Israel. Simply put, the Jews have no place to go. They must live among the Israelis, where their children will be exposed to the full brunt of secular corruption and swiftly seduced by the Israelis’ hefker welt me-first “popular culture”. The leaders of Israel seek to recreate the concentration camps of 1949. The Suicide Process also sets the stage for another remedy to the Israelis’ Jewish Problem. Under the terms of a “final peace settlement” Israel can import millions of murderous Islamic fanatics from the Arab world to balance the growing Jewish population. Amid the resultant pogroms, aided and abetted by the security organs of the Israeli state, the very initiators of the mass murder can pose as the Jews’ saviors. By creating a nation of walls and ghettoes, a new Lebanon, the Israelis hope to stay on top, ruling over a State of Israel where a careful “political balance” prevents either the Jews or the Moslems from gaining the upper hand to displace the tiny secular elite.

This “plan” is, of course, utter madness. Even if the Moslem states that surround Israel do not put a swift end to the experiment via invasion and genocide, the Moslem “Palestinians” will take over within a generation in, as Rabbi Meir Kahane (z”l) often put it, a holocaust of hatchets and knives.

The leaders of the State of Israel frankly could not care less. First of all, they hate the Jews more than any other thing in the world, because they fear the imminent loss of their power. They simply cannot understand the Jews’ insistence on not dying and not assimilating. They cannot comprehend how anyone could possibly reject their hedonism for faith, their luxuries for a life in a hilltop outpost. And they know that this alien element is poised to displace them. And they HATE it because it is thriving and they are dying, because it will rule and endure and flourish and make history long after they are gone. It is no longer a rational thing, this hatred and this bone-deep, neurotic terror. The Israelis are willing to commit collective murder-suicide to prevent the Jews from taking over. They would rather drag the Jews down with them than admit the utter bankruptcy of the entire Israeli way of life.

Secondly, most of the leaders of the Israeli State will likely be dead of old age by the time the final massacre comes. In the meantime, they will enjoy lives of power and privilege. Since they care only for themselves, why should they worry? After all, they are godless hedonists. To them, there is nothing more important than themselves and nothing at all after the grave.

Thirdly, even if the whole thing falls apart and the Moslem states that surround Israel invade at the height of the Pogrom Process, the secular leaders of Israel will swiftly escape to Europe and America with the public treasury. No doubt they will enjoy a comfortable retirement on the lecture circuit, pontificating about the evil, racist religious Jews who doomed their secular multicultural paradise.

Lest the reader dismiss this thesis as another right-wing rant-cum-conspiracy theory, I invite him to come up with another explanation that fits the facts of the past twenty years. Simply put, the leadership of the Israeli State is bent on mass homicide, a series of pogroms culminating in national suicide.

Given the facts, the question arises: What is to be done?

First of all, we must recognize the existence of two completely different peoples in the Holy Land. The Jews are an ancient, G-d-fearing nation, rooted in the Land, possessing unshakeable, divinely-ordained values and ultimately destined to build a national homeland in the entirety of the Promised Land, from the Nile to the Euphrates. The Israelis are a rootless, secular people, a transplant of European imperialism without any worthwhile values or meaningful traditions. They have neither attachment nor right to the Land of Israel. Unlike the Jews, the Israelis would be happier and, indeed, better off in America or Canada, or, perhaps, in Sweden. Over the past twenty years, the Israelis have been at open war with the Jews. They have imported terrorist allies to murder over 1500 Jews and wound thousands more. They have expelled Jews from homes and demolished schuls. They have handed Jewish land to Islamic mass murderers expressly for the purpose of facilitating the murder of Jews. They have placed the Jewish communities in the Land under siege, demolishing even chicken coops in an effort to choke off growth. All attempts to peacefully protest and peacefully resist have failed. Peaceful demonstrations are broken up by club-wielding jackbooted thugs. Peaceful protest is of no avail, ignored both by the Israeli-controlled media and by the Israeli politicians who secretly rejoice at every Jewish death. Children are beaten within an inch of their lives and little girls are sexually assaulted by the thugs of the Israeli regime for the simple crime of sitting limply in a Jewish home slated for demolition.

In the face of this brutal aggression there are, really, only two options. The first is civil war in one form or another. This option is both distasteful and dangerous. We must face the fact that many Israelis are halachically Jewish. Even though they are wicked heretics who seek our extermination and rejoice at our suffering, we must only kill them as a last resort. Civil war would also severely weaken the Jewish community. In the worst case, open revolt by the Jews would bring attack by the IDF against the Jewish communities of Yesha. The result would certainly be a massacre. In the best case, tenacious guerilla warfare using the methods demonstrated by the Moslems would demoralize the IDF and force an Israeli retreat from Yesha, but the Jewish community would be unable to take the major cities of Israel by force. Worse, in the midst of the fighting against the Israelis, the Jewish community would end up unprepared to face invasion by the surrounding Moslem states. The retreating Israelis would certainly outdo the British of 1948 in their efforts to confiscate arms and hand strategic territory over to Moslem forces. To believe that masses of Jordanian, Syrian, Saudi, Egyptian and Iranian armor, aircraft and infantry can be destroyed with nothing more than rifles and Molotov cocktails is to rely on miracles. Sadly, the Moslem armies of today are not what they were in 1948. To defeat them, the Jewish community must have large numbers of well trained troops, well stocked arsenals and well prepared defensive positions, and, of course, faith in the power of HASHEM.

This brings us to the second option. That option is separation. We cannot live together in one country. Let us have two states for two peoples.

The Israelis can have their secular Medinat Israel. Let them defend it. Let the draft-dodgers and the dissolute sons of the secular elite together with their Bedouin and Druze mercenaries play their secular humanist games of “purity of arms” against the ever-growing jihadist threat. Let them have their corrupt socialism. Let them have an economy burdened by bureaucratic regulation upon bureaucratic regulation so a cradle-to-grave nanny state can benefit the corrupt few who sit on top while emasculating the rest. Let them have their ever-growing masses of welfare recipients choking the public treasury for ever more funds. Let their feminist whores choose careers over children in the name of “self-fulfillment”, “gender equality” and “quality of life”. Let their men run from girlfriend to girlfriend and divorce to divorce, seeking self gratification in empty sex and spilling their seed in vain for fear of producing a child whose care they might be responsible for. Let their school system teach children about the “nakba” and multiculturalism and “social progress” and the equality of all cultures and peoples. Let the Israelis choose death. Let them have their sweet secular poison.

We, the Jews, will choose life. Let us have a country of our own, a Medinat Yehudah, a Torah Republic ruled in accordance with Halacha. Let us have a free market economy unburdened by ridiculous taxation and inane regulation. Let us have workfare and tzedakkah instead of welfare, so that every man can have the privilege of earning his daily bread in the sweat of his brow, as the Torah commands. Let us have an army whose values are faith in HASHEM and merciless vengeance against our enemies regardless of age and gender. While the Israelis engage in humanistic bleating about “purity of arms”, we will wreak tenfold vengeance and strike terror into the hearts of our enemies. Let us have families ordered in accordance with Torah, where fathers give their all in the name of their children and mothers put family values before all other considerations. Let us have schools that teach faith in HASHEM, the chosen nature our eternal People, family purity and duty to our State.

In short, let the Israelis have Israel and let us have Yesha. Let those who want to live a meaningless secular life in a dissolute, multicultural secular democracy move to Israel. Let those who want to live a secure Jewish life in a secure Jewish State move to Judah. Let us see who achieves peace, security and prosperity first. Within a generation, they will sink beneath their own weight and we will inherit the Land.

The question arises how to achieve Medinat Yehudah without civil war. We must honestly say that this may not be possible. Nonetheless, we can try. To build Medinat Yehudah, we must take positive action in accordance with a definite plan. Such a plan is presented below.

First of all, we, the Jews, should stop identifying ourselves as Israelis. We must disassociate ourselves from the State of Israel in every possible way. We must have a flag of our own, an anthem of our own, a government in exile and a fundraising organization to raise money for our national struggle. We must proudly fly our flag in our Land and we must tear down the Israeli flag whenever we find it. We must not use Israeli courts or obey Israeli laws. If brought by force before an Israeli court, we should refuse to recognize the authority of that court on the basis that it is an illegitimate kangaroo court of a foreign occupying power. We must proudly identify ourselves as Yehudim meMedinat Yehudah and call media attention to our struggle by every possible means. We must always refer to Yesha only as “Occupied Judah”, to the Israelis as “occupiers” and to their army as “Israeli Occupation Forces”. We must repeat in every available forum that the Israelis have no more legitimacy in Judah than the British Mandate forces did before them.  In every possible way and in every possible thing, we must reject Israel and choose Judah. We must reject Israel so completely that we do not even dress like the Israelis. Instead of the Europeanized garb of Israel, let us proudly wear Beged Ivri, the clothing that identifies us not as foreign European transplants but as the original, Biblical inhabitants of the Land, as different from the Israelis as day is from night.  In short, we are Jews, not Israelis.  Judah is our country and we must say so loudly and with pride.

Secondly, we must not only demand a country of our own, but also act to show its existence. The Islamic Emirate of Palestine exists because the Moslem squatters on our land act like it exists. So we too must act like our country exists. We must make it forcefully known to every Israeli that we do not wish to be part of Israel. We must ban the agents of Israel from our land. Israeli police and security forces should be prevented from operating in our cities and towns by every possible means. We must forcefully let them know that Judah is not their country, they do not belong here and they should leave immediately. Every violence and aggression from the Israelis should be answered in kind. Above all else, the Israeli public should be forced to understand that Israel has a choice of neighbors. Either they will have the Islamic Emirate of Palestine, a giant launching pad for rockets and homicide bombers, or they will have the Torah Republic of Judah, a nation willing to live in peace with them as long as they do not meddle in its affairs.

Thirdly, Jews should not serve in the Tzahal. Those who are currently serving should finish their terms of service. But no more Jews should join. Let the next conscript class consist entirely of Israelis. Barring a major war, for example with Syria, no Jew should report for call-up in the miluim. Let the Israelis defend themselves. Any Jews who have chosen to make a career out of serving in the armed forces of Israel should be encouraged, by all available means, to immediately quit. Those who refuse to leave the Israeli armed forces, insist on reporting for service in the Israeli reserves and insist on sending their sons to serve in the Israeli army should be told in no uncertain terms that they are acting as mercenaries on behalf of a foreign occupying power. Every available means should be used to raise their awareness and cause them to demonstrate loyalty to their people and nation.

Let the Israelis do without 66% of their combat soldiers. Let them do without 33% of their combat officers. Let them do without the only sector of society still willing to fight on their behalf. If they want security and national defense, they can provide these for themselves. Let us secure only our own land and defend only ourselves. When the Israelis are ready to negotiate with the Jews, our government in exile can negotiate on our behalf. If the Israelis want us to participate in some kind of common defense, let them recognize our independence, provide us with our fair share of arms, remove their police from our land and either remove their army or sign a basing agreement for their forces on the borders with the Moslem states. We will form our own army and settle the problem of Moslem squatters on our land and the terrorism that results from these.

As an intermediate step, we can accept autonomy, as long as this autonomy bans the Israelis from most of our land, permits us to freely raise troops for the defense of our cities and towns, permits us freedom of action to eliminate the Moslem squatters and allows us to settle freely anywhere in Yesha. In the meantime, our youth should join our own security forces. These forces, clandestine at first, should replace the Israeli police and army. From inception, they should mercilessly attack the enemies of our people, unfettered by “purity of arms” or “rules of engagement”. The Moslem squatters on our land should come to dread the night and to understand that any attack on the Jews of Judah will result in brutal tenfold retaliation. Israeli forces that protect the Moslem squatters should likewise be made to understand that getting in the way of Jewish self-defense is an expensive proposition.

Fourthly, we must prepare our country for defense. The cities and towns of Judah must be fortified with bunkers and underground passages. We must use every possible means to acquire arms and equipment. We must set up our own clandestine industries to produce arms and munitions for national self-defense. Unlike the illiterate Moslem squatters with their two dollar model rockets and Egyptian ammunition, we have the expertise to produce everything from RDX to laser-guided antitank missiles to poison gas. It is only a matter of applying our collective education and ingenuity.

Likewise, we must train our defense forces at every opportunity to prepare for the day when the Israelis are forced to leave our country. Perforce, light infantry will be our primary arm for the foreseeable future. Let us therefore have the best light infantry in the world and let us create an environment wherein light infantry can be the arm of decision. When war with the nearby Moslem states comes at last, let their invading armies find a ground that burns under their feet, a hornet’s nest of tunnels and bunkers wherein a merciless, well-trained, well-armed opponent moves at will, unseen and unheard until he strikes. Let them face antitank missile teams that appear and disappear like ghosts, deadly accurate mortar fire from empty hills, unmarked minefields appearing in the middle of the night and sniper fire from every direction. In short, let them find what China found in Vietnam and what the IDF found in Lebanon. With proper preparations and faith in HASHEM, Judah will become the invaders’ graveyard. Any Israeli attempts to interfere with our preparations should result in severe consequences for the Israelis.

Finally, we must make it abundantly clear to the Israelis that if they remove the option of peaceful separation, we will have no choice but to accept the only remaining option. Let us have Medinat Yehudah peacefully or let us have Medinat Yehudah by force of arms. Given the current state of affairs, the Jews of the Holy Land face certain death anyway. If the Israelis will not permit a peaceful separation, we will have no choice but take the chance of civil war. The Torah commands us to choose life. We must obey.

26 Elul 5768


7 Responses to “Two States for Two Peoples”

  1. Velvel Says:


    This is way too long to read it all right now, but what I’ve read was good so far. The youths apparently need your advice if the following is true:

    But I doubt it’s true. It sounds like a Shabak frame-job if I’ve ever seen one. These kids don’t have that kind of money anyway!

  2. Velvel Says:

    Now that I’ve read the whole article, I must say you make your case well. But the uncertainties and risks you point out are glaring!

    I would also ask, how can the haredim be expected to fit into this scenario practically speaking in any significantly different way than they do now? They have largely been made dependent and if so, they don’t necessarily have the freedom to change allegiances, if they want to pay the bills. It could be the histadrut all over again! The US financial crisis affects not only the US. The haredim receive much of their funding from outside sources, private donations especially coming from wealthier US Jews. These Jews will have less money to give from the US, and we see this already. There are many kollels in Israel that are hurting, closing down, etc. There could be a greater struggle to put food on the table. It’s possible many will enter the workforce who otherwise wouldn’t, but how can they expect to get a job and feed their families if they are deemed an enemy by the state for supporting Judah, for instance.

    On the other hand, how will Judah recruit the sufficient capital to run their operations and supply for their own people/supporters considering the economic downturn we are entering? Will there be a job market that can compete with the Israeli workforce? Will travel between Israel proper and Judah’s lands be permitted freely to Israeli Jews?

  3. Vienna Mike Says:

    Velvel, your concerns are certainly valid. The risk is great and the enterprise uncertain, but the times are desperate. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I have said it before and I will say it again. When given a choice between certain death (Medinat Israel) and a slim chance at survival (Medinat Yehudah), it is better to choose the slim chance of survival, fight hard and pray for Hashem’s infinite mercy.

    As to specifics:

    The haredim are hopeless. Most have left Judaism in favor of various herecies, such as the Neturei Karta insistence on being punching bags for the world, or the various arguments we often hear for “professional Torah study”, backed by twisted logic in defiance of “by the sweat of thine brow…”, not to mention “…all Torah study unaccompanied by labor will in the end cease and lead to sin” Perhaps the scariest of all is the Chabadniks’ growing belief that Menachem Mendel Schneerson (z”l) is a LIVING messiah.

    A few haredi individuals may join the Medinat Yehudah movement, but most will not. The vast majority of haredi rabbis will not support the movement in any way, for fear of losing parnassa if they are in Israel and for fear of endangering the parnassa of their friends if they are abroad. The dati leumi must carry the burden alone. This is to the best. In a Jewish garrison state, which Medinat Yehudah will be of necessity, there can only be ONE Judaism and it must be the Judaism of Joshuah and Caleb, unabashedly militant and militaristic. The merciless, ruthless warrior with rifle in one hand and Torah scroll in the other must take center stage while the black-hatted rabbi retreats to the background. The like has not been seen since the Khazar Kaganate was at its height. The pacifistic ritualism of haredi Judaism belongs in the galut. The Jews of the Holy Land cannot afford it.

    Now, to the subject of funding. You must recognize that it is functionally impossible for the IDF to close the border with Yosh. There are simply too many places to cross. Even if the Separation Wall is completed, there are tunnels and ladders, not to mention high explosives. Further, if Israel enjoys a healthy fear of the Jewish National Liberation Movement, the Israelis would not dare close the border for fear of brutal retaliation. As far as startup industries, it seems to me that the production of biodiesel from waste oil is a great place to start. Jatropha cultivation is the logical follow-on, bringing numerous tactical, economic and ecological advantages. Israel has ridiculous fuel prices. Once the kinks are out of the production processes, Yesha-produced biodiesel will cost far less than any fuel sold at Israeli fuel stations.

    In addition to these things, there are all the fundraising methods mentioned in lesson 5 of self-liberation 101, including “criminal” enterprises and front businesses.

  4. Rob Says:

    Mike, I had asked you in a previous post if the attitude of “israelis” was hatred, you said it was fear. now I read hatred. have you re-evaluated?

    It is going to be nearly impossible to convince the average Jew that the “israeli” hates them. I just had a recent conversation in which I was told it is not up to us to judge what is inside of another person, and how Hashem should, or will deal with them, ie, they could repent, or will repent because they are jews. I personally believe this to be total bull****.

    Personally I do not care if they repent. It is too late for them to recieve any sympathy from me or mine.

  5. Rob Says:

    Addendum: The American revolutionaries considered themselves British, just as the dati lumi consider themselves israeli. It is of equal importance to note that they are quite a different people. The major influence in the American revolution was of Scottish origin. the ideas of freedom and liberty were born in the Highlands of Scotland centuries before. The young colonialist’ had an instinctive, inner drive towards destiny. So too the young lions of Yehudah have an instictive inner drive towards destiny. This destiny is to ultimately bring about redemption. This is seen clearly in the actions of the youth who have challenged the authority of the state of israel.

    And what significance does this have on our struggle? We will let future events provide an answer..

  6. Vienna Mike Says:

    Fear breeds hate breeds fear breeds hate breeds fear in an unending toxic cycle. The Jews of the Holy Land refuse to accept the reality of hatred and fear directed at them. Worse, they refuse to take up arms against this reality. Therefore, Hashem will wipe them out unless they repent. This week’s parsha is clear on the topic. The Jews of the Holy Land worshiped a non-god (Medinat Israel). In return, they are oppressed with a non-people (the Fakestinians)

  7. Vienna Mike Says:

    I hope the events of the past few days, with the Israeli police openly attacking Jews in support of Moslem guerrilla activity in Akko, will finally open the eyes of at least a few Jews. But I doubt it. Which is why I continue to warn all diaspora Jews to stay away from aliyah. Aliyah is suicide and it will continue to be suicide until Israeli police and IDF soldiers are shot on sight in every Jewish city and town in the Land.

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