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An Easy Fast to All

October 8, 2008

If I have wronged anyone without cause, I apologize. This Yom Kippur I suggest you add the following to your prayers:

Master of the Universe! May it be your will that Medinat Yehudah arise speedily in our lifetimes. Grant us the privilege of helping to build it, helping to fight for it and of living our lives in it in peace, security and prosperity with our loved ones by our side. Open the eyes of the Jews of the Holy Land, remove the traitors from within their midst and grant them speedy victory over those who oppress them. Verily we have sinned and we have no place to turn but You. Accept therefore our heartfelt prayer and grant us succor for the sake of your holy Name. In your most holy Name we pray. Amen!

P.S. Bizrat Hashem, the next installment of Self-Liberation 101, although it has grown quite lengthy, will be published after Yom Kippur.