Vienna Mike Returns


As many of you already know, the author of this blog has recently spent a not inconsiderable time in prison. It seems that the Israeli enemy is sufficiently alarmed at the contents of this blog to attempt to silence me. This, of course, is a great thing. I am proud that these insignificant scribblings are perceived as a threat by the Israeli murderers.

The beauty of the internet is that the internet is forever. Once something is posted on the net, it is literally immortal. Somewhere, in some form, in some file on some computer, it will always exist. The enemy may indeed succeed in causing me to stop writing. They have already taken away my parnassah. They may very well take my freedom for decades. They can drag my name through the mud and fabricate lies about me. They can destroy my family. They can even take my life. But they cannot silence my voice. Vienna Mike does not exist. Vienna Mike has no address, nor a family, nor children, nor even a body. Vienna Mike is a mask, a disembodied voice. Vienna Mike speaks the Truth. And so Vienna Mike cannot be silenced.

Books can be burned. Men can be shot. But the Truth is immortal. It cannot be shot, nor trampled with jackboots nor crushed with tanks. The Truth, my brothers and sisters, is bulletproof. The Truth can be imprisoned for a time. It can be driven underground. It can be forced to hide in whispers and anonymous pamphlets and encrypted emails. It may take decades, even centuries, but the Truth always wins in the end. The Truth wins because Hashem is Truth. The Master of the Universe always wins.

The internet is the greatest vehicle for spreading Truth ever invented. And so Vienna Mike lives in the electrons of the net, where the Israeli enemy cannot touch him. There is, however, a price to be paid for this strength. For Vienna Mike has neither hands nor feet. He is but an electronic ghost.

Vienna Mike can light the torch, but he can neither hold it nor carry it. For THAT, my brothers and sisters, Vienna Mike needs YOU. It is up to you to pick up the torch. It is up to you to carry it. It is up to you to light the fire of Jewish resistance and Jewish freedom upon every hill in our occupied homeland, as the Maccabees did before you.

Vienna Mike can cause the Israeli enemy apprehension. But only YOU can cause the Israeli enemy to run in terror. Only YOU can spread the idea of Medinat Yehudah. Only YOU can convince your neighbors that Medinat Yehudah is the only answer to the predicament facing the Jews of the Holy Land. Only YOU can liberate Medinat Yehudah from the Israeli occupiers.

In this season of Hanukkah, let us remember that we stand again at the crossroads. We stand again in Modiin. Again the Hellenists offer their unclean sacrifices, this time not of pork but of human flesh. They call them “sacrifices for peace”. They want the blood of our Jewish children to propitiate their unclean idol, this “peace” with the followers of Amalek, with the bloodthirsty worshippers of Satan. Again they attack us. Again they seek to destroy our holy Torah. Again they profane Har HaBayit with abominations. Again, as in the days of our forefathers, the Hellenists are the many and we are the few. Again, as in those days at that time, the Hellenists think their cause invincible. Again they dismiss with contempt a few “fanatics” and “dead-enders” who still cling to the side of Hashem and His Torah. Again they expect us to acquiesce with the voice of the majority, to go sheeplike to our destruction in the name of “democracy”.

In these days, at this time, will you betray the choice made by the Maccabees? Will you stand with the mighty against the weak, with the many against the few, with the impure against the pure, with the wicked against the righteous, with the wanton sinners against those who occupy themselves with Hashem’s Torah? Will you let the Hellenists win? Will you throw away 4000 years of struggle and hope for a few Hellenist baubles, for pretty clothes and color TVs and fancy cars and a fake “peace” that cannot last? Will you betray everything our forefathers stood for even as you light hanukkiyot to commemorate their victory?

My brothers and sisters, the choice is yours. Vienna Mike cannot make it for you. Vienna Mike can only light the way.


One Response to “Vienna Mike Returns”

  1. Rob Says:

    Vienna Mike, Glad to hear you’re Ok, take care bro. Thanks for the lessons. 😉

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