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The Vienna Mike Plan

January 29, 2009

Everyone seems to have a plan to save the State of Israel nowadays.

Tzipi Livni(y”sh) claims she can save Israel by surrendering Yosh to Hamas, so that Hamas can use it as a platform to launch rockets at every major Jewish population center in Eretz Yisrael. While she is at it, she’ll give the Golan to Syria. And if Egypt is really nice, she’ll give them Eilat, too! This way, Israel can have rockets raining on it from all directions at once. It’s great!

Bibi Netanyahu(y”sh) claims that he and not Livni is the best candidate to surrender Yosh to Hamas. According to Bibi(y”sh), it’s better to vote for him and get a constant barrage of Kassams from Yosh than vote for Tzipi(y”sh) and get a constant barrage of Kassams from Yosh and Katyushas from Lebanon and Syrian artillery from the Golan and maybe even Egyptian missiles from Eilat. Hey, maybe he’s right!

Avigdor Lieberman claims he can save Israel by surrendering half the Galilee to Hamas. In exchange, Israel will receive… 56% of Yosh. But wait, doesn’t Israel already control 56% of Yosh? Great plan!

Moshe Feiglin claims that if we vote for Bibi(y”sh), we can strengthen Feiglin. This way, after Bibi(y”sh) has given up Yosh to Hamas, expelling and murdering 200,000+ Jews, Feiglin might get the #10 spot on the Likud Knesset list next time around. Who knows, by the time Israel consists of Greater Tel Aviv, Moshe Feiglin might even be elected Prime Minister amid a barrage of Moslem rockets. We need Moshe Feiglin to preside over the final massacre of the Second Holocaust! Vote Likud!

Ketzaleh has a plan, too. Ketzaleh claims that if we all vote for him, he can get 4 or maybe even 8 seats in the Knesset, where he will rail impotently while Bibi(y”sh), Tzipi(y”sh) and Ehud(y”sh) disarm the Jews of Yosh by force and precipitously withdraw the IDF in the hopes that the Jews either run or are massacred by the Israelis’ Moslem allies. It’s a great plan, it is. Ketzaleh will make such fine speeches while 200,000 Jews are massacred! Why, the eyes of every leftist will tear up and their hearts will rend asunder – for all of five minutes, after which they will go back to celebrating the destruction of the hated mitnachalim who, of course, deserved every bit of it. After all, every Israeli worth his salt knows that the evil settlers are the sole obstacle to peace. Once they are all dead, rainbows will erupt, birds will sing, peace, love and harmony will rule the Land and fuzzy pink bunnies will emerge hopping from under every bush and rock to spread good cheer, joy and fairy dust with every itsy bitsy hop!

So, given all these brilliant plans, does Vienna Mike have a Plan to Save the State of Israel? Vienna Mike must keep up with the times!

Well, dear readers, you might be disappointed. Vienna Mike does not have a Plan to Save the State of Israel. Indeed, Vienna Mike does not believe that the State of Israel deserves saving or even has a right to exist. Vienna Mike does, however, believe that HaYishuv HaYehudi B’Eretz Yisrael, the community of the Jewish People in the Holy Land, is worth saving. Vienna Mike believes that the YISHUV has a right to exist in the Holy Land. Vienna Mike believes that only the Yishuv, acting in accordance with the will of Hashem as expressed in His Holy Torah, has any right to exercise political power and sovereignty in the Land of Israel. Here, therefore, is the Vienna Mike Plan to Save the Jews of the Holy Land:

— See that goyish Israeli State? Reject it! Reject everything about it! Reject its authority, its legitimacy, its symbols, its army, its police, its courts, its flag, its anthem, its music, its art, even its manner of dress. Reject its very right to exist. It’s a foreign occupier on Jewish Land. Draw a line between it and yourself. Reject it and eject it and build a Jewish State in the Land that Medinat Israel cannot hold and does not want. A Jew is not and cannot be an Israeli. Our country is Medinat Yehudah.

–See those green-suited kapos beating Jewish children with clubs? Throw them out of your country! Chase them out of Medinat Yehudah! They do not belong here. It does not matter if they wear kippot or not, if they have tzitizit or not, if they lay tefilin or not. It does not matter whether or not they keep kosher or keep shabbos or speak Hebrew. Jews do not expel Jews. Jews do not beat Jewish children with clubs. Jews do not give up pieces of Hashem’s Holy Land to murderous goyim. Those who do these things are Israelis, not Jews. Send them packing back to Israel! Curse them, spit at them, stone them, beat them, scream at them to go away. And if they refuse to go away, then kill them and kill those who give them orders. Soak the Land with their blood. It’s good fertilizer.

–See those Moslem Bnei Amalek baying for Jewish blood? Exterminate them and exterminate those who try to protect them! He who stands with Amalek IS Amalek, regardless of what language he speaks, what uniform he wears or what religion he professes to follow.

–See those unviable suburbs with paper houses, euphemistically dubbed “settlements” by those who refuse to know any better? You probably live in one. Turn them into fortresses! Fortify your homes and communities. Make them self-sufficient. Grow your own food, dig your own wells, make your own electricity, your own tools, your own weapons and fuel. Make your own clothes and make your own identity. What you cannot make, buy. What you cannot buy, expropriate by force or by stealth. Medinat Yehudah will live or die by the mercy of Hashem, the strength of her fortresses and the power of her arms. Israeli “settlements” are death. The fortresses of Medinat Yehudah are life. Choose life!

–See that gaggle of kids with orange ribbons? Turn them into an army! The Israeli army does not provide you with security and it never will. All it does is protect the Amalekites and facilitate Islamic terror with its wishy-washy policies, its “purity of arms”, its “limited operations”, its “appropriate response” and its “enforcement of order”. It’s time for a Jewish Army to defend the Jewish State. It’s time for Tzvah HaIvri, the Army of Life, to replace the Ra’al, the Army of Suicide!

–See that monolithic Israeli elite united in its hatred for the dati leumi who threaten its power and existence? Split it in half! Demand your own State and let the elite rule its Israeli Bolshevik paradise. Let them have the Tel Aviv they want. Let them have Haifa. Let them have the coastal strip that houses 70% of Israel’s population. Offer them a deal – they can have the beach to schtup on and no borders with any Arab state. Medinat Yehudah will take the rest. Medinat Yehudah will fight. Israel can party. Watch the Israeli elites fight each other and watch Medinat Yehudah win!

–See that array of lemming communities full of addled fools who think that they are Israeli even though the Israelis have been beating them with clubs for 20 years? See the mindless horde of robots who serve in the IDF even though the IDF demolishes their very homes and schuls, throws their children out of windows and sexually assaults their teenage daughters? Wake up the lemmings! Deprogram the robots! Take the communities of Yosh and build from them a Jewish State!

THAT is the Vienna Mike Plan for National Salvation. It is simple. It is realistic. It is viable. It is the only way. This plan is the only plan dedicated to victory. This plan is the only plan that can split the monolithic Israeli enemy, create an independent Jewish State in the Holy Land for the first time in 2000 years and avert the Second Holocaust.

Dear readers, we are up against the wall. Time is quickly running out. The Jews of the Holy Land face extermination at the hands of the Israeli State and its Moslem allies. Not too long ago, another nation stood on the brink of extinction. Its leader, Winston Churchill, said then what we must repeat now. Our only answer must be total struggle and our sole aim – victory; victory by any means; victory despite all obstacles; victory no matter the cost. For without victory there is no survival.

4 Shevat 5769


Let’s Take Stock

January 26, 2009

Operation Cast Lead, AKA the Olmert-Livni-Barak Pre-Election Media Circus and Fireworks Show, is over. Ten Jews, one goyshe mercenary and two random goyim with Israeli passports are dead. Some 64 persons, virtually all of them Jews, remain hospitalized with serious wounds. 1.5 billion American dollars have been spent.

The politicos and the IDF are claiming decisive victory. A “reshaped strategic environment” is apparently at hand. Such bombastic claims are typical of conventional forces late in Stage Two guerrilla warfare. In this Stage, the conventional force is always physically stronger than the guerrillas. Its limited incursions into guerilla strongholds are always accompanied by spectacular displays of firepower, providing plenty of opportunities for pretty publicity photos. Unsurprisingly given its total firepower dominance and unchallenged air superiority, the conventional force is able to inflict many more casualties than it takes. But, as we know from our study of guerrilla warfare to date, the conventional force at this stage suffers from collapsing morale. This is not to say that the morale of the individual soldier in the force is low. Often this is not the case. Rather, the morale of those who give the orders is low. As result, victory is never an objective. The objective is to demonstrate “resolve” and “strength”, to win political points with a domestic audience and, perhaps, to improve a negotiating position.

So let’s take stock of the real Operation Cast Lead. Counting only valuable troops, Hamas has suffered some 300 dead. In addition, some 1000 support and low-value Hamas troops were killed. At most, some 5,300 Hamas troops of various categories were wounded. Hamas lost approximately 50% of its major weapons arsenal, mostly to aerial bombing, and fired another 25% at Israel. At no time did the IDF actually penetrate major Hamas strongholds, nor engage the majority of Hamas forces. Rather the IDF limited itself to probing operations, assaults against the periphery of Hamas-controlled territory, patrols in force, raiding and aerial bombing. All that one needs to know about IDF operations in Gaza can be summarized by this simple note: IDF troops continued to move around the battlefield unpredictably, least IDF soldiers become a “stationary target” for Hamas. In other words, at no time did the IDF control any ground, not even the ground under its own feet. The IDF strategy was to nip at the perimeter and run Hamas out of ammunition. When Hamas ran down to 25% ammunition, its troops began to pull back and take up final defensive positions or hide positions, depending on their various orders and operational contingency plans. At this point, the IDF could either attempt to clear Gaza City or withdraw. Hamas would not be provoked by further limited actions.

At the end of the day, the IDF announced a “unilateral cease-fire” and began to withdraw. To the very last moment, Hamas continued to fire rockets at Israel. Hamas troops continued to engage the Israelis. A day later, Hamas announced its own truce and ceased major operations. It did this not due to mounting casualties or operational, much less strategic, defeat, but solely due to a shortage of ammunition. Small-scale Hamas operations, including mortar attacks and sniper activity, continue to this day.

Hamas has 25,000 men under arms. Its arsenals can be replenished within 3 months. It remains in firm control of Gaza. Its forces have learned valuable lessons regarding IDF tactics, techniques and procedures. Hamas has also learned numerous lessons regarding its own vulnerabilities. For example, its units were trained to rely on cell phone communications. When the IDF destroyed the Gaza cellular network, Hamas developed major command and control problems. Rest assured that among the many items being smuggled through the restored tunnels to Rafah are numerous frequency-hopping tactical radios with full-time encryption. It is true that Hamas will lay low for many months to come. Its representatives have offered a truce for an entire year, conditioned on the opening of Gaza borders. It will take time to rebuild its stockpiles, assimilate the lessons of the last battle and train new leaders to replace those who have been lost in battle. But those who claim that Hamas has been “defeated” or “crippled” or even “seriously harmed” are, frankly, lying through their teeth.

Was the IDF victorious? Let’s consider how victory is defined. Military forces can be said to be victorious when they have accomplished the objectives set for them while suffering acceptable losses in personnel and equipment. The objectives of the IDF were never clearly announced. However, we can gather from the blabber of the Olmert-Livni-Barak gaggle that the general objectives were to:

(1) Stop Hamas rocket fire against southern Israel

(2) End Hamas control of Gaza

(3) Demonstrate the recovery of the IDF from the disastrous stewardship of the moronic Dan Halutz

How has the IDF fared?

We can consider objective 3 accomplished. Under the competent leadership of Gabi Ashkenazi, the IDF has demonstrated that it is again a fairly competent army. Gone are the chateau generals of the Second Lebanon War, with their plasma screens and bunkers. Commanders are again where they belong – in the forward TAC if not cruising around at the forward edge of battle, co-located with the main effort TAC or even with the main effort’s lead company CP. We know that proper, aggressive leadership, if not necessarily common sense, is being exercised when a brigade commander accidentally gets ahead of his own front line trace and comes under friendly tank fire. The incident may be somewhat laughable and schoolhouse purists may scoff at the lack of coordination that caused such a faux pas, but those of us who have actually heard the buzzing of AK bullets past our helmets know that these things do occasionally happen in war. There is no indication that friendly fire incidents were unacceptably common in Gaza. Coordination and initiative were very much on display at all levels. The troops did well.

Objective 1 does not look so good. It is true that Hamas has stopped shooting for the moment. However, this is due largely to a lack of ammunition, to the need to assimilate the lessons of the past battle and to the need to adapt to changes in IDF behavior. There is no doubt that rocket fire will resume the moment Hamas has determined that it is ready for the next round.

As for Objective 2, we can consider it a total wash.

Considering the concept of acceptable casualties, we can look at two factors. First there is the question of preservation of capabilities. Certainly with only ten dead and a few dozen wounded, the IDF remains a fully capable fighting force. Losses in personnel and equipment are negligible. On the other hand, if we consider the situation from the point of view of value-for-value exchange, we don’t have a pretty picture. Given that there are some 1.5 billion Moslems in the world while there are only some 6 million Jews in Eretz Yisrael, we can clearly see that a valid 1:1 exchange ratio specifies that in order to gain fair value for the loss of a Jew in the Holy Land, we must kill 250 Moslems. Form this point of view, the IDF did not accomplish even parity exchange with the Moslems in this latest round. Success, which we can define from the Torah perspective as tenfold retaliation, requires us to kill 2500 Moslems for every dead Jew. Certainly the IDF, with its disgusting policy of “purity of arms” is incapable of achieving successful casualty exchange with the Moslem enemy.

So if we view the operation with regard to its official objectives, insofar as such existed, we can consider it at best a mixed bag. However, the true objectives of Operation Cast Lead had nothing to do with the officially announced objectives.  Make no mistake about it, Operation Cast Lead was a great success.

The first objective of the operation was to boost the ratings of the establishment politicians. Indeed, this objective has been accomplished. The ratings of both Kadima and Labor increased dramatically during the operation, proving once again that Israel has hands down the stupidest electorate on the planet.

The second objective of the operation was to silence the voices of resistance within the dati leumi camp. The Israeli elite has not been oblivious to the growth of Jewish resistance to its murderous plans. The slow awakening of the youth of Yosh, the slow increase in the number of young men and women who see the IDF as a foreign occupier and the Israeli State as no more legitimate than the British Mandate that preceded it could not be tolerated. The youth were developing a proto-consciousness and a proto-identity. Soon they would comprehend that the answer to their problems lay not in mere opposition to Israeli policy but in a constructive policy of their own. Soon they were going to take up arms and, possibly, even demand independence. They had to be stopped. An illusion of action had to be provided to them. This illusion would prove to the youth that there indeed existed circumstances under which the IDF would be used not to assist Moslem terrorism but to combat it. This illusion would give the addled parents and robotic peers of the few sane youth in Yosh the arguments to silence the scattered voices of sanity. The proto-stirrings toward armed resistance would be aborted as the Jews rallied around the foreign Israeli flag and rushed to support the foreign Israeli army.

Again, this objective has been accomplished. As the operation began, the dati leumi broke out into a dog-like display of slavish adulation, forgetting instantly the decades of oppression and humiliation visited upon them by the monstrous Israeli State. Once again the addled lemmings offered their sons as sacrifices upon the altar of the unclean Israeli Molech. As dati bloggers crowed about miracles, datim expelled from Gush Katif went into battle on behalf of the very army that had expelled them. Fathers whose daughters had been beaten and sexually assaulted at Amona by thugs wearing IDF uniforms donned these same uniforms in order to risk their lives in defense of a regime that will soon order the same travesties repeated a hundredfold. Again the tired old filth about the “holy soldiers of the IDF”, the canard about the “defenders of the Jewish People” was trotted out. Again salaried employees of the Israeli oppression machine disguised as “rabbis” offered prayers and blessings for the Israeli State even as they clutched Israel’s dirty money in their grubby paws.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the objective of causing the idiotic dati leumi sector to wag its collective tail and pee all over itself like an ecstatic puppy has been accomplished. Now the stick can come out for another beating. With America’s first Moslem president sending that proven anti-Semite Mitchell to Israel with his obscene demands, the Israeli elite has all the excuses it needs to proceed with plans to expel and crush the entire Jewish population of Yosh. Now that the foolish Jews have been lulled with a display of fake action, they can safely be sucker-punched.

The final phase of Operation Cast Lead is even now being carried out. The establishment was well aware that their right-wing competitor, Avigdor Lieberman, would benefit from military action in Gaza. Lieberman may be a corrupt mafioso, but he is a JEWISH corrupt mafioso. Unlike the likes of Netanyahu(y”sh), Lieberman still has traces of a conscience. Unlike the naïve Feiglin, who is content to play silly games inside the Likud in exchange for fictional places on the Knesset roster, Lieberman actually has a chance of stopping the Israeli expulsion of Jews from Yosh. His party could very well outstrip Labor and maybe even Kadima, becoming the second or third largest party in the Knesset. Therefore, Lieberman has to be neutralized. The way to do this is twofold. First, Lieberman will be threatened with imprisonment. The charges against him will even be largely true. The beauty of bringing charges against a corrupt gangster is that there is no need to invent them. One must merely doctor the evidence shade or two to get from “guilty but we can’t prove it” to “guilty beyond a reasonable doubt”. Once Lieberman is on the hook, he will be offered large bribes in exchange for what is left of his honor. Lieberman will take the money. He supported the expulsion from Gush Katif and he will support the coming expulsion also. In the end, he is no more moral and far less courageous than Ariel Sharon(y”sh).

So here is the true outcome of Operation Cast Lead. The Israeli establishment has consolidated its slipping grip on power in preparation for another election farce. With a lot of propaganda, a couple of threats, some bribery and a little fraud, we can be assured that the next government will seat Netanyahu(y”sh), Barak(y”sh) and Livni(y”sh) in a tight clique ready to deliver what they believe will be a death blow to the dati leumi. In the meantime, the voices of sanity among the dati leumi are being opposed by re-invigorated voices of lunacy. Once again idiots and mamlachti heretics are claiming that Medinat Israel is a Jewish State and that by waving orange ribbons and casting meaningless ballots, the Jews of Yosh can forestall a massed Israeli assault on their homes and communities.

The sole question remaining before us now that we understand the purpose and outcome of Operation Cast Lead is how to resist this new effort to destroy the Jewish People in the Holy Land. To this there can be only one answer. We must re-double our efforts to convince the Jews of Yosh that the Israeli enemy is out to murder every single one of them. After the new Israeli government is seated, it will take them time to pump up propaganda and prepare for the next phase of their Nazi-like pogrom plan. If the growth of Jewish national consciousness is more rapid than the Israeli ramp up for the greatest pogrom since 1945, it may yet be possible to save the Jewish communities of Yosh from annihilation. Only by convincing the Jews of the Holy Land that Medinat Yehudah is the only answer can those few of us who are sane save the addled masses of insane Jewish lemmings.

Self-Liberation 101 Summary Lesson Plan

January 5, 2009

Since I do not know how long I might have or what might happen to me, I feel it wise to post the summary lesson plan for Self-Liberation 101. It is my hope that these brief notes will serve as a guide to self-study for those who wish to liberate our trampled homeland.

Self-Liberation 101 is titled “Doctrinal Foundations of Resistance” because the objective of the course is to distill the key doctrines of revolutionary armed struggle and explain in general terms how these concepts might be applied to the liberation of Medinat Yehudah from Israeli occupation.

The course uses the basic books of guerilla warfare, Mao Tse Tung’s “On Protracted War” and Carlos Marighella’s “Minimanual of the Urban Guerilla” as primary source material regarding doctrine. The course also discusses the emergent state of the art in guerilla warfare, which combines the theories of Mao and Marighella to create what is best termed a “hybrid insurgency”.

Historical examples are brought to illustrate the application of doctrine to reality. Mao doctrine is illustrated by briefly summarizing America’s defeat in the Vietnam War. Marighella doctrine is illustrated by the ultimate success of the Red Army Faction and its various fellow-travelers in their struggle to socialize Germany. This struggle culminated in the rise of Joska Fischer’s Green Party and the 1998 self-disbandment of the RAF. Hybrid insurgency is illustrated by explaining America’s defeat in Iraq’s al-Anbar province at the hands of the Sunni resistance, which ultimately forced the Americans to not only surrender the province to the insurgents but to actually pay the insurgency to administer the province and to cease attacks against American troops .

The same lessons wherein historical examples are explored also include the author’s take on applied doctrine and potential organization. The author briefly touches on the process which brought the Israelis to Oslo.

Finally, the course explores the general path to national liberation, as derived from the doctrine presented in previous lessons.

The course also touches briefly on the objectives and symbols of national liberation, by discussing the banner of Medinat Yehudah, the nature of Jewish governance in our times and the structure of the Torah Republic. A series of appendices and supplementary readings include both food for thought and entries on practical things, such as additional lessons to be derived from relevant historical examples, the nature of propaganda, troop leading procedures, mission planning, the use of dead drops, associate members, sympathizers, probationary members and cut-outs, self-sufficiency in food via intensive agricultural methods, the construction of rockets and IEDs and the manufacture of drugs and explosives. There are also a few brief notes regarding computer security.

It must be emphasized that nothing in the course is to be taken as gospel. The author is fallible, like any other human being, and his life experience provides varied levels of expertise across the many topics of the course. Specific circumstances may dictate great differences in methods and tactics from the ones described in the course. The students are encouraged first and foremost to think for themselves in adapting the information presented to their concrete circumstances.

Lesson 1 is a brief introduction to the problem facing the Jews of the Holy Land. In lesson 1, the student is introduced to R. Meir Kahane’s (z”l) seminal work “Revolution or Referendum”. This book was the Martyr Rebbe’s death warrant. It was written as a final appeal to the Israeli Establishment, a warning and a request for a peaceful transition. Simultaneously, the book serves as a concise, though whitewashed, primer on the many crimes of the godless Israeli regime and the communist movements that initially formed it. As we all know, the Israeli regime responded to the Martyr Rebbe’s appeal with escalating violence, oppression and murder. The Israelis murdered both the Martyr Rebbe and his illustrious son in an effort to behead and demoralize any potential Jewish challenge to the power of the secular Israeli State. The book thus stands as R. Kahane’s last will and testament, a stark warning that, barring referendum, the only choice must be revolution.

Lesson 2 summarizes the ideas developed in lesson 1. The purpose is to provide the student with a synopsis of key ideas and to motivate further study. The key points of the lesson are:

  • The Israeli elite considers the Jew to be the primary threat to its power. It is willing to use any means necessary to eliminate the Jew. The elite would rather destroy the State and initiate a Second Holocaust than surrender its power.
  • The means the Israeli elite has chosen to eliminate the Jew is a repeat of its previously successful 1950s campaign to forcibly de-Judaize the Sephardim. All the actions of the Israeli elite for the past 20+ years can be explained by viewing its activities as being directed at destroying the Jews by forcing them off their land into refugee camps where they will be under the total control of Israel’s godless rulers.
  • The Israelis’ campaign to destroy the Jews will inevitably result in a Second Holocaust. The Israeli elite’s effort to use the Arabs against the Jews by championing “peace” will inevitably blow up in the elite’s face. The State of Israel, weakened by internal witch hunts and political repressions, with its army demoralized by misuse as a police force aimed at its own people, with its territory drastically reduced and with its people rendered rudderless, spineless and godless, will succumb easily to simultaneous Islamic assault from within and without. Therefore, the elite must be stopped.
  • There is no possibility of a peaceful solution. The murder of R. Binyamin Kahane (z”l) and the subsequent escalations and repressions have removed all peaceful options from the table. At this point, there are no peaceful means to even protest the excesses of the Israeli elite, much less curb them.
  • Civil war, in the classic sense, is impossible. The Israeli elite controls all the means of repression and possesses an unshakeable conventional military superiority. Furthermore, any serious civil war would bring an attack from the surrounding Arab states, exterminating both Jews and Israelis.
  • It is not possible to overthrow the Israeli regime. There is no possibility of a military coup since the Army is firmly under the control of officers chosen not for competence but for loyalty to the regime. There is no possibility of a popular revolution due to the regime’s total control of the media and the efficiency of its mechanisms of oppression.
  • The only option to ensure Jewish survival in the Holy Land is an armed struggle for Jewish secession from the control of the genocidal-suicidal Israeli regime. The Land must be partitioned between a Jewish State and an Israeli State.
  • The Israeli elite is completely self-centered and materialistic. It has no ideals, no ideas and no desires beyond the base goals of ensuring its own survival, safety and comfort. Therefore the elite has no will. The Israeli elite can be defeated by those who have towering will, even if they possess weak means. Thus it is necessary to move the struggle from the arena of physical means to the arena of will.
  • In order to make the Jewish State, Medinat Yehudah, a reality, it is necessary to force Medinat Israel to the negotiation table in an alternative “peace process”. The remainder of the course deals primarily with the means whereby this can be accomplished.

Lesson 3 introduces the student to the foundation document of guerilla doctrine, Mao Tse Tung’s “On Protracted War.” It is impossible to understand guerilla warfare without reading this book. Since revolutionary armed struggle is conducted primarily by means of guerilla warfare, the student must carefully read, re-read and comprehend this seminal work, dissecting every word and implication with the same careful attention he would give to the Gemarra or to a commentary by Rashi. The student must put aside his revulsion at the person of Mao Tse Tung and the nature of his crimes. The student must also put aside the communist rhetoric in which the wisdom of this book is couched. The instructor deliberately chose the Tamil Tigers (LTTE) as the source webmaster for this book. The reason for this is that the LTTE is a movement which follows Mao doctrine, yet has operated essentially without outside support almost since its founding. Unlike similar movements in Latin America (e.g. FARC) the LTTE relies not on drug money but on a well-organized network of fundraising activities based in the world-wide Tamil diaspora. Though the Tamil diaspora is penniless and tiny in comparison to the Jewish diaspora, it has successfully supported the LTTE for over 30 years. While the LTTE has been in dire straits lately, it is far from dead and has come back from far worse. The implications for Jews are obvious.

Lesson 4 summarizes the key points of Mao Doctrine. The most important points in the lesson are:

  • The two main themes in Mao’s work are (1) Unity of thought, speech and action and (2) The struggle of will in a transformational war
  • Unity of thought, speech and action brings popular support to the national liberation movement by enabling a unified nation under unified command, with a single strategic plan, struggling for a single goal under a single set of symbols. It ensures that all effort and all thought is focused on the goal of national liberation, while all other concerns are set aside for the duration of the struggle. It also ensures tight security within the movement by weeding out and co-opting infiltrators
  • The struggle of will is paramount. All actions of the guerilla must be aimed ultimately at weakening the will of the enemy and strengthening the will of the guerilla.
  • Individual initiative, resourcefulness and creativity on the part of each guerilla are key to victory. While soldiers of a conventional army often turn into unthinking robots who are, at best, briefed solely about their immediate objective, the guerilla understands the immediate objective, the intermediate objective, the high-level objective and the overall goals of the movement. The guerilla is thus able to work toward the objective even when all plans and preparations have failed. He is able to outsmart and outmaneuver his robotic opponents because he understands the ultimate goals he is seeking to achieve. Thus the leaders of the guerrilla must ensure that he comprehends all goals that pertain to his mission, from the goal of his cell all the way to the goal of the High Command.
  • The enemy maintains physical superiority through most of the struggle, but becomes increasingly unwilling to use it as his will ebbs.
  • Lack of will to fight indefinitely forces the enemy into negotiations. “Peace” factions among the enemy sabotage his military activities, ultimately leading to a total collapse of enemy morale and a guerilla victory. During latter parts of the struggle, the enemy may even come to support the guerillas via a “peace process” by providing them with supplies, funds, weapons and sanctuary in order to “build good will” with the guerilla “moderates”
  • The struggle for liberation is a protracted war conducted in 3 stages.
    • In stage 1, the Organization and Preparation Stage, the guerillas build the movement, organize fundraising, fight the War of Symbols, create useful idiots and allies among the occupier’s public and take over the countryside.Those who oppose the guerillas in the countryside are eliminated.The press is co-opted.Those who refuse to be co-opted are killed.This stage results in the emergence of no-go areas where occupier troops dare not venture without massive preparation and support.While these areas can be overwhelmed and occupied by the enemy, the cost of doing this is so prohibitive that the enemy refuses to do it.This stage also produces a powerful guerilla army that is largely invisible to the occupier.To the occupier, things look sporadic and largely non-violent, therefore harmless, over most of the countryside, whereas in reality the occupier does not control any ground except the ground directly under his own feet.
    • In Stage 2, the Terrorism and Guerilla Warfare Stage, the guerilla army emerges to wreak havoc upon the occupier. Terrorist attacks, ambushes, riots, general strikes and demonstrations are incessant, producing an ever-present drumbeat of escalating terror and chaos. The occupier is psychologically overwhelmed. His will ebbs rapidly under the pressure of multiple tactical, operational and strategic dilemmas. The enemy ceases his effort to occupy and subjugate the people. He seeks now only to escape by any means. A “peace process” begins as the occupier seeks to negotiate with “moderate” guerrillas in order to withdraw with some kind of “victory” and “honor”. The occupier may ultimately come to support the guerrillas via the “peace process”. He eventually lacks the will to use his overwhelming physical power to achieve any goal, however small. His forces retreat into fortified camps and bunkers, emerging only to cower behind armored vehicles in futile attempts to demonstrate “resolve”. Occasional “pinpoint operations” by the occupier achieve nothing except the sapping of occupier morale. Convinced that “there is no military solution” the occupier goes from surrender to surrender, humiliating himself in his search for “peace”. Eventually his will breaks completely and he runs away. The no-go areas controlled by the guerrillas expand and merge, forming a contiguous proto-state governed by the guerrillas. This proto-state contains most of the territory and population the guerrillas seek to liberate. If they so wish, the guerrillas can now achieve limited victory via the “peace process” and gain an independent state.
    • In Stage 3, the Conventional Warfare stage, the guerilla army transforms into a conventional army in order to achieve total victory over the demoralized occupier. Stage 3 transitions are very difficult. However, if the guerilla movement succeeds in this task, it can completely annihilate the occupier.
  • While the 3 stages of guerilla warfare proceed, the movement never loses sight of the political struggle, which has 3 components:
    • Action among the people, which builds the will of the people and the guerillas through propaganda and political action
    • Action among the enemy military, which seeks to encourage dissension within the ranks of the enemy soldiers and undermine their will
    • Action among the enemy population, which seeks to undermine the enemy population’s support for occupation and turns the enemy camp against itself via guerilla fronts and “peace” factions.

  • The homework assignment results in the student understanding that the Palestinian national movement is currently operating in late Stage 2 guerilla warfare. The collapse of Israeli morale is overwhelming. Israeli defeat is imminent. The Palestinians are seeking a Stage 3 transition. While the Israeli elite is busy plotting to exterminate the dati leumi, its defense forces are being overwhelmed by a skillful guerilla campaign. If things continue unchecked in this manner, the State of Israel will cease to exist within our lifetimes. Six million Jews will be massacred. Therefore, there is not a moment to lose. While the Jews must not rush to failure, it is imperative that steps be taken immediately to launch a Jewish national liberation movement before the Israeli collapse ushers in a Second Holocaust. The Jewish national liberation movement will be assisted by the collapsing morale of the Israelis. By presenting itself as simultaneously a great threat and a great opportunity to the Israeli elite, the Jewish national liberation movement can achieve immense concessions quickly. Simply put, the Israelis must be given a choice between Medinat Yehudah within rocket range of Tel Aviv and an Islamic Emirate of Palestine within the same rocket range. When this stark choice is presented to Israel’s ruling elite and Israel’s public, it will utterly destroy the unity of the elite and completely rearrange the balance of forces within Israeli politics. Ultimately, the vast majority of Israelis will certainly choose to be neighbors with Medinat Yehudah, rather than with Islamic Palestine.

Lesson 5 provides a concrete historical example of applied Mao doctrine by examining American defeat in Vietnam. The lesson also provides some notes regarding a possible implementation of Mao doctrine in the Holy Land. The key points of this lesson are:

  • Throughout the entire Vietnam War, American forces maintained a physical superiority over the Vietnamese. The Americans “won” every engagement at platoon level or above.
  • Yet not only did they lose the Vietnam War but their military and society were utterly shattered by it and have not fully recovered to this day
  • The War of Symbols is key to success. All guerrilla warfare begins and ends with the War of Symbols
  • Every organization and every facet of society must be subverted by the guerrillas in order to achieve victory
  • Guerrillas must set up a shadow parallel State, causing the population to abandon the existing State structures in favor of the guerrilla structures. This shadow State is comprehensive, providing police, courts, civil cervices and guerrilla control of every aspect of society
  • The public must be subject to a constant stream of guerrilla propaganda
  • The members of the guerrilla movement itself must be indoctrinated on a continuous basis, including daily sessions. In the case of Jewish guerrillas, these should take the form of Torah Study designed to build national and political consciousness
  • The enemies of the resistance must be co-opted, shamed and intimidated into silence or ruthlessly eliminated
  • For much of the Vietnam War, the Americans had no idea that they were losing
  • The Vietnamese victory in the War of Symbols enabled them to turn the Tet Offensive of 1968 from total disaster into a great success
  • It is not necessary to win the hearts and minds of the majority in order to win the war. It is necessary merely to create a hard core of supporters and to cause the majority to stay silent out of combination of fear of the guerrillas, desire for guerrilla-provided social services and hatred of the government that the guerrillas oppose
  • Guerrilla forces are organized flexibly, following the Rule of Threes.
  • Guerrilla rank structure is designed to follow modern society, not medieval conventions. There are only three enlisted ranks. No guerrilla can become an officer without first having been a private, corporal and sergeant.
  • Mao doctrine guerrillas operate a Local Force, a Regional Force and a Field Force
  • Guerrillas focus heavily on training and discipline. The guerrilla must compensate for inferiority in materiel by superiority in skill, initiative and surprise
  • Within guerrilla-controlled areas, all able-bodied adults and youth are part of the guerrilla force
  • The Local Force battalion is ultimately responsible for controlling and policing the area where it is based. Its Strike Platoon conducts continuous operations against the enemy in zone
  • The Local Force battalion can operate clandestinely
  • Women and youth must be integrated into guerrilla forces at the local level
  • Women cannot be treated in the same manner as men. Women are completely different both physically and psychologically. Therefore, mixed units containing both men and women are doomed to failure and substandard performance. Women must operate in separate units under female officers.
  • The guerrilla stronghold is a self-contained fortress designed to be as self-sufficient as possible
  • The guerrilla stronghold is governed by the commander and staff of the Local Force battalion that occupies it. Every occupant of the stronghold is a member of the guerrilla force who contributes to the continuous improvement and maintenance of the stronghold
  • The stronghold provides medical, logistical and educational services, training facilities and rest quarters both to its permanent occupants and to any guerrilla forces temporarily based within or transiting through its zone of responsibility.
  • The stronghold develops guerrilla industries and fundraising activities to the best of its ability. Examples include the manufacture of explosives, drugs and weapons, the production of food and fuel, smuggling and organized appropriation of enemy assets (e.g. theft of weapons from enemy soldiers, theft of vehicles from the enemy and his sympathizers).
  • The stronghold must be prepared for defense and surrounded with concentric layers of defensive works and booby traps, making movement into and through its zone prohibitively expensive for enemy forces
  • In the conditions of the Holy Land it is certain that virtually every building on a Jewish settlement must be independently defensible and must be proof at least against small arms fire. Each building should also contain a well hidden shelter for defenders to occupy temporarily when the building comes under enemy heavy weapons fire. When the enemy ceases to fire heavy weapons because his infantry are preparing to assault the building (or are already inside the building, if he is competent), defenders can quickly emerge from the shelter, re-occupy key positions within the building and kill numerous enemy soldiers. A single grenade thrown from a hidden trap door can, in the confined space of a small room, destroy an entire squad of enemy infantry. Alternatively, the defenders may permit the enemy to “clear” the building, then emerge from the shelter when he leaves and open fire at him from behind, using surprise and confusion to inflict numerous casuallties. In addition, all positions, especially buildings, must be reinforceable via a covered and concealed means. Generally such means are provided by well hidden tunnels.
  • The most secure bunkers in the stronghold are not located under buildings but rather are carefully concealed under seemingly empty space. Care must be taken to mask all signatures of the bunker, including diverting and hiding its ventilation shafts, concealing its thermal signature, locating communication antennae away from the bunker, etc.
  • It is plausible for overwhelming enemy forces to overrun the stronghold and “clear” it, yet never discover the main bunker-tunnel complex and thereby fail to destroy the local guerrilla force. The guerrillas can re-emerge after the enemy leaves or attack suddenly when the enemy relaxes his guard.
  • The stronghold is at the center of a system of concealed routes and pre-surveyed positions which enable guerrilla forces to rapidly and stealthily move throughout the zone
  • The leadership of the stronghold prepares targeting packages on all items of interest within zone and rehearses the Local Force battalion for a variety of likely contingencies
  • The stronghold contains enough food and supplies to sustain its population, the combat activities of the Local Force battalion and the activities of two additional battalions for a period of at least 3 months without resupply. In the environment of the Holy Land, it would be better to stockpile enough food and materiel for a year. These supplies must be stored in well-protected, camouflaged locations dispersed throughout the stronghold.

Lesson 6 Will introduce the student to Carlos Marighella and the Marighella doctrine of insurgency via the Minimanual of the Urban Guerrilla. While Carlos Marighella had the bad luck to get killed without accomplishing anything much, his work endures and forms the basis of numerous successful guerrilla movements. For example, today’s Al Qaeda has re-established itself as a Marighella-style force. Marighella doctrine is also used by political forces that do not wish to kill but nonetheless engage in guerrilla activity. The Animal Liberation Front (ALF) is a guerrilla force built along Marighella lines. Marighella doctrine is also commonly used by “mainstream” protest movements. For example ACT UP and Greenpeace both use Marighella doctrine. Some activist groups go so far as to make Marighella’s Minimanual required reading for all members.

Marighella does not negate Mao doctrine but rather builds on it, compensating for several shortcomings of Mao. Most notably, Marighella solves the problem of operating where there are no naturally occurring areas of inaccessible terrain. Marighella also solves the problem of operating in an environment where the State exerts total and all-pervasive control over society, making Mao-style resistance almost impossible to organize. Marighella solves the problems of decapitation and communications intercept, to which Mao-style forces are especially vulnerable. Finally, Marighella solves the problem of resupplying a guerrilla force without access to an outside sponsor.

Marighella doctrine is not a panacea. Marighella-style forces have significant shortcomings and problems. Nonetheless, there is great value in understanding and applying Marighella doctrine. Tremendous results can be achieved thereby in a very short time. The student is encouraged to study Marighella’s Minimanual with the same diligence one would give to the study of the Kitzur Shulchan Aruch. The student must not focus on the specifics of equipment, which are often obsolete. Nor must the student focus on the ludicrous communist rhetoric in which this book is couched. Rather, the student must focus on the underlying ideas of Marighella’s work.

Lesson 7 will summarize the key points derived from Marighella’s Minimanual. Among these are:

  • Marighella-style forces are organized into small, totally self-sufficient cells.
  • Marighella cells typically consist of 3 to 5 persons. They raise their own funds, obtain and make their own equipment, develop their own targets and execute their own operations
  • Marighella cells possess high initiative and audacity. Because they are self-sufficient, they are difficult to infiltrate. Because they are independent, their actions are difficult to predict. Because they are composed entirely of locals, they are extremely difficult to detect. Thus these cells present a tremendous challenge for enemy security forces.
  • The decentralized nature of Marighella resistance makes it self-organizing and self-repairing
  • Marighella cells do not take detailed direction from any one leader or central command. Though a Resistance Coordination Committee might exist to facilitate exchange of information among the cells, the cells remain independent of it, anonymous and self-sufficient. The RCC is a vehicle to exchange useful information, nothing more
  • The RCC can become a vehicle whereby cells specialize. For example, funds can be transferred anonymously between fundraising cells and operations cells by using dead drops or electronic fund transfer. The RCC would facilitate receipt of funds by one side and receipt of proof of attack by the other
  • The RCC facilitates the creation of new cells by spreading propaganda
  • The RCC facilitates improvement in technique by providing educational materials
  • With the invention of the Internet, the RCC can be a bulletin board hosted on a hidden server. Cells can also exchange strongly-encrypted messages directly via throwaway email accounts rather than via the RCC boards
  • Marighella-style resistance is almost impossible to defeat because it is formless. You can kill its “leaders” and destroy its cells ad nauseaum. As long as the will of the people to resist remains undiminished, new cells form continuously. As long as the RCCs continue to operate, cells improve themselves, techniques become more sophisticated and the resistance grows
  • Marighella-style resistance creates its own inaccessible terrain by rendering cities and towns off-limits to enemy police and security forces. By provoking disproportionate repression and police brutality on the part of the ruling regime, Marighella-style resistance builds support among the people
  • The Marighella-style force is vulnerable to infighting, splinter cell activity and waste of resources. Cells may interfere with each other, attack each other by mistake or even engage in armed conflict over resources. Jews would combat these difficulties via diligent study of Torah and increased Ahavat Yisroel, making Jewish RCCs more effective in mitigating these problems.
  • The Marighella resistance elevates the War of Symbols from a key component of resistance to the sole means of victory. Marighella-style forces cannot, in principle, overthrow the enemy by physical means. They are literally incapable of delivering sufficiently high impacts. However, by creating an atmosphere of chaos and terror, they force the enemy to seek accommodation with the symbols of resistance. As the enemy attempts to assimilate the unassimilable, he defeats himself. The symbols of the resistance permeate his consciousness and he begins to believe that the guerrillas are right while he is wrong. By bringing “moderates” on board in an effort to short-circuit the guerrillas, the enemy hands power to the very people who form the cells he is trying to undermine.
  • In order to be successful, Marighella cells must uncompromisingly maintain extreme positions on the issues of importance to the resistance. The guerrillas must reject all compromise, negotiation or accommodation with the enemy. Any softening of positions will inevitably cause splintering of the movement and ultimate failure. It is not the function of Marighella guerrillas to compromise or negotiate. Only by being maximalist and extremist can the guerrillas ensure the rise of “moderates” who will implement their demands by peaceful means, with the blessing of the governing regime.
  • Marighella resistance works best when there is an independent political party or movement that espouses the values of the resistance by less violent means. This movement becomes the source of resistance propaganda and will often become the “moderates” the regime will seek to co-opt. This political party will then implement the agenda the guerrillas are really trying to implement.
  • Marighella resistance is greatly helped by the formation of charities and other propaganda, recruitment and fundraising groups. By operating in legal guise and without explicit contact with the guerrillas, these groups can often evade enemy interference while providing funds and new recruits to the resistance. An example of such a guerrilla fundraising arm is Global Islamic Relief, a “charity” aligned with al-Qaeda, Hamas and similar groups worldwide.

Lesson 8 will provide the student with a case study on the successful implementation of Marighella doctrine. The case study will focus on Red Army Faction (RAF), commonly known as the Bader-Meinhoff Gang. At first glance, the RAF appears to have been a total failure. Seemingly, it never achieved its goal of communist revolution in West Germany, its leaders were killed and it was ultimately forced to disband. In reality, the RAF was tremendously successful. The RAF and its fellow-travelers proved essentially unstoppable. Though the German security services repeatedly killed the “leaders” of the RAF, the organization continued to exist and function. Large-scale counter-terror operations could disrupt it for a time, but it always reasserted itself. Ultimately, the German establishment was forced to “defeat” the RAF by empowering moderates with similar views.

Among the many terrorist leaders fighting against the West German government in the seventies was one Joska Fischer. Fischer led the aptly named Proletarische Union für Terror und Zerstörung Gruppe (Proletarian Union for Terror and Destruction Group, essentially a rudimentary Strike Platoon) of the communist guerrilla organization Revolutionärer Kampf (Revolutionary Struggle). In 1998, a “moderate” Joska Fischer became the Foreign Minister of Germany and Vice Chancellor. The RAF disbanded that same year. The same people who would have fought as part of the RAF a generation earlier sit in the Bundestag today as part of the German Green Party. Among the key points of this lesson will be:

  • Marighella resistance takes decades to bear fruit
  • The guerrillas will pay a terrible price for their success. The vast majority of active operators and cell leaders will be killed
  • Marighella resistance requires neither large numbers nor public support. All that is needed is a small group of radicals possessing the will to kill, the ability to keep quiet about it and a burning hatred of the ruling regime
  • Resistance violence is not indiscriminate, though it can sometimes appear so. The aim is always to split the enemy by attacking its key factions. Among the valid targets of the resistance are the ruling elite and the rich who support it, army officers and security force personnel who give orders or participate in actions inimical to the goals of the resistance and religious leaders and reporters who oppose the goals of the resistance. Other valid targets include large-scale pieces of infrastructure, such as power lines. Random civilians on the street are not, generally, valid targets.
  • Marighella resistance is absolutely brutal, in keeping with its maximalist rhetoric and the general goal of appearing to be completely psychotic in order to force the establishment to empower “moderates”.
  • In the environment of the Holy Land, Marighella cells would form among the radical fringe of the Jewish population, most notably among the Hilltop Youth. These cells would attack the IDF and the Israeli Police, Shabak and Border Police. They would destroy huge swaths of infrastructure, most notably power lines and water pipes leading to Arab-populated towns and cities. They would attack Moslem supply lines, for example by cratering roads or rocketing supply trucks lined up to enter Gaza. They would engage in indiscriminate killings of Moslems and spectacular actions, including poison gas attacks, suicide bombings and rocket attacks on high-profile targets. They would kill high-profile leftists and their families in droves. They would brutally torture and execute foreign “peace activists”, posting video clips of such actions on the internet. They would retaliate in tenfold fashion for every action taken by the Israeli security forces. They would make utterly radical demands including the immediate election of a Davidic King, the immediate secession of Medinat Yehudah and/or the immediate abrogation of the Israeli State, the immediate implementation of Halachic punishments such as burning, stoning and beheading, etc. In response to the actions of these “wide-eyed lunatics”, the Israeli State will naturally resort first to oppression and violence. When these fail, it will seek to empower “moderates” in the form of a Medinat Yehudah party. As long as such a party exists, draws support from much of the population of Yosh and is generally unconnected with the resistance, it will eventually achieve a peaceful partition.

Lesson 9 will examine the emergent state of the art in guerrilla warfare, which is best termed the hybrid insurgency. In this model, networks of Marighella cells coordinated via the internet interface with one or more Mao-style hierarchical insurgencies via one or several RCCs (Generally these are known as “Mujahiddeen Shura Councils” in the Islamic venue). Simultaneously political parties fully involved with the insurgency cooperate with “moderate” parties that merely sympathize with the insurgency. Since the occupier has no real idea which are which, he is forced to either suppress all political activity or to embrace even the most radical politicians. Generally the occupier chooses the worst of both worlds and alternates between the two policies.

Funds flow in from abroad via legitimate charities as well as dedicated guerrilla fundraising networks. Rather than seize control of the charities themselves, the guerrillas often prefer to take over only their local offices, or even to control access to the latter via intimidation, leaving an innocent foreign do-gooder to conclude that “all the people here support movement X” because he never sees anyone who does not support movement X come through his door.

While Marighella cells impose a continuing drumbeat of terror and distract the attention of the occupier, the slower Mao-style forces have time to organize and train. Because he is busy chasing elusive Marighella cells, the occupier leaves alone large swaths of territory where “things are quiet”. These become de-facto no-go areas for occupier forces and staging areas for the Mao-style resistance. At the same time, the Mao-style forces provide expertise and logistical support to the Marighella cells. The result is a highly unstable environment characterized by a plethora of kaleidoscopic armed groups, movements and parties, all of whom confuse and distract the occupier while the Mao-style resistance forces deliver the killing blows.

Lesson 10 will discuss an example of hybrid insurgency by describing the process whereby the city of Fallujah and al-Anbar province in general liberated themselves from American occupation. Fallujah went from Stage 0 to attempted Stage 3 transition in a single year. The entire al-Anbar province was rendered essentially ungovernable by Americans within as little as six months after the beginning of the occupation. The resistance achieved this by mercilessly slaughtering anyone who as much as smiled at an American. Those willing to resist the occupation organized demonstrations and riots, conducted sporadic attacks individually or in groups and generally made it impossible for the Americans to go anywhere in the province without, at minimum, having rocks thrown at them. So violent was the initial resistance in Fallujah that the American 82d Airborne division was forced to open fire on crowds of rioters mixed with gunmen on the very first day of the occupation, killing 12. This weak response by the Americans only goaded the populace into more action. Within weeks, the Americans replaced the 82d with a different unit in an effort to “calm tensions”. Simultaneously, well-heeled resistance organizers provided parnassah to those willing to fight by paying for attacks. Islamic foreign fighters came from abroad. Local nationalist resistance organized around former military officers and secret police operatives. A plethora of groups, some organized along Marighella lines and some along Mao lines, sprang up to challenge the Americans. Confused and disoriented, the Americans attempted to “calm tensions” multiple times, including one episode where a unit of the Iraqi Civil Defense Corps (ICDC) was raised to “secure” the town on the Americans’ behalf. The entire ICDC unit in Fallujah consisted of resistance fighters. It was officered almost entirely by men from Saddam’s Republican Guard and commanded by a Republican Guard colonel. The addled Americans were surprised when the local ICDC seemed to cooperate with the resistance!

The Americans fought two pitched battles in Fallujah, leveling the town to the ground and surrounding it with berms. Nonetheless, the resistance continued, both in Fallujah and elsewhere. Eventually the Americans were forced to essentially hand al-Anbar province over to the nationalist resistance and the tribal leaders who supported it. In exchange, the nationalists eliminated the Islamic radicals who were getting on their nerves and interfering with their parnassah. The most amusing part of the story is that the initiative that led to this deal between the Americans and the insurgency came from the insurgents. The insurgents had offered the deal repeatedly for years on end. Finally, having exhausted all other options, the Americans took it. In fact, the Americans went on to replicate this “success” throughout most of the rest of Iraq. As result, they were able to declare that “The Surge” had worked and the insurgency had been defeated. They pointed to decreased sectarian violence and decreased attacks on American troops as proof. The fact that Iraq no longer had ethnically and religiously mixed neighborhoods went carefully unmentioned. The resistance leaders who now receive generous subsidies from the Americans and have a free reign to govern their areas as they see fit kept their poker faces in the best traditions of the Middle East while the Americans announced their “victory”. Similarly, the rulers of autonomous Yosh will be able to keep their faces straight while the Israelis announce their “victory” over “Jewish terrorists”.

Lesson 11 will discuss how Israel came to Oslo. There were two processes at work here. The first was the growing awareness among Israel’s ruling class that the Jews of Yosh were a demographic threat. In Yosh, the dati leumi were culturally and physically isolated, evolving a uniquely Jewish culture in total opposition to the values of the secular elite. While the elite did not enter into a movie-like vast conspiracy to destroy the dati leumi, the spreading fear and hatred of the dati leumi among the members of the ruling elite had the effect of conspiracy. Leading the charge were left-wing intellectuals, authors and politicians. These people have been openly calling for civil war for nigh-on 30 years.

Simultaneously, the brilliant guerrilla campaign being waged by the new generation of “Palestinians” led to a collapse of morale among Israel’s elite. While the original Zionist elite was composed of idealists willing to make sacrifices in the name of a glorious communist-Zionist future, their children grew up believing in nothing at all. The old men, what few of them remained, grew tired. To the new generation of Israel’s rulers, self-gratification was the only value and a green card the ultimate prize. The old guard was now represented by fat corrupt swine, open traitors and hysterical cowards with a history of nervous breakdowns. They quailed before the idealistic determination of their Arab opponents, especially the Islamic mujahiddeen. Unable to comprehend the motivations of their enemies, the Israeli elite sought first to discover their “true” motives and then to mollify them. In the process, it completely lost all will to fight. At the same time, in the minds of the elite, the distinction between the dati leumi and the Islamists seemed to blur. Both appeared to be a threat.

The elite’s contempt for the Arabs combined with their fear of the Jews. The result was Oslo – a desperate attempt to use the Arabs in order to destroy the Jews. The initial vision seemed to have been simply to bribe the Arabs while clubbing the Jews into submission and relying on the corrupt secular culture of “mainstream” Israel to destroy them once they could no longer hide in their settlements in Yesha.

The elite has since discovered that the Arabs are unbribable. However, it refuses to admit this, preferring to increase the size of the offered bribe as the escalating Arab guerrilla campaign pushes the elite to ever greater desperation. An entire industry of “peace” has grown up around the “peace process”. Numerous members of the elite derive their parnassah from foreign funds allocated to further the Oslo Treason. Simultaneously, the ongoing search for scapegoats has caused the elite to believe its own propaganda about the dati leumi. The purpose of the “peace process” is no longer to mollify the Arabs. It is now to exterminate the Jews, regardless of the consequences. The elite is hysterical and irrational. The elite must be stopped by any means necessary.

Lesson 12 will discuss what needs to be done. Among the points of this lesson will be:

  • The War of Symbols is paramount and must begin immediately.
    • As a first step, the Jewish public must be convinced that Medinat Yehudah is the only answer. Every effort must be made to appeal to the population of Yosh. This having been said, virtually everyone in Yosh who is over thirty is likely useless. Their minds are full of mamlachti idolatry. The appeal should focus on the youth of Yosh. The activists who advocate Medinat Yehudah should contrast the futile tactics of the ribbon-waivers with the successful tactics of Hamas. The activists should also explain the nature of the Oslo Treason and use the words of the great heroes of our time, the Martyr Rebbe Meir Kahane (z”l) and his heroic son Binyamin Kahane (z”l). The counter-propaganda being spread by the intimidated and bought-and-paid-for surviving members of the Kahane family must be exposed for what it is – lies and dissimulation.
    • The Jews of Yosh must emphasize their special, separate, non-Israeli identity. They must symbolically reject the Israeli State in all its aspects. Israeli flags must be torn down and burned. The banner of Medinat Yehudah must be raised in their place. Israeli soldiers, policemen and security force personnel should be showered with rocks, garbage and insults on sight. Those who live in Yosh must be driven out or forced to leave Israel’s kapo institutions unless they are known to cooperate with the Medinat Yehudah movement. Every Jewish town in Yosh must be cleared of the presence of Israeli soldiers. They should be afraid to enter it. The IDF must be made clearly aware that its presence will be tolerated only outside Jewish free zones. These zones should expand as Jewish self-sufficiency and self-defense capacity grow
    • IDF conscription must be boycotted. Those who report for miluim or send their children to serve in the IDF should be shamed and, if necessary, driven out of the community
    • The walls of every town in Yosh must be covered with graffiti supporting secession from Israel and the establishment of Medinat Yehudah. The simple slogans “Atzmaut!”, “Atzmaut leMedinat Yehudah!”, “Yehudah leYehudim!”, “Israelim Lechu HaBaita!” should be everywhere, along with drawings of the banner of Medinat Yehudah
    • Every form of media must be used to disseminate the message of Medinat Yehudah
    • All sources of counter-messages must be silenced by any means necessary
    • All institutions in Yosh must be co-opted by the Medinat Yehudah movement
    • By means of riots and demonstrations, the Jews of Yosh should eliminate the presence of the Israeli police in Yosh.
    • The current difference in appearance between the Jews of Yosh and the Israelis should be exaggerated further by a campaign to adopt Beged Ivri. Clad in four-cornered tunics with tzitzit and sashes, loose-fitting trousers and head-covering bandannas or giant kippot, the Jews of Yosh would begin to look completely alien to the Israelis, while the Israelis will begin to look completely alien to them. The patterns to make such clothing are extremely simple, making it easy to produce at home. Another advantage is that, dyed OD green and supplied with extra pockets, such clothing makes an excellent battle dress uniform.
    • The Fifth of Iyar must be marked as a day of rage against Israeli occupation of Medinat Yehudah, while the 28th of Iyar must be observed as a day of rage against the betrayers of Har HaBayit. Both days should be marked by riots and violent demonstrations, as well as special education events highlighting the crimes of the Israeli State, such as the Season and the Altalena. Special emphasis must be placed on the horrible betrayal of handing Har HaBayit to the Moslems. Another day of rage should be Gush Katif Day.
  • The War of Symbols must extend from Yosh into every region of Eretz Yisrael. The public, both Jewish and Israeli, must be made to comprehend that there is an alternative to a terrorist Palestinian Islamic State in Yosh. The public must be told to choose between Medinat Yehudah ruled by Torani Jews and Islamic Palestine ruled by Hamas. The slogan of the campaign should be “Choose your neighbor!”
  • The Jews of Yosh must begin a self-sufficiency campaign. All effort must be made to inform the populace that the Israeli army will soon leave and that the yishuvim of Yosh must either feed and defend themselves or disband and die. The slogans of the campaign should be “Jewish food by Jewish hands”, “Jewish victory through Jewish labor” and “Jewish defense for a Jewish State”
    • Taxes and labor levies must be raised among the people of Yosh in order to provide for a common defense. Funds should also be solicited abroad, most notably among American Evangelicals, to whom the entire effort must be presented as a repeat of America’s struggle for independence from Britain
    • Anyone who employs non-Jews or benefits from non-Jewish labor in any capacity must be shamed and forced to desist
    • The unviable suburbs of Yosh must be fed via intensive raised bed agriculture and containerized gardens. Using these methods, two people can be fed on every 30 square meters of garden (Jeavons,
    • Additional population must be attracted by bringing in residents of threatened southern communities, such as Sderot, as well as by bringing in disadvantaged youth, impoverished sephardim and anyone else from inside the Green Line who hates the Moslem enemy, is willing to work and is Jewish.
    • Jewish towns must develop their own water infrastructure by digging wells and installing water condensation systems
    • Self-sufficiency in electric power generation should be met by installing generators, including solar power dishes and photovoltaic collectors
    • Self-sufficiency in defense must be attained by digging antitank ditches and raising berms around Jewish towns. The current unviable suburbs must be rebuilt as proper settlements with internal and external defenses, strongpointed buildings, bunkers, tunnels, mine fields and booby traps.
    • Jewish self-defense forces must be raised and trained to defend Yosh.
    • Israeli interference with the campaign for self-sufficiency and self-defense must be met with escalating violence, up to and including suicide bombings and poison gas attacks in North Tel Aviv.
  • While the War of Symbols proceeds, a “moderate” Atzmaut Party must be formed alongside the “radical” elements. This party should be committed to an orderly partition between Medinat Yehudah and Medinat Israel. The party should consider violence to be regrettable but understandable in light of Israeli action. Is should neither endorse nor condemn any act of violence undertaken on behalf of Medinat Yehudah. At most, this party should issue statements of “regret” following acts of violence, decrying the “circumstances which so radicalized the youth” and calling on the Israeli State to “moderate its actions” and “address the legitimate grievances of the Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria”.
  • While Jewish self-defense forces organize in Yosh, Marighella cells of Jewish fighters should form throughout the Land. These forces should operate independently, asking permission from no one. Their targets should include first and foremost the infrastructure that supplies the Israelis’ Moslem allies and the Moslems themselves. From there, the cells can progress to the full range of the usual targets for resistance activity. While there is great value in spectacular violence against Israeli security agents, this violence must, at least at first, be undertaken as retaliation for Israeli actions. At all times, the resistance must direct its actions at Israel’s ruling elite and its henchmen, not at the average Israeli on the street. Even actions against the elite should be carefully limited. The goal is to split the elite into opposing camps, with the majority favoring accommodation and partition.
  • When independence is finally declared, Yosh will be in flames. There will be a huge and brutal war. Victory is attainable only if the Jewish forces are well trained and prepared. The victory strategy will depend on using the Moslem enemy’s weight of numbers against him. By destroying the roads and infrastructure which supplies the Moslem enemy with food and water, the army of Medinat Yehudah would seek to cause starvation and epidemics in Moslem-controlled areas. The Jews would rely on the supplies stored in their strongholds and on the defenses of these strongholds to section and systematically clear the territory of Yosh. Emphasis should be placed on causing massive waves of Arab refugees to flee from every cleared area into the non-cleared areas nearby. This will increase the pressure on enemy food and water supplies, carry disease and complicate enemy movements. All diplomatic effort must be made to prevent the regular armies of the Arab states from invading until the Jewish self-defense forces are ready to defeat them. Therefore, the formal partition and declaration of independence should follow the outbreak of full-scale fighting and not vice versa.

Lesson 13 will discuss the banner of Medinat Yehudah. Among its salient points will be:

  • The banner must render well as graffiti
  • The banner must have a high visual impact
  • The banner must have simple symbology
  • The Royal Blue of Medinat Israel is the color of secular authority. Our colors are black, the color of faith, white, the color of purity, and gold, for the Torah is more precious than much fine gold.
  • We trust in Hashem. Our State is the only hope of Jewish survival. Medinat Yehudah is Life.

The banner of Judah

The banner of Medinat Yehudah

Lesson 14 will discuss the Torah Republic. Among its key points will be:

  • It is not enough to know what we are fighting AGAINST. We must also know what we are fighting FOR. We want a Jewish State ruled by Jewish Law. But this need not mean a Jewish Iran. In fact, such a thing would be a hillul Hashem and against Torah.
  • The mizvah “appoint yourselves a king” can be fulfilled by appointing Hashem as Eternal King of the Jewish State, with no intermediaries. In fact, this was the state of affairs under Joshuah, who ruled as military dictator. It was also the state of affairs during the entire period of the Shoftim.
  • Monarchy was an emergency institution designed to rescue the fallen Jewish People when the republican rule of the Shoftim could no longer be maintained
  • The earthly monarchy cannot be re-established until the coming of Moshiach. To do so would be to usurp the throne of Moshiach
  • The Torah Republic would have a chief executive (Nasi) a supreme judicial body (Sanhedrin) and a subordinate legislative body (Knesset)
  • The Nasi can rule by decree, but only as long as he (or she) does not violate the Torah. However, all executive decrees can be overridden by a simple majority vote of the Sanhedrin
  • The Nasi is the Commander in Chief, but the power to declare war rests with the Sanhedrin, except for wars where the nation is attacked or wars to liberate parts of the Land
  • The Sanhedrin must be chosen from men who are giants of Torah, but who are also beloved by the people (Rambam). This means a comprehensive Torah exam to qualify as a candidate for district elections. The top three passing scorers in each district get to run for the office.
  • The Sanhedrin exists to interpret the Law, not make it. Since much Halacha requires updating to deal with a modern State, the Sanhedrin’s first job will be to draft a procedural Code of Law. The Mishneh Torah should be used as the point of departure for this endeavor.
  • The Knesset exists to draft administrative procedures for areas where the Torah is silent (e.g. traffic regulations, education budgets, etc). All draft bills passed by the Knesset must be approved by the Sanhedrin and then signed into law by the Nasi. Bills rejected by either return to the Knesset.
  • The Nasi can veto a bill approved by the Sanhedrin, but the Sanhedrin can override him by 2/3 vote
  • The Knesset is chosen in district elections
  • A Knesset term is 1 year
  • A Sanhedrin term is 5 years with 1/5th of the Sanhedrin up for re-election every year.
  • A Nasi rules for 10 years. Not more than two consecutive terms are permitted
  • The Sanhedrin appoints judges to lower courts, but the Nasi can veto its choices. The Sanhedrin can override the veto by 2/3 vote. All judges must pass the Sanhedrin qualification exam.
  • The difference between the anti-Torah Greek invention of democracy and the Torah government of republic is the nature of the voter and office holder. Any idiot can vote and hold office in a democracy. Only qualified persons can vote and hold office in a Torah Republic
    • All voters and officeholders must be Halachically Jewish
    • With the exception of the Sanhedrin qualifying exam and the provision regarding receipt of State funds, one must be qualified to vote in order to hold office.
    • Voters must have completed military service (able-bodied men), civil defense corps service (able-bodied women) or alternative civilian service (non able-bodied adults)
    • Voters must not be recipients of State funds in any form, including subsidies, salaries, workfare benefits and pensions
    • Voters must be older than 30
    • Voters must have at least 2 children
    • The top wage-earner in the household casts all votes on behalf of his or her household. The number of votes cast equals to the number of members supported by the household.
  • The Jewish State replaces the indignity of welfare with the dignified institution of workfare, enabling each man to earn his daily bread. Thus in a Jewish State there are no schnorrers.
  • Given the nature of the world, the Jewish State must organize first and foremost to defend itself. This is reflected in every facet of society.
  • The Jewish State must have a comprehensive education system that imbues its future citizens with Torah and patriotism, educates them thoroughly in science and prepares them extensively for military service.
  • The Jewish State does not use goyshe labor. Goyim can visit as tourists. A select few Bnei Noach can stay as guests and possibly even form small communities. But goyim do not participate in the society of the Jewish State except as occasional interlopers.