The Vienna Mike Plan


Everyone seems to have a plan to save the State of Israel nowadays.

Tzipi Livni(y”sh) claims she can save Israel by surrendering Yosh to Hamas, so that Hamas can use it as a platform to launch rockets at every major Jewish population center in Eretz Yisrael. While she is at it, she’ll give the Golan to Syria. And if Egypt is really nice, she’ll give them Eilat, too! This way, Israel can have rockets raining on it from all directions at once. It’s great!

Bibi Netanyahu(y”sh) claims that he and not Livni is the best candidate to surrender Yosh to Hamas. According to Bibi(y”sh), it’s better to vote for him and get a constant barrage of Kassams from Yosh than vote for Tzipi(y”sh) and get a constant barrage of Kassams from Yosh and Katyushas from Lebanon and Syrian artillery from the Golan and maybe even Egyptian missiles from Eilat. Hey, maybe he’s right!

Avigdor Lieberman claims he can save Israel by surrendering half the Galilee to Hamas. In exchange, Israel will receive… 56% of Yosh. But wait, doesn’t Israel already control 56% of Yosh? Great plan!

Moshe Feiglin claims that if we vote for Bibi(y”sh), we can strengthen Feiglin. This way, after Bibi(y”sh) has given up Yosh to Hamas, expelling and murdering 200,000+ Jews, Feiglin might get the #10 spot on the Likud Knesset list next time around. Who knows, by the time Israel consists of Greater Tel Aviv, Moshe Feiglin might even be elected Prime Minister amid a barrage of Moslem rockets. We need Moshe Feiglin to preside over the final massacre of the Second Holocaust! Vote Likud!

Ketzaleh has a plan, too. Ketzaleh claims that if we all vote for him, he can get 4 or maybe even 8 seats in the Knesset, where he will rail impotently while Bibi(y”sh), Tzipi(y”sh) and Ehud(y”sh) disarm the Jews of Yosh by force and precipitously withdraw the IDF in the hopes that the Jews either run or are massacred by the Israelis’ Moslem allies. It’s a great plan, it is. Ketzaleh will make such fine speeches while 200,000 Jews are massacred! Why, the eyes of every leftist will tear up and their hearts will rend asunder – for all of five minutes, after which they will go back to celebrating the destruction of the hated mitnachalim who, of course, deserved every bit of it. After all, every Israeli worth his salt knows that the evil settlers are the sole obstacle to peace. Once they are all dead, rainbows will erupt, birds will sing, peace, love and harmony will rule the Land and fuzzy pink bunnies will emerge hopping from under every bush and rock to spread good cheer, joy and fairy dust with every itsy bitsy hop!

So, given all these brilliant plans, does Vienna Mike have a Plan to Save the State of Israel? Vienna Mike must keep up with the times!

Well, dear readers, you might be disappointed. Vienna Mike does not have a Plan to Save the State of Israel. Indeed, Vienna Mike does not believe that the State of Israel deserves saving or even has a right to exist. Vienna Mike does, however, believe that HaYishuv HaYehudi B’Eretz Yisrael, the community of the Jewish People in the Holy Land, is worth saving. Vienna Mike believes that the YISHUV has a right to exist in the Holy Land. Vienna Mike believes that only the Yishuv, acting in accordance with the will of Hashem as expressed in His Holy Torah, has any right to exercise political power and sovereignty in the Land of Israel. Here, therefore, is the Vienna Mike Plan to Save the Jews of the Holy Land:

— See that goyish Israeli State? Reject it! Reject everything about it! Reject its authority, its legitimacy, its symbols, its army, its police, its courts, its flag, its anthem, its music, its art, even its manner of dress. Reject its very right to exist. It’s a foreign occupier on Jewish Land. Draw a line between it and yourself. Reject it and eject it and build a Jewish State in the Land that Medinat Israel cannot hold and does not want. A Jew is not and cannot be an Israeli. Our country is Medinat Yehudah.

–See those green-suited kapos beating Jewish children with clubs? Throw them out of your country! Chase them out of Medinat Yehudah! They do not belong here. It does not matter if they wear kippot or not, if they have tzitizit or not, if they lay tefilin or not. It does not matter whether or not they keep kosher or keep shabbos or speak Hebrew. Jews do not expel Jews. Jews do not beat Jewish children with clubs. Jews do not give up pieces of Hashem’s Holy Land to murderous goyim. Those who do these things are Israelis, not Jews. Send them packing back to Israel! Curse them, spit at them, stone them, beat them, scream at them to go away. And if they refuse to go away, then kill them and kill those who give them orders. Soak the Land with their blood. It’s good fertilizer.

–See those Moslem Bnei Amalek baying for Jewish blood? Exterminate them and exterminate those who try to protect them! He who stands with Amalek IS Amalek, regardless of what language he speaks, what uniform he wears or what religion he professes to follow.

–See those unviable suburbs with paper houses, euphemistically dubbed “settlements” by those who refuse to know any better? You probably live in one. Turn them into fortresses! Fortify your homes and communities. Make them self-sufficient. Grow your own food, dig your own wells, make your own electricity, your own tools, your own weapons and fuel. Make your own clothes and make your own identity. What you cannot make, buy. What you cannot buy, expropriate by force or by stealth. Medinat Yehudah will live or die by the mercy of Hashem, the strength of her fortresses and the power of her arms. Israeli “settlements” are death. The fortresses of Medinat Yehudah are life. Choose life!

–See that gaggle of kids with orange ribbons? Turn them into an army! The Israeli army does not provide you with security and it never will. All it does is protect the Amalekites and facilitate Islamic terror with its wishy-washy policies, its “purity of arms”, its “limited operations”, its “appropriate response” and its “enforcement of order”. It’s time for a Jewish Army to defend the Jewish State. It’s time for Tzvah HaIvri, the Army of Life, to replace the Ra’al, the Army of Suicide!

–See that monolithic Israeli elite united in its hatred for the dati leumi who threaten its power and existence? Split it in half! Demand your own State and let the elite rule its Israeli Bolshevik paradise. Let them have the Tel Aviv they want. Let them have Haifa. Let them have the coastal strip that houses 70% of Israel’s population. Offer them a deal – they can have the beach to schtup on and no borders with any Arab state. Medinat Yehudah will take the rest. Medinat Yehudah will fight. Israel can party. Watch the Israeli elites fight each other and watch Medinat Yehudah win!

–See that array of lemming communities full of addled fools who think that they are Israeli even though the Israelis have been beating them with clubs for 20 years? See the mindless horde of robots who serve in the IDF even though the IDF demolishes their very homes and schuls, throws their children out of windows and sexually assaults their teenage daughters? Wake up the lemmings! Deprogram the robots! Take the communities of Yosh and build from them a Jewish State!

THAT is the Vienna Mike Plan for National Salvation. It is simple. It is realistic. It is viable. It is the only way. This plan is the only plan dedicated to victory. This plan is the only plan that can split the monolithic Israeli enemy, create an independent Jewish State in the Holy Land for the first time in 2000 years and avert the Second Holocaust.

Dear readers, we are up against the wall. Time is quickly running out. The Jews of the Holy Land face extermination at the hands of the Israeli State and its Moslem allies. Not too long ago, another nation stood on the brink of extinction. Its leader, Winston Churchill, said then what we must repeat now. Our only answer must be total struggle and our sole aim – victory; victory by any means; victory despite all obstacles; victory no matter the cost. For without victory there is no survival.

4 Shevat 5769

5 Responses to “The Vienna Mike Plan”

  1. Rob Says:

    Jews do not expel Jews. They called it a dicotomy. viewing some of the footage, I would have to say some seemed to enjoy the task.

    I guess some people, you just can’t reach.

  2. Vienna Mike Says:

    It’s not a dichtonomy. It’s a tautology. The green-suited scum you see beating Jewish children with clubs are not Jews. They are Israeli erev rav. Hashem in His infinite mercy has provided us with a foolproof method of sorting out the true Jews from the goyshe pretenders.

  3. Vienna Mike Says:

    An inquiring mind from Eretz Yisrael wants to know: “Vienna Mike, are you from Israel? And if you are, where you’re from?
    Keep up the good work! Best from the Yesha”

    Vienna Mike is from Medinat Yehudah.

    P.S. Do review the post entitled “A Word of Caution”. And get serious.

    P.P.S: You are encouraged to review the material on this site, translate whatever parts you wish into Hebrew and share them with your friends.

  4. Ron Edge Says:

    YOU’RE BACK!! I was beginning to think ‘They’d’ grabbed you. Glad, too.

  5. Ron Edge Says:

    Shoot!! It’s last year….

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