A Word of Caution


Dear readers, this blog is a serious place for serious people. The blog advocates armed struggle for the liberation of Medinat Yehudah. Nothing more and nothing less. The author means every word he writes. Only tactical considerations and a physical inability to take direct action at this time limit the author of these lines to the educational role. By creating and maintaining this blog, the author takes a very serious and real risk. This is a risk the author has taken willingly in order to promote the cause of liberating our country. The author has already suffered and will continue to suffer the consequences of this choice.

Those of you who live in the United States and, to a lesser extent, in Europe, are fairly safe when you participate here via talkback. The enemy’s resources are limited. You are unimportant until and unless you are identified as part of an organization dedicated to liberating the Jewish People in occupied Medinat Yehudah from Israeli oppression. Nonetheless, even your actions will probably be watched via low-cost electronic means. Those of you who live under Israeli rule in occupied Medinat Yehudah are NOT safe. The enemy possesses a wealth of resources on the ground in Eretz Yisrael. Everyone living in Yosh is living under a Shabak microscope. If you fail to conceal your identity while utilizing this blog, there WILL be consequences. At the very least, your participation here will raise your profile as a potential threat and the surveillance against you will be intensified, making it virtually impossible for you to take any action against the Israeli occupier without being thwarted and neutralized. At worst, you will be killed or your family will be harmed.

Those who wish to put on Beged Ivri, hoist the banner of Judah over their homes and openly wage the War of Symbols are encouraged to do so. Those who wish to spread the message and ideas of Medinat Yehudah on the internet or elsewhere are also encouraged to do so. You may reproduce any material on this site in any form in any language via any medium of your choice, as long as you do not alter its message. Attribution to the original author is unnecessary. Vienna Mike applauds you for having the courage to stand up and fight for our trampled country. However, please remember that whether you are identified as an active supporter of armed struggle or merely as a person sympathetic to the cause of Medinat Yehudah can mean the difference between life and death for you and your loved ones.

Some of you have been incautious regarding your identity. This is foolish. The author of this blog will delete any talkback that is easily traceable to a physical person in Eretz Yisrael. This includes non-fictitious email addresses and names, links to personal webpages, links to blogs not ending in .onion and any obvious identifying information contained in the body of the talkback. The author STRONGLY encourages the use of highly anonymous proxies, such as Privoxy, while posting to this blog. The Israelis will look for you. Do not make it easy for them to find you.

May Hashem guard you and keep you wherever you may walk and may you merit to see the rebirth of Judah speedily in our time.


3 Responses to “A Word of Caution”

  1. Rob Says:

    Thanks for the advice

  2. Rob Says:

    I appriciate that you will no longer allow my comments. I would like to say thank you for the thought provoking information.

  3. Vienna Mike Says:

    Actually, Rob, I am not particularly worried about you. You live mostly in the US. There were, however, several people living under Israeli rule in occupied Medinat Yehudah whose comments I never published. Vienna Mike may be abrasive, but he cares about the safety and wellbeing of fellow Jews.

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