פרי אחדות


For decades now, the mantra of the dati leumi community has been Achdut.  We are all one nation, say the lemmings.  Fighting amongst ourselves will only play into the hands of our enemies.  That is the Party Line.  Anyone who challenges it must be an evil heretic, a stooge of Amalek and an agent of Hamas.  For nigh-on twenty years, as agents of the Israeli State have been beating them with clubs and throwing them out of their homes, the foolish lemmings of the Holy Land have been chanting “We are one people!  We are one people!  We are one people!”

So eager are the Jewish lemmings of the Holy Land to believe this fantasy that they will forget history, deny reality and all but assault anyone who challenges their delusions.  It is no longer a rational thing, Achdut.  After Gush Katif, after Amona, after the pogrom at the Peace House, it cannot be rational.  No rational person could believe that the monsters who send jackbooted thugs to beat Jewish women and children, demolish Jewish homes and destroy Jewish sovereignty over Eretz Yisrael are creatures we should seek to embrace.  No rational person could believe that a nation which consistently selects antisemitic murderers to lead it is a nation to which any Jew should pledge allegiance.  This mass hysteria is a mental disease.  Call it “Achdut psychosis”, call it “Achdut mania”, call it anything you want, but do not call it sanity.

Today, the madness manifests itself in the public trumpeting over the last Israeli election.  According to the purveyors of Achdut madness, the “right wing block” that is “loyal to the Land of Israel” has won 65 votes.  What insanity is this?  Let’s review:

The leader of this “loyal” block is none other than Benjamin Netanyahu (y”sh).  This is the man who surrendered Hebron to the Moslems.  As Prime Minister of the State of Israel, he knew or should have known that the surrender of Hebron to the enemy would lead only to an increase in terrorism.  He knew or should have known that the Jews of Hebron would be attacked and killed by the very people to whom he was surrendering Hebron.  In other words, he WILLINGLY, KNOWINGLY, positioned Moslem jihadis in Hebron.  As direct result of this action, R.Shlomo Ra’anan (z”l) and Danny Vargas(z”l), to pick just two, were murdered by jihadis.  Netanyahu (y”sh) is as responsible for these deaths as if he personally wielded the knife that stabbed Rav Ra’anan.  He is as responsible for them as if he personally fired the bullet that killed Danny Vargas.  As Prime Minister of the Israeli State, Netanyahu (y”sh) was responsible for everything that State did or failed to do.  As commander in chief of Israel’s armed forces, he was responsible for everything that those armed forces did or failed to do.  He KNEW that these kinds of attacks would happen.  And, with this knowledge in hand, he DELIBERATELY FACILITATED them.   And now the lunatics who claim to “lead” the Jews of the Holy land claim that this murderer whose hands drip with Jewish blood is “loyal to the Land of Israel”!  They claim that he is a friend of the Jews!  Every day, three times a day, we mention people like Benjamin Netanyahu(y”sh) in our prayers:  “…veLaMalshinim al tihyeh tikvah…”  How many more murders must this monster commit before the lemmings of the Holy Land wake up?

And look who else is being claimed as part of this “faithful” block of allegedly Jewish parties!  $ha$ and U$TJ, who sold Gush Katif down the river and remained in the government after Amona!  Lieberman, who openly proclaims his desire to surrender half the country to Hamas!  THIS is the block of faithful with whom we should seek unity?  This is the block that will prevent further pogroms and attacks on Jews?

Yet when the leaders of this very “faithful” block cooperate with the murderers Barak (y”sh) and Livni (y”sh) to launch another pogrom, the Jewish Lemmings of the Holy Land will have the gall to act surprised!

Jews of the Holy Land, isn’t it time you woke up from your slumber?  What has this “unity” with Israel brought you, besides pogroms and evictions and jihadi terrorism?  How much more Achdut do you need before you finally say “Enough!”?

Ultimately, all these are just words.  A picture is worth a thousand words.  Here are some pictures.  If they don’t make your blood boil, you are not a Jew.  If they do not make you want to grab a weapon and walk down the street this instant and shoot every green-suited and blue-suited Israeli kapo you see, you are not a Jewish man.  These are the fruits of Achdut.  This is what happens when one side beats people with clubs, while the other side responds with hugs and orange ribbons.  This is what happens when one side plots extermination, while the other side screams for unity with the very people who attack it.  This is what happens when there is no deterrence.

Dear reader, next time your friend, or your neighbor, or your co-worker or your chevrusa or a member of your family tells you that we are one people with the Israelis, that we must have achdut, show them these pictures and ask them how long they intend to let this go on.


פרי אחדות

פרי אחדות

פרי אחדות

פרי אחדות

פרי אחדות

פרי אחדות

פרי אחדות

And after you have shown them these photographs, ask your Jewish brothers:  Would a single one of the monstrous kapos in these pictures dare to lay a hand on a Jewish woman if he knew that a Jewish vengeance squad would come into his house in the middle of the night, break his legs, douse him with gasoline and set him on fire in his own bed?  Would he dare assault a Jewish child if he knew that on the orders of a Beit Din Ivri, Shomrei Ivri would kidnap him from his favorite nightclub and behead him on live video?  Would the monsters who sent these kapos to beat, torture, rape and demolish dare to give such orders if they knew that Jewish avengers would set off a dozen bombs in the posh treif restaurants and expensive nightclubs of North Tel Aviv in response to every indignity?  Would they give such orders if they KNEW with 100% certainty that Jewish warriors would target THEM personally, every single one from the Israeli Prime Minister down to the last pissant lieutenant?  Would any of these atrocities happen if the Jews had what Hamas has – deterrence?!

25 Shevat 5769


3 Responses to “פרי אחדות”

  1. Mike Benson Says:

    Find people to translate this site to Hebrew and Russian.

    Begin clandestine seeding campaigns at yeshivot. Keep careful tabs on how and where the message spreads.

  2. Vienna Mike Says:

    Vienna Mike responds:

    Mike, while in your line of work one is always eager to take the credit, in my line of work one takes pains to know only that which it is absolutely necessary to know. If one is prepared to take direct action and one knows more than two or three other persons who are prepared to take direct action, one knows too much. Given the might of the Israeli enemy’s intelligence and security apparatus, those who struggle for the liberation of Medinat Yehudah by means of direct action are best served by taking their actions against the occupier and his Moslem allies, posting their video on YouTube or Flurl via anonymous proxy accessed from a throwaway account and going home to quietly savor the feeling of victory. Those who struggle openly via the War of Symbols, on the other hand, would certainly never benefit from any traceable association with those who take direct action. Such association would include traceable posts to blogs such as this one.

    The author of this blog is known to the Israeli enemy. Therefore, the author does not want to know where and how the message of armed struggle for the liberation of Medinat Yehudah is spread, and especially not the identity of those spreading it. What one does not know, one cannot reveal under torture.

    The author will judge the spread of this message by the intensity of resistance activity directed at the Israeli occupier.

    All this having been said, the author reiterates that any and all readers are welcome to reproduce any and all contents of this blog in any language and any medium of their choice, as long as the message of this blog is preserved and the ultimate goal of such activity is the liberation of our trampled homeland from the godless Israeli monsters. Attribution to the original author is unnecessary where such is inconvenient, infeasible or tactically unsound.

  3. Vienna Mike Says:

    Here is a post from someone in Eretz Yisrael who STILL refuses to use precautions to mask his true identity.


    These “all you need love” so-called datti leumi folks are the Mamlachim {undying, state loyalists}. They have no desire to see the increasing number of conflicts between halacha and Israeli law.
    They are misnamed “Kookniks,” as they have no clue what Rav A. Y. Kook really said. A surprising number Rav Kook’s writings mysteriously ended up in the Merkaz HaRav geniza, and were discovered only after certain rabbis left to go make their own yeshiva. You do the math.
    They have also tried to limit exposure to works of Rav Kook written by those other than the line of Rav Tau, Aviner, and Rav Drukman.

    They’ve really got their students brainwashed, which isn’t hard to do since the brainwashing starts already in the mamlachti datti elementary schools, designed to produce state loyalists who happen to keep Shabbath and Kashruth.

    The mechinah programs are the worst culprits.

    Bottom line is that ahavath hinam {unconditional love} doesn’t apply to rashaim, mosrim, kofrim and the like.

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