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News You Can Use 29 Adar 5769

March 26, 2009

Let’s take a look at the interesting news of the recent couple of weeks.  You have probably noted all the things this blog will talk about.  Nonetheless, they are worth mentioning.

News item number one is that Bibi (y”sh) has gotten Ehud (y”sh) to enter the latest Israeli government.  Promises of continued Pieces Processing were made.  The murderer in the prime minister’s chair has assured the murderer in the defense minister’s chair that the latter can keep his post and continue his policies.  Ketzaleh was left whining at the door like a dejected puppy.

In the meantime, negotiations with the Moslems proceed apace.  Recently, the Israelis collected all the major Moslem leaders they are holding in a single room at Hadarim prison and conducted what amounts to a formal negotiation with these people.  That’s right, the Israeli leaders treated imprisoned Moslems not merely as their equals but as their superiors.  They slavishly came to grovel before their IMPRISONED enemies.  If this does not qualify as a total collapse of Israeli morale, it is difficult to imagine what will.   Rest assured that the topics of conversation did not limit themselves to Gilad Shalit.

The next phase of Israeli “peacemaking” will almost certainly be targeted at the beating heart of the settlement movement, the Jewish communities most likely to wake up from their slumber and take up arms against the Israelis.  These communities are Yitshar, the first Jewish town in Israeli-occupied Medinat Yehudah to eject the IDF, Tapuach, home of Gedud HaIvri, and Kiryat Arba, home and burial place of the Holy Martyr Hero Baruch Goldstein (z”l).  Itamar and Elon Moreh will likely round out the list.  This expulsion will be presented to the rest of the Jews of Yosh as the evacuation of “isolated outposts”, a response to “American pressure”.  Of course, the addled Jewish lemmings of Yosh will swallow this bull hook, line and sinker.  When the pogromschiks come for Ariel and Ma’aleh Adumim, not to mention the yishuvim of the Golan, the Jews will even have the gall to act surprised.

News item number two is the latest evidence that kippah-wearing Jews have no business in the IDF.  Following a slew of “atrocity” stories from poisonous Israeli graduates of the Yitzhak Rabin(y”sh) so-called “mechinah”, the Israeli press has been abuzz with fairy-tales presenting Jewish soldiers as psycho killers and rabbis as bloodthirsty maniacs.  The truly funny part is the utter inversion of values involved.  The same conduct that the Israelis consider to be an “atrocity” any normal Jew considers to be meritorious.   We are commanded to exterminate the enemy who attacks us down to the last man, woman and child.  We are commanded to extirpate Amalek.  The Torah is quite appalling to the Israelis.  They hate it and its Author more even than they hate US.

In the meantime, the IDF’s chief educator expressed his displeasure at Jewish soldiers refusing to attend IDF-mandated displays of whorish indecency in order to bond with their Israeli counterparts.  Apparently, Jews trying to abide by Jewish morals are a real problem for the Israeli army.

Sadly, none of the allegations in the Israeli press are true.  Jewish soldiers in the IDF will walk out on wailing Israeli whores and they will demand kosher rations even in the middle of combat, but not one of them will actually abide by the laws of Milkhemet Mizvah, even though these laws clearly apply.  In fact, a Jewish soldier can spend all day in Gaza munching on ham and cheese sandwiches and washing these down with camel’s milk.  The laws of Jewish warfare clearly exempt him from the requirements for kosher food as long as he remains in a combat zone.  But if he obeys even for a moment an Israeli order not to shoot Moslem “civilians”, he is violating both the laws of Milkhemet Mizvah and the mizvah to remember Amalek.  Such behavior is roughly equivalent to defecating on a Torah scroll.  The truly sad part is that every single one of the Jewish soldiers involved knows these facts and breaks Hashem’s Law not out of ignorance but out of a slavish obeisance to the goyshe Israeli State.   For his obeisance, not only does the Israeli State send his comrades in arms to beat and rape Jewish children, destroy Jewish homes and desecrate schuls, but it also does its best to murder him outright.

It has been a semi-official IDF policy for almost two decades to maximize casualties among dati soldiers.  During the Second Lebanon War this policy was an open secret.  Numerous dati soldiers were deliberately murdered by being ordered on suicide missions or through the deliberate denial of air support and artillery fire support.  Even the spineless Moshe Feiglin was so appalled as to call for the dati soldiers to “come home”.  Yet not a single Jewish leader has repeated this call since.  Jews continue to serve in the Israeli army, even though the Israelis’ sole purpose in bringing them there is to murder them by some covert means.

Here is a piece of food for thought.  66% of Israel’s combat arms soldiers wear knitted kippot, as do 33% of IDF combat arms officers.  If these men were to pick up their equipment, load up on supplies and walk away from the IDF to form a Tzvah HaIvri, Israeli authority outside the Tel Aviv-Haifa strip would collapse the way Soviet authority in the Caucasus did in the late eighties, when non-Russian soldiers walked away from Soviet units to join their national military organizations.  Medinat Yehudah would be born without a single shot fired between Jew and Israeli.  But don’t hold your breath for such a scenario.  Neither Ketzaleh, nor Feiglin nor even Baruch Marzel will take off their Israeli suits, put on Beged Ivri and call on their fellow Jews to come home to build a Jewish State.  Instead, they will whine and beg for scraps from Bibi’s table like good little puppies.  In this matter, the people must lead the leaders.  The Feiglins and the Ketzalehs must be replaced by men and women who see clearly and have self-respect.  Perhaps, dear readers, one of you is such a leader.

The third item of note is the utter failure of the recent “patriotic” march on Umm El-Fahm.  Don’t get me wrong, the march was fun and reminiscent of the days when we were led by the Martyr Rebbe, may Hashem avenge his holy blood.  But in the end, the march utterly failed in its purpose of highlighting the Israeli regime’s discrimination against Torah-true Jews.  Not even Arutz Sheva commented on the fact that Moslems can freely walk in Yerushalayim, but Jews are banned from Umm El-Fahm.  As for the idea of “expressing Jewish sovereignty”, what the march really expressed was Jewish weakness.  A small clutch of unarmed Jews bore a foreign flag while cowering behind dozens of Israeli kapos.  The route of the march meandered around the outskirts of the town for fear that any attempt to enter the center of Umm El-Fahm would lead to a firefight the Israeli kapos would certainly run from.  Adding insult to injury, after this humiliation Umm El-Fahm still has electricity and running water.  Not a single Jewish rocket has fallen on the city, not a single resident has been shot by a Jewish sniper and not a single bomb has gone off in vengeance since the marchers were chased away by the Arab residents of Umm El-Fahm.

Another item of note is the rise of the Galilee Liberation Brigades.  This is not a new or unknown organization.  Even R. Kahane (z”l) spoke of it once or twice when it was first forming.  However, the Brigades have entered a distinctly new phase of development.  With the last tractor attack, the ambush of two Israeli policemen and the recent attempted car bombing in Haifa, the Galilee Liberation Brigades have graduated from providing logistical support and assistance to Hamas and Fatah operatives to conducting independent operations of their own.  For all the hue and cry about checkpoints and walls, not even Arutz 7 had the guts to report the full truth – walls and checkpoints in Yosh will not stop Islamic terrorism by Arabs from Umm El-Fahm, Akko and Yaffa.  Only the mercy of Hashem has prevented mass casualties in Haifa.  Next time, the booster charge will be properly connected to the main charge.  Next time the car bomb will go off.  And when the car bombs go off, the Israelis will begin talking about an evacuation of the Galilee the way they are talking today about the evacuation of Yosh.  Just like Yosh, the Galilee will belong to Islamic Palestine or it will belong to Medinat Yehudah.  Medinat Israel cannot hold it.  Which nation ends up in control of the Galilee is, dear readers, entirely up to you.

The final item of interest is that, wonder of wonders and miracle of miracles, the Israeli Disgrace Forces have actually admitted to finding an improvised armored vehicle in Moslem hands.  Maybe this time too many people had seen it, so it couldn’t be hushed up.  As usual with such equipment, the vehicle was an SUV up-armored with “hillbilly armor” consisting of plates of mild steel .  These do not, in reality, make very good armor.  Armor piercing small arms ammunition typically goes right through them and even regular 7.62mm ammunition does a decent job at point-blank range.  But they are better than nothing.  Also we can note that intelligent design, such as sharply angling the plates by suspending them on brackets welded to the vehicle frame, can greatly improve performance.  By hanging two plates with one behind the other, we can both improve armor performance and protect the vehicle crew from the spalling effects that inevitably occur when bullets hit steel but do not penetrate.  A good design would look something like the BA-64 of WWII fame, though it would carry heavier weaponry if at all possible.

Ask yourselves, dear readers, how many PKs are there in your yishuv?  Do you have armor-piercing ammunition for them?  Do you have even a single heavy machinegun, much less armor-piercing ammunition for it?  Do you have a stock of steel plate?  Never mind face-hardened armor steel or spring steel, do you have even regular mild steel?  Do you have a good vehicle design and an up-armor plan for all your jeeps and light trucks?  What will you do when, after the coming IDF withdrawal, Moslem infantry backed by improvised light armor bearing machineguns, missile launchers and recoilless rifles attack your yishuv?

I hope these few news items have been of interest to you.  The next installment of Self-Liberation 101 is coming soon.


The Arguments of Lemmings

March 3, 2009

Besides endlessly insisting on achdut with godless Israeli mass murderers, the Jewish lemmings of the Holy Land often claim that Medinat Yehudah is physically impossible. One prominent lemming radio personality recently wrote on her blog that it is as ludicrous to suggest that the Jewish communities of the Holy Land secede from Medinat Israel as it is to suggest that Brooklyn secede from the United States. On the face of it, the arguments presented by the lemmings seem formidable. In reality, they are as solid as a fogbank. Lemming opposition to the idea of independence is the product of a lazy suburbanite mentality. The arguments of the Jewish lemmings who protest the “impossibility” and the “insanity” of any attempt to liberate Medinat Yehudah from Israeli occupation are based on nothing more than the desire by lazy, infantile spoiled brats to receive everything on a silver platter without ever lifting a finger. Let’s examine the arguments of lemmings in detail so that we can put their nonsense to rest once and for all.

The Jewish lemmings of the Holy Land argue that without the Israeli occupiers, the so-called “settlements” of Yosh would have neither electricity, nor food, nor even water. They argue that without the “protection” of Israeli kapos in green and blue suits, the so-called “settlements” would be overwhelmed by the surrounding Arabs and the so-called “settlers” would be massacred because the average so-called “settlement” has no militarily worthwhile defensive structures whatsoever, even if there were soldiers to man them. They argue that without the Israeli checkpoints that one can find by the dozen in Yosh, the roads that link the so-called “settlements” together would be rendered unsafe for travel. Without Israeli occupation troops, the argument goes, the so-called “settlers” would be cut off even from each other, much less from the outside world. The lemmings argue that nearly half of the population of Yosh is composed of children and another quarter of women, thus leaving any potential independent Jewish State with a mere 40,000-50,000 able-bodied men to defend against roughly 700,000 able-bodied male “Palestinian” squatters, the regular armies of Jordan, Egypt and Syria, contingents from every regular army in the Moslem world plus tens of thousands of jihadist volunteers. The lemmings argue that the Jews of Yosh are essentially unarmed, pointing out that maybe a third of the Jewish households in Yosh actually have firearms and that most of these firearms are pistols, while the rest are mostly M-16s and their derivatives, weapons in name only unless one is a superpower with unlimited logistical resources or a police force whose weapons spend most of their time sitting in nice clean lockers. The settlers of Yosh have no antitank weapons of any kind, no antiaircraft weapons, no machineguns, no mortars, no tanks, no aircraft and no artillery. The lemmings point out that the Jews of Yosh are militarily unskilled and lack trained military leadership. They argue that the holy city of Yerushalayim essentially bisects Yosh and, remaining as it will under Israeli control, the municipal zone of Yerushalayim will cut Medinat Yehudah in half. In short, they argue that a call for Medinat Yehudah is a call for mass suicide. And if things are permitted to remain the way they are today, the arguments of lemmings would indeed be correct.

Everything the lemmings say is true. The so-called “settlements” of Yosh are nothing more than unviable suburbs. The “settlers” are nothing more than effete suburbanites who moved to Yosh in order to feel like “pioneers” while in reality sucking down millions of shekels in Israeli subsidies, tax breaks and security spending. Indeed if one is a “settler” one enjoys all the advantages of a suburban lifestyle. Land is cheap, taxes are low, the community is friendly, the schools are well funded, there is a free clinic for every 100 residents and big city shopping malls are just a hop, skip and a jump away via special suburbanite-only roads.

Since 1967, the so-called “settlements” have cost the Israeli State something on the order of NIS 450,000,000,000. Counting direct and indirect subsidies, kapo “security”, road construction, tax breaks and so forth, the Israelis spend on the order of NIS 40,000 annually for every so-called “settler”!

What’s more, securing the unviable suburbs of Yosh is the most manpower-intensive task faced by the Israeli army. In order to man the checkpoints that allow the Yeshite suburbanites to use their special roads without being bothered by pesky Arabs, the Israelis must use literally thousands of soldiers. Thousands more are used to “protect” the unviable suburbs themselves. While reliable statistics are hard to come by, one can say with reasonable certainty that the Israelis must deploy AT LEAST one soldier for every five “settlers”. While these soldiers waste their time “securing” organic goat farms and frisking Arabs at checkpoints, they are not doing what soldiers SHOULD be doing, namely training for war. Their potential combat effectiveness drops exponentially every day they spend playing policeman. Their initiative disappears, their military skills waste away from disuse and their discipline grows ever laxer. In short, soldiers misused as donut munchers become, no surprise, donut munchers. Indeed, many IDF “soldiers” spend the vast majority of their time in service playing traffic cop at checkpoints and leave the army with no military skills whatsoever. They then clutter up the reserves, rendering the latter worthless in the event of mobilization.

While the moronic Dan Halutz has been much maligned, and deservedly so, for Israel’s appalling performance during the Second Lebanon War, the truth is that he is only partly responsible for that disaster. The IDF had spent decades deteriorating into a donut-munching, checkpoint-manning gendarmerie. The mistake made by Halutz was failing to recognize this fact and actually attempting to lead the IDF to war. The existence of the Yeshite suburbs is largely responsible for the decay of the IDF from world’s best-trained army in 1973 to the incompetent gaggle of Keystone Kops we saw clowning around Lebanon during the Second Lebanon War. Today, under the leadership of Gaby Ashkenazy, emergency measures have been taken to restore the combat effectiveness of the IDF. But these measures are ultimately unsustainable. As long as the unviable suburbs of Yosh continue to exist in their present form, even the solidly competent, if lackluster, run-of-the-mill army we saw during the latest incursion into Gaza is bound to irreversibly decay away. When it comes to combat effectiveness, the IDF is like Lewis Carroll’s Red Queen, running ever harder just to stay in place. And all because of the “settlements”.

From the perspective of Israel’s ruling elites, not only are the “settlements” of Yosh a demographic threat to their political power but they are also an economic and security millstone around Israel’s neck. No wonder the Israelis want to rid themselves of the Jews of Yosh! What sane person wouldn’t, in their shoes?

So what, dear reader, is the answer? Should the Jews of the Holy Land meekly accept the situation as it is? Should they go on, lemming-like, marching to destruction with the cries of “Achdut! Achdut!”? Should they do nothing while the Israelis demolish Jewish homes, beat Jewish children with clubs and hand ever more territories, funds and arms to the genocidal Moslems? Should they go on waving orange ribbons and hugging Israeli soldiers while waiting for the IDF to precipitously pull out of Yosh, leaving the mitnakhalim to run for their lives or be massacred? Should they meekly lie down like sheep and die?

Every day the Israelis speak about “decolonization”. Those of you who are old enough remember the “decolonization” of Africa. You remember the footage of Pieds-Noirs blindly running for their lives, crowding onto airstrips and docks, shouting in futility for escape that would never come, whole families massacred by AK-wielding psychopaths hopped up on dope and pure hate. Is this what you want to see again? Is this what you want your Jewish brothers and sisters in Yosh to experience in the very heartland of the Holy Land promised to us by Hashem, if only we have the cran to hold it?

And THAT would be just a down payment on the full horror to come! For after those first scenes of chaos and massacre there will come UN troops to “secure” the Green Line and a barrage of rockets the likes of which Israel has never seen, launched from behind the shield provided by these UN troops against every major Israeli city. There will come Islamic pogroms against Jews in Akko and Yaffa and an Islamic revolt in the Galilee. There will come terror upon terror and chaos upon chaos and pogrom upon pogrom until the final flood of Moslem “refugees” under an Arab “right of return”. And on their heels will come Arab tanks and a Second Holocaust, the Holocaust of hatchets and knives! As the Israeli ruling elites escape into the sunset on IAF transport planes loaded with the national treasury, six million Jews will be butchered under the eyes of a joyous goyshe world! Is THIS the reality you want to accept? Or should we perhaps act to CHANGE the present reality?

The first step in changing the reality of Yosh is to recognize that it is a reality entirely of the Yeshites’ own making. Everything that is wrong in Yosh today is wrong because the Jews who live there made it that way. Everything that is wrong in Yosh can be fixed if the Jews of Yosh choose to fix it. Let’s examine the major problems one by one.

Problem number one is attitude. The vast majority of the Jews currently living in Yosh never set out to be pioneers of any kind. They merely put on airs and came for the cheap land and the tax breaks. Fortunately, many of their children have grown up to reject the rank materialism of their parents. It is now up to the young generation, the so-called Hilltop Youth, to win or lose Jewish sovereignty in Yosh. It is up to these heroic youth to win or lose the very survival of the six million Jews who currently reside in the Holy Land. And they must do this despite and in spite of their lemmingoid parents.

The Hilltop Youth of today have an incoherent anarcho-messianic ideology. They instinctively reject the materialism of their parents and the authority of the illegitimate Israeli State. They instinctively love Eretz Yisrael and desire to assert Jewish sovereignty over every precious square millimeter of it, from the Nile to the Euphrates. But because they have never been taught what settlement is, they do not know how to settle. Because they have never learned the arts of self-government, they have nothing but anarchy and a vague longing for a messianic Jewish monarchy to pose as an alternative to Israeli oppression. The first step, therefore, is to reach out to the Hilltop Youth and to teach them about Medinat Yehudah, about Jewish self-government and self-determination, about Jewish security and about the nature of a true settlement. This last, from a practical perspective, is absolutely vital. For without viable settlements we can have neither long term Jewish security, nor Jewish self-government, nor Jewish self-determination. Without true settlements, we CANNOT have a viable Medinat Yehudah.

To understand what a settlement really is, we need not go far. Everyone who received even a smidgeon of proper education in America knows all about Plymouth Colony, one of the first viable English settlements in the New World.

Plymouth was a true settlement. Its residents fed themselves and defended themselves. They neither relied on English utilities nor on troops provided by the English crown. They supported themselves financially via agriculture and trade and certainly did not demand English subsidies. Nor did they pay English taxes. They made their own laws, judged themselves in their own courts and organized their own affairs via a government structured as they saw fit. In short, Plymouth was as self-contained and self-reliant as its residents could make it. It is true that occasional communication with the mother country was essential, but for the most part the settlers fed themselves, clothed themselves, armed themselves and governed themselves. Indeed, this was the very purpose that brought the settlers to the New World in the first place – a desire to build a better community and a more holy society away from the sin and corruption of England.

The attitude of these settlers created the spirit of self-reliance and rugged individualism that would one day create The United States of America, drive its citizens ever westward in pursuit of Manifest Destiny and turn that nation into the greatest superpower in the history of Mankind. Even today, though the pioneering spirit of America is long faded from its peak, the attitude of self-reliance and self-determination fostered by the early settlers continues to make America the world’s cultural and scientific leader, not to mention the largest economy in the world.

It is this pioneering spirit that the holy vanguard of the Jewish People in our time, the heroic Hilltop Youth, must adopt if Medinat Yehudah is to be born. And they must ram this attitude down the throats of Yeshite suburbanites, at gunpoint if necessary, for the alternative to Medinat Yehudah is not merely a pogrom in Yosh but a Second Holocaust and the extermination of half the world’s Jewry!

Once we set ourselves as a goal the creation of self-sufficient, self-reliant, self-governing and self-defending Jewish communities in Yosh to replace and supplant the unviable suburbs of today’s effete pseudo-settlers, we will have adopted the mindset that will make Medinat Yehudah not only possible but nearly inevitable. Once we have adopted such a mindset and set it to spread among the Jews of the Holy Land, we are more than halfway to ultimate victory.

The first step in establishing Jewish settlements is the establishment of Jewish security. It is clear that such security cannot be established at once over the entire territory of Yosh. Rather, Jewish security and consequent Jewish sovereignty must be established within a certain radius of every Jewish community and these secure zones then merged as the capabilities of Jewish self-defense forces grow.

Armed with this understanding, we can envision a hilltop settlement populated by pioneering young men and women, surrounded by a berm, an antitank ditch, a minefield and barbed wire. We can envision such a settlement provided with secure, defensible houses, each of which is designed to act as an independent strongpoint. We can envision that this settlement conceals a network of hidden bunkers and tunnels interconnecting its houses and other defenses in a booby-trapped maze deliberately designed to aid the defender and confuse and kill the enemy infiltrator unfamiliar with it. We can envision that the population of this settlement is universally armed and militarily trained regardless of gender. We can envision that the settlers are willing and able to use any means necessary to keep marauding goyim and Israeli kapos out of the immediate vicinity of the settlement.

We can also recognize that the means to establish such a settlement are readily available to the Jews of the Holy Land.

Creating zones free of Israeli kapos is as simple as refusing to serve in the IDF and greeting every gaggle of poisonous Israeli uniformed scum with a barrage of rocks, curses and garbage thrown by the majority of the settlers while a minority of well-concealed, determined Jews engage the Israeli enemy, his camps and infrastructure with sniper fire, roadside bombs, mortars and rockets.

It is true that some settlements will be destroyed by the Israelis and many Jews will be murdered or imprisoned. Nonetheless, just as the Israelis eventually left Jenin and Ramallah in response to the Arab intifada, so they will leave the Jewish communities of Yosh in response to a Jewish intifada. In fact, they will leave these communities much faster, for the blows Jews can inflict can be far more painful. Over half of Tel Aviv’s water, for example, comes from wells in Western Yosh. These wells exist and operate because the Jews of Yosh permit them to exist and to operate. Nor can the Israelis prevent the Jews from using high explosives to turn off Tel Aviv’s electricity on a daily basis. Nor can they stop determined Jews from planting explosives in North Tel Aviv. An Arab can be profiled. But all a Jew need do to look Israeli is shave, take off his kippah and dress like a goy. The Israelis cannot find him in the crowd and thus cannot stop him. This is doubly true for a Jewish girl dressed and painted like the average Israeli whore. Such a girl could go anywhere in Tel Aviv, blending perfectly among the thousands of half-naked whores on the streets of that cesspool, and do whatever she wants while Israeli kapos ogle her exposed body instead of paying attention to her bulging backpack.

As the IDF is easily dislodged, so too are weapons easily obtained from its bumbling soldiers. Whether by infiltration, theft, bribery, subterfuge, outright force or some combination of the above, the Jews can obtain every infantry weapon in the Israeli arsenal. Additional weapons can be purchased abroad and smuggled into Yosh. The Hebron community alone spends something like $3000 every day on lectures and tours for bored Israeli kapos who are trying to get away from their duties. These lectures do nothing at all to deter the Israeli kapos from participating in pogroms, as we recently saw in Beit HaShalom. But for the price of every futile lecture, it is possible to purchase 4 to 6 AKs.

The building of defensive structures requires nothing more than cinderblock, cement, sand, shovels and will. It is the lack of will more than anything else that prevents the suburbanites of Yosh from building secure housing. These people would rather live in paper trailers and be killed by terrorist bullets flying through the walls than spend a few days putting a meter of rammed earth between two cinderblock walls. Thankfully, Yosh does not suffer from a shortage of dirt. Next time a Yeshite lemming complains to you about his insecure paper trailer, tell him that he should stop whining like an overgrown schoolgirl and DO SOMETHING about it.

The next issue facing those who would establish true settlements in Yosh is water. A single person requires a minimum of three liters of clean water per day for drinking. Adding to this the necessity of washing, cooking and housekeeping, we can easily double this number. And don’t forget that a settlement would also have animals to care for and crops to water. This is a serious problem. However, it is not unsolvable.

First of all, most communities in Yosh sit on top of an aquifer. All the settlers have to do is drill wells. Unfortunately, much of the ground water in Yosh is brackish, polluted or outright salt water. Wildcat drilling is more likely to hit this kind of water than it is to hit the mountain aquifer. Even if the services of a trained geologist are available and the well hits fresh water, this water will still require purification if not outright distillation. Luckily, solar stills are fairly simple to construct, nor is Yosh short of sunlight. The Yeshite lemmings who spend millions on heating windowless houses can certainly be made to cough up the funds for some activated charcoal and a few high-power UV lights.

Crudely filtered and distilled well water can provide for crops, animals and washing. If clean water for human consumption cannot be obtained from wells, one can rely on atmospheric water condensers, also known as water from air systems. While in the past these systems were wasteful of power and prohibitively expensive, recent advances in computing technology have rendered such devices quiet, compact and efficient. An example of the type is the Water Mill, a residential product marketed by the Canadian company Element Four ( This device takes a nominal 300 Watts to deliver a nominal 12 liters per day. In other words, you get a day’s water supply for the same energy it takes to run three incandescent light bulbs. By providing three or four of these for every home in a Jewish settlement, we can ensure an ample supply of pure drinking water for every household. Coupled with a decentralized power generation and distribution system, such devices also give a tremendous defensive advantage by making it very difficult to deprive the settlement of water.

Finally, we must not forget the oldest water technology of all – cisterns to store collected rainwater. Though it might surprise some readers to learn this, it does in fact rain in Yosh, especially in the winter. Sometimes it rains quite a lot. The crying shame of it is that most of the water simply soaks away into the ground and re-evaporates when the sun comes out. As anyone who has climbed into the cisterns of Masada and taken a look at the high-water marks on the walls knows, this need not be the case. The construction of a network of cisterns is certainly not beyond the capabilities of real settlers anymore than the construction of a network of tunnels and bunkers. Nor should the Jews of the Holy Land have difficulty finding a civil engineer or two to design such networks.

With a distributed network of deep underground cisterns, atmospheric water condensers and a well or two, the average Jewish settlement would find itself amply supplied with water.

While we are on the subject of water, let us not forget to say a word or two about conservation. There is absolutely no reason not to use dirty wash water to irrigate crops. In fact, the crops would benefit from the organics in the water. Similarly, there is no reason to use flush toilets when composting toilets are readily available. A flush toilet wastes 12 liters of water per flush and produces a waste disposal problem. A well-designed and well-constructed composting toilet uses no water and produces valuable fertilizer. This is a no-brainer.

Now that we have addressed water and security, we can talk about power and food. Again, the reality is that Yosh does not need Israel to supply itself with either.

Mercifully, sunlight is plentiful in Eretz Yisrael and there is plenty of wind on the hilltops of our homeland. Solar dishes with stirling engines, such as the SES SunCatcher system, can generate as much as 25kW per dish. Wind turbines are even more efficient. The largest generate power in the megawatt range, while small models with a rotor diameter of about seven meters can give 10 to 12 kW for a one-time cost of about $30,000 and the elbow grease that goes into putting up a 25-meter prefab tower.

Given that the average house will consume 4-5 kW, a distributed system with a small turbine for every two homes, for example, would do quite nicely for the average community. Sadly in such an arrangement the poor dears would probably have to give up their power-hog AC. It is said, though this might be a rumor, that they didn’t have air conditioners in the times of Dovid HaMelech. Somehow, they survived.

Finally, there are always solar panels. One can hardly imagine a house without a roof. There is no reason why a roof cannot host a solar panel.

The same cisterns that store the settlement’s drinking water can be used to store excess power from solar and wind generators for use during off hours. All that is needed is a pair of cisterns at different heights from one another and a water pipe in between. During hours when excess power is available, a pump moves the water from the lower cistern to the upper. When the situation is reversed, the pump becomes a generator as the water flows from the upper cistern to the lower. If building cisterns large enough is too difficult, one can rely on large banks of batteries. These are fairly cheap and easy to install, if not very efficient. Nor are small generators prohibitively expensive, though they consume valuable fuel.

With all of these options, no settlement needs to go without electric power unless those who live there are either brain-dead or completely penniless. We know that the Jews of Yosh do not have the latter problem, as they can afford to waste American donors’ money on $15,000 lawns and $10,000 mini-parks.

Now, let’s talk about food. The lemmings would have us believe that the Jews of Yosh cannot survive without the Israeli produce they buy at the local makolet. After all, it is so difficult to grow one’s own food. Why you need a whole… 20m by 20m lawn to feed one person! Don’t believe me? Here is a university study to prove it! The college student involved in this study fed himself for almost a year on a 4500 square foot garden with a mere 2500 square feet of French Bed, plus paths, compost piles and propagation space. The French Bed cultivation system is so efficient that he did not even bother to use a composting toilet. Instead, he relied solely on compost produced from the garden’s own plant waste. Lest you think he starved, note that the diet thereby produced consisted of 2900 vegan calories a day, more than enough for backbreaking labor or heavy combat, much less bare survival. With quinoa and amaranth as high-protein crops, he did not need meat at all. A 50-50 mixture of toasted amaranth and wheat provides roughly the same nutrition as beef. And do not think that the reason this experiment worked is some kind of magical extra-fertile California soil. The French Bed method, also known as the Square Foot Garden method, produces its own soil. This, in fact, is one of the secrets behind this method’s success. Truth be told, the kid who did the experiment was an average gardener and he even managed to screw up his potato cultivation to the point that the crop yielded less than half of what it should have.

A small outpost of 40 persons needs a garden roughly 150 by 300 meters to completely feed its population and even provide extra food. The fact of the matter is, the Jews of Yosh could feed themselves without trouble and without Israeli supplies. By properly reorganizing their communities and installing proper housing and sanitation, they could produce a surplus of high-quality organic food for storage against siege or for sale to raise funds for the community. Of course, imported bread, meat and junk food from the makolet taste better! Also, a lazy suburbanite might break a nail if he had to actually use a shovel! It’s much easier to suck down Israeli subsidies, even if said subsidies come with yassamniks beating and raping your daughters, throwing your children out of windows and demolishing your homes!

Finally, let’s talk about the demographics of Yosh. The reason there are so few able-bodied men in Yosh is primarily because the Yeshites’ elitist acceptance committees bar from their communities anyone who might wear the wrong color shirt or occasionally drink an extra glass of wine. With the pickiness of typical suburbanite snobs, the Yeshites accept only the “right kind” of people – mindless lemmings like themselves with cushy jobs in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. And once they have successfully excluded those who might feed and defend their bedroom communities, these people have the gall to claim that because their suburb is an unviable bedroom community, they cannot survive without the Israeli State.

Dear reader, when Avri Ran needed warm bodies to man his settlement projects, did he form an elitist acceptance committee to pick over a list of candidates and find the “right” people? No! He took in Israeli street kids from broken homes, taught them Torah, taught them agriculture, taught them self-defense and made them into Jews. He did what the Israelis did to the Sephardim, only in reverse. What he produced were true pioneers, young men and women of unflagging dedication, with high initiative, plenty of aggression, a healthy disrespect for authority and a will to fight and, if necessary, to kill for Hashem, Am Yisrael, Eretz Yisrael and the Holy Torah. Were it not for the fact that Avri Ran belongs to the dying generation that continues to feed itself on achdut delusions, his kids would have long ago raised the banner of armed struggle for Medinat Yehudah.

In Israel there are thousands of lost kids, broken kids, kids looking for meaning and purpose, wasting their lives with drugs, booze and mindless sex. There are tens of thousands of young men and women who feel out of place, who hate the system, hate their government and feel trapped in a maze with no answers and no exits. Half the population of Sderot is in psychiatric treatment because for seven years they have been bombed with rockets fired by agents of the State of Israel, made out of materials supplied by the State of Israel. For seven years these people have seen the Israeli army pretending to retaliate by bombing empty fields. For seven years they have cowered in basements and watched in dread as their children went off to school, not knowing if they would ever see them again. For seven years they have seen that the Israeli government, supposedly THEIR government, is helping the Moslem enemy. For seven years they have seen that the Israeli army, supposedly THEIR army, is aiding and abetting the firing of rockets against them. They see this and they cannot admit to themselves what they are seeing and they are going NUTS!

Dear reader, what would happen if settlers from Yosh, TRUE settlers, not suburbanite poseurs, were to come to Sderot with buses and tell everyone there that anyone who wants to come live on a settlement where there are no Islamic rockets and no Israeli kapo “security” has 45 minutes to get on the bus, provided they are willing to avenge tenfold anything inflicted upon them and provided that they reject the authority and legitimacy of the State of Israel? What if these buses drove into the squalid expellee camp of Nitzan and told the residents that everyone who was under 18 during the Gush Katif pogrom is welcome to come settle in Yosh, as long as he or she is willing to put a hand upon a Torah scroll and swear in the Name of the Most High to fight, kill and, if necessary, to die fighting anyone, including Israeli kapos and pogromschiks, to defend the yishuvim and the people of Medinat Yehudah? How many young men and women from twelve to their twenties would get on those buses, do you think?

The fact of the matter is, there is no shortage of Jewish manpower, fighting manpower and house-building manpower and food-producing manpower in Eretz Yisrael. And there is no shortage of baby-making, home-creating, viciously protective of hearth and home and children womanpower, either. There is only a shortage of will to mobilize it, indoctrinate it, arm it and throw it at the Israeli enemy and his Moslem allies.

And let us try another gedankenexperiment. Imagine if there were real settlements in Yosh. Imagine if there were an underground Jewish army willing to strike at the Israelis daily with rocket and mortar and sniper and, yes, with suicide bomb and poison gas. Imagine if every Israeli assault on the Jews of Yosh produced bloody chaos on the streets of Tel Aviv, if no high voltage transmission line could stand for more than a day, if the Israeli national water carrier were interrupted on a weekly basis, if every day an Israeli soldier spent in Yosh might be his last. Would there not be a peace process? Would the Israelis not seek accommodation with this terrible, vicious, unstoppable enemy? Would there not, at the end of such negotiations, emerge an orderly partition plan and an orderly IDF retreat? Would not Medinat Yehudah emerge on the scene not merely with a landscape of fortresses and an army of well trained light infantry, but with tanks and aircraft and artillery and SAM batteries and territorial integrity and free passage through Israeli territory for goods and volunteers from abroad as well?

And after it survives the trial by fire that is the birth of nations, would not Medinat Yehudah grow? Would the Israelis not scramble to hand it ever more territory, even if they have to provide actual aid in the form of strategic materials and weaponry? Would they not give the Golan to Medinat Yehudah? Would they not give the Arab-majority areas of the Galilee? Would they not use the mere THREAT of such a handover to cool the ardor of their ever growing and ever more raucous Arab minority? Would the day not come when the Israelis retreat to the Haifa-Tel Aviv coastal strip and, having handed every terrestrial border to Medinat Yehudah, sigh with happy relief?

Think carefully about this! The Israelis only want to be left alone so they can watch porn, do drugs and masturbate in peace. They are ALL Zohan Dvir. Whom do you think they would choose for a neighbor, if they were given a choice? Would they choose a Torani Jewish State that would honor any agreement and engage in profitable trade with them, or would they choose a Jihadi Islamic state that would honor no agreement and engage in endless bloody terrorism against them? I say to you that were the issue really on the table, Israel’s ruling elites would fall all over themselves to make Medinat Yehudah not only a reality, but an unavoidable, militarily and economically unshakeable reality!

The arguments of lemmings are fog and dust, my brothers and sisters. Everything they say is a lie. It is a small lie told to cover a big lie. And the big lie exists to cover a gigantic lie, a lie so enormous that only a blind man cannot see it for what it is.

There is no truth to the small lie that Medinat Yehudah is impossible. There is no truth to the big lie that the “settlers” of Yosh are settlers. And there is no truth to the biggest lie of all, the elephant in the room. There is no truth to the lie that Medinat Israel is a Jewish State, to the lie that a Jew can be an Israeli, to the lie that the IDF can ever be a Jewish army. There is no truth, in short, to the lie of Achdut. The real question before us, dear readers, is how long will we permit this gigantic lie to stand? Should we lie down and die because the Israeli State and its goyshe allies want us to? Or should we act to change the present reality?

6 Adar, 5769