News You Can Use 29 Adar 5769


Let’s take a look at the interesting news of the recent couple of weeks.  You have probably noted all the things this blog will talk about.  Nonetheless, they are worth mentioning.

News item number one is that Bibi (y”sh) has gotten Ehud (y”sh) to enter the latest Israeli government.  Promises of continued Pieces Processing were made.  The murderer in the prime minister’s chair has assured the murderer in the defense minister’s chair that the latter can keep his post and continue his policies.  Ketzaleh was left whining at the door like a dejected puppy.

In the meantime, negotiations with the Moslems proceed apace.  Recently, the Israelis collected all the major Moslem leaders they are holding in a single room at Hadarim prison and conducted what amounts to a formal negotiation with these people.  That’s right, the Israeli leaders treated imprisoned Moslems not merely as their equals but as their superiors.  They slavishly came to grovel before their IMPRISONED enemies.  If this does not qualify as a total collapse of Israeli morale, it is difficult to imagine what will.   Rest assured that the topics of conversation did not limit themselves to Gilad Shalit.

The next phase of Israeli “peacemaking” will almost certainly be targeted at the beating heart of the settlement movement, the Jewish communities most likely to wake up from their slumber and take up arms against the Israelis.  These communities are Yitshar, the first Jewish town in Israeli-occupied Medinat Yehudah to eject the IDF, Tapuach, home of Gedud HaIvri, and Kiryat Arba, home and burial place of the Holy Martyr Hero Baruch Goldstein (z”l).  Itamar and Elon Moreh will likely round out the list.  This expulsion will be presented to the rest of the Jews of Yosh as the evacuation of “isolated outposts”, a response to “American pressure”.  Of course, the addled Jewish lemmings of Yosh will swallow this bull hook, line and sinker.  When the pogromschiks come for Ariel and Ma’aleh Adumim, not to mention the yishuvim of the Golan, the Jews will even have the gall to act surprised.

News item number two is the latest evidence that kippah-wearing Jews have no business in the IDF.  Following a slew of “atrocity” stories from poisonous Israeli graduates of the Yitzhak Rabin(y”sh) so-called “mechinah”, the Israeli press has been abuzz with fairy-tales presenting Jewish soldiers as psycho killers and rabbis as bloodthirsty maniacs.  The truly funny part is the utter inversion of values involved.  The same conduct that the Israelis consider to be an “atrocity” any normal Jew considers to be meritorious.   We are commanded to exterminate the enemy who attacks us down to the last man, woman and child.  We are commanded to extirpate Amalek.  The Torah is quite appalling to the Israelis.  They hate it and its Author more even than they hate US.

In the meantime, the IDF’s chief educator expressed his displeasure at Jewish soldiers refusing to attend IDF-mandated displays of whorish indecency in order to bond with their Israeli counterparts.  Apparently, Jews trying to abide by Jewish morals are a real problem for the Israeli army.

Sadly, none of the allegations in the Israeli press are true.  Jewish soldiers in the IDF will walk out on wailing Israeli whores and they will demand kosher rations even in the middle of combat, but not one of them will actually abide by the laws of Milkhemet Mizvah, even though these laws clearly apply.  In fact, a Jewish soldier can spend all day in Gaza munching on ham and cheese sandwiches and washing these down with camel’s milk.  The laws of Jewish warfare clearly exempt him from the requirements for kosher food as long as he remains in a combat zone.  But if he obeys even for a moment an Israeli order not to shoot Moslem “civilians”, he is violating both the laws of Milkhemet Mizvah and the mizvah to remember Amalek.  Such behavior is roughly equivalent to defecating on a Torah scroll.  The truly sad part is that every single one of the Jewish soldiers involved knows these facts and breaks Hashem’s Law not out of ignorance but out of a slavish obeisance to the goyshe Israeli State.   For his obeisance, not only does the Israeli State send his comrades in arms to beat and rape Jewish children, destroy Jewish homes and desecrate schuls, but it also does its best to murder him outright.

It has been a semi-official IDF policy for almost two decades to maximize casualties among dati soldiers.  During the Second Lebanon War this policy was an open secret.  Numerous dati soldiers were deliberately murdered by being ordered on suicide missions or through the deliberate denial of air support and artillery fire support.  Even the spineless Moshe Feiglin was so appalled as to call for the dati soldiers to “come home”.  Yet not a single Jewish leader has repeated this call since.  Jews continue to serve in the Israeli army, even though the Israelis’ sole purpose in bringing them there is to murder them by some covert means.

Here is a piece of food for thought.  66% of Israel’s combat arms soldiers wear knitted kippot, as do 33% of IDF combat arms officers.  If these men were to pick up their equipment, load up on supplies and walk away from the IDF to form a Tzvah HaIvri, Israeli authority outside the Tel Aviv-Haifa strip would collapse the way Soviet authority in the Caucasus did in the late eighties, when non-Russian soldiers walked away from Soviet units to join their national military organizations.  Medinat Yehudah would be born without a single shot fired between Jew and Israeli.  But don’t hold your breath for such a scenario.  Neither Ketzaleh, nor Feiglin nor even Baruch Marzel will take off their Israeli suits, put on Beged Ivri and call on their fellow Jews to come home to build a Jewish State.  Instead, they will whine and beg for scraps from Bibi’s table like good little puppies.  In this matter, the people must lead the leaders.  The Feiglins and the Ketzalehs must be replaced by men and women who see clearly and have self-respect.  Perhaps, dear readers, one of you is such a leader.

The third item of note is the utter failure of the recent “patriotic” march on Umm El-Fahm.  Don’t get me wrong, the march was fun and reminiscent of the days when we were led by the Martyr Rebbe, may Hashem avenge his holy blood.  But in the end, the march utterly failed in its purpose of highlighting the Israeli regime’s discrimination against Torah-true Jews.  Not even Arutz Sheva commented on the fact that Moslems can freely walk in Yerushalayim, but Jews are banned from Umm El-Fahm.  As for the idea of “expressing Jewish sovereignty”, what the march really expressed was Jewish weakness.  A small clutch of unarmed Jews bore a foreign flag while cowering behind dozens of Israeli kapos.  The route of the march meandered around the outskirts of the town for fear that any attempt to enter the center of Umm El-Fahm would lead to a firefight the Israeli kapos would certainly run from.  Adding insult to injury, after this humiliation Umm El-Fahm still has electricity and running water.  Not a single Jewish rocket has fallen on the city, not a single resident has been shot by a Jewish sniper and not a single bomb has gone off in vengeance since the marchers were chased away by the Arab residents of Umm El-Fahm.

Another item of note is the rise of the Galilee Liberation Brigades.  This is not a new or unknown organization.  Even R. Kahane (z”l) spoke of it once or twice when it was first forming.  However, the Brigades have entered a distinctly new phase of development.  With the last tractor attack, the ambush of two Israeli policemen and the recent attempted car bombing in Haifa, the Galilee Liberation Brigades have graduated from providing logistical support and assistance to Hamas and Fatah operatives to conducting independent operations of their own.  For all the hue and cry about checkpoints and walls, not even Arutz 7 had the guts to report the full truth – walls and checkpoints in Yosh will not stop Islamic terrorism by Arabs from Umm El-Fahm, Akko and Yaffa.  Only the mercy of Hashem has prevented mass casualties in Haifa.  Next time, the booster charge will be properly connected to the main charge.  Next time the car bomb will go off.  And when the car bombs go off, the Israelis will begin talking about an evacuation of the Galilee the way they are talking today about the evacuation of Yosh.  Just like Yosh, the Galilee will belong to Islamic Palestine or it will belong to Medinat Yehudah.  Medinat Israel cannot hold it.  Which nation ends up in control of the Galilee is, dear readers, entirely up to you.

The final item of interest is that, wonder of wonders and miracle of miracles, the Israeli Disgrace Forces have actually admitted to finding an improvised armored vehicle in Moslem hands.  Maybe this time too many people had seen it, so it couldn’t be hushed up.  As usual with such equipment, the vehicle was an SUV up-armored with “hillbilly armor” consisting of plates of mild steel .  These do not, in reality, make very good armor.  Armor piercing small arms ammunition typically goes right through them and even regular 7.62mm ammunition does a decent job at point-blank range.  But they are better than nothing.  Also we can note that intelligent design, such as sharply angling the plates by suspending them on brackets welded to the vehicle frame, can greatly improve performance.  By hanging two plates with one behind the other, we can both improve armor performance and protect the vehicle crew from the spalling effects that inevitably occur when bullets hit steel but do not penetrate.  A good design would look something like the BA-64 of WWII fame, though it would carry heavier weaponry if at all possible.

Ask yourselves, dear readers, how many PKs are there in your yishuv?  Do you have armor-piercing ammunition for them?  Do you have even a single heavy machinegun, much less armor-piercing ammunition for it?  Do you have a stock of steel plate?  Never mind face-hardened armor steel or spring steel, do you have even regular mild steel?  Do you have a good vehicle design and an up-armor plan for all your jeeps and light trucks?  What will you do when, after the coming IDF withdrawal, Moslem infantry backed by improvised light armor bearing machineguns, missile launchers and recoilless rifles attack your yishuv?

I hope these few news items have been of interest to you.  The next installment of Self-Liberation 101 is coming soon.


3 Responses to “News You Can Use 29 Adar 5769”

  1. Rob Says:

    Hey Mike,
    Where did you get your figures of 66% of combat soldiers wearing kippot and 33% of arms officers too?
    I would like to use these figures in my articles.

    By the way, why do you think Feiglin is spineless? Have you met the man? At least you gave him credit for telling soldiers to stay home.

    This stands in opposition to at least one noted Rabbi Kahane follower who advised publicly to the soldiers to go and fight. If Feiglin is spineless, what does this make the Kahane “follower”?

  2. Rob Says:

    Regarding your food for thought item, this is the best possible scenerio, but regardless I support any struggle against the insanity known as the state of Israel.

  3. Vienna Mike Says:

    The statistics come from IDF spokespersons bemoaning the failure of chilonim to opt for the combat arms. Multiple articles on the subject of decreasing chiloni enrollment were published in the Jerusalem Post several years ago. I never bothered to keep the links.

    Unofficially, I can tell you that the chiloni non-enrollment is far greater than these figures would suggest. A huge proportion of the secular combat arms soldiers are “Russian” olim and children of “Russian” olim. Only a policy of extreme discrimination against datim and “Russians” has kept the combat arms officer corps as chiloni as it is.

    As for Feiglin, last year he visited Jonathan Pollard. While he was visiting, Pollard told Feiglin what any competent analyst knows — if Feiglin were to come close to success, he would be killed by the same people who killed R. Meir Kahane (z”l) and his son. Feiglin then returned to Israel and published an editorial essentially stating that he agreed with Pollard’s assessment and, what’s more, he would never play to win for fear of assassination. The editorial appeared, among other places, on Arutz 7.

    None of this should be a surprise to you. Shmuel Sackett parted company with the Martyr Rebbe when the latter began to openly muse about revolution as the only way forward. Tell me who your friends are…

    Finally, regarding the numerous Kahanists who continue to call for loyalty to the Israeli State and service in its armed forces. These people are, frankly, saps. The truly sad part about the Kahanist movement is that, due to the tremendous intellectual capacity and charisma of the Martyr Rebbe, many individuals who followed him lost the habit of thinking on their own. To these people, Kach was a means to satisfy their inferiority complexes without bothering with independent thought. The Martyr Rebbe would digest all concepts for them down to a level so simple that even a third-grader could understand them. His followers had no need to think. All they needed to do was memorize prepared slogans and prepared arguments. Therefore, most permitted their laziness to overcome them and lost whatever habit of independent thought they might have once possessed. At the same time, their egos swelled. Because the saintly Martyr Rebbe would relate to every one of his subordinates with great care and respect, each came to believe himself to be the sole person who could lead the movement in the Martyr Rebbe’s absence. Thus, when the Martyr Rebbe was murdered, the movement fell apart into repugnant infighting based on pure egomania.

    Worse, not one in a thousand Kahane followers actually paid attention to, much less continued, the evolution of the Martyr Rebbe’s thoughts. They were too used to blindly shouting slogans and swallowing pre-digested concepts to consider WHY the Martyr Rebbe was murdered and WHAT he meant when he wrote “Revolution or Referendum”. Even though that book was a radical break with the Martyr Rebbe’s previous published works, they neither noticed it nor extracted its message. Today, they continue to shout the same slogans they shouted almost 30 years ago. No attempt has been made to adjust to the situation on the ground and to consider what the Martyr Rebbe’s ideology would have really evolved into as the Oslo Treason proceeded apace. You can repeat to them ad infinitum that R. Meir Kahane(z”l) gave his last speech before the provisional banner of Medinat Yehudah, that there has been no referendum, that R. Binyamin Kahane(z”l) openly called for ejecting the IDF from Yosh and so forth, but they will simply continue to repeat that, thirty years ago, before Oslo, Gush Katif and Amona, R. Meir Kahane(z”l) said hallel on Yom HaAtzmaut and recited the Prayer for the State of Israel and that 27 years ago, at Yamit, with nothing much at stake and the Israeli State headed by Menachem Begin, the Martyr Rebbe called upon his followers to eschew serious violence. The gigantic leap from Begin to the present Israeli leadership, from the formal treaty with Egypt to the open plot to hand the heart of the Holy Land to Hamas, simply escapes them. They assume that the Martyr Rebbe would today, when the lives of 5 million Jews are at stake, opt for nothing more than a few catcalls and the waving of orange ribbons. Were he alive today, the Martyur Rebbe would slap them in the face for such an insult to him. Sadly, however, he is not around to correct their folly.

    The old guard Kahanists are, for the most part, dead wood. This is why Vienna Mike says that he is not a Kahanist.

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