A Murder in Bat Ayin


Shlomo Nativ is dead.  He was sixteen years old.  A beautiful young man at the very beginning of his life.  He will never grow up.  He will never get married.  He will never have children.  He will never enter a profession.  He is forever frozen in time, a singularity of infinite potential and infinite possibility, a new universe aborted before it was really born.  Who knows what he might have become?  Soldier, rabbi, farmer, doctor, scientist…  At his age, the possibilities are endless.  Now they are forever unfulfilled.

Seven year old Yair Gamliel, son of imprisoned Jewish freedom fighter Ofer Gamliel, is in the hospital with a fractured skull.  By the grace of Hashem, he survived.  May Hashem grant him refuah shlemah.   Our thoughts and prayers are with him as they are with his heroic father.

What happened?  Who murdered Shlomo?  Who split Yair’s skull open?  The knee-jerk answer is that an Arab dressed as a Jew entered the community of Bat Ayin and went on a rampage with a pick-axe.  The knee-jerk answer is that the Arab murdered Shlomo and he would have murdered Yair, too, had a Jewish man not intervened to save the boy.  The knee-jerk answer is that the IDF is looking for the Arab.  The knee-jerk answer is a tissue of lies.

Dear reader, imagine that your father gave you a house.  Imagine that he said: “It’s a nice, spacious and valuable house, but it’s been run down.  You’ll have to fix it up.  There is an infestation of baboons on the property and they’ve gotten into the house, crapped all over the floors, broken the windows and made a mess.  Most of the baboons have rabies.  You’ll have to drive off or kill all of the baboons, or they will not give you a moment’s peace.  But the rabid baboons you must kill to the last one, lest they be a danger not only to yourself but to other people elsewhere.  Once the baboons are gone and the house is all fixed up, you’ll be the jewel of the neighborhood, but remember that until the rabid baboons are all dead, you and your family can never be safe.  Remember, you must hunt down and kill every one of them.  Do not forget. ”

Imagine that you went to the house with your brothers and sisters and wife and children, but you did not listen to your father.  Instead of killing and driving off the baboons, you listened to your half-brother who claims that you have no dad, that there is no such thing as rabies and that you can make friends with the baboons by feeding them and cleaning up after them .

So you fixed up a few rooms in the house, cleaned the baboon crap off some of the floors, fixed the roof and glazed some of the windows.  You left most of the property to the baboons and gave them food in exchange for your father’s dining room, the kitchen, the laundry room and a couple of bedrooms on the second floor.  Imagine that when the rabid baboons attacked you, as is the nature of rabid baboons, your half-brother forcibly prevented you from killing them and driving them off.  He even went so far as to beat you, your wife and your children, in order to protect the baboons.

Imagine that, out of misplaced love for your insane half-brother, you did not hit him back, nor did you drive him out of the house.  Instead, you acquiesced in his plan to evict some of your family from one of the upstairs rooms and to give it to the baboons.  You also agreed to let the baboons have free reign in the kitchen and the laundry room, agreed to increase the amount of food you give them and even permitted them to visit the living room on a daily basis, despite the fact that they routinely defecate upon your father’s favorite chair.

Imagine that, in exchange for your kindness to them, the baboons not only took over the room you gave them, but also the kitchen and the laundry room.  Then they redoubled their attacks upon you and your family.

Your insane half-brother now proposes to evict your family from the entire second floor and to give the baboons half the living room, leaving you and your entire family with half the living room and a broom closet.  The rest of the property, he says, rightfully belongs to the baboons because they were there first.  When you point out that your dad owns the house and that your dad gave the house to you, your half-brother calls you an insane fanatic and a warmonger.  He claims that you have no father, no one has a father, no one has ever had a father and the whole concept of fatherhood is a ridiculous figment of your crazed imagination.  What matters is peace with the baboons.  You half-brother claims that only he can bring peace with the baboons and that you must love him, trust him and obey him in all things in order to have this peace.  In the meantime, it becomes increasingly obvious that your half-brother thinks of you and your family as a threat to his power over all your relatives and is manipulating both you and the rabid baboons in order to expose you and your family to maximum danger.  He hopes that you will all be killed by the baboons so that he can have the broom closet all to himself.  He plans to lock the flimsy closet door, which he claims to be impenetrable, and to spend the rest of his life sprawled in his own excrement upon the closet floor, smoking crack.

Now imagine that in the middle of all of this, a rabid baboon foaming at the mouth enters the second floor bedroom where you keep half your family and murders one of your sons.

Who is responsible for your son’s death?  Is it the fault of the monkey, who is a thug and a thief by nature to begin with and who is driven to homicidal mania by rabies?  Or is it the fault of your half-brother?  Or is it YOUR fault?

The Holy Torah clearly tells us that when we come to the Land, we are to expel all the squatters found there.  The Holy Torah clearly tells us how to recognize Amalek, who is the perverted opposite of the Jew in every respect, sent upon the Earth to cool the very Divine sparks that the Jew is sent here to kindle.  The Holy Torah tells us to extirpate Amalek without mercy, down to the last man, woman and child, sparing neither the cattle, nor the dwellings, nor any of the possessions of the Amalekites.  The Holy Torah tells us to purge the Land of all traces of Avodah Zarah, regardless of how many centuries they have stood there.  The Holy Torah tells us to cleanse the Temple Mount, to offer the Korban Pesach thereupon and to build there a Holy Temple to Hashem.

The Holy Torah also teaches us the nature of Ishmael.  He is a monster who was seen by our matriarch Sarah as he rejoiced in a horrifying murder, deriving both joy and sexual pleasure from the suffering of his victim.  He is “pereh adam” who prevails over others by murder, thievery and thuggery, lording brutally over all he subjugates.

The two words, “pereh adam”, are everywhere mistranslated as “beastly man” or “wild ass of a man” or any of a dozen other politically correct euphemisms, just as “mitsakhek”, the special word for sexual pleasure derived from a sadistic rape-homicide worthy of Jack the Ripper or Ted Bundy, is everywhere mistranslated as “scoffing” or “mocking” or “making sport”.  But those who know even a smattering of Hebrew know full well that in Hebrew the noun precedes the adjective and not vice versa.  Ishmael is not “adam” with the attribute of “pereh”.  He is “pereh” with the attribute of “adam”, a wild beast given human form. 

Biologically, the Ishmaelite is human.  Science cannot tell the difference between his blood and any other blood, between his DNA and any other DNA.  But nonetheless the Ishmaelite is not TRULY human.  He has no human soul, a quantity quite immeasurable by scientific instruments but quite apparent in its absence.  There is no nation more bloodthirsty, more vicious, more self-centered and more sexually perverted than Ishmael.  Everywhere Ishmael goes, violence, perversion and thievery follow.  Everywhere Ishmael settles, fertile land turns to desert and pasture into sand.  Ishmael destroys everything he touches, using it up in the ravenous pursuit of his animal lusts or simply ruining it through neglect and careless disregard for futures and consequences.  It is his nature.

Is it any wonder that when the unholy book of Amalek, the Satanic anti-Torah, had to be passed to a special unholy nation on Earth, to make a kingdom of monsters and perverts, it was the descendant of Haman and Ishmael who would receive it and preach it to none other than the sons of Ishmael?

None of these are hidden secrets.  These are facts that are plain for all to see.  A cursory examination of Ishmael confirms his animalistic nature.  A cursory skimming of the Koran and the Hadith shows  Islam to be the religion of Amalek, the opposite of Judaism in every way, sent to “cool” the sparks of holiness upon the Earth.  A cursory inquiry into the correct meaning of the relevant Torah verses reveals their meaning.  Even a child who bothers to know these facts would know that peace with the enemies who surround us is neither plausible, nor feasible, nor desirable.

Peace is not plausible because there are no conditions short of their elimination that would cause the sons of Ishmael to make a true peace.  Psychotic animals in human form do not make peace.   It is against their nature.  Peace is not feasible because there can be no practical means short of their extermination to permanently restrain Moslems from attacking all their neighbors, Jews foremost among them, in a bid to conquer and subjugate the world.  It is the mission of Amalek.  Peace is not desirable because we are commanded to extirpate Amalek, not make peace with him.

When our enemies cease being what they are, when they abandon Islam, repent of their sins and regain their human souls by rejecting their nature and embracing the seven mitzvoth of Bnei Noah, THEN we can talk about the plausibility, feasibility and desirability of peace.  And not before.  Until then, we must commit to the mission the Torah commands us – to exterminate those who attack us until we have killed the last one.

Our insane half-brothers, the Israeli erev rav, deny the plain facts of Torah and the evidence of their own eyes.  They claim that there is no Hashem, that the Torah is invalid, that Amalek does not exist, that souls are a fiction.  They claim that we can have a peace with Islam if only we offer more concessions to the Ishmaelite Moslems who surround us.  They plot to expose us and our children to maximum danger in the hopes that we will all be exterminated so that they, the Israeli erev rav, can sit in Tel Aviv, do drugs and masturbate without being bothered by our disapproval of their perversions.  Our very existence torments the Israeli erev rav, for they see that their lives are meaningless and empty, while our lives are full of meaning and purpose.  They ENVY us as much as they FEAR us and because of this, they HATE us.

We are not strong enough to kick them out of our Father’s house, though they amply deserve it.  We are, however, strong enough to give them their broom closet.  They can smoke their crack in their closet.  They can wallow in their own excrement.  They can deny the existence of our Father.  They can call us “warmongers” and “lunatics” and “fanatics” while they enjoy the protection of our arms.  We can have the rest of the house that our Father in Heaven promised us.  All we have to do is lock our insane half-brothers in the Haifa-Tel Aviv coastal strip and build Medinat Yehudah on all the rest of the Land, on territory they neither want nor can keep.

So, dear reader, in light of these simple truths, who murdered Shlomo?  Did the Amalekite who wielded the ax murder Shlomo?  He was the instrument of murder as much as the ax he wielded.  It was his nature to murder, much as it is the nature of a rabid baboon to murder.   The true murderers are those who permit the Ishmaelite Bnei Amalek to reside freely in the Land, those who feed them, those who give them money, those who arm them and protect them on a daily basis.

The IDF did not need to go “look” for Shlomo’s murderer.  Every Amalekite in the Holy Land is Shlomo’s murderer.  Killing any 2500 of them will do to avenge his death.  Killing all the rest of them who do not run fast enough will ensure that there is never again another Jewish child whose head is split open by an Amalekite ax.

The IDF knows this.  Those who give orders to the IDF know this.  Yet instead of acting in accordance with the commandments of Hashem, not to mention plain common sense, they go to “look” for the specific Ishmaelite Moslem who wielded the ax.  While they are at it, they restrain the Jews from taking vengeance.

The true murderer is not the ax-wielding Amalekite.  He is merely a tool.  The true murderer is the system that made it possible for the ax-wielding Amalekite to exist in the first place, the system of which the IDF that protects the Amalekites from Jewish vengeance is but a small part – the godless Israeli State.  It is the Israeli State that feeds Amalek, clothes Amalek and permits Amalek to roam freely in the Land.  It is the Israeli State that grants Amalek the franchise, invites him into its military and permits him to sit in its parliament.  It is the Israeli State that bars Jews from the Temple Mount while it permits an Amalekite shrine to Satan to desecrate the holiest spot on Earth.  The Israeli State murdered Shlomo Nativ as it murdered thousands of Shlomos before him and will murder millions of Shlomos after him unless it is stopped by force.

And who are the accessories to this murder if not those who refuse to stop the Israeli State by force?  Who are the accessories to this murder if not those who pervert Ahavat Yisroel to the point where it is used to justify non-resistance to pogroms and the coddling of Bnei Amalek?  Who are the accessories if not those who refused to fortify Bat Ayin because they do not bother to learn the difference between a ghetto wall and a fortress wall?  Who are the accessories if not those who failed to arm Shlomo, a man past the age of bar mizvah for whom arms are an adornment and disarmed helplessness is a disgrace?  Who are the accessories if not those who refused to eject the useless IDF from Bat Ayin, who refused to form a Jewish self-defense organization to secure Bat Ayin, who refused to ensure through aggressive raiding and patrolling that no living Moslem is found within at least a day’s walk of Bat Ayin?  Who are the accessories if not those who, in response to yet another Israeli-facilitated murder of a Jew, could find nothing better to do than to voice a plaintive cry for more IDF “protection” and for more Israeli checkpoints?

How many more Jewish men, women and children need to die before these addled lemmings wake up, before they stop acting as accessory to their own murder?  How many more Shlomos do we need?

9 Nissan 5769


4 Responses to “A Murder in Bat Ayin”

  1. Judeanoncapta Says:

    Well put.

    I don’t know what else to add.

    But please tell me how a community of less than 400 people can possibly do ANYTHING that would make a day’s walk of Bat Ayin be Quranimal-free.

    How can such a small community do any agressive raiding that would not ensure our extinction?

    The Arabs are much more numerous than us.

    Don’t tell me miracles.

    You are much too practical a guy for that.

  2. Vienna Mike Says:

    Excellent question. Here is the answer:

    1) With the help of Hashem.

    2) By waking up the Jewish People

    3) By taking things seriously.

    4) By cooperating with others who take things seriously

    5) One tiny step at a time.

    A bunch of incautious teenagers running about screaming for revenge can get arrested by the Shabak without accomplishing a damned thing. A few responsible adults keeping their mouths shut and telling no one anything unless that person has a demonstrable need to know the specific detail he is being told can accomplish quite a lot.

    A combat patrol need not seek direct fire contact with the enemy. It can just as easily plant IEDs and booby traps. It could depend on the enemy to trigger these, or it could overwatch the mechanical ambush, setting it off when the enemy enters the kill zone, then departing unseen and unheard while the enemy screams in pain and terror for medical aid and reinforcements.

    A raiding force of three men can get itself killed while trying to destroy an enemy population center of 12,000 by attacking with two AKs and an RPG. But the same raiding force armed with a pickup truck full of homemade rockets, a wax-sealed cooler containing warheads filled with homemade mustard gas, carefully padded and packed in ice until use, a few launch stands, gas masks, rubber overcoats and chemical gloves to be donned when mating warhead with rocket and handling the resultant weapon, and a simple timing device or two is a different story. Such a raiding force can enter a firing position, arrange the equipment while one man provides local security, set the timers for t+30 minutes and drive off, raining terror and destruction upon the enemy at 0330 in the morning, killing dozens in their beds, blinding hundreds, terrifying thousands and making half the town uninhabitable for two or three days. This is called an artillery raid.

    An open village of 400 people left unwalled out of bravado or a ghetto of 400 people huddling in terror behind concrete barricades is a helpless target. A settlement of 400 people, 200–300 of whom will turn out armed to the teeth at the drop of a hat to defend their community, surrounded by an antitank ditch six meters wide and four deep, a mine field, a barbed wire entanglement and a parapetted wall of HESCO barricades four meters thick and four tall, housing thick-walled guard towers whose sentries are made all but invisible by hanging camouflage nets, its base concealing the firing slits of well-camouflaged bunkers, and every house inside it an independent fortified strongpoint connected to others via a maze of tunnels and bunkers, is a place no one is getting into without armor and artillery and probably air support. And whoever does get into such a place will pay a butcher’s bill the likes of which will make him think twice and thrice about getting into a place like this again.

    A suburb that depends on piped-in water, electricity from the national grid and daily deliveries of food for the local makolet is a place that cannot survive for more than a few days under siege. A fortress containing its own wells, its own french bed gardens growing enough to feed everyone inside, its own generation equipment to make electricity, its own hospital, its own arms workshop and a couple of years’ worth stockpile of food and ammunition, is a place you can never take by siege at all, unless you are a regular army.

    Do you build such a fortress overnight? No. You build it one step at a time, starting with the step of putting on Beged Ivri, raising the banner of Medinat Yehudah and kicking the IDF the hell out of town by throwing rocks at them until they go away the way Yitzhar did. Once they no longer come into town and no one in town comes out to talk to them, THEN you can start turning the town into something more than a glorified suburb. And you do this by building everything you can possibly build with your own two hands, by learning every skill that you will need and teaching it to others, by daily encouraging everyone around you to persevere in the struggle for national liberation no matter how hard things get and by constantly working to improve the situation every single day.

    And how do you get money to buy things you cannot make yourself? You raise a tithe among the residents of the town. Those who do not pay can go elsewhere. On the same day they refuse to pay, with nothing but the clothes on their backs. You also go to the same people who donate money for $130,000 lawns in Hebron and you ask them for money. If necessary, you come to America and go to the Bible Belt and speak to churches full of Baptists about the struggle to liberate the land for God and to rebuild the Holy Temple and you ask them to open their wallets. And if that means that you have to listen to misguided comments about Jesus and all the rest of this nonsense, then you put up with it and smile while you are doing it, because that’s what you have to do. And if that is not enough and you have to lie, cheat, steal, rob and deal drugs, then you do THAT, too.

    This is a war. We all need to start acting like it’s a war. In war, you do not go off half-cocked and charge at everything in sight, screaming like a lunatic and spraying automatic fire in every direction. That’s what the Arabs do. That’s why they lose. Hamas has stopped doing that. This is why Hamas is winning.

    In war, you keep your cool, determine the mission, issue a warning order, make a tentative plan, begin necessary preparations, perform a reconnaissance, complete the plan, issue the order and execute the mission. You start at the objective and plan backwards to the assembly area until you have a solid timeline and a solid plan. If you have time, and as a guerilla you almost always have time, you have your second in command shoot holes in your plan until it’s solid and you don’t worry about your damned ego being deflated, you worry about getting the mission done and the plan being the best plan you can make within the limits of time and reality. You rehearse every critical action that you can rehearse within your time limits. And then you go and do the mission.

    When you cross the line of departure, everything that can go wrong goes wrong, the plan goes out the window but, because you have trained and rehearsed until you are blue in the face, because you are a Jewish soldier with a head on your shoulders and initiative, not some goyshe automaton with a wooden head, you can think on your feet, adjust the plan to the circumstances and you get the job done. Because your subordinates are Jewish soldiers with brains and initiative and not goyshe morons or IDF robots who need an order from their battalion commander in order to go take a whiz and because you briefed and backbriefed and rebriefed your Commanders’ Intent and your Objectives and your Mission Statement until they could recite them in their sleep, when the plan goes to shit they improvise on their own to meet your Intent and higher’s Intent if you have one and get everyone’s Objectives carried out and hopefully even do mostly what the Mission Statement says you planned to do.

    Then the job is done and you do it all again. And again and again until you run out of jobs to do because you’ve won. And if sometimes you fail, you pick yourself up off the ground, collect whomever is still alive and keep going. You learn from your mistakes because you never let your ego get ahead of your intelligence. You learn from your friends’ mistakes and your enemies’ mistakes and from everything and everywhere else you can, because no one is perfect and, as the commander, you damned well know you’re imperfect even if everyone jumps at your every word. And you trust in Hashem to see you through, because you fight for HIM as much as you fight for your People and your country and your family and your buddy next to you.

    This applies to everything in war, from the smallest raid up to the entire conduct of the war. Until now, everything has been done on emotion by a few hotheads. Kol HaKavod, they are great heroes and some have managed to become great martyrs, but now it’s time to get serious.

    Can Bat Ayin exert a zone of control extending 30km around it? Not tomorrow. But if Bat Ayin begins to exert a zone of control 30 meters around it and that zone of control grows every single day along with the terror of the Moslem enemy and the distance being kept by the IDF, then the day will come when that zone of control will merge with the zone of control exerted by Kfar Etzion and the zone of control exerted by Efrat and the zone of control exerted by Migdal Oz and the zone of control exerted by Neve Daniel and the zone of control exerted by Beitar… The day will come when there will be no Jab’a and no Nahalin and no Sunif, and no Bayt Umar and no Dheisha camp. The day will come when there are no Moslems in Bethlehem. The day will come when the banner of Medinat Yehudah flies over liberated Schem and over liberated Hebron and over liberated Yerushalayim, too. The day will come when we will cleanse Har HaBayit and offer the Korban Pesach upon it. You will, bizrat Hashem, live to see that day.

    But first the Jews must wake up.

  3. yvonne Says:

    Like you, I know that what we deal with is EVIL. I agree with you that the Arab perpetrator is just a tool. I agree with the five points. All the rest of it, is to me unknown territory and military/male knowledge. With the help of Hashem: I experienced standing within the wired encampment of a nazi camp. Two soldiers beside me (germans) and my father in front of me, also between two german soldiers. I had willingly gone into that encampment to help free my father and his family. I was seven. I knew the dangers. I also felt that I was not standing there alone. Someone was standing with me there. At one point I felt I became very large, and the germans became small like insects. I felt contempt. Was the the 7 yr old child? Was it my spirit? I doubt it. Similarly, EVIL is a person, but not a human person. It is mind and it is Spirit. It can overpower a human. And you can see it. The facial features change. The rage overpowers. Sometimes it steps forward and out of the human. Is that real? Who knows. One can see Evil. It is rage, it is destruction, it is redfaced and it is out of control. The jews must wake up. You are correct. The world must wake up. We must show its face. We must stand against it. But today, war may not mean just going out armed, cleaning the territory. Today we fight with intellect and spirit, with Hashem, with right. We fight with organization and with prayer. If the muslim murders and we go in and fight back, we will keep getting responses such as after Operation Cast Lead. More is needed. Evil is Crafty. Satan is crafty and uses words. He turns things on their heads, upside down, inside out, right is wrong and wrong is right, black is white, white is black. Evil says: BUT…you have to understand.. BUT this and that. Understanding does not make evil good, or vice versa.

  4. Vienna Mike Says:

    Yes, Yivonne, Evil is real. Satan is the most powerful and the most independent of all the angels of Hashem. Satan is very good at his job. The problem is, too many people forget that kindness can be a tool of Satan as much as anger can be a tool of Hashem. Despite the many opinions to the contrary, anger is not evil of itself, it is merely dangerous, like fire. He who forgoes righteous anger is like one who refuses to use fire. One who treats the wicked with kindness has fallen into the trap of satan as surely as he who strikes down the innocent in anger.

    As for “male knowledge”, the items on this site are no such thing. I invite you to consider the immense power of a woman’s voice to shame men and motivate them to action.

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