Medinat Yehudah, Queen of the Rogues


For those who missed it in the news last week, yet another European organization has called for boycott, divestment and sanctions against the State of Israel. The usual canards about “apartheid”, “occupation”, “settlements” and “human rights” were duly trotted out.

This time it’s the association of Scottish trade unions. While they were at it, they also called for a “review” of their relationship with their fellow godless Communist parasites, the Histadrut. The Israelis, as usual, had the gall to act surprised. Histadrut officials made all kinds of outraged squawks about trade unionist solidarity. After all, why would their fellow trade unionists ban the Histadrut? The Histadrut is red to the bone, pro-“peace”, anti-“occupation” and as godless as they come. There is really very little difference between Israeli communists and Scottish communists. Except that the Israeli communists are still nominally Jews. With the usual dismay of the assimilated self-hating Hellenist, the Israelis again discovered that, as far as the Jew-haters are concerned, a kike is a kike is a kike, regardless of length of beard and payot.

In fact, the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement is growing by leaps and bounds. European organizations are tripping one over the other to mouth platitudes in support of anti-Israel boycotts. In North America, the antisemitic campus freak show called “Israel Apartheid Week” has doubled the number of participating colleges and universities in just a single year. Comparisons with apartheid South Africa are growing routine. Even equations of Zionism with Nazism and calls to “de-countrify” Israel no longer raise eyebrows in polite company. If you are a leftist, hatred for Israel is de rigueur.

With the growth of Europe’s Moslem population, it is no longer a question of WHETHER Europeans will begin to participate in large-scale boycott, divestment and sanctions campaigns. It is simply a question of WHEN. The only thing the dying European and his terrifying new Moslem neighbors have in common is Jew-hatred. Therefore, the European will embrace Jew-hatred with a vengeance. Europe’s media elites will do it for the money. European politicians will do it for the Moslem swing vote. The European public will do it because, deep down, they hate Jews just as much today as they did in 1933. And everyone will do it for fear of Islamic violence.

America is not far behind. Once the Europeans start boycotting Israel en masse, it will only take a few falsely outraged Hollywood celebrities spouting crocodile tears over photoshopped pictures of dead babies to bring the boycotts to American shores. America’s Jewish community, overwhelmingly leftist and Hellenist, will not stand in the way. At the end of the day, what matters to them is being popular with the “in crowd”. Once the discourse shifts from abstract notions like “peace” to concrete pictures of dead Arab children and loud celebrity whining about “human rights”, America’s Jewish community will drop Israel like a hot potato. Those few who do anything else will be silenced with accusations of dual loyalty. When asked to choose between “human rights” and Israel, American Jews will choose “human rights”. When asked to choose between America and the Holy Land, American Jews will choose America. When asked to choose between their personal comfort and the safety of other Jews far away, America’s Jews will choose personal comfort.

Israel’s leaders know all this. The prospect utterly terrifies them. Indeed, fear of boycotts, divestment and sanctions will soon rival fear and hatred of the dati Jew in the collective mind of the Israeli ruling elite. After all, Israel depends utterly on foreign trade and investment.

This is why Medinat Israel desperately needs Medinat Yehudah. Indeed, if given the option of Medinat Yehudah, the more intelligent sectors of Israel’s ruling elite will grasp it with the desperate grip of a drowning man at a lifeline. Israel can survive in the long term only by sheltering behind the shield that is Judah. Israel can only avoid the hatred of the goyim by using Judah as a lightning rod to draw their ire. The ire of the goyim can incinerate weakling Israel in an instant, but it will affect mighty Judah not at all. For while Medinat Israel can only respond to worldwide boycott, divestment and sanctions a-la apartheid South Africa with whining, panic and economic collapse, Medinat Yehudah will be able to safely respond to the same with a hearty laugh and the one-finger salute.

Unlike the luxury-addicted sushi-eaters of Tel Aviv, the Jews of Judah will not measure their success by the size of their bank accounts or the flashiness of their cars. The Israeli may want a country like all the goyim, but the true Jew wants Eretz Yisrael. If he has to tighten his belt to possess it, he will. But, for that matter, he will not have to tighten it that much. The Israeli fears the goy and thus obeys goyshe “law”. The Jew fears only Hashem. To the Jew, there is only one law – the Law of Hashem’s Holy Torah. Thus, while the Israeli will wither and die if the goyim don’t buy his high-tech trinkets, his software and his oranges, the Jew has plenty upon which to build his economy. There are plenty of things the goyim will buy from the Jews, sanctions or not. The most prominent of these things are:


Man has killed man since the beginning of time and will do so until the End of Days. Whether it be barbaric tribes in Africa, drug cartels in Latin America or rebels in Asia, someone will always want to buy arms. And that someone will pay hard cash for quality merchandise, no questions asked. Of necessity, Judah will have to be self-sufficient in arms. Of necessity, these arms will be top quality, battle-tested hardware. Of necessity, they will deliver excellent performance at a reasonable price. And therefore, there will always be a large market for Judah’s arms.

Who cares if the arms have to be shipped in containers marked “agricultural equipment” exported through the Israeli port of Haifa instead of through one of Judah’s ports? Who cares, for that matter, if they have to be shipped by submersible to a nighttime beach in Cyprus or to a quiet rendezvous at some random coordinate in the middle of the sea? These things are just part of doing business. Factor them into the price and have done. As long as the buyer pays cash, Judah will deliver.

Nor will Judah care to export merely small arms and basic equipment. You want the most modern battle command systems, missiles, tanks, aircraft? No need to settle for cheap North Korean junk built out of recycled sewer pipe with 1950s technology. Judah will provide. You want stable VX, bioengineered plague, ballistic missiles? No need to settle for no-fly Nodongs and substandard mustard gas anymore! Payment in bullion or diamonds only, please. You want a tactical nuke or two so the government of, say, Columbia will take your rebel-group-cum-drug-cartel seriously? Yields up to ten kilotons are available for qualified buyers. Bring cash up front. Judah will deal.

Yes, the missiles will not take coordinates within the territory of Judah. Yes, the nukes will not fit on a ballistic missile, will go off if someone tampers with the case and a series of appropriate safeguards will make them quite difficult to smuggle back into Judah’s own territory. But, in the end, none of this will matter. Judah will not care what bunch of goyim kills what other bunch of goyim in some part of the galut far, far away. All that Judah will care for is that the buyer is not Moslem and that there is cash on the barrel. There will be buyers in plenty for this kind of merchandise if it comes with no questions and no strings, regardless of what howls of outrage emanate from what goyshe government.


The goyim may hate our guts, but their addicts will buy our dope. The opium poppy will grow in the hills of Judah just as well as it grows in the mountains of Afghanistan. In fact, it will grow better, because the Jews of Judah will be better farmers with better gear than illiterate Afghani peasants. If the vineyards of the Golan cannot bring in money, let coca bushes replace the grape vines. If Teva factories cannot churn out cut-price aspirin, let them churn out cut-price heroin, oxycontin, ice, ecstasy and LSD. Located in fully modern pharmaceutical factories, Judah’s manufacturers will beat jungle labs and basement ice shops any day of the week, both on price and on quality and consistency of product. Rest assured that Europe’s mafiosi will not care whom they deal with to obtain the drugs they sell on Europe’s streets.

Judah is a stone’s throw away from the Mediterranean coast of Europe, with its myriad of bays, inlets and small islands. Smugglers and pirates have used that coast from time immemorial. Not the Romans and not the Ottomans and not even the Nazis could stop the smugglers from coming and going as they please. Today’s goyim will do no better than their ancestors. Let them chase speedboats and fiberglass submarines from Cartagena to Alexandroupoli and everywhere in between. They will catch one in a hundred, if they are lucky.


The Eastern Mediterranean is one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world. Tens of thousands of ships pass through the Suez Canal each year. They all have to funnel through the Eastern Mediterranean.

If private citizens based in Judah’s ports were to equip some fast private vessels with autocannon, missiles and torpedoes, the government of Judah certainly wouldn’t care. The right to keep and bear arms is, after all, a mark of true freedom. And if these same private citizens were to, let’s say, interfere with the shipping, the government of Judah could, regrettably, do nothing. And if goyshe warships were to attempt to stop these private citizens and some goyshe warships were destroyed in the process, Judah would not care. After all, the jurisdiction of Judah would not extend beyond territorial waters and, at any rate, Judah would not accept the testimony of hostile goyim in her courts.

If the goyim think that Somali ragamuffins with RPGs and rusty AKs are dangerous, let them see what real pirates can do. It has been some time since the Europeans had to deal with the pirate sultanates of the Barbary Coast. Judah would be happy to re-teach them their history lessons.

Of course, there would be insurance companies willing to secure those wishing to travel through the dangerous waters of the Eastern Mediterranean. Some of these companies would, in fact, experience remarkably low payout ratios in comparison with their competitors. Soon, these few companies would dominate the insurance business. Their rising dominance would coincide, quite strangely, with a substantial decrease in pirate attacks.


The Israeli State does not print its own currency. It’s just not cost effective for such a small country. Instead, the Israelis order their banknotes from South Korea. Judah, on the other hand, will not have such luxury. The Shekel Yehudah will be printed in Medinat Yehudah. And since one already has the typographic machines, why limit them to just one currency? If the goyim do not wish to trade with Judah, Judah would certainly have no qualms about destabilizing their economies while making money in the process. In fact, the less stable the goyshe economies become, the less money the goyim will have to finance their efforts to stop Judah’s other lines of foreign trade and the more pressure will build for an end to meaningful sanctions against Judah, if only to stem the flood of destabilizing counterfeit.

And while we are at it, let’s not forget that currency is not the only item that can be counterfeited. If goyshe states refuse to recognize Judah and refuse to do normal business with Judah, why should Judah respect their intellectual property laws? If it’s valuable, it can be copied. If it’s cost-effective to do so, the copies can be smuggled.

Illegal Immigrants

Across Asia and Africa, millions clamor to reach Europe’s golden shores. Many of these people will pay. Why should their money go elsewhere? Judah will provide covert transport to Europe if it’s cost-effective to do so. All the prospective immigrant to Europe would have to do is buy a tourist ticket to Israel, then enter Judah on a tourist visa. From there, it’s a question of money.

With a combination of arms proliferation, drug dealing, piracy, counterfeiting and people smuggling, Judah will not want for either hard currency or international opprobrium. And while the ire of the goyim is directed full force at Judah, Israel will be safe. Not only will the attention of the goyim be focused elsewhere, but the existence of a Torah Republic next door will provide a safety valve for Israel. Those wishing to live by Halacha in a Jewish State will see first hand the sacrifices required to do so. Those who decide to make the sacrifices will move to Judah, leaving Israel to the chilonim and the Israeli elite. It is for this reason, dear reader, that those among Israel’s ruling elite who have working brains will do everything in their power to bring about the rise of Medinat Yehudah the moment a majority of those who wear knitted kippot begin to seriously work toward the creation of such a state.

But won’t the goyim try to stop Judah? Won’t they sanction, bomb, even invade?

Indeed the goyim will try to destroy Medinat Yehudah. But their options against a true rogue state are limited. Sanctions will not work because Judah will already be under sanctions. Aerial bombing and invasion will not be attempted for fear that Judah’s revenge will come to the parks and cafes and shopping malls of those who sent the planes and the troops, in the form of small groups of determined young men and women wielding everything from pistols to poison gas and bioweapons. For that matter, as the capabilities of Judah’s armed forces grow, invasion by European and American forces will become less and less likely. America and Europe are paper tigers. They can stand neither the sight nor the smell of blood, especially when it’s THEIR blood. America has not invaded North Korea. It will not invade Judah.

What the goyim WILL do is arm the Moslem confrontation states in the hope that these will put paid to Judah and absorb all the damage while they are at it. But they will do this anyway. Judah will be stronger than the Moslem confrontation states or Judah will cease to exist. Therefore, the goyim can do NOTHING that they wouldn’t be doing ANYWAY, from the moment of Judah’s independence.

They will arm our enemies, protest our actions regardless of what we do, write nasty editorials in their newspapers and make assorted meaningless gestures. And, at the end of the day, they will negotiate. Judah will agree to limit her destabilizing activities in direct proportion to goyshe efforts to replace Judah’s income from these activities. When the goyim feel enough pain, they will agree to Judah’s terms.

In the meantime, Judah’s economy will do just fine. The towns and cities of Judah will be self-sufficient in food from the beginning because they have to be in order for Judah to achieve independence in the first place. Hard currency and strategic materials will come from “rogue” activities if they cannot be earned “legitimately”.

At the end of the day, Medinat Yehudah will become Queen of the Rogues, a nation armed to the teeth, apart from the world, ready to take on all comers at the drop of a hat and to inflict such a price for her life that no goyshe government could do anything but blanch and back off at the thought of paying it. As the goyshe sanctions regime falls apart under Judah’s relentless pressure, it will be Judah’s commodity-backed currency, the Torah-demanded “honest shekel” that will become Judah’s greatest asset. In a world of paper money, the Shekel Yehudah will be the one true “hard” currency. For unlike the Israeli piece of paper by the same name, every one of Judah’s shekels will be backed by a physical shekel of precious alloy hidden deep inside a Judean vault. Once sanctions are eased and bank contacts are made possible, the Shekel Yehudah will become the new Swiss Frank. And with it will come the most lucrative and the least violent of all “rogue” activities, the line of business that will sustain Judah long after piracy and drug smuggling and even arms dealing become undesirable as sources of income:

Banking Services

Across the world, bank privacy is crumbling. Even Switzerland is bowing to pressure from its neighbors. As of last month, the bank privacy law of 1934 is dust. Now, not only will the Swiss provide information on and freeze the accounts of those labeled “terrorists” and “money launderers” but even the ordinary Germans, Englishmen and Americans wishing to evade confiscatory taxation in their countries cannot use Swiss banks to do so. What this means is that there is now an opportunity that has been largely unavailable since a dirt-poor rogue state in the Alps stopped deriving most of its income from exporting mercenaries to fight in Europe’s wars. In an age of crowned heads and serfs, Switzerland was a confederacy of fiercely independent cantons full of free men willing to snatch up pike and halberd and turn out to defend their mountaintop homes at the drop of a hat. This meant that Switzerland was the one place where a man could keep his money safe from the long arm of his rapacious king, for no king’s authority reached there. And just as Switzerland stored Europe’s gold then, so Medinat Yehudah will store the world’s gold in the future.

When all is said and done and the struggle is over at last, Medinat Yehudah will become not a Jewish Iran or a Jewish North Korea, but a Jewish Switzerland.

13 Iyar 5769


9 Responses to “Medinat Yehudah, Queen of the Rogues”

  1. Mike Benson Says:

    I noticed that you state in one of your previous posts that Yehudah would allow small communities of Noachides. What is your attitude towards the Israeli Druze?

  2. sk Says:

    Hey Mike. Just a note that, except for this blog, I’m disengaging from everything Israel-related. I was not going to allow any exceptions–I wish I could quit you–but alas, this blog is too interesting.

    When or if you get the robo-lemmings in motion, I’ll rejoin the fight.

  3. Vienna Mike Says:

    Mike Benson:

    All those non-Jews who abide by the seven mitzvot of Bnei Noach are Noahides. Besides “official” Noahides who worship under rabbinical supervision, this includes all non-Jews who either worship Hashem directly or set up intermediaries between themselves and Hashem but do not worship these intermediaries as gods.

    The exact beliefs of the Druze are secret. However, it is fairly certain that they are not idolatrous. We can also state with certainty that the Druze are not Moslem, despite the fact that they often claim to be Moslem as a form of Taqiyyah. Therefore, a Jewish State can accept the presence of Druze who are loyal to it, subject of course to all the usual Halachic restrictions upon goyim in a Jewish State. In this, loyal Druze would be no different from any other set of Noahides, be these Noahides Buddhists, Dual Covenant non-Trinitarian Christians, Bahai, non-denominational agnostics or any other group of non-idolatrous persons who broadly adhere to the Seven Mizvot of Bnei Noach and do not attempt to prozelytize Jews.

    In fact, given the demonstrable loyalty of the Druze to strong nations willing to protect them, it is reasonable to suppose that additional leniencies may be granted to them. For example, it may be plausible to set up janissary units where Druze can attain NCO or even officer rank. It is also plausible to permit loyal Druze to rent lands and properties West of the Jordan for nominal fees. These kinds of issues would be left to the Sanhedrin of Medinat Yehudah. There is little sense in speculating further upon them.

    SK: I believe you will find that the situation in the Holy Land is like a migraine. You can try do “disassociate” from it, but it hurts nonetheless. In the end, cutting your own head off is not an option. Therefore, one is driven to seek medicine.

    As for “Vienna Mike” getting the Jews of the Holy Land to wake up, I believe that you accord me too much credit. At best these poor scribblings can help those few who are already awake and give them ideas whereby to wake up the rest of our slumbering people.

  4. No Name Says:

    speaking of lemmings… Don’t you see how many followers these chassidic rebbes have? Each sect is like a personality/celebrity cult following. Unfortunately, the only issue that drives these folks to any sort of mass action is tzniut, which they mindlessly riot and wrecklessly set fires over. But not matters of real importance…at least they have some fire under them (I guess)…. But the sheer numbers of these types of Jews are overwhelming. They are just not interested in national issues. Only care what their rebbe says or the yiddish paper. The national camp is tiny!

    It might take winning over a few chassidic rebbes for any such movement like yours to take off. One rebbe gives his chassidim the signal, and 90% of them are on board without a second thought….. Only problem is most of them are defenseless yeshiva bochurs….

    The problem with any ideas for rectifying this sinking ship of a state is that no one tries to bridge the gaps… .There are serious divisions in society and without cooperation from different sectors, everything is doomed to failure. This is a direct cause of inaction because people see the inevitability from the outset.

    Who can make it worth the “religious” gangsters’ and so-called “torah” parties while, or convince them that it is in their interest to abandon their ghetto mentality and enabling of the evil israeli regimes for $$$$$$$$$ ?

  5. Vienna Mike Says:

    Dear No Name, I call your attention to the story of Gideon. Alternatively, if you would like, you can note that Lenin’s Bolsheviks took less than 3% of the vote in Russia’s only free election before the revolution. The bolsheviks spent decades building their reputation as the only uncompromising opposition to the Russian State. When the people got fed up enough, the Bolsheviks were the natural place for them to turn.

    This same process resulted in Kach at the height of its power being supported primarily by secular Jews. I would expect that the tiny core of Jews who put on beged ivri and uncompromisingly reject the State of Israel in favor of Medinat Yehudah will attract ever-increasing numbers of sympathizers and fellow-travelers. Their popularity will grow with every terrorist attack and every peace-processing idiocy. When push comes to shove they, like the Bolsheviks in 1917, will find themselves at the vanguard of a vast tidal wave of revolution, a revolution that they can control by virtue of being its vanguard.

    Numbers matter far less than you think. The vast majority of people everywhere just want to be left alone. It is the small minorities of radicals, not the vast slumbering masses, that determine the course of history.

    Finally, the dati leumi sector is not as tiny as you think. 66% of IDF combat arms soldiers wear knitted kippot, as do 33% of combat arms officers. I believe that last year’s crop of junior officers entering officer training was 50% dati leumi.

    As for the hassidic rabbis, the vast majority of them will never say a word against the Israeli State. They are bought and paid for and, as far as they are concerned, Moshiach will solve all problems if they only daven hard enough for him to come.

    There is also the issue of ahavat Yisrael, which the chassidim greatly misinterpret in an effort to reconcile the irreconcilable. Not even R. Sholom Dov Wolpo will initiate revolutionary violence against the State. The best that can be hoped for is that the chassidic rabbis will decide that discretion is the better part of valor and refrain from aiding the Israelis by betraying Jewish freedom fighters and restraining their followers from participating in and aiding Jewish self-defense organizations. The methods to ensure this outcome should be quite obvious to you.

    P.S. The issue of tziniut is not “minor”. Symbols rule the minds of men. Tziniut is all about symbols. The chassidim riot over tziniut because tziniut is the core of their identiy. Unlike the dati leumi, the chassidim both have a coherent identity outside the Israeli State and will fight to defend it.

  6. Rob Says:

    I do not agree! everything mentioned above will bring the western nations down on M.Y. faster than you can say ouch. I believe there would be enough support from sympathetics in the west to negate any need to involve Jews in criminal activities such as drug dealing. I realize these are all normals in the FSU, but most of us who grew up in the west have clear sense of right and wrong.

    There is no need for M.Y. to be a rougue nation to any more of a degree than than the state of Israel is currently viewed.

    There is no need to level down to that of a terrorist when we have sympathizers among IDF officers who with some encouragement, would be able to perform a coup of sorts to wrest power from the fallen heros and scum bag elites and screwball acedemics..

  7. Vienna Mike Says:

    Rob, I hate to break it to you, but there will be no coup. The Army is loyal to the State. Every single officer from the lieutenants up is thoroughly brainwashed with mamlachti idiocy. It is the primary criterion for admission to officer school. You would also do well to note how sharply the proportion of kippah-wearers drops off as one moves up the military hierarchy. You can find plenty of kippah-wearing majors and even a few lieutenant colonels, but among the ranks that launch coups, the combat arms colonels the generals, you will find precious few kippot indeed. And every kippah you will find is attached firmly to a completely zombified mamlachti head. The kippah-wearing robots who threw Jews out of Gush Katif will throw them out of Yerushalayim, off the Golan, out of Eilat and out of the Galilee just the same. They will cry and, “with pain and sensitivity” help to murder their country if ordered to do so. Their excuse will always be the convenient excuse of the military robot: Befehl ist Befehl.

    Even if there were a coup, an independent Israel would have to resort to the methods I outlined. The west may scream and yell, but it will do the same as it has done with North Korea and Iran — bupkess!

    As for right and wrong, I have a keen sense of right and wrong. Whatever helps the cause of asserting Jewish sovereignty from the Nile to the Euphrates is right. Whatever hinders this cause is wrong. I have absolutely no qualms about screwing the entire goyshe world up the rear end with a splintery pole in order to get an independent, strong Jewish State. And neither should you.

  8. Rob Says:

    I need to think about this. I have for all my life supported the state of Israel. I think many of the effects of the Oslo fiasco are just simple idiotic blundering. These jackasses want peace with the arab states so bad, they are willing to commit national suicide.

    Jews are not considered a threat as are No Korea and Iran.

  9. General Raoul Salan Says:

    “I have absolutely no qualms about screwing the entire goyshe world up the rear end with a splintery pole…”

    As an officer, didn’t you pledge allegiance to the United States of America? Why should the settlers take your advice to rebel or to do anything if you cannot abide by your soldier’s oath?

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