Are We Having Fun Yet?


As you all know by now, dear readers, the inhuman Israeli erev rav chose to celebrate Shavuot with a renewed display of brutality and oppression against the Jews of occupied Medinat Yehudah.

In response to Israel’s continued crimes and atrocities, the so-called leadership of the Jews of Yosh has chosen, once again, the immensely successful, time-proven strategy of whining loudly while waving orange ribbons. As outpost after outpost fell to jackbooted Israeli thugs, the Jewish youth finally could take no more. Therefore, today saw sporadic youth action primarily directed against the Israelis’ Moslem allies. While the action accomplished virtually nothing, it did succeed in at least making the youth feel better. However, in order to succeed in preventing continued Israeli aggression against the Jewish People, it is not enough to display youthful exuberance and get arrested.

Our brave youth have the right instincts. They instinctively understand that, in order to deter the Israeli enemy from destroying Jewish homes, it is necessary to extract a price for every antisemitic atrocity. This is called the “price tag” policy. In general, this policy is correct. In fact, the entire doctrine of Stage Zero and even Stage One guerrilla warfare can, in a way, be characterized as a sophisticated “price tag policy”. However, this policy is being implemented incorrectly due to a lack of doctrinal understanding among the youth.

Correctly surmising that the Israelis are allied with the Moslems, the youth seek to extract a price from the Israelis by attacking the Israelis’ Moslem allies. While such action ties down Israeli security forces in efforts to protect the Moslems, it is not fundamentally capable of extracting a deterrent price tag from the Israeli enemy. The reason for this is that the Israeli-Moslem alliance is a functional one only. That is, the Israelis use the Moslems as an expendable tool with which to attack the Jews. Thus, for example, the ridiculous charade of bombing empty fields in Gaza while supplying Hamas with rocket fuel , electricity, food and free medical care, or the charade of raiding Schem and Jenin while simultaneously transferring arms and funds to Fatah. However, the Israelis do not truly care about the wellbeing of their Moslem tools. Their attitude is one of “a pox on both your houses”. Therefore, it is not possible to directly affect the Israelis by attacking the Moslems.

The doctrinally correct way to use the Moslems against the Israelis would be to exploit the functional nature of the Moslem-Israeli alliance. The Moslems depend upon the Israelis for protection, funds and war materiel. Therefore, in order to disrupt the alliance and cause large-scale Moslem attacks against the Israeli security forces, it is necessary to significantly disrupt the security and wellbeing of the Moslems. When the Moslems begin to experience significant insecurity and material hardship, they will naturally blame the Israelis for failing to protect them and will attack the Israeli security forces. Obviously, significant hardship and insecurity will not be provided by the throwing of a few rocks and the burning of a few bushes. However, were the Jews to make it a policy to kill large numbers of Moslems in response to Israeli atrocities, especially Moslems inside the Green Line, things would change. Similarly, were the Jews to attack items of vital infrastructure that supply Moslems, for example power lines and water pipes that supply Moslem squatter camps such as Gaza and Umm-el-Fahm, they would indeed begin to impose significant hardship on the Moslems.

Since attacks against infrastructure require only small numbers of dedicated youth working in secrecy, they are far less expensive to conduct than today’s rock-throwing debacle. However, in order to be successful, such operations need adult direction at every step, from the manufacture of explosives, to reconnaissance of the objective, to operational planning and execution. Only adult supervision can ensure that the explosives work properly, that the target has been reconnoitered, that the locations of enemy security forces are known, that an outer cordon of sentries exists to secure the area while the main effort emplaces the explosives, that the main effort itself pays attention to local security, that exfiltration is prompt and that a means exists to assess the effectiveness of the attack. Only adults can ensure that the operation is rehearsed in advance until all parties know their role. Only adults can lead the After Action Review that must follow each operation so that the operational lessons are properly captured and applied. Only adults can pick trustworthy youth in order to ensure, for that matter, that secrecy is maintained.

The other doctrinally correct method of deterring the enemy is to extract a price from him directly in a currency that actually matters to him. The lives and property of the Moslems do not matter to the Israeli enemy. However, the lives of his kapos and the cost of their equipment DOES matter to the enemy. Since we know from our study of guerrilla warfare doctrine to date that at the present moment and for the near future the Israeli enemy will always be superior to the Jews in numbers and firepower, we can also recognize that the enemy can go anywhere in occupied Medinat Yehudah and do whatever he wants. Therefore, it is doctrinally impossible to save an outpost under attack by Israeli security forces. Thus the objective of outpost defense must not be to save the buildings, which are doomed regardless, but to kill and maim as many Israeli kapos as possible and to destroy and/or capture as much of their equipment as possible in order to raise the price of destroying an outpost as high as it can go while simultaneously improving the capabilities of Jewish self-defense forces through the capture of useful equipment from the enemy.

We also know from our studies to date that the War of Symbols is paramount. From this flows the need to urgently begin to propagate the symbols of Jewish national consciousness. The belief that a Jew cannot be Israeli, the belief that Medinat Yehudah is illegally occupied by Medinat Israel and the belief that armed struggle is necessary in order to end the Israeli occupiers’ antisemitic atrocities must become accepted basic truths among the youth of Yosh. Along with these things must come the visible symbols of a Jewish rejection of Medinat Israel – Beged Ivri, the banner of Medinat Yehudah and the slogans of Jewish independence.

In order to rapidly spread the symbols of resistance among the Jews of Yosh, it is necessary to force the Israelis themselves to openly draw the symbolic line between Jew and Israeli. Thus it is vital that the enemy be forced to escalate in an unequivocal manner in order to clearly delineate the difference between Jew and Israeli and to force the fence-sitters to choose sides. Further, the nature of the escalation must be such a potent symbol of the distinction between Jew and Israeli and of the utter impossibility of a dati Jew identifying with the State of Israel that a majority of dati leumi fence-sitters will choose the side of the Jews. In other words, it is necessary to use violent riots by determined youth willing to kill and die in order to force the Israelis to either use live ammunition or retreat. Further, it is necessary to force the Israelis to use live ammunition to kill numerous Jewish women and children. It is necessary to force the Israelis into opening indiscriminate fire on crowds of Jews. Ultimately, it is necessary to provoke large-scale violence by Israeli security forces against dati leumi communities both inside and outside the Green Line. Only such a drastic delineation of sides can force the Jewish public to abandon mamlachti idiocy and to look reality square in the face, placing a strong wall between Jew and Israeli and cementing in the mind of the Jew that the only answers are revolution or secession.  Only such a drastic delineation of sides can polarize the issue to the point where the idea of Jewish Resistance is no longer treated as lunacy by a significant proportion of the Jewish population.

With the appearance of a “sea” for Jewish guerrillas swim in, the resistance will grow.  It will grow with every Israeli atrocity, with every expulsion, every arrest and every young Jew proudly declaring in court: “I am a Jew of Medinat Yehudah!  you have no authority over me!  I demand freedom for my country!”  When the Israelis begin to take significant casualties from Jewish retaliatory attacks, they will take steps to mollify the Jewish public in order to reduce the level of retaliatory violence.  They will seek to empower “moderates” to quell the youthful radicals.  And they will set the new Peace Process firmly on the track of establishing Two States for Two Peoples.

Today, the Israeli kapos are confronted with unarmed young people cursing and throwing rocks and eggs. To them, the act of beating these teenagers to a pulp is an amusing pastime, hardly to be qualified as work at all. If and when they are confronted instead by groups of youth armed with pipes, chains and sharpened lengths of rebar, carrying plywood shields, wearing helmets and body armor and throwing firebombs and homemade grenades, things will be quite different. When instead of disorganized crowds, the Israelis are confronted by organized groups carrying out definitive, coordinated battle plans aiming to decapitate the enemy force by killing commanders, aiming to isolate and kill small groups of kapos and aiming to destroy heavy equipment by means of dedicated assault teams armed with firebombs and explosives, they will have no choice but to either retreat or use live ammunition. When they use live ammunition, not only will they provoke outrage within the Jewish community, but they will open the door to counter-escalation against them in the form of sniper fire and IED attack. If the cost of destroying an outpost is expressed in double-digit numbers of dead and wounded, not to mention millions of dollars in destroyed equipment, the Israelis will begin to think twice about destroying outposts and they will CERTAINLY never think about destroying major communities.

Finally, we must not forget that while the Israeli State is a faceless monstrosity, its kapo forces are composed of humanoid erev rav robots made of flesh and blood. These people have homes.  They have families.  They have loved ones.  After they finish a hard day’s work brutalizing Jewish women and children and destroying Jewish homes, they go home at night to sleep in comfort and safety in their own beds, surrounded by their own wives and children. When this begins to change, the kapo forces themselves will begin to balk at the idea of carrying out antisemitic atrocities. When the price of signing an order to demolish a Jewish home is your own life, few men will sign without thinking twice. When the price of an assault on a Jewish woman is the life of the kapo’s own wife, the kapo will think thrice about laying even a finger on a Jewish woman. When the price of an assault on a Jewish child is the life of the kapo’s own child, the kapo will not attack the Jewish child. In order to understand the nature of the ultimate price tag, we Jews need not look any further than our own Holy Torah – an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a woman for a woman, a child for a child, a home for a home, a neighborhood for a neighborhood and a town for a town.

And while we speak of doctrinally correct responses, let us not forget the overriding fact that this is war. It is a war for the very survival of the Jews of the Holy Land. The price of defeat is genocide. Therefore, since we are at war, is it so surprising that the enemy will choose to attack on Shabbat or during a Hag? Is it so surprising that the enemy will seek to disrupt cell phone and internet access in order to prevent attacked communities from calling for help? And should not the Jews act as it is appropriate to act when at war? It is permissible to violate Shabbat to defend a Jewish town under attack. It is permissible to violate Shabbat to preemptively attack Israeli forces massing for an assault on a Jewish community. It is permissible to maintain on Shabbat a system of designated sentries throughout the Land who will monitor means of communication at all times in order to alert fellow Jews of enemy activity. Anyone who says otherwise needs to go read his Rambam.

None of this is to be taken, of course, as a call for willy-nilly violence. Quite the opposite, from three-man cells planting explosives far from their own homes, to secret weapons production facilities, to organizers working with youth, to Marighella cells carrying out assassinations by night while living the lives of Hebrew-speaking goyim by day, it is a call for organized, well thought-out RESISTANCE. This resistance will not be easy. Those who fight the Israeli enemy will pay a terrible price.

Indeed, doctrinal understanding tells us that the initial response to Jewish self-defense will be outrage on the part of the mamlachti lemming community as well as a witch hunt against all who resist effectively. The defenders of the Jewish People will be maligned in the Israeli press, compared to Hamas, called terrorists and mad dogs. There will be escalating oppression and brutality. The Israeli pharaoh will tell the Jews to make bricks without straw and the mamlachti overseers will blame those who seek to liberate them. We have seen it all before. In fact, we read it every year and celebrate it on Pesach and on Hanukkah. And because we celebrate both Pesach and Hanukkah, we also know how the story will end.

Make no mistake about it, the doctrinal truth is a hard truth to swallow. But it is Truth nonetheless. The alternative to doctrinally correct response is failure. If the present strategy of whining and ribbon-waving continues to be the sole strategy, the expulsions will continue. They will grow. And, in the end, they will terminate in a mass expulsion from Yosh. And that will be just the beginning. For after the expulsion from Yosh will come the expulsion from the Golan and the expulsion from Yerushalayim and the expulsion from the Galilee and the expulsion from Eilat and on and on until the final acceptance of the “Arab right of return” and the Second Holocaust.

Since you understand all this, dear reader, it is time for you to ask the simple question of your mamlachti friends: Are we happy to lose time after time after time? Are we having fun yet? Or should we perhaps start winning?

9 Sivan 5769


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