What the So-Called “Russians” Really Think of the Israeli Regime


There is a widespread delusion among the dati leumi and especially in “Anglo” circles regarding the ethnic Jews, ethnic half-Jews and ethnic quarter-Jews from the post-Soviet space, the so-called “Russians”. Because these people are heavily overrepresented in the rank and file of the Yassam and some other organs of Israeli repression and because they lead largely godless, un-Jewish lives, it is assumed that they are loyal servants of the terrorist Israeli regime.

Because their only exposure to Judaism has generally been via the corrupt and corrupting heresy of the Israeli Rabbinate, many “Russians” are violently anti-haredi. Since they have never been taught the distinction, they often see no difference between one kippah-wearer and another and so act toward any kippah-wearer as they would toward the haredi heretics who have in the past treated them like dogs and continue today to do so. All of these factors have combined to cause the average Jew in the Holy Land to view the “Russians” as neo-Nazi thugs and willing kapos.

The truth is quite different. There is a mighty current of hatred for the Israeli regime and the Israeli ruling elite running just under the surface of the “Russian” community. The “Russians” fear the regime. They willingly take the bones it throws them. Among them there are many goyim who are willing to brutalize Jews in exchange for a piece of bread, to wag their tails in a display of loyalty and bark and bite on command in exchange for scraps from their Israeli masters’ tables.

These mercenaries are savage beasts, but they hate their Israeli masters far more than they hate the hapless Jews whose ceaseless torment the Israelis command. Indeed, push come to shove, they hate the Jews more not for their resistance to the Israeli State but for their failure, in the face of such brutal injustice, to stand up and fight for justice with arms in hand. What maddens the average “Russian” yassamnik in his heart of hearts is that, on the one hand, the Jews are brave enough to feebly defy the oppressive Israeli police state, but on the other hand they remain so stupidly loyal to this selfsame state that the methods of resistance they choose are utterly ineffective. When the “Russian” yassamnik places himself into the shoes of the “settlers” he has no choice but to simultaneously admit to himself that he has less courage than them but far more sanity, for were he to get up the courage to actually resist, he would not limit himself to the waving of orange ribbons.

The “Russians” fear the repressive power of the Israeli State and so take no action against it. But the vast majority of them are not stupid. They see full well the looming abyss into which Israel’s ruling elite is frog-marching the state. They know full well that they are expendable, that there is no room for them on the El-Al planes and chartered boats that will take the elite to safety at the last moment in the event of failure. They know full well that, while the elite enjoys its looted wealth on far-away tropical islands, they will die alongside the very “settlers” they are being ordered to oppress. They fear the elite and they hate it with a burning passion. The fear just barely outweighs the hatred. If the elite stumbles, if it shows weakness even for a moment, they will be the first to turn upon it and tear out its collective throat.

Make no mistake about it, dear reader, the vast majority of “Russians” would not want to live in Medinat Yehudah. They would, for the most part, rather be in America. But when given the choice between Israeli suicide and Judean survival, they will choose life. They will choose even sooner if they know that, in a true Torah Republic, their children will find a niche, whether as full-fledged Jewish citizens or as respected Noahide gerim toshavim.

The “Russians”, a community a million strong, are no friends of the Israeli elite. With the right incentive, with the right rhetoric, with the right propaganda and the right symbols, they will be our allies. If the Medinat Yehudah movement proves to them that the Jews are strong and the Israelis are weak, that the Jews will fight for victory while the Israelis play games with the lives of their sons, that Medinat Yehudah will treat them justly, honorably and humanely, according to a uniform, logical, predictable Law, even if they are secular or intermarried or not Jewish, they will abandon the Israeli elite and join our cause en masse.

The Israelis will seek to paint our demand for Jewish government as a demand to build a Jewish Iran, with psychotic “morality police”, book burnings and public floggings of women who wear short sleeves or miniskirts. The truth is, a Torah Republic would resemble Gilded Age America or Victorian England far more than Khomeini’s Iran.

Yes, there will be censorship, in the sense that visual pornography and indecent literature would not be readily accessible to minors. But no one is going to go around searching people’s homes for “indecent” art albums full of classical nudes.

Yes, there will be a public code of dress and behavior, but it will express itself not in floggings or morality police searching people’s homes for un-kosher food but in health department licensing being combined with kosher licensing so that an establishment cannot sell food to the public without a kosher license and in fines for public indecency. No one will flog a woman who goes out in a miniskirt or a man who curses in public. But the regular everyday cops will issue such people regular everyday tickets for public indecency in the exact same manner and with the exact same courtesy with which they would issue tickets for speeding or illegal parking. It will not be backs but pocketbooks that will feel the pain. And the same Halacha that mandates the hefty fines will also mandate the courtesy and discretion of the police, for it is a capital sin to cause a fellow Jew public embarrassment without extreme need.

Yes, Torah study will be mandatory in school and university. But no one is going to burn books on evolution or paleontology or physics or geology because the conclusions of modern scientists seem at first glance to be at odds with Torah. Torah and science cannot disagree. The Torah is the blueprint for all Creation. If science seems to disagree with Torah, we are either misinterpreting Torah or there is a need for further study in science. For both Torah interpretation and scientific inquiry there are exacting, well established processes. There is absolutely no need to disrupt either process in some benighted attempt to shoehorn one into the other. In due course, with progress, science and Torah interpretation will come to agree. In the meantime, we can simply note the apparent contradiction, register a need for further inquiry, and move on, taking advantage of both the benefits afforded by modern science and technology and the benefits afforded by a Torah-true oulook.

Nor will anyone force people to attend services on Shabbat against their will. What use are coerced prayers? What true Jew would call for the chillul Hashem of a Torah service conducted before a sullen congregation of unwilling parishioners held prisoner inside the schul by force and the threat of force? If people refuse to come to schul, this calls for the rabbi to go out and do kiruv, not for a bunch of gun-wielding morality police thugs taking some kind of roll call as if counting convicts in an exercise yard.

The only effect of the public enforcement of Jewish morals in a properly constituted Torah Republic will be that one would have to go online to order unkosher food or pornography, which will be quietly delivered to one’s door in discrete packaging, so as not to offend the public. There will likely be a hefty sin tax as well. Also, horror of horrors, Jewish children will begin their school day with appropriate prayer and mothers will be able to take their small children out in public without covering their eyes and ears every thirty seconds to shield them from the torrent of filth that courses through Israel’s current public sphere.

We are not Islamic barbarians. Nor will we act as such. The Israelis must not be allowed to win this propaganda war.

Now, dear reader, to give you a feel for what many in the “Russian” community really think about the Israeli State and its ruling elite, here is a translation of a talkback from “Agastheros”, a particularly honest, if vitriolic, frequent contributor to the Blind Samson’s Russian blog. As you read it, those of you who have not personally come into contact with “official” Israel would do well to reflect upon the truly African level of corruption to which the godless Israelis have descended in their anti-Torah shandeh of a banana republic, and upon the enormous chillul Hashem that results from this third-world cesspool being known worldwide as “the Jewish State”:

Many of those who were brought to Israel in the 1990s were young, practically still children.

After Soviet schools [which, for all their flaws, provided the best primary level scientific and mathematical education in the world — VM], they were placed into the local “MONKEY CAGES”, where they were in every way urged to forget the Russian language and everything else that they had been taught in the totalitarian system (there is freedom here – children can do whatever they want!). The constant and unavoidable pressure, the demand to abandon your own identity and self-identification, caused instinctive rebellion.

But, as punishment for the children remaining “different”, their native contemporaries beat them without mercy –ganging up in packs against individuals. There was no one to complain to – our parents had their own problems. Diploma-bearing Soviet engineers who had, over there, commanded giant factory subdivisions or even whole industrial enterprises, received pennies for menial labor in the factories and for the work of cleaning staircases. And the “Russian” children, boys of 12 or 13, were forced, for beggars’ wages, to wash the cars of “important people”, to collect trash on beaches while the children of the “important people” played nearby, to clear drains. “Russian” boys were being exploited, but neither the liberal press nor the communal civil rights organizations bothered to notice.

And after they were drafted, “Russians” were accused of breach of discipline and even of plotting mutiny for daring to speak to one another in Russian. We really wanted to protest the blatant discrimination, but we did not know where to turn. So we had to stay silent. Afterwards, it was the “Russians” who spent a month and a half or two months nonstop in Lebanon, while the children of the big bosses either dodged the draft altogether or served right next to home. When they buried our half-Jewish friends, who had died for Israel, they buried them like dogs—outside cemetery walls.

After the army, those same children of Israeli shits at once jumped into managerial chairs bought with corruption and patronage though they generally had no qualifying education whatsoever, while the “Russians” hit the proverbial “glass ceiling” time and again.

And there was no point in complaining anymore. At once there followed the accusation of not knowing Hebrew, not knowing the local “reality” and of being ready to do anything whatsoever for a bottle of vodka. “Russiot pruitsot” (the Russians are whores) and “stalinistim”.

Ah, but what happened when the Israelis promoted the natives of their own shtetl! At once there appeared peace and prosperity.

It is no great matter if the Israeli ambassador to France shuffles his mortal coil in the embrace of a prostitute – after all, a poetic death for a 68 year old man.

And it is all right if the council general to the United States is implicated in sexual relations with a boy from a hostile State, — after all the flag of Israel is half sky-blue. [The Russian homosexual rights movement adopted the color shortly before the fall of the USSR, thus Russian slang refers to gays as “sky-blues” – VM]

But when the ambassador to Romania asks for a Romanian citizenship even before his term as ambassador is up, why that indeed is simply a Mazor ![a play on the Russian word “pozor”, meaning “shandeh” — VM] Before he became ambassador to Bucharest, Sando Mazor held an exalted position in the Israeli police and in this high capacity ceaselessly struggled against the “Russian mafia”. Indeed the Israeli police are second to none! No one can be greater! In what other country could the guardians of public order brag that they were commanded by the man with iron genitals Sando Mazor, who ever readily proclaimed to all and sundry that he had “beitsim mi-barzel”! [Heb: “iron balls” – VM]

Because the Russian mafia could not be defeated or even found, the main warrior against it was sent to extraordinarily and plenipotentiarily represent the interests of the abovementioned State of Israel in the abovementioned State of Romania.

By the way, this is the same Romania that murdered approximately 380 thousand Jews during the Holocaust and where another Israeli citizen, Ofer Maksimov, under the nose of the police, the national bank and the foreign ministry, carried 250 million dollars, the which his loving sister procured from one of Israel’s banks.

By the way, they left the sister as collateral for the police and the bank and the money was transferred as a gambling loss to some Romanian no-one-knows-who in a casino owned by the Israeli you-know-who.

And what is really apropos, this casino, among other businesses, will now be extraordinarily and plenipotentiarily administered by the former chief of the Israeli police, former Israeli ambassador, future law-abiding citizen of Romania, the most honest and honorable Sando Mazor.

Learn and emulate, Russian mafia!

Apparently, ardent service to Mammon must be permissible due to important political considerations.

One can only marvel at the shtetl idiocy of the Jewish(?) State.

Israel will yet pay a TERRIBLE price for its gluttonous and depraved elite.

46-th place on the rankings of international mathematical olympiads is not easily earned.

Truly the old antisemite Voltaire was correct when he said: “If the Jews do create their own State – sooner or later they will sell it.”

Nota Bene: All of the above details are a work of fiction. Any similarities to Israeli reality are mere coincidence.

20 Av 5769


26 Responses to “What the So-Called “Russians” Really Think of the Israeli Regime”

  1. General Raoul Salan Says:

    You’re absolutely right! The Russian Jews, due to their low social status, will be willing to listen to the Kahanists. With their paranoia, the Kahanist passion for conspiracy theories appeals to those Jews who lose in the game of life.

    Let’s review history. Al-Qaeda kills Meir Kahane. His followers blame the Israelis. Palestinian assassins kill Binyamin Kahane. His followers blame the Israelis. Truly there is a Jew, er, Zionist Shabak agent under every bed to assassinate everyone, even fellow Jews.

  2. Vienna Mike Says:

    Funny, isn’t it, how the “Russians” who went to Israel ended up “losers in the game of life” with a “low social status”, while the ones who went to America ended up in the upper middle class with salaries generally near the six-figure range? I know, it must be a “Kahanist conspiracy theory”!

    I’ll tell you what is a real conspiracy theory — the official version of the death of R. Binyamin Kahane (z”l). Unknown gunmen fire dozens of rounds at a moving car and every one of them hits in the front where the Rav and his wife are sitting. Not one round hits the kids in the back! Anyone who has ever handled a firearm, let alone been on the receiving end of Arab so-called “marksmanship” knows the probability of the shooters being anything other than highly trained Israeli special forces, special police or intelligence personnel. Have you ever handled a firearm, “General”? Ever fire at a moving vehicle?

    Funny coincidences, aren’t they? R. Meir Kahane (z”l) begins to adocate secession and next thing you know he’s murdered “by al-Qaeda”. R. Binyamin Kahane (z”l) writes a letter advocating a secessionist War of Symbols against the Israeli State and next thing you know he is murdered by “Palestinian gunmen”. Unlike yourself, R. Baruch Kahane got the message, which is why he is still alive.

    P.S. If you actually read this blog, you would know that Vienna Mike is not a Kahanist

  3. General Raoul Salan Says:

    No need for the sneering quotation marks! I thought we all agreed that we would talk under aliases rather than real names. How about you keep it civil if I do? OK? Sorry for my cynicism is offensive–people tend to think I’m a troll because of it.

    Now Binyamin Kahane’s death may be suspicious but what about Meir Kahane’s death? Victor Vancier a.k.a. Chaim ben Pesach, an associate of both Kahane and Noam Federman, believes that El Sayyid Nosair did it. He even cites Eleanor Hill, director of the Senate Intelligence Committee investigating intelligence failures prior to the attacks of September 11, 2001, as a source for his contention that Osama bin Laden paid for Nosair’s legal defense after the murder of Kahane.

    P.S. For what it’s worth, Chaim also thinks that Revava are rats. Perhaps the Shabak is everywhere. Ogga-bogga-bogga!

    Sorry, I couldn’t help myself! But seriously, if the Shabak is as evil and devious as you portray it, wouldn’t it have an agent provocateur promote violence against the state, as alleged after the Rabin assassination? Wouldn’t this make insurrection inherently futile? And even if it starts, why would Israel’s elite seek negotiation as they already went to the extreme of assassination to stop such a movement?

  4. Vienna Mike Says:

    Sorry, I was perhaps a little hard on you. But my point stands.

    You ask how the ruling elite is going to be forced to negotiate when they have already murdered so many. The answer is quite simple — because they will be afraid not to negotiate. R. Kahane(z”l) would not shoot at the Israelis. Neither would his son. They were true tzadikkim, so much so that their unbounded pure love for every single Jew, no matter how evil and depraved, prevented them from recognizing the fundamental nature of the Israelis as erev rav, not Jews. Kahanism failed because it was too pure, too humane and too kind to its enemies. It also failed because it was organized around not an idea but a single charismatic leader. Thus it was vulnerable to decapitation.

    Contrast the Kahanists with Hamas, for example. How many times have the Israelis assassinated the leaders of Hamas? Yet Hamas lives on. It lives on because it is held together not by a single man, no matter how charismatic, but by an Idea. Ideas are bulletproof. They cannot be crushed with tanks, nor destroyed by hellfire missiles. Once an idea takes root in the hearts of men, once its symbols take hold of men’s minds, it becomes immortal. A movement fanatically loyal to an overriding Truth cannot be stopped by killing its leaders. Kill one man and another steps into his place. Kill him too and he is replaced by another and another and another… When the Idea of Medinat Yehudah has taken root in the minds and hearts of hundreds of young men and women eagerly willing to kill and die for it, the assassinations will become futile.

    This does not mean that the Israelis will not try. The moment the idea of Medinat Yehudah becomes serious business, the man who invented Vienna Mike will certainly be assassinated. So will almost every other man who tries to continue his work. But this does not matter in the least, because men and women unknown to this author and unknown to the elite will bring the war home to Israel’s rulers in a way that they have never before experienced.

    For every Jew the Israelis murder, for every Jewish home they destroy, for every schul they desecrate and for every Jewish child they beat to a bloody pulp, they will pay tenfold in blood and tears and treasure. Those who give the orders and those who cheer them on will have not a moment’s peace. They will be shot, blown up, kidnapped, poisoned, run over with vehicles, stabbed on the street… They will have not a single place to hide nor anywhere to turn. And neither will their friends and families. It took only a few years of intifada for the Israelis to crack and seek a negotiated surrender at Oslo. It will take far less when it is the members of the ruling elite who die in droves every day. They will seek to empower “moderates” in order to defeat the “radicals”. As long as the right sort of “moderates” are in place to initiate a “peace process” with, Medinat Yehudah will be a reality. The entire point of this blog is to teach those who would be both “moderates” and “radicals” WHAT needs to happen and HOW, in general terms, it can be brought about.

    Now, regarding the murder of the Martyr Rebbe (z”l) and the omnipresence of the Shabak.

    I have no doubt that the Arab shot the Rav. I also have no doubt that the Arab was part of an al-Qaeda cell. I have no doubt that the cell was plotting to kill Rav Kahane (z”l) and I have no doubt that Nosair was supposed to be on a reconnaissance mission but instead simply lost it and shot the Rav on impulse. But what puzzles me is the true reason the investigation into that particular al-Qaeda cell was dropped immediately after the FBI muscled the NYPD out of the case.

    The al-Qaeda cells in the US were independent even before al-Qaeda’s rebuild as a pretty much fully Marighella-style organization that followed 9/11. The problem with Marighella cells is that they can be run as cut-outs, sometimes even without their knowing it. It’s the operational indiscipline of planning to shoot Rav Kahane while simultaneously planning to blow up the World Trade Center that makes my analyst’s antennae prickle. I would bet that if someone pulled on that thread back in the day when it was fresh, the suggestion to kill R. Kahane (z”l) would track as being inserted into the planning process by an external party.

    My instinct says the Israelis did it. The last time I mistrusted my instinct, very bad things happened. However, no hard proof will ever be found. The Mossad is too professional to keep such records. The best and only proof I need is my analyst’s instinct (which I learned the hard way to NEVER ignore again) and the cold answer to the basic question: “Que bono?”

    As for the Shabak, in a totalitarian police state, the secret police ARE everywhere. Appearances to the contrary, Israel is a totalitarian police state. The real question is not whether or not “they” are everywhere. The question is only whether or not “they” are competent enough and ruthless enough. The answer to both of these questions when it comes to the Shabak is an unequivocal “Yes”. This having been said, security measures can be taken to protect any real resistance organization. At least in the early stages of the struggle, no Shabak undercover agent would be willing to, for example, shoot a captured Israeli cop in order to prove his loyalty.

    Now, is “Vienna Mike” a Shabak agent? Judge for yourself. Begin by noting that I do not know and do not want to know the identity, goals or plans of anyone who visits this site, much less posts talkbacks on it. I have urged and continue to urge all visitors and talkbackers to use the strongest anonymity tools they can get their hands on and to say nothing that might in any way reveal their true identity.

  5. General Raoul Salan Says:

    Earlier you said, “If we stop being a threat to them and instead become their shield, they will kiss the ground we walk on” in Self-Liberation 5.4.

    But now you say that the cause will become victorious precisely when it becomes a threat to the Israeli elite.

    Which is it?

  6. General Raoul Salan Says:

    Also you say that a War of Symbols would win over the dati leumi. But targeting people’s children would cancel out propaganda gains!

  7. Vienna Mike Says:

    Your confusion stems from your continued insistence on seeing the struggle for Medinat Yehudah as some kind of monolithic movement with a single leader. This approach has been tried and is destined to fail utterly. The leader will be assassinated and the movement will fall apart. What is needed is not a monolithic movement but a modern hybrid insurgency, with a full complement of “psychotic radicals” and “pragmatic moderates”. Once you begin to see the world in these terms, the apparent contradictions you perceive will disappear.

    Similarly, you must disabuse yourself of the notion that the Israeli ruling elite is some kind of monolithic monster engaged in a movie-like grand conspiracy. The elite is an array of disparate individuals who hold highly similar views on a specific subset of topics and therefore, within the range of these topics, respond to identical arrays of stimuli in a highly similar manner. The resultant emergent aggregate behavior has the external appearance of planning, but is not in fact a result of planned action. On the micro level, each individual is pursuing a unique personal plan. Many lurch desperately from one knee-jerk reaction to another in an effort to preserve their power. The key, therefore, is to understand the array of stimuli which impinges upon the elite and the attitudes that cause the similar actions. By so doing, one can determine a set of stimuli which will fragment the elite and cause it to work at cross-purposes to itself.

    The elite consists of rabid secular fanatics motivated primarily by hatred of Judaism (e.g. Tommy Lapid), leftist lunatics who really believe that suicidal concessions are the way to achieve peace (e.g. Uri Avinery, Naomi Chazan) and the majority of secular pragmatists whose only desire is to amass and preserve personal wealth and power(Ehud Olmert, Ehud Barak, Benjamin Netanyahu, Shaul Mofaz, Tsipi Livni, Avigdor Liberman…). There are also various hangers-on whose only purpose is to carve out a niche of wealth and power for themselves regardless of the consequences to the nation as a whole (Ovadiah Yosef, Eli Yishai, Shalom Eliashiv, Yaakov Litzman…)

    The majority of the elite is united only by their common perception of the dati leumi as a threat to their power, their fear of the implacable Hamas, who appear to be immune to any measures short of genocide, and their desire to make some kind of deal with someone in order to restrain the “psychotic radicals” of Hamas. It is this last that causes them to deal with the “pragmatic moderates” of Fatah.

    Therefore, in order to splinter and defeat the Israeli ruling elite, three things are necessary.

    1) The Israeli elite must be offered a way to remove the Jewish threat to their power

    2) The Israeli elite must be confronted with “psychotic radicals” even scarier and more “psychotic” than Hamas. These “radicals” must prove impossible to stop by military and police means and utterly implacable in the face of all forms of “reason”. Thus the elite will be forced to seek “pragmatic moderates” who could potentially “restrain” the “psychotic radicals”.

    3) A group of “pragmatic moderates” must arise and offer the Israeli elite better deal than any it could possibly obtain by negotiating with the “Palestinians”. This group must convince the elite that it is, or can be made to be, strong enough to undermine the “psychotic radicals” by satisfying many of the “underlying grievances” that “fuel” the “radicals” and also strong enough to crush the “Palestinians”.

    These three conditions are satisfied by

    1) Offering a viable Medinat Yehudah as a shield to protect Medinat Israel.

    2) Terrifying the elite with Marighella cell activity focusing entirely on brutal revenge against the antisemitic policies of the regime and on non-stop attacks against the Ishmaelite/Amalekite enemy in the Land.

    3)Building a “legitimate” Medinat Yehudah political movement and a guerrilla army to struggle for Medinat Yehudah.

    Thus you can see that there is no contradiction between “pragmatic moderates” conducting a War of Symbols against the Israeli State and “psychotic radicals” slaughtering politicians who advocate pogroms, or gunning down the general who actually ordered a pogrom together with his pretty wife and cute five year old daughter.

    Both the “moderates” and the “radicals” should carry out attacks against infrastructure and attacks against the Arabs. The difference would be in the kinds of attacks (e.g. blowing up the power lines leading to Gaza vs blowing up an Islamic girls’ school full of preteen students) and in the slogans promulgated.

    The “psychotic radicals” should rarely, if ever, talk about Medinat Yehudah beyond perhaps occasionally hinting that some of their “less committed” members might be satisfied with such a solution. Instead, they should talk about vengeance, overthrowing the Israeli government, slaughtering the ruling elite en masse, exterminating the Arabs and, in a few cases, establishing a Halachic State.

  8. General Raoul Salan Says:

    You’re evading me. I asked a question and you couldn’t answer it! Here’s what I said:

    “I have absolutely no qualms about screwing the entire goyshe world up the rear end with a splintery pole…”

    As an officer, didn’t you pledge allegiance to the United States of America? Why should the settlers take your advice to rebel or to do anything if you cannot abide by your soldier’s oath?

  9. roeh Says:

    Thank you for writing what you have here VM. It is through this website that I have realized that Medinat Yehudah is the answer.

    Bizrat HaShem, may there be a true Jewish state stretching from the Nile to the Euphrates in our lifetimes.

  10. Vienna Mike Says:

    roeh, you are welcome. Now that your eyes are open, the least you can do to help free our trampled country is to work to open the eyes of others. Only when hundreds of Jews begin to see that Medinat Yehudah is the answer can we liberate our homeland and bottle Israel’s homicidal-suicidal ruling elite up in Tel Aviv, where they can poison themselves out of existence while the Jewish People enjoy safety from their depredations. What else you do beyond spreading the message of Medinat Yehudah is entirely up to you. May Hashem aid you in your endeavors.

    General, your assertion is silly. I swore an oath to protect and defend the constitution of the United States. This site is dedicated to the liberation of an oppressed people from brutal foreign occupation and to the prevention of genocide. Nothing on it is a threat to America’s constitution. In fact, all of it is protected under the First Amendment to that same constitution. Should the United States make war upon the Jewish People, however, my oath will mean just as much as the oaths of Jewish officers of the Reichswehr did in 1933. Loyalty is a two-way street.

  11. Pinto Beans Says:

    What do u suggest can be done right now towards medinat Yehuda?

  12. General Raoul Salan Says:

    Another question–and this time it’s less a challenge than genuine curiosity–what was the situation of the Jews in the USSR? I’ve heard that advancement in the Party was barred and that they wanted to emigrate. But apparently they were respected enough by the Soviet regime that their children got premium education. And the government appointed them to high-status positions like director of a factory (but no Party membership?).

  13. Vienna Mike Says:

    Pinto, the first order of business is to spread the idea of Medinat Yehudah among the Jewish youth of the Holy Land. While the youth remain entrapped by the heresy of mamlachtiyut and continue to trust their elders and the rabbis who betrayed Gush Katif, no progress is possible. Additional answers should be obvious from the content of this blog. I direct you especially to the lesson plan for Self-Liberation 101 and to the currently complete lessons and supplemental readings.

    General, the answer to your question is “it depends”. When the soviet system was established, some 2/3 of the top positions in the party were occupied by apostate Jews. These people acted vehemently to destroy the Jewish infrastructure in the country, but some of them remained loyal to a kind of bastardized “secular Jewish” culture. When Stalin came to power, every single one of them was murdered. Under Stalin, antisemitism gradually came back into state policy. Stalin wanted to finish what Hitler had started, but died (on Purim) before the plan for mass extermination of Soviet Jewry could be put into effect.

    After Stalin, an equilibrium was reached. State antisemitism enforced quotas in universities and barred Jews from sensitive positions in many places. But raw brains, talent and personal connections could get you far, especially if you did not look too obviously Jewish, changed your name and married out. The Soviet passport recorded your nationality, but you could actually get your nationality officially changed to “Russian”. Personal antisemitism was, of course, rampant at all levels of society. Regardless of who you were “officially”, you were always just a dirty yid to the Russians. With the right connections you could amass enough power to cause them to keep their mouths shut to your face, but they would still talk behind your back. Jews were never officially barred from the communist party. Some assimilationsists rose very far.

    When the Soviet system started falling apart and Gorbachev opened the border, every Jew who had not assimilated or had assimilated unsuccessfully left immediately. Those who had assimilated more-or-less sucessfully were driven out by increasing economic hardship and growing personal antisemitism. This produced successive waves of olim, with each wave less identifiably Jewish than the last.

  14. General Raoul Salan Says:

    Thank you for answering my question. Now let me give you some advice.

    Go back to your day job and forget about Medinat Yehudah. Think about it. Before the elite decides to appease your insurgency, it will use other methods. And they have a trump card up their sleeve.

    All they have to do is accelerate the timetable for evacuating the settlements. And instead of saving settlers from a Palestinian State, the settlers will be given a choice: leave on your own (and maybe get some compensation) or endure the rule of Fatah or Hamas if you take the option of staying behind. If the settlers have a month to do this, then your movement is futile.

    And the only reward Hashem will give you is to stand back while you become the wife of some big buff prisoner. Perhaps you already experienced this when you last went to prison! That would teach the wisdom of the haredim. They know that, if the Exile was God’s punishment, then the power of God the creator of the Exile will impede the formation of a truly Jewish State. Thus Zionism became the province of the secular!

  15. Rob Says:

    V Mike. I have given up on the knuckleheads of the holy land. i am however inspired by this article. I have a good friend who is now back in moscow. he lived several years in Israel, but missed his family and was disgusted with the low culture he found there. I asked him what he liked about israel, he said the food is good. I thought this was interesting, low culture? I guess when you factor in all the knuckleheads who took a vow of poverty and made aliyah from the west, add that to the third world arab population, throw in the spoiled commie sabras, you’d have low culture. I’ll take the USA any day.

  16. sk Says:

    That was pretty dumb, “General.”

    “Think about it. Before the elite decides to appease your insurgency, it will use other methods. And they have a trump card up their sleeve.

    All they have to do is accelerate the timetable for evacuating the settlements.”

    In the first place, if the status quo is allowed to remain, there will be another Holocaust, this time in Eretz Israel. The Haredim will be slaughtered just as they were in Europe. So, there really is no alternative to radical change in Eretz Israel.

    The point of including direct action in the plan is to give Jews a trump card: attacks on the elites in their happier hunting grounds, which I’d argue include the Meah Shearim and Har Nof as well as the rich parts of Tel Aviv. You seem to think that the elites are invulnerable. They are not, as the Fakestinians show very clearly.

    Intellectual failures think that they can vote out the anti-Jewish elites. Ridiculous, as the system is rigged. But there are many trump cards that Jews have beyond direct action. If, say, turnout dropped well below 50%, Israel’s legitimacy as a “democracy” would be harmed. Don’t think the elites are not aware of this–they depend on the illusion of democracy. If Jews refused to serve in the IDF, elite power would be shattered. If religious Jews taunted the “rabbis” who kosher things as they are in Israel, the regime would be destabilized.

    Combine these tactics with with an alternative to Medinat Israel (Medinat Yehudah), success, while difficult, is attainable. So far, you have provided nothing that looks as reasonable. So my question is whether you have an alternative plan. Beyond, of course, praying for miracles.

  17. General Raoul Salan Says:

    “In the first place, if the status quo is allowed to remain, there will be another Holocaust, this time in Eretz Israel. The Haredim will be slaughtered just as they were in Europe. So, there really is no alternative to radical change in Eretz Israel.”

    First of all, you assume that a Jew whose Khazar-descended family was in the West Bank for five years has a higher residency right than a Christian whose family goes back to Abraham through Jewish disciples of Jesus in the early Church.

    “So far, you have provided nothing that looks as reasonable. So my question is whether you have an alternative plan. Beyond, of course, praying for miracles.”

    As for a solution, compensate the refugees and then form a federation or confederation with the remaining Palestinians to control Jerusalem and the aquifers.

    “The point of including direct action in the plan is to give Jews a trump card: attacks on the elites in their happier hunting grounds, which I’d argue include the Meah Shearim and Har Nof as well as the rich parts of Tel Aviv. You seem to think that the elites are invulnerable. They are not, as the Fakestinians show very clearly.”

    How many elites have the Arabs killed? Look even if the elites “agree” with you, it doesn’t matter if they pull out the IDF prior to “submitting”. “Conquering” them through terror would take years while handing the West Bank to the Arabs would take months!

    “Intellectual failures think that they can vote out the anti-Jewish elites. Ridiculous, as the system is rigged. But there are many trump cards that Jews have beyond direct action. If, say, turnout dropped well below 50%, Israel’s legitimacy as a “democracy” would be harmed. Don’t think the elites are not aware of this–they depend on the illusion of democracy. If Jews refused to serve in the IDF, elite power would be shattered. If religious Jews taunted the “rabbis” who kosher things as they are in Israel, the regime would be destabilized.

    Combine these tactics with with an alternative to Medinat Israel (Medinat Yehudah), success, while difficult, is attainable.”

    You think God is on your side. But He’s not! The corruption of the Kahanists and like-minded militant Jews stinks to high heaven. Lobbying for cash donations and moral support from evangelicals while lobbying the State of Israel to persecute missionaries. Proclaiming that God would never replace His people even as Jewish converts from Peru’s Indian population are favored over Arabs who trace their roots to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob through Jewish disciples of Jesus.

    I’m not perfect and my faith is not perfect. But if you bring God to buttress your ideology, then surely you must know that God will revenge His persecuted people!

    When you end up in prison, be sure to study the Talmud vigorously when being used by a strongman of the Aryan Brotherhood!

  18. sk Says:

    “First of all, you assume that a Jew whose Khazar-descended family was in the West Bank for five years has a higher residency right than a Christian whose family goes back to Abraham through Jewish disciples of Jesus in the early Church.”

    Why yes, I do, based both on international law and on Torah. Since, evidently, you do not agree, why are you here? I notice, in addition, that you did not address my point, which was that the status quo in Israel will lead to another Holocaust. But then this evidently doesn’t trouble you. Incidentally, Jewish ownership of Israel is not “racial.” A Jewish convert is a Jew. Period.

    “As for a solution, compensate the refugees and then form a federation or confederation with the remaining Palestinians to control Jerusalem and the aquifers.”

    They are not “refugees” according to international law, let alone Torah, because refugee status is not inherited. Only anti-Jewish forces (e.g., you) have proposed such a novel reading of well-established law. Furthermore, most of the Fakestinians arrived after the Mandate. They have no political rights, but only civil rights, based on the Mandate. Furthermore, given the wars that they have joined against Israel, Fakestinians now have no more rights than the Sudeten Germans. Any “compensation” should go to Jews who have suffered from the Arabs.

    As for federations or confederations, this is ludicrous, as so-called peace negotiations have shown. I recommend, though, that Israel establish a confederation with Jordan, which is Jewish land after all, and that both Jews and Arabs administer Jordan.

    I could go point by point, but there is no purpose in doing so, as you have not answered any questions or arguments that I have posed. The elites are not free do do whatever they might want–they don’t even agree on all details. They must “manage” the situation, and that imposes constraints. But you do not care to offer any alternative that would be feasible because you LIKE the idea of a new Holocaust. Instead, you go off on irrelevancies, concluding with gleeful thoughts of homosexual rape in prison. You have simply established yourself as a replacement-theology Christian bigot who whines here about “persecution” of Christians because you cannot meet your quota of stolen Jewish souls.

    BTW, I do not study Talmud, but I do read Kahane and think well of him.

    Anyway, “General,” you bore me. I won’t bother with you in the future.

  19. Vienna Mike Says:

    “General”, I would respond to you in detail, but SK has already done so. Only a complete idiot would believe that membership in the covenant of Abraham is in any way racial. It takes a similar idiot to believe that the Three Oaths remain binding after 2000 years of non-stop bloodbaths culminating in the Holocaust. And it takes an even bigger idiot to see “hypocrisy” in the sound strategy of differentiating between “friend” and “ally”, and in the sound practice of fundraising among allies even while pointing out to them that their behavior must have limits.

    Oh, and by the way, the vast majority of the Khazars converted to Islam after the fall of the Kaganate. If you had the pleasure of campaigning in Afghanistan, you would have met quite a few of their descendants, who STILL call themselves Khazar. The old racist canard about “Khazar kikes” has no foundation in fact, besides being laughable and irrelevant to anyone with even a smidgen of Torah knowledge. But it does identify you as a loony racist bigot.

    P.S. I fully expect mass expulsions from Yosh. What you fail to understand is that such expulsions will only build momentum for Medinat Yehudah. The more brutal the Israelis get, the more resistance they will begin to encounter. If all of Yosh is abandoned, Arab rockets will begin landing on Ben-Gurion International and on the working-class neighborhoods of Gush Dan. If THAT does not build momentum for armed resistance, nothing will.

    And the Arabs have killed virtually NO members of the elite. Arab terrorism targets pizzerias and commuter buses, genius. The people who call the shots among the elite eat at five-star restaurants and ride in limos. They have felt ZERO pain from Arab attacks. At most, they have written a condolence card or two to the help. Maybe they had to look for a new chauffeur or a new nanny. When members of their inner circle begin to drop dead from vengeance attacks by modern-day Maccabees, suicide bombers among them, the panic that will ensue among the elite will be a joy to behold!

    As for doing time, whatever makes you think that I care? When I started to write this blog, I expected to be shot within the week. I accepted this willingly. Tov LaMut B’od Artzeini. If an angel of Hashem descended from the Heavens and offered me a way to immediately guarantee the establishment of Medinat Yehudah at the cost of my own life, I would not think twice about the choice. What kind of idiot would believe that a man willing to die for Medinat Yehudah would be afraid of prison? Your “advice” is not worthy of use as toilet paper.

  20. Vienna Mike Says:

    Rob, I believe that you will find yourself as unable to “give up” on the knuckleheads in Eretz Yisrael as SK was unable to “disengage” from them. You cannot “give up” on your family, no matter how dysfunctional, nor can you “disengage” from one of your limbs, no matter how much it pains you.

    Israel does indeed have what we “Russians” refer to as “low culture”. In more American terms, 90% of Jews in Eretz Yisrael act like gangbanger trash. For this also we have the secular Zionists to thank, who saw no better way to defend the Land than to turn the country into a giant high school locker room full of overgrown teenagers just in from football practice. The cure, in the end, is the same as the cure to everything else that is wrong there — a Jewish State, with a Jewish culture must replace the Israeli State with its Israeli culturlessness.

  21. Rob Says:

    Mike, concering kazars. I had read that the official conversion was towards judaism, and that most eventually went west, not east. do you have sources? I am not disputing, but I think it is an important issue, TX

  22. General Raoul Salan Says:

    The problem for you isn’t time served. It’s the number of incidents in which you are the victim of rape. Because you see, you are a punk and in prison gangbangers rape punks! And we know you are a punk because you embellished your military record, if not fabricated it. Khazars in Afghanistan? Afghanistan? The Khazars were in the Caucasus!

    Can you milk an Aryan Brotherhood Nazi? Would you like to be served a juicy sausage by a Black Muslim? Perhaps you could thank him by explaining how bans on music make Islam a Satanic religion!

    It’s something you must consider! Likewise for anybody seeking to follow your counsel.

  23. Greg Cheslow Says:

    General, I think you should consider what you see on this blog not an exact forecast of what’s to come, but rather an expression of sentiment. If you’re at all acquainted with Israel, you’ll know that there’s a lot of stratification in Israeli society, certainly between the secular and the religious. You’ll also know that Israel’s inevitable withdrawal from (at least most of) the West Bank will cause resentment among the dati leumi community.

    Therefore, it’s worth considering what will happen in the likely event that land-for-peace fails to mollify the Palestinians (at least the extremists among them). The Israelis will reoccupy much of the West Bank after great numbers of Arabs either flee, are expelled, or are encouraged through compensation to vacate (Israel will not again make the mistake of perpetuating the ridiculous situation of occupying an alien people). Furthermore, the resentful dati leumi will resettle the land with little or no desire to continue to affiliate with the Israelis who had previously kicked them out of their homes and surrendered Jewish sovereignty over Judea. Therefore, it is completely plausible to predict a halachic Jewish society in that land in the near future. From there, it is no stretch to imagine further conflict with the Arabs, though now with an extremely aggressive Jewish buffer, at which point Vienna Mike’s writings become pertinent.

    The general theme of this blog is worth taking seriously.

  24. Vienna Mike Says:

    “General”, your drivel is not worth responding to. I suggest you google the actual boundaries of the Khazar Kaganate. While you are at it, look at a map. And after you are done, google the word “Hazara”. Your problem, besides the fact that you are a nitwit, is that you do not even possess the sounds to properly pronounce the word “Khazar”. Luckily for you, you are not alone.

    P.S: Since you are obviously more interested in infantile insults than in intelligent discussion, your posts will now be held for administrator review. I will not have the discussion here cluttered with infantile spam and four-letter words from overgrown kindergardeners. There is free speech on this site. This includes posts from your ilk. You are free to be a Nazi. But you are not free to be a STUPID Nazi. Any more of such behavior and I will permaban you.

  25. Vienna Mike Says:

    Rob, there is little that we know for certain about the Khaganate. We have no significant written records from the Khazars themselves. All we know of them we know from a few surviving letters of the correspondence exchanged between prominent Jews in Spain and the Khazar Kagans and from histories written by the Khazars’ enemies. The sources are contradictory even on the extent of the conversion to Judaism, nor do we know for sure that it was Rabbanite Judaism and not Karaism that was practiced by the majority of the Khazar people. The majority of scholars believe that the Khazars were Rabbanite, but it won’t be the first time the majority of scholars were wrong. We also do not know what successor states existed after the fall of the Khaganate, though it seems that some did. Unfortunately, given the current lack of funds for archaeology in the Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia and Khazakhstan, and the general spirit of vicious antisemitism and idiotic fabrication that tends to cloud the issues involved, it is highly unlikely that we will know much more than what is known today anytime soon.

    One thing we DO know, however, is that half of the Ashkenazi population descends from only four women, all of whom came from the Middle East. (www.familytreedna.com/pdf/43026_Doron.pdf) The modern Hazara are Shiite. Even if the majority of the Khazars converted to Judaism, it is pretty apparent that they later abandoned membership in the Jewish People due to defeat and persecution. This would not be a unique occurrence. Some 10% of the population of the Roman Empire was Jewish. Many of the berbers who fought against Arab invaders in North Africa were Karaites. They all eventually abandoned the Covenant and dissolved among the goyim.

  26. Rob Says:

    I was not implying the modern day Jews were directly decended from the Kazar, my bad

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