Yom Kippur Is Coming


My brothers and sisters, you may have noticed that there has been a lengthy interruption in the publication of Self-Liberation 101 course material. The reason for this is that I find the next lesson in the series to be extremely painful to write. It is with great dread and a heavy heart that I approach this task, for, as all of you who have carefully studied Marighella’s Minimanual should already know, the first step of any Marighella doctrine resistance in the Holy Land must be the cleansing of the camp of the Jewish People. The first blows of Jewish self defense must fall not upon the Ishmaelite Bnei Amalek, nor upon those who control the monstrous actions of the godless Israeli pogromschiks. The first blows must fall upon those who imprison our trampled people with the invisible chains of heresy and deceit. It is not the Israeli State that is our greatest problem, but the false rabbis and lying traitors, the murderous meraglim, the betrayers of Gush Katif, the peddlers of mamlachti poison who pose as the leaders of our community even as they prevent any real attempts at Jewish self defense. They, who were once the greatest exponents of the mizvah of reclaiming the Land for Hashem have now become Hashem’s greatest enemies. For they have rejected Hashem and have embraced instead of Him the blood-spattered golden calf of Medinat Israel. As long as they are free to peddle their vile heresies, as long as their tongues are permitted to drip honeyed poison into the ears of our youth, no progress and no self-defense is possible.

Those who would shrink from the sad necessity of massacring these meraglim would do well to reflect upon the parshah of this past Shabbat. There is one verse in Parshat Nitzavim that summarizes the process of Redemption upon which Klal Yisrael has once again embarked.

אם-יהיה נדחך בקצה השמים משם יקבצך יי אלהיך ומשם יקחך

If your dispersed will be at the ends of the heavens, from there Hashem your God will gather you in and from there He will take you.

The farthest reaches of the heavens are fourteen and a half billion light years away. We do not possess any technology that will take us there today, and it is likely that millennia will pass before such technology is available to us. Yet the Torah does not choose words haphazardly. The verse reminds us that the process of geula is NOT irreversible. The future depends fundamentally upon OUR actions.

Bar Kochba could have become Moshiach. But he failed. We have waited 2000 years for a second chance. Today, the process of geula is again advanced almost as far as it had advanced in the time of Bar Kochba. Yet there exists no guarantee whatsoever that success is somehow inevitable. Indeed, from the era of Bar Kochba we have convincing proof that Hashem will not save the Jews of the Holy Land from their own stupidity by making miracles on command. If we fail again and, Heaven forbid, six million Jews are massacred in a Second Holocaust , how many millennia will we have to wait for the next chance? How far will our descendants have to go to escape goyshe savagery? Will the Jewish People be banished not only from the Holy Land but in due course even from Earth itself, indeed even from the Solar System? Will we permit such a future?

This High Holy Day season, as you recite selichot and pray for the wellbeing of Am Yisrael, I urge you to make an extra effort and tearfully plead for Hashem to open the eyes of the mamlachti heretics, to enlighten their minds, open their eyes, soften their hearts and make them repent of their treachery and idolatry. Yet I urge you also to remember the words spoken by the Lubavicher Rebbe (z”l) not too long ago: “We must unite and with arms stand against our enemies to prove that this is our Land, that it belongs to us and to no one else.” Pray for the modern meraglim to repent. But remember, in the end we must defend Eretz Yisrael and Am Yisrael against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC.

24 Elul 5769


One Response to “Yom Kippur Is Coming”

  1. sk Says:

    Mike, as one who has ridiculed precisely the heretics that you will target, I join in you in your great sadness. Perhaps I will even learn some prayers to be able to join you.

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