A Little Entertainment


Now that Yom Kippur is past and Sukkot is fast approaching, Vienna Mike has to get into the holiday spirit. Therefore, lest some say that Vienna Mike is all work and no play, here is a little on-topic entertainment.

For decades after it was made, this film was extremely difficult to find. In its day, its very existence terrified the American authorities. Luckily for the United States, America’s democratic institutions achieved peacefully what those who made the film expected to be achieved only through violence.  Since the State of Israel is a totalitarian dictatorship in disguise, it is highly unlikely that anything similar will happen in Eretz Yisrael.

Make no mistake about it, this is still a Hollywood movie, with all the usual hollywoodisms. The intrepid hero walks around and drinks brandy after taking a .38 wadcutter to the gut at point blank range and a building bursts into flames and explodes from a single Molotov cocktail. But there is also a textbook baited ambush, a wonderful snap ambush and a beautiful example of Direct Action in a War of Symbols. There are also excellent reminders that only those who are prepared to take advantage of random events have any chance of victory. While we are at it, we get our nose rubbed in the oft overlooked truth that it is the enemy within that is the most dangerous of all. Last but not least, if you listen carefully, about halfway through the movie you will hear a perfect encapsulation of why many chilonim and even some outright Russian-born goyim will support a credible Medinat Yehudah movement. Therefore, without further ado, one of Vienna Mike’s favorite movies: The Spook Who Sat by the Door.



5 Responses to “A Little Entertainment”

  1. Tiferet Says:

    Would it be possible to write up a two- or three-paragraph blog entry that could double as a flier for distribution?

  2. Columnist Says:

    “even some outright Russian-born goyim will support a credible Medinat Yehudah movement”

    There is a very good reason why ‘Russians’ will support you. Arabs target their daughters.

  3. Vienna Mike Says:

    On what subject, Tiferet?

  4. Tiferet Says:

    If you could, just a concise and effective encapsulation of your message that would encourage more reading and inspire discussion.

    The need for symbolic detachment from Israel.
    The need for sustainability and defensibility.
    The historical precedent and contemporary necessity for this separation.

    Don’t feel that you need to include everything. The link to this blog will be provided. It’s just the hook that’s needed.

  5. Vienna Mike Says:

    Tiferet, everything you need for a half-dozen leaflets you can find in this post: https://virtualjudah.wordpress.com/2009/01/29/the-vienna-mike-plan/

    Feel free to edit, add, delete, mix and match paragraphs in whatever manner suits you. Attribution to this site is unnecessary. This site is written in English and not in Hebrew because it is intended as a textbook, not as a mass forum.

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