A Little History


I am often asked where my vitriol comes from. What is it that the Israeli State has done to me, that I hate it so? Is it just about Amona, just about Gush Katif? Am I a “dead-ender settler enemy of peace” overly upset over Gaza or a “has-been bitter old Revisionist”, still fuming about the Altalena? The answer, dear readers, is that I am a Jew who knows history. The history that you were not taught in school, because the people who wrote what you were told was “history” were all, by and large, blood-drenched murderers and vicious liars whose business for six decades has been to slander the just and whitewash the monsters. It is not just about Gush Katif or Beit HaShalom. It is not about the brutalized children of Amona, nor about the pogrom at Yamit, nor about the Altalena, nor the Season. This is about the Truth. The full, awful, bloody, horrible Truth that has been erased from the history books by the “victors” who wrote them.

The Truth is the reason the Satmar(z”l) declared the Zionists to be spawn of Satan. The Truth is the reason the Haredim rejected the Zionist State even before its founding. The Truth, the full, awful and bloody Truth, is that the leaders of the Labor Zionists, the people who built the State of Israel, were PERSONALLY, DIRECTLY responsible for the Holocaust. With malice aforethought, they rescued Hitler, propped him up when he was weakest, encouraged and indeed gleefully anticipated his atrocities. They actively sought the extermination of the doomed Jewish millions of Eastern and Central Europe. They deliberately sabotaged all efforts to rescue Europe’s Jewry. They robbed the Jews of Germany on their way to the gas chambers. They proclaimed, loudly for all to hear, that only their elite Marxist “remnant” was worthy of salvation and then, deliberately, created a situation in which none but a select few of their choosing could escape. And after the slaughter was over, with the vast majority of witnesses dead and the rest silenced by force or obscurity, these monsters had the gall to cry crocodile tears over those whom they themselves had murdered and to demand in their name a UN resolution to establish the Zionist State! The blood of our brothers cries out from the ground.

And today these same monsters seek to again rid themselves of the inconvenient religious Jew, this time by plotting a Second Holocaust, a Holocaust in Eretz Yisrael itself. But do not take my word for this. Here, instead, is a compilation of FACTS, written by a prominent cultural anthropologist, using as sources the inconvenient documents the whitewashers of history overlooked or even included inadvertently in their own books.

Consider how similar the situation is today to what obtained in the 1930s. The parallels between the hounding of the Revisionists then and the hounding of the Kahanists now, between the death of Arlosoff(y”sh) and the death of Rabin(y”sh), between the Zionist Executive and the Yesha Council, between the murderous schemers of yesterday and the murderous schemers of today, are inescapable. As you read this litany of crimes, dear reader, try not to get physically sick before you make it all the way to the end. And, while you are reading, consider this simple thought: If Zhabotinsky had been half the radical he has been portrayed as, if he and his followers had trusted in the persuasive power of bullets and bombs instead of trying to reach their enemies by using sweet reason and appealing to their nonexistent Jewish souls, history would have been completely different. If, in 1930 or thereabout, a few determined young men and women, acting separately or in concert, had killed David Ben Gurion(y”sh), Chaim Weizmann(y”sh), Stephen Wise(y”sh) and a dozen or so other Zionist enemies of the Jewish People, Hitler would have been killed by his own henchmen in 1933, shot “while attempting to escape” by some bemonocled Junker colonel sent by Hindenburg, or hung by the invading Czech army. There would have been no ghettoes, no death camps and no gas chambers. No Holocaust. Six million Jews and ten million gentiles would not have died. The Second World War might have pitted Stalin’s red hordes in alliance with Japanese neo-samurai against the combined armies of Western Europe and the United States, thus aborting before it began the entire horrid bloodbath-by-proxy we like to term the Cold War. Or, perhaps, there would have been no Second World War at all. The entire history of the twentieth century would have been rendered unrecognizable, yet almost certainly for the better.

It is again 1930.


P.S. Dear reader, as you battle the strange mix of nausea and deadly rage engendered by reading parts 4 and 4.5 of Francisco Gil-White’s compilation of Zionist crimes past and present, consider yet one more thing. Why did the Nazis permit Kastner to go to Klij alone, on merely a brief acquaintance? Why was he trusted not to reveal what he knew, not to attempt to save any of the 20,000 Jews trapped there, only a few miles from safety and guarded only by 20 Hungarians and a single Nazi? Why were they so certain that he would pick out only “his” 388 “special” Jews and send the rest to slaughter? Francisco Gil-White and Ben Hecht are mystified.

Yet they should not be. They should simply go with the evidence at hand. Kastner was trusted implicitly. He was trusted upon mere presentation of credentials. In the world of intelligence, such trust is reserved for representatives of friendly organizations with a long and proven record of cooperative behavior.

There is an enduring mystery about the Holocaust. Why did the vast majority of the 6 million go quietly to their deaths? Yes, a few were extreme pacifists whose misinterpretation of the Three Oaths would cause them to never raise a hand to take a human life, not even in self-defense or in defense of their family. But the vast majority were not. They came from a vast array of confessional streams, most of which had few or no religious difficulties with the concept of violent self-defense. Quite a few were not religious at all. Why would they ALL go quietly? Why would so few resist? Why would the resistance come from Revisionists and petty criminals and street toughs, but not from the mainstream communities? It remains a mystery until you look at the case of Kastner.

Consider this hypothesis: What if Kastner’s was not an isolated case? What if, alongside the Nazis, there existed another organization that orchestrated the slaughter, an organization whose core membership would unquestioningly carry out all orders with the operational discipline, iron party loyalty and contempt for human life, even their own life, that characterizes Marxist fanatics? What if the operatives of this organization commanded positions of authority in virtually every major Jewish community in Europe? What if the leaders of this organization, the men who actually gave the orders and knew the “big picture” in the name of which their robotic followers would mindlessly obey even to the sacrifice of their own lives, had been in cahoots with Hitler from the start? And what if these leaders ensured, time after time after time after time, that the Jews of Europe would hear soothing words and empty promises from people they implicitly trusted, from people who supposedly had their interests at heart?

After all you have read, does this seem so completely implausible? Or will a future generation of historians digging through Zionist and Nazi records find receipts for dental gold from Auschwitz among the finances of Mapai and the Jewish Agency? And if, Heaven forefend, a Second Holocaust comes to pass, will they also find receipts for Islamic petrodollars among the finances of today’s Zionist leaders?

18 Tishrei, 5770


4 Responses to “A Little History”

  1. sk Says:

    “After all you have read, does this seem so completely implausible?”

    Mike, I’m sorry, but I don’t think much of Gil-White. I read his stuff, and it seems clear that he mixes unsupported conjectures with well established facts with abandon.

    I do find this take on the Israeli founding fathers implausible. I do not doubt that some Jews were preferred to others. I do not think that Ben Gurion and the bunch had any problem with killing Jewish opponents. But that’s not what Gil-White is saying. I also have no trouble believing that rabbis in Europe were as corrupt and wedded to their own petty power as $hade$ Yosef and the Lithuanian moneybags Elyashiv. The RESULT might look like a conspiracy without the individuals conspiring. But you know this.

  2. Vienna Mike Says:

    You are entitled to your opinion, SK. But in this case, I think his conjectures are reasonable. I grew up under Communism. I know the level of bloody-minded ruthlessness the communists are capable of. If Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot could murder millions of their own people in the name of their communist utopia, why couldn’t Ben-Gurion? Certainly they sabotaged the 1933 boycott. They also sabotaged efforts to rescue the Jews of Hungary. The issue at hand is the precise mixture of greed, stupidity and evil that made them do this. Was it mostly greed and stupidity or mostly evil and greed? I don’t know. But I cannot discount the latter possibility.

    I do not think that there was an explicit agreement with the Nazis as a whole. THAT would have come out in the wash after the War. But I can see how the Zionists’ open contempt for the religious Jews of Europe and their desire for international legitimacy could engender an atmosphere in which a kind of de-facto alliance existed on the ground, much as the current alliance between the Zionists and the Moslems.

    This having been said, you are correct about the greed and pettiness of religious mis-leaders. But the fact that this beet is also part of the stew does not make the Zionists’ actions any less repugnant.

  3. W Says:

    More early Zionist material on the Transfer Agreement from a more reputable source:

    Here’s another example of early Zionist racial ideology:

  4. Vienna Mike Says:

    Indeed, W, the more you dig the more you shall find and the uglier it will all seem. Once the Zionists rejected the Holy Torah as the foundation of our identity, they had no choice but to echo proto-Nazi propaganda and invent a Jewish “race”. From this crime, all their sins flow even unto today, including the wellspring of treason and defeatism among their own children. I wrote about this at length in a post entitled “What Zionism Wrought”, but it bears repeating. Unless we build a Jewish State based on the Holy Torah to replace the Zionist State built on racism and delusions, the Second Holocaust will certainly come to pass. The Zionists will see to it, whether deliberately or inadvertently.

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