The Boundaries of Medinat Israel


I was recently asked “what should the boundaries of the Zionist Entity be”? Well, dear reader, in an ideal world, the answer would be “None. It should not exist. The Land belongs to the Jews, not to the Israelis.” But we do not live in an ideal world. Here in the real world, we must make a deal with the Israelis, for we cannot fight them and the Moslems both at the same time.

The truth is, in the immediate term, they have the money but not the beitsim. We have the beitsim but not the money. Therefore, we must use our beitsim to take their money. We must make them a deal they cannot refuse. The Israelis can have the dissolute secular paradise they crave, free of all hostile borders, all responsibilities and all concerns, as long as they but keep their end of the bargain and pay good coin to the warriors of Medinat Yehudah who guard their drug-addicted ghetto. So let us draw them a border we can live with.

Drive to Ashdod, dear reader. Start just north of the city, where the Eshkol power station sits by the sea. Get on route 41 and drive west, past Gedera Junction, where 41 turns into 7, all the way to the intersection just north of the Sorek Interchange, where 6 meets 7 on its way north. That is the southern border. Turn left and drive north, up route 6. Get off at the Eyal Intersection and work your way back down south. Stop at the gas station just outside Nir Eliyahu. This is where the eastern border leaves route 6. From here, work your way back toward the coast on local roads until you get to route 4. At the Batsra Interchange, start driving north again until you reach Hadera. Skirt the eastern edge of Hadera on local roads until you’ve made it to the vicinity of the Hadera East railway station. From here, get on 65 and follow it west, to the Caesarea Interchange. From this point, the eastern border of the Zionist Entity follows route 2 to Haifa. Skirt the city on its eastern side on local roads until you get to Neve Ganim. That is the northernmost point of the Zionist ghetto’s eastern border. From the spot where Sderot Yerushalayim meets the Acre-Haifa road, draw a line straight west to the sea. That is the northern border.

Within these boundaries, you will find the vast majority of Israelis, their homes, their offices, their industries, their places of amusement, all that they ever wanted and needed in our Holy Land. They can have the beach to sun themselves on, the fleshpots of Tel Aviv to masturbate in and Haifa for a port to export whatever it is they manage to make in between shooting dope and schtupping their brains out on the beach. They can have their “Monaco, but with a university instead of a gambling hall”, as the mass murderer Chaim Weizman (y”sh) famously wanted. We must chase them into their ghetto, lock them up and throw away the key. They can rot in there until they die of their own nihilist poison and we inherit whatever fossils they leave behind on their way to join the dodo and the dinosaurs.

This is the maximum permissible extent of the Israeli ghetto. The minimal extent, and the starting point in any negotiations with the Zionists should be Tel Aviv between route twenty and the sea, with the southern border at Rehavam Ze’evi street and the northern at the Glilot Interchange.

All the rest of the Land belongs to US. To the Jews. To Medinat Yehudah. We must take it all, the sooner the better, by any means necessary, before it is too late.

18 Tishrei, 5770


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