Vienna Mike in a Nutshell


One of our talkbackers has recently requested a nutshell encapsulation of the Vienna Mike position. Obviously, such an encapsulation must omit details and nuances. Nonetheless, it is possible to sum up any real political policy in a few short paragraphs. Here are the few paragraphs that summarize what Vienna Mike believes:

The State of Israel is controlled entirely by a secular elite devoid of all Jewish values and Jewish identity. To keep itself in power indefinitely, the elite has created a sham democracy in which deluded citizens go through the motions of voting and the nominal power-holders change chairs, but the actual policies of the State remain unchanged except for cosmetic differences. Regardless of who votes for whom, the same people are still in charge. An excellent example of this is the Oslo process, which was rejected by the voters at every turn, yet advances despite them as politicians elected on anti-Oslo platforms reveal their true colors and perpetuate Oslo the moment they take office.

The elite’s control of the State is threatened by the growing demographic power of the dati leumi sector, whose values are diametrically opposed to the values of the ruling elite. The dati communities have birth rates multiple times greater than the chilonim. The demographics clearly point to a future in which the vast majority of the Jewish citizens of Israel are either haredi or dati leumi. In such a future, the sham of Israeli “democracy” cannot be sustained. The Jews will simply take power from the Israelis, displace the current ruling elite and dismantle the secular state.

In order to preserve its power, the elite must destroy the dati leumi. The Oslo so-called “peace process” was started precisely in order to achieve this goal. By destroying the Jewish communities of Yosh the elite seeks to delegitimize the dati leumi and to drive the core of this sector into expellee camps, where it can be deprived of livelihood, made utterly dependent on the bureaucracy of the State and forcibly secularized the way the Sephardim were in the 1950s.

The policies of the ruling elite clearly endanger the very survival of the State of Israel. The continuation of these policies will result in abandonment of strategically vital territories, bringing even Tel Aviv under Hamas rocket fire. Continuation of Oslo despite growing opposition from the public will render the IDF militarily useless by turning it into a police force concerned primarily with the physical repression of its own people. The perpetuation of the process will demoralize and delegitimize the State of Israel as a whole. As a consequence of its efforts to hold on to its own power and wealth at all costs, the secular elite will, step by step, surrender the State of Israel to the Arabs and launch a Second Holocaust. Anyone who has paid attention can see these trends over the past twenty years. At no time since 1948 has the survival of the Jewish community in Eretz Yisrael been endangered as it is endangered today, thanks to the Oslo “peace process”.

In the face of this threat, the dati leumi community can do one of three things. It can acquiesce in the continuation of Oslo and thereby commit mass suicide. It can attempt to take over the State of Israel by force and be massacred. Or it can launch an armed struggle to establish a separate Jewish State, Medinat Yehudah, that will not threaten the Israelis but will instead protect them from the surrounding Islamic world. The armed struggle to establish Medinat Yehudah will be the most difficult such struggle in history. Yet there exists no alternative.

In order to establish Medinat Yehudah, the dati leumi community must:

1. Develop an identity independent of the State of Israel and proselytize it as widely as possible among all Jews threatened and disenfranchised by the policies of Israel’s ruling elite (i.e. the vast majority of Jews in Israel).

• The choice must be made clear to all Jews. Either you are a Jew or you are an Israeli. You cannot be both.

2. Treat the Israeli State as no more legitimate than the British Mandate that preceded it.

• Only a Jewish State run according to Torah Law can be legitimate in Eretz Yisrael.

3. Symbolically reject the State of Israel by all available means and forcefully demand self-rule.

• The Israelis already treat us as foreigners. It’s time we returned the favor. Their security forces and government  agencies have no business entering our communities for any reason whatsoever.  Nor should we serve in their army or cooperate with their police.

4. Resist the efforts to destroy Jewish communities by all the methods and means of guerrilla warfare.

• This applies to ALL communities, no matter how small. The blood price for attacking Jews must be paid both by those who who give the orders and by those who obey. They must pay tenfold, a hundredfold and a thousandfold, until they choke on their own blood and cease their pogroms.

5. Establish the military, industrial and agricultural infrastructure of an independent Jewish State able to survive without the Israelis.

• Everything the Jews need, the Jews can produce. Taking Israeli services and goods only perpetuates helplessness and dependence on the Israeli state that is now our enemy. The only things IDF so-called “security” brings us are terrorist attacks and pogroms.  Jewish security forces operating without Israeli interference could put a permanent end to Islamic terrorism in a few months.  The sooner we are self-sufficient, the sooner we can be free.

6. Force the rulers of the State of Israel into a peace process that will result in the creation of a Jewish State.

• When they fear the Jews more than Hamas, they will surrender land to the Jews and not to Hamas.

That is all. All the rest, dear reader, are details. We have before us life and death, Medinat Yehudah and Medinat Israel. Choose life!

P.S. A picture is worth a thousand words. Here is Vienna Mike’s message as a poster or the obverse of a flyer :

Choose Life!

26 Tishrei, 5770


4 Responses to “Vienna Mike in a Nutshell”

  1. User Says:

    Death is spelled with a tav, not a tet. Life is spelled with a chet.

    [VM Replies: You are absolutely correct. This is another reason why this site is not in Hebrew. I have trouble enough spelling in English.]

  2. Bill Says:

    What I still want to know is how you appear so educated and rational and yet put absolute faith in stories about talking snakes, men living inside big fish, and a supposed exodus that archaeology has essentially proven to be fictional.

  3. Vienna Mike Says:

    Bill, dearie, have you ever heard of these things called “allusion”, “allegory” and “parable”? And that leaves off the less obvious explanations. For example, how is a submarine not like a fish in the perception of a man living in the early Iron Age? And if Yonah’s “fish” was really a submarine, does this make his prophecies any less valid?

    One of the signs of being a mature adult is the capacity to admit that there are things that one does not know and there are things that must be taken on faith. More importantly still, the Torah is the foundation of the Jewish identity. In the final reckoning, even if the Holy One Blessed Be He did not exist(ch”v), the Jewish People would still benefit by believing in Him and obeying His law.

    As for archaeology “proving” the Exodus wrong, how pray tell, would it do so given the, er, “flexible” Egyptian method of treating history? Nothing on the scale of the Exodus would EVER be recorded by the Egyptians. They didn’t even properly record the events at Kadesh, and that was a mere bloody nose! A lack of Egyptian accounts of the Exodus is no surprise to anyone who knows anything about ancient Egypt. What we DO have are signs of a tremendous disaster affecting the entire Western Mediterranean at the end of the Bronze Age, correspondence from Canaanite kings desperately begging Egypt for troops to fight invaders from the desert and, a bit later, the Mepheta Stelle calling out Israel by name. We can argue about whether or not the “meah” mentioned in the Torah is really a hundred men or a military unit of some smaller head count (e.g the Roman century had 88 men by regulation and often 40 or fewer in practice.) We can argue the same about the “elef”. This, in turn, can give us vastly different headcounts for the actual number of fighting men mustered by the Jewish People of the day. We can further make various assumptions about the civilian population, producing hugely different numbers for the total people involved. We can argue all kinds of details. But the Exodus was as real as the American Revolution. You remind me of the silly people who called the Iliad a myth, until Schliemann went and dug up Troy.

  4. W Says:

    The letter HE”Y on the flag needs to be changed to a CHE”T as well. is a good Hebrew dictionary. Also, time and expertise permitting, this site would be best served as a wiki. (Table of Contents, User Comments, etc.) You can even wikify your current wordpress site with a plugin. And simple vector graphics are probably the way to go.

    [Vienna Mike replies: I originally thought about using the Chai on the flag, but ultimately settled on Hey-Yud because it is an allusion to one of the names of Hashem. It also happens to stand for “Hashem Yimloch”, which nicely encapsulates the form of government Medinat Yehudah should establish, namely a Torah REPUBLIC, where only Hashem is King and everyone else is an elected official. And, yes, if you squint it still looks like a Chai.

    But lately I am beginning to tilt back towards using the Chai as a symbol. It has better impact overall and, very usefully, it cannot be banned by the Israeli government. What are they going to do, arrest every kid with a Chai necklace?]

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