Dissent in the Army


As anyone who has paid attention to what is happening in the Holy Land knows, the discontent being felt by the Jewish youth of the Holy Land over ongoing pogroms and other antisemitic repressions is beginning to find its way into the army. Indeed, it is a measure of how completely the dati leumi community is enthralled by suicidal achdut propaganda that it took twenty years of Israeli escalation, atrocity piled upon atrocity, before a tiny number of brave young Jews began to protest in a manner that truly concerns the Israeli ruling elite. The same elite that sent black-suited thugs to beat and molest Jewish children at Amona is now up in arms over a few signs.

And instead of backing these heroic young men in their struggle, the “rabbis” of most hesder yeshivot and mechinot are counseling their young charges against resistance. These are the same “rabbis” who deliberately sabotaged the effort to save Gush Katif.

Consider the depth of the treachery perpetrated by these modern-day Korachs! They acquiesce in the surrender of Hashem’s Holy Land to the enemies of Hashem. They urge Jewish youth to obey patently illegal orders. In short, they actively help Hamas. They facilitate the preparations for a Second Holocaust.

They justify this, first, by the ridiculous assertion that an order of the government must be obeyed even if it goes against the Torah. Secondly, they invoke the specter of “chaos”, claiming absurdly that soldiers must obey orders under any and all circumstances. They do these things, in reality, not out of any conviction in either of these pathetic arguments, but out of obedience to their Israeli paymasters.

Any real rabbi knows full well that an order that violates the Torah cannot be obeyed. The Law of Hashem overrides the worthless babbling of earth-bound worms, no matter what fancy titles said worms claim for themselves. This point is so obvious and clear that we need not even consider it further. Anyone who desires further discussion of this obvious truth can consult the writings of the Holy Martyr Rebbe Meir Kahane (z”l, h”y”d).

The second point raised by the betrayers of Gush Katif is likewise laughable. “Befehl ist Befehl “, as a defense, went out with the Nuremberg Trials. If these “rabbis” claim that soldiers are to obey orders at all times, regardless of the legality of said orders, how do they dare criticize the Holocaust? The Nazi rank and file only followed orders, like good German automatons! What’s good for the goose is good for the gander! And if these “rabbis” do not condemn the Holocaust, then what kind of rabbis are they?

But the true depth of the pseudo-rabbis’ perfidy, the true evil of scum like “rabbi” Druckman and “rabbi” Amar is evident not from the instant refutation of their laughable claims, but in the reason the Israeli ruling establishment is beside itself with hysteria over a couple of hand-painted signs. The traitor “rabbis” know full well that which is obvious to the Israeli elite. The young men who raise the signs know it too, in their hearts, but they cannot articulate it consciously.

THE DATI LEUMI COMMUNITY HAS ABSOLUTE VETO POWER OVER ALL ACTIONS OF THE ISRAELI STATE. The very existence of the State of Israel is dependent on the continued loyalty of the kippot srugot.

Consider, dear reader. Two thirds of Israel’s combat arms soldiers wear knitted kippot. The IDF is a conscript army, but one must VOLUNTEER for the combat arms. It is true that any shortfall in volunteers is made good by involuntary conscripts, but it is the strong core of volunteers that makes the combat arms units effective. Deprived of this core, the units, even if filled to nominal paper strength, would be nearly worthless. There is a world of difference between a volunteer proud to risk his neck for his country and an involuntary conscript who is only serving because he couldn’t dodge the draft. When the involuntary conscript is surrounded on all sides by proud volunteers, he will perform as well as they, for most men have their pride and do not want to appear weak and cowardly in front of their peers. But if the same conscript is surrounded only by those like him, he will feel no such compulsion. He will shirk, mope, malinger, break, run and desert, the choice of actions being dictated by circumstances and the group instinct of a mob of demoralized slaves whose only dream is to escape the lash.

Now, a few more basic facts. Under ordinary circumstances, all other things being nominal, a military unit is considered combat ineffective when it has lost one third of its personnel. Israel’s regular military service length for men is three years. This means that, under normal circumstances, on the order of one third of the army is replaced every year with new troops. If the dati leumi were to refuse military service en masse, even for a single year, the IDF would be brought to its knees.

Now, a refusal by a small section of the dati leumi community could be made good. If necessary, the proportion of involuntary conscripts in the ranks of the combat units can be increased. Push come to shove, some operations can be cut back, others run with fewer troops, yet others cancelled. If absolutely necessary, additional incentives can be found to keep a few more soldiers on active duty past their obligatory service time. If no other choice exists, involuntary service length can even be extended. Stop-loss orders can be filed to prevent demobilization of men who have completed their service obligation.

But these are expensive, temporary and ultimately increasingly desperate and self-defeating measures. If the IDF were to experience a sustained and growing shortfall in the number of combat arms volunteers for whatever reason, the Planning Directorate would sound an immediate alarm. The Manpower Directorate would follow suit almost immediately. The next thing you know, the Ramatkal would be barging into the defense minister’s office and demanding that whatever problem is causing the shortfall be rectified forthwith, by any means necessary, lest the IDF literally fall apart. But the rub of the matter is, you CANNOT force a man to VOLUNTEER. You can conscript, you can coerce, you can threaten. But you will not get a volunteer’s performance out of a slave; at least not for long. Yet if the IDF does not get its VOLUNTEERS, it will slowly collapse.

There is no need for violence. There is not even a need for open draft-dodging. All that needs to happen is that the dati leumi young men should, en masse, leave the mechinot and the hesder yeshivot and should enroll instead as full-time yeshiva students, thereby qualifying for the exemption that is already being used for near-total service refusal by the haredi community. They should do this with the proclamation that they will not serve in an army that expels Jews from Jewish land and that, since they have been forced to choose between the IDF and the Torah, they choose the Torah.

It is THIS that the Israeli ruling elite is terrified of. The kids raising the banners on IDF bases do not know this. But the adults, the Druckmans and the Amars, DO. They SHOULD be leading the struggle. They SHOULD be standing up and instructing every draft-eligible Jewish youth in the Land to immediately enroll full time in the yeshiva, apply for the draft exemption and refuse to report for induction even if the exemption is not granted. They SHOULD be publicizing the reason for the refusal. They SHOULD be shouting it from the rooftops. They SHOULD be organizing marches, petitions, mass oath-taking ceremonies wherein huge numbers of young men in knitted kippot swear upon the Torah to refuse IDF service until all antisemitic atrocities stop, until the yishuvim of Yosh are given full autonomy, permitted to provide their own security as they see fit and allowed to build freely without any government interference whatsoever. They SHOULD be going to jail for sedition, along with their young charges. They SHOULD, in short, be challenging the State of Israel, forcing it to submit to the Law of the Holy Torah on pain of death. They SHOULD be holding firm despite the desperate brutality the Israelis will unleash in response to such a threat. They should, in short, dangle the sword of Damocles over the heads of the Israeli ruling elite, grab the Israelis by the beitsim and squeeze ever harder until the Israeli State comes crawling on all fours to kiss the sandals of our Jewish youth and beg for mercy.

Yet they do precisely the opposite, as they did at Gush Katif. They cooperate with the pogromschiks. They not only refuse to explain the reality of the situation to the young men, much less take charge as a rabbi should and lead the struggle, but they actively conceal the enormous power of the Jewish community from the Jewish youth!


For pay, these “rabbis” are sabotaging preemptively the inchoate effort to correct the course of the State of Israel before fratricidal violence becomes absolutely necessary. By so doing, the Druckmans and the Amars are preemptively committing murder. The blood of all the future victims of Islamic terror, who will die as direct consequence of surrendering territory to the Moslems, as well as the blood of all the Jews and all the Israelis who will die in the inevitable armed struggle for Jewish self-determination in the Holy Land, is on their hands as much as it is on the hands of the Israeli elite that provides these malshinim with their parnassah. They are murderers. Knowing, willful, DELIBERATE murderers. And they should be labeled as such.

2 Kislev 5770


7 Responses to “Dissent in the Army”

  1. General Raoul Salan Says:

    Now, now Mikey, if I was a Nazi, wouldn’t I advocate the Arabs kicking Jewish butt? As it is, I support the Hanania Plan for solving the Israeli-Arab conflict. Hanania self-identifies as a Palestinian-American comedian and is running for President of Palestine (not that he expects to win…). Here’s his plan:

    1. I support two-states, one Israel and one Palestine. As far as I am concerned, I can recognize Israel’s “Jewish” character and Israelis should recognize Palestine’s “non-Jewish” character.

    2. I oppose violence of any kind from and by anyone. I reject Hamas’ participation in any Palestinian government without first agreeing to surrender all arms and to accept two-states as a “final” peace agreement. But I also reject allowing Israeli settlers to carry any weapons and believe Israelis must impose the same restrictions on them.

    3. I can support some settlements remaining – given the reality of 42 years of time passing – in a dunam-for-dunam land exchange. If Ariel is 500 dunams with a lifeline from Israel, then Israel gives Palestine 500 dunams in exchange.

    4. Jerusalem should be a shared city and Palestinians should have an official presence in East Jerusalem. The Old City should be shared by both permitting open access to the city to all with a joint Palestinian-Israeli police presence.

    5. Palestinian refugees would give up their demand to return to pre-1948 homes and lands lost during the conflict with Israel. Instead, some could apply for family reunification through Israel and the remainder would be compensated through a fund created and maintained by the United States, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia and the United Nations.

    6. I also think Israelis should find it in their hearts to show compassion and offer their apologies to Palestinians for the conflict.

    7. I support creation of a similar fund to compensate those Jews from Arab lands who lost their homes and lands, too, when they fled.

    8. I think the Wall should be torn down, or relocated to the new borders. I have no problem separating the two nations for a short duration to help rebuild confidence between our two people.

    9. All political parties, Palestinian and Israelis, should eliminate languages denying each other’s existence, and all maps should be reprinted so that Israeli maps finally show Palestine and Palestinian maps finally show Israel.

    10. A subway system should be built linking the West Bank portion of the Palestine state to the Gaza Strip portion of the Palestine State. Palestine should be permitted to build a seaport access to strengthen its industry, and an airport to permit flights and too and from the Arab and Israeli world.

    11. I would urge the Arab World to renew their offer to normalize relations with Israel if Israel agrees to support the creation of a Palestinian State.

    12. And I would ask both countries to establish embassies in each other’s country to address other problems.

    13. While non-Jewish Palestinians would continue to live in Israel as citizens, Jews who wish to live in settlements surrendered by Israel could become Palestinian citizens and they should be recognized and treated equally.

    14. If Jews want to live in Hebron, they should be allowed to live in Hebron and should be protected, just as non-Jews. In fact, for every Jewish individual seeking to live in Palestine, a Palestinian should be permitted to live in Israel. In fact, major Palestinian populations in Israel could be annexed into Palestine (like settlements).

    15. Another concept is to have non-Jews living in Israel continue to live there but only vote in Palestinian elections, while Jews living in Palestine would only vote in Israeli elections. A special citizenship protection committee could be created to explore how to protect the rights of minorities in each state.

    16. Israel and Palestine should create joint-governing and security agencies working with the United States to monitor the peace, and establish an agency to pursue criminal acts of violence.

  2. Vienna Mike Says:

    Give me a break, “general”. I know where else you hang out.

    However, I do change my assessment of you. You are not a stupid Nazi but a fairly clever one, with poor self-control. Your “peace plan” is very funny, as befits a plan written by a comedian. Besides pointing out that it is against the Holy Torah and thus a non-starter, the simple way to shoot it down is to point out that it was offered, almost verbatim, by Ehud Barak to Arafat. In response, Arafat started another intifada.

    If the Moslems wanted peace, they would have had it long ago. Every peace plan and peace conference from the Peel Commission onward has been accepted by the Jews and rejected by the Moslems. In this we Jews should take eternal shame, for we permitted weak and faithless compromisers to lead us. It is also to the eternal credit to the Moslems, whose leaders have been unflagging in faith and dedication. The Moslems want not peace, but to worship Allah through Jihad. Islam commands them to conquer the world, enslave all non-Moslems and exterminate the Jews. It is about time we matched the Moslems faith for faith, Torah against Koran, Milchemet Mizvah against Jihad, from now until the coming of Mashiach, may it be speedily in our times.

    But you already know all this. Your only goal is the same as that of every other enemy of the Jewish People — you want to kill us off. But unlike most chiloni sheeple, sane Jews who hang out on this site know that any “nice” goy who “reasonably” advocates some kind of equivalence between the Divine Right to the Land possessed by the People of the Covenant and the outrageous claims of a few goyshe squatters styling themselves “Palestinian” is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Funny, isn’t it, how before 1967, the Jews were called “Palestinian” and the Arabs kept claiming that “There is no Palestine” and that “Palestine is historically part of Greater Syria”? No one here is fooled.

    The only peace plan that is feasible involves one side exterminating the other. The Holy Torah tells me which side should be exterminated. The Unholy Koran tells the Moslems which side should be exterminated. I believe in the Holy Torah. They believe in the Unholy Koran. End of story.

    The Israelis, on the other hand, believe in nothing except satisfying their own animal desires. This is why they are destined to lose, either to us Jews or to the Moslems. The difference from the Israelis’ point of view is that we will permit them to live and even allocate for them a reservation wherein they can practice their perverted lifestyle, whereas the Moslems will simply exterminate them.

  3. General Raoul Salan Says:

    “Give me a break, “general”. I know where you hang out.”

    Give ME a break! Are you hiding under my bed or something? You don’t know me at all!

  4. sk Says:

    Oh, so the “general” is back.

    I understand why you are so sympathetic to Muslims–their ideology (Islam) is similar to your own Nazism. Why on earth would any sentient Jew waste time with “peace plans” when Islam does not permit peace with the unbeliever? As I recall, the most that is permissible is a “truce” for a maximum of 10 (9?) years, and this for the sole purpose of rearming.

    Now get back to Stormfront.

  5. General Raoul Salan Says:

    It must be nice to just assume things. Unless you have proof that I subscribe to Nazi sites or have praised Hitler. Put up or shut up!

  6. Vienna Mike Says:

    General, you bore me. Go back to your friends on majorityrights. I especially love the hilarious discourse about the evil Jewish “plot” out there to “genocide the white races”. The “theory of Jewish virulence” is also great. And the stuff about Jew Communist Neocon Intellectuals rotting Western culture is even funnier. Especially when contrasted with the reality that the suicidal Jewish left has spent its entire history from the days of Marx on hating the Jewish People, denying the Torah, trying to pretend it is not Jewish and seeking some way to assimilate in order to get away from the antisemites, even if it had to completely destroy the foundations of every identity in Western civilization in order to do it. The very first people the Soviet comissars sent to their death camps were Jews — the rabbis and Jewish intellectuals who told them all those inconvenient things they so hated to hear. And when they themselves ended up in the camps they had built, these people had the gall to act surprised!

    Every escalation of antisemitism created more assimilationist lemmings bent on destroying all identities so no one would call them dirty kikes anymore. And every time it didn’t work, the lemmings tried a new approach and a new generation of them tried harder than the previous. Instead of the evil conspiracy of your demented imagination, the real actions of a myriad independent actors desperately seeking their own narrow self-interest created the situation where the Ten Commandments are banned from public life while school children read about gay penguins and learn that sticking a bone in your nose is just as much of a civilizational achievement as putting a man on the Moon.

    So congratulations, the actions of your ilk have brought Western civilization where it is today.

    Maybe when you grow enough of a brain to realize that everything that ails the West is fruit of its own actions and that an entire nation is incapable of carrying out any kind of conspiracy, I will take you seriously.

  7. sk Says:

    I’d forgotten about the gay penguins.

    General, in addition to the suicidal Jewish Left, Jews have contributed intellectuals like von Mises and the mostly Jewish Austrian School who are core anti-leftists. In fairness, though, you Nazis have so much in common with the Communists that you should stop complaining about Marx the Jew. The Communists of Hitler’s time easily jumped ship to the Nazis, and your type goes the other way just as easily.

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