The Wonderful Building Freeze


Bibi Netanyahu is a Medinat Yehudah activist.

On the face of it, this is an outrageous statement. Yet it is true. If Vienna Mike had to invent a single policy that would prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that there exists not an iota of difference between the British Mandatory Government of 1938 and today’s State of Israel, he could not have invented a better policy than the one currently being promulgated by the Israelis. If Vienna Mike could find the one surefire way to prove to even the densest mamlachti chamor that the IDF is a foreign army of occupation that has no business on Jewish land, no better way could possibly be found than to openly use IDF resources in order to map the extent of Jewish communities in the Holy Land with an eye to immediately strangling them. If Vienna Mike could pick one gesture that would underline the fact that the State of Israel is an illegitimate colonial occupier who must be resisted in the same manner that the British imperialists were resisted, certainly nothing could top sending Israeli Civil Administration officials to take measurements and post cease work orders on every chicken coop and porch in Yosh. Yes, dear reader, short of sending the IDF to massacre a yishuv full of Jews, nothing the Israelis could have done brings the point home quite like what they are doing.

After all, what difference is there now between the British of yesteryear and the Israelis of today? The British sent their army to beat Jews with clubs. And so do the Israelis. The British went around forcibly disarming Jewish communities and arresting Jews for the “crime” of self-defense. The Israelis have done the same for years. The British Army provided fake “security” that only facilitated Arab terrorism. And the IDF does the same. The British brought Hajj Amin al-Husseini from exile and installed him as Mufti of Jerusalem. The Israelis brought Arafat from exile and installed him as sovereign overlord in Ramallah. By refusing to take action, the British facilitated the activities of the Mufti’s band of thugs. And now the IDF does the same with Fatah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad, not to mention Hezbollah. Even al-Qaeda is establishing itself in Gaza, with the help of food, fuel and electricity provided by the State of Israel. The Israelis have even done one better than the British. They collect exorbitant taxes from the Jewish population in order to give the money directly to the Islamic terrorists, in the form of transfers to the PA.

And now comes the coup de grace! Not content with half-measures, the British moved from passive repression to active by issuing White Papers to bar Jews from the Land. And now the Israelis also issue White Papers to bar Jews from the Land! The British sought to hand the entire Land to the Arabs, in contravention of their own mandate. Who now doubts that the Israeli State, which was likewise established with the mandate to revive the Jewish Homeland in the Holy Land, also seeks to hand the entire Land to the Arabs in contravention of the very purpose for which it was established?

Take away the uniforms and the flags. Simply compare policies. Even a five year old child would tell you – the policies are the same. The goals are the same. Why should not the response be the same? The Etsel and the Lehi took up arms against the British in response to the White Paper. And so should we take up arms against the Israeli State.

Now, there are some chamorim bli da’at who will still persist in seeing the IDF not as a foreign army of occupation but as their “Jewish” army, who will still insist with truly monumental stubbornness that it is “the government”, or America, or Bibi or Barak or whoever and whatever else, and not the Israeli State as a whole that it responsible for this latest outrage. We Jews succeed marvelously at every mental endeavor. None could be so ignorant and stupid as a Jew determined to remain ignorant and stupid. None could be so willfully blind as a Jew determined to remain willfully blind. Dear readers, those willfully blind, stubborn donkeys are dead wood. Ignore them and push on. Speak to the youth. Speak to those whose eyes are opening. Tell them – there is no difference between the British and the Israelis, between the Mandate and the State of Israel, between the British Army and the IDF. They are both foreign colonialist entities. Just as we expelled the British from our Land, it is now time to expel the Israelis.

Dear reader, there is no better form of advocacy for Jewish independence and armed struggle than the policy of the Israeli government. The Israelis are so actively and openly pushing the Jews toward an armed struggle for independence that one could almost suspect that they are doing this deliberately. After all, do you really think that the Israelis are complete idiots? Do you really think that they WANT a giant terrorist rocket launching pad within a few kilometers of Ben Gurion Airport? Do you really think that they do not know that the same rockets that have for years fallen on Sderot and Ashkelon will fall on Tel Aviv the moment the IDF withdraws from Yosh, unless there is a Jewish security force there to replace the IDF?

The Israelis are desperate. They want to be rid of the Arabs and they want to be rid of the Jews. All they want is the peace to lie on their beaches, do drugs and masturbate. Consciously or unconsciously, the Israelis are pushing the Jews ever harder, prodding them like a reluctant donkey to take the one path that will ensure that the Israelis get their peace, the Jews get their Land and security, and the Ishmaelite Bnei Amalek get what they deserve. And when the Jewish donkey gets stubborn and resists, the Israelis up the voltage on the cattle prod.

So, dear reader, don’t you worry about those whose mamlachti skulls are so dense that even this latest atrocity does not penetrate them! The Israelis will send the IDF to massacre a yishuv full of Jews soon enough! You just wait! First, of course, they will precipitously withdraw their IDF kapos from some unprepared suburb full of naïve mamlachti morons and let the Arabs massacre all while the IDF stands by and watches the way the British stood by and watched the massacre of the Hadassa Convoy. But after that, when even massacres by proxy fail to have the desired effect, they will send their hand-picked groups of leftists and goyim to actually crush yishuvim with tanks. If necessary, they will hoist Jewish babies up on bayonets and throw pregnant Jewish women out of windows. They will get the Jewish donkey to move, whether it wants to or not, by any means necessary. They have no other choice.

Dear reader, the Israelis will do whatever they have to do to goad you and all your neighbors into demanding an independent Jewish State with arms in hand. After all, Medinat Yehudah is the only chance of survival not just for the Jews, but also for the Israelis. And the Israelis know it.

14 Kislev, 5770

From a hilltop, watching the dominoes fall


2 Responses to “The Wonderful Building Freeze”

  1. Sassover Says:

    A bird chirped in my ear that it is not true that 50% of combat units are Datim. But I have seen this said in many places. Is it true or not? Are most of the advanced units chilonim? What are the real stats?

    I have also heard that there are chilonim lining up to fill these spots and positions of higher authority in the army if the army becomes skeptical of datim and refuses to take them anymore (ie, say that they “shut down” the hesder yeshivot or too many religious soldiers refuse to expel Jews and they just promote chilonim and leftists more instead). Chilonim are just waiting to jump at these chances. This person lamented the fact that “kiruv” opportunity could be lost, by eliminating the rightwing/dati presence. On TV religious Jews are presented as alien creatures. Is it true that the IDF doesn’t need the datim? And if so, assuming they started blocking them for refusing to carry out illegal orders to expel Jews, who cares about kiruv anyway? Isn’t the refusal more important?

  2. Vienna Mike Says:

    As of two years ago, as per the IDF spokesman as quoted in the Jerusalem Post, 66% of combat arms soldiers in the IDF wore knitted kippot, as did 33% of combat arms officers. Last year’s class of officer trainees was 50% dati leumi, again as per the IDF spokesman quoted in, I believe, again the Jerusalem Post.

    As for chilonim “lining up” to join combat units, tell me, if they were so eager and so qualified and so numerous, why would preference be given to dati leumi recruits? This having been said, I have no doubt that the IDF will find some way to paper over the gap left by the departure of the Jewish soldiers by replacing them with some kind of inferior troops. Because the departure is not sudden as it would be if the rabbis ordered a mass refusal effective immediately, there is time to hide the growing cracks in the facade under coats of papier-mache and paint. In the meantime, the zonot who call themselves “rabbis” will take their money and lick their masters’ collective tuchus and ensure that there is no sudden mass walkout of religious soldiers. Regardless of what this actually does to the combat qualities of the IDF, appearances will be preserved.

    The war against the Jews is far more important to the Israelis than even their own safety. They have ceased being rational on this subject long ago. Besides, the decision-making elite knows that it can always escape to safety. It’s the ordinary schmuks in South Tel Aviv who will get crushed by Arab tanks, not the Sheinkin crowd.

    However, were the Jews to leave, the prerequisites for a separate Jewish identity at odds with the Israelis will be further strengthened. Once your friends, neighbors and relatives no longer serve in the IDF, it is much easier to consider it as it should be considered — as a foreign army of occupation illegitimately oppressing Jews and occupying Jewish land on behalf of a foreign colonialist power. The first step to self-liberation is self-definition.

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