Business as Usual


Despite the ever escalating Israeli brutality and oppression against the Jewish People in Eretz Yisrael, it is business as usual in Lemmingland. The roshei yeshivah for the hesder yeshivot met and issued a toothless statement disavowing all real action, affirming the legitimacy of the IDF, condemning all protest against IDF participation in pogroms and promising to “work” toward reinstating Har Bracha into the hesder program. Even Eliezer Melamed signed this treasonous declaration, proving once again that he who pays the whores calls the tricks.

In the face of leaked OFFICIAL OPERATIONS ORDERS showing that the IDF is preparing to crush the yishuvim of Yosh with tanks and forcibly disarm them, then egg on the Israelis’ Moslem allies and watch the slaughter with glee, we have chamorim spitting vitriol in defense of the “holy” IDF, while various members of the Knesset issue bombastic and meaningless statements.

We have more chamorim putting their trust in Feiglin, as if, even if he is permitted to take control of the Likud, permitted to assume the office of Prime Minister and not simply shot by the Shabak, Feiglin will not discover that he is powerless in the face of the Bagatz, the Israeli prosecutor’s office with its tramped-up charges, the kapo mafia that controls the police, the IDF and the Shabak, and the solid block of antisemites arrayed against him in the Knesset. Perhaps after Feiglin is indicted on trumped-up charges, or after he folds under pressure and sells out his own people the way Begin, Shamir, Sharon (y”sh) and Netanyahu (y”sh) did, these lemmings will wake up. But by then it may be too late.

We have other chamorim calling for no action whatsoever other than giving extra tzedakkah and having a giant pray-in at the Kotel, as if that will do anything other than excite the anger of Hashem and hasten the day when the “holy” IDF flattens Yitzhar and Elon Moreh with airstrikes and artillery fire, killing hapless Jewish lemmings in their hundreds.

And we have yet other chamorim who do not call for any action at all, preferring instead to bury their heads in the sand and call for the shooting of the messenger who dares to point out their exposed arses.

We have the usual canards against Jews who live outside the Israelis’ self-made Auschwitz. We have mindless chanting that the Israeli State is “holy” and that the mitzvah of yishuv haAretz is so great that it makes even demons into angels, that if we just wait long enough “our” government and “our” security establishment will come to their senses. And then we have the hapless whining for a “leader”.

What is it that these people expect? That because of the merits of the likes of Bibi Netanyahu (y”sh), Tzipi Livni (y”sh) and Ehud Barak (y”sh), the mashiach will come floating down from the heavens amid a choir of angels, wave a Harry Potter wand and set everything aright without our having to lift a finger?

We all know what needs to happen. We all know that the banner of Israel needs to be torn down, spat upon, trampled and burned and the banner of Judah needs to be raised in its place. We all know that the Israeli so-called security forces need to be chased away from Jewish communities with rocks, curses and garbage, and stronger means if these do not suffice.

We all know that the Jews must institute a total boycott of the IDF, walk away from it en masse and demand that all IDF forces except for a newly formed Yosh Army Corps be withdrawn from Yosh. We all know that the new force must be an all-arms unit with its own integral attack helicopter regiment, its own transport helicopters, tank brigades, mechanized infantry, light infantry, artillery, air defense and support troops all the way up to and including depot maintenance, all located in Yosh. We all know that all equipment and supplies for this formation, both its active components and its reserve components, must be stored in Yosh. We all know that all officers in this new unit, especially including the commander, must be residents of Yosh approved by the people of Yosh through their duly elected representatives. We all know that Jews should not serve in any other IDF formation and, until this formation is officially created, boycott the IDF in all aspects, refraining from so much as having a civil conversation with an IDF kapo, much less selling them goods or joining their outlaw gang of green-suited pogromschiks.

We all know that it is time to stop recognizing the legitimacy of Israeli direct rule over occupied Medinat Yehudah, stop using Israeli courts, stop paying Israeli taxes and send Israeli local officials packing from every Jewish town and village.

We all know that it is time and past time to partition Israeli-occupied Medinat Yehudah into electoral districts and hold elections to choose local officials as well as a Regional Council, a Rabbinical Judicial Council and a Chief Executive. Once these officials are seated, they should be treated as the government of Judah, regardless of what the Israelis say or do.  If they are imprisoned, then let them govern Judah from Israeli prison until they can be exchanged for Israeli officials imprisoned by agents of the Jewish People.  And if they are harmed, then let Israeli officials be harmed in retaliation.

The Chief Executive and the Rabbinical Council can then select local and regional judges, establishing a Jewish court system to replace the Israeli courts. The Regional Council can establish appropriate taxes in order to provide for the common defense, pay for governance and establish the infrastructure for national self-sufficiency. The Chief Executive can appoint officials to the Regional Administration, establish the Regional Police and aid the local officials in the establishment of the Local Police and the Local Police Auxiliary Forces. Officials can go abroad to raise funds in an official capacity on behalf of the Autonomous Government of Free Judah. And we all know where things go from there.

Yes, these activities are defined under Israeli law as treason and sedition. Yes, the formation of an armed alternative to the IDF is a violation of a Basic Law punishable by the death penalty. Yes, the Israelis will demolish, arrest, imprison, beat, rob, rape and murder. But they will do this anyway. They are already doing it and, as their own official plans show, they are preparing to do far worse. The difference is that these activities will now be obvious acts of a foreign occupier defying the will of a sovereign People in its own Land. And once things are cast in this clear light, it will only be a matter of time before the Israelis have no choice but to leave. Within twenty years, they will all be locked up in their ghetto in Gush Dan and we Jews will be living securely in a country of our own, the first Jewish State in the Holy Land in two thousand years.

The so-called “leaders” of the dati leumi community have a choice. They can sit on their duffs and continue with business as usual or they can stand up and use what authority and influence they have to defend the Jewish People from Israeli aggression. Yaakov Katz and Baruch Marzel can shout futilely in the Israeli Knesset with four or five useless mandates, or they can lead the ruling party of Medinat Yehudah. Nadia Matar can lead pointless nature hikes in Israel or she can sit in the government of Judah. Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira and his colleagues can spend their time trying not to get arrested for speaking and writing words of Torah in Israel or they can sit on Judah’s Sanhedrin. David Wilder can raise money for a tiny ghetto under constant attack by Israeli-supported Islamic forces, or he can raise money for a secure and Jewish Hebron, second capital of Medinat Yehudah. David HaIvri can choose to keep his children safe from the Shabak by being a reluctant stool pidgeon in Israel, or he can ensure permanent safety for his children as a member of Judah’s Knesset. Even the likes of Tzvi Fishman and Yisrael Medad can choose between uselessly blathering away about topics of no importance or using their media skills and connections to spread the message of Medinat Yehudah among the Jews of the Holy Land, Jews of the diaspora and sympathetic gentiles alike.

Every single one of them has a choice. And if they choose wrongly, then as with Ester and Mordechai, the Jewish people will be delivered by another means, as Tzvia Sariel and her generation push aside the useless alter kakers and launch the struggle themselves. But if this happens, the current so-called “leaders” of the dati leumi community will have upon their hands the blood of tens of thousands of Jews and Israelis who will die as a result.  And Hashem will judge them for it.

5 Tevet, 5770

P.S. Those who have no understanding of how the Israeli “security forces” routinely operate and why the Jews of the Holy Land are so terrified of them can read all about it in a rare, largely whitewashed but somewhat truthful Jerusalem Post article.

Rest assured, these practices are routine and are far worse than described by Jpost. Understanding this will give you a true appreciation for the heroism of Tzvia Sariel and her friends. It should also give you renewed contempt for those who hide behind the skirts of these teenage girls instead of fighting the Israeli enemy.


7 Responses to “Business as Usual”

  1. someone in the article Says:

    and you can stay wherever you are and keep frothing at the mouth, but doing nothing more. say whatever you want, but at least we are here – Shame shame shame on you!!!!! come to israel and practice what you preach!!!

  2. Vienna Mike Says:

    In case you haven’t noticed, o august leader of the Jewish People in the Holy Land, I AM practicing what I am preaching.

    Since you are here, I presume you finally comprehend precisely where you stand with regard to the State of Israel. Given this, what are YOU doing to bring about Medinat Yehudah? And do not tell me that you are powerless. Remember, when the people sinned in Talmudic times, Hashem punished the Exilarchs. Why? The Talmud tells us — they had a duty to speak, but did not. Their connections, position and authority would have made them heard — but they chose to stay silent.

    No one expects you to be stupid and get yourself killed or imprisoned for no purpose. But you did not get where you are by being an idiot. So embrace Medinat Yehudah and apply the brains you surely possess. Stop asking yourself “How can I reform Medinat Israel?” Ask yourself instead: “How can I take Medinat Yehudah even one step closer to reality?” And do not tell me that you can do nothing. Even the words “Medinat Yehudah” coming from your mouth, in private, to the right ears, can change everything.

    Right now, almost no one takes the idea of Medinat Yehudah seriously. Even the likes of Rav Wolpe are only venting emotion when they talk about establishing a Jewish State independent of the Israelis. They do not believe that it can be done and therefore they REFUSE to do it. But it CAN be done. It MUST be done. You know it must be done or you wouldn’t be here. When even a very large minority, let along a majority, of the dati leumi community begins to understand that we are in a situation of ein brera, Medinat Yehudah will stop being a virtual reality and will become a physical reality. You can make this happen. Not at once, but by working consistently, over time, toward this goal.

    You are a leader. Hashem did not place you where you are so you could watch the Jewish People lose Eretz Yisrael to Amalek. Now get out there and LEAD, dammit!

  3. yonason Says:

    Well, the Rebbe has said that Moshiach would come and help the government, which seems to suggest that the Israeli govt., is going to remain in place, without a revolution. Remember that it was the revolutionaries, the “zealots” who have gotten us in as much trouble as the informers. We need Moshiach. Those two groups have caused more suffering than just about anyone else, so when someone says “Revolt!” I have to ask, “Why?” And that’s especially true now, when what we would be fighting for is as questionably true to Torah as what we are fighting against.

    When to fight is elucidated here, at about 1/3 the way through. It’s when he contrasts Purim with Channukah.

    The problem is that today we are attacked from both directions, so whatever we do will be the wrong thing to do. G-d help us!

  4. Vienna Mike Says:

    WHICH government, Yonason? Have you ever bothered to ask yourself this? And do you remember that the prophecies of the final geula refer to TWO states, Israel and Judah?

    As for sitting on your duff and waiting passively for a miracle, I remind you of the fate of the 6 million, who perished entirely for the horrible sin of failing to fight for Eretz Yisrael when it became physically possible to win the Land back by force of arms and instead choosing to remain in Europe in defiance of Hashem. I refer you also to the part in tractate Shabbat where it is discussed that he who is standing under an unstable wall and hoping for a miracle to prevent the wall from falling on him is not only a fool, but also is actively committing a sin. By claiming that a miracle will save you, you are implying that Hashem is, chas ve shalom, your slave who will do miracles on command for you. This is herecy of the highest order. Short of avodah zarah, murder and incest, there are no greater sins in all of Torah than reliance on miracles. This is why those who rely on miracles are always terribly punished.

  5. Sassover Says:

    The “zealots” who cried and cried for “revolt” such as Menachem Begin and the rest of the Irgun are a major reason there is a Jewish sovereign entity in the Land of Israel today. Without their efforts we could still be unarmed prisoners of british imperialism and arab terror (in a worse way than we are today) or worse, like they predicted, God forbid, we could have been wiped out. In the end, they won over the Jewish masses in Eretz Yisrael, and they forced the British to get out. I’m not sure where the idea comes from that “zealots” always cause problems. Many of our great Jewish heroes were zealots including great Torah scholars as testified in Talmud.

  6. yonason Says:


    I was taught that it depends on the meaning of “Zealot.” It has a positive and negative connotation. According to the positive, the true Zealot is one who acts purely for the sake of Torah. He knows the Halachah, and doesn’t have to think about what he’s doing. On the other hand, one who has to take ANY time to think and make a Cheshbon before he acts is not acting properly. So, using the same word to describe those two total opposites is the problem, because it is confusing.

    Vienna Mike

    I wouldn’t be so quick to accuse the Kedoshim who died in the Shoah of being guilty of any sin, let alone not fighting for Israel when the Halachah, as I’ve been taught, was that we were forbidden to do so, and most Rabbis were against it for that reason. You’re attempts to incite us to violence by appealing to our feelings of what might seem right, regardless of Jewish Law, are what’s dangerous. It not by our might, but Hashem’s, that Israel is now in out hands. Keeping it requires behaving properly, not going off half-cocked based on hysterical and strident rhetoric.

    The Rebbe said what should be done, and nowhere did he advocate what you do. If you follow what he said, and you’ll succeed.

  7. Vienna Mike Says:

    Yonason, you are as wrong as wrong can be. I repeat, I refer you to tractate Shabbat, and the discussion regarding the person who stands under an unstable wall, depending on his merit to protect him. Those who expect to sit on their behinds and daven for miracles are ALWAYS punished, for they are declaring, chas ve shalom, that Hashem is their slave, to do miracles for them on command! Heaven guard us from such awful heresy! Those “rabbis” who claimed that we were not allowed to fight for Eretz Yisrael were answered by the Holocaust itself. Of them it is said in Pirke Avot. “Sages, be careful with your words, lest you lead your students to poisoned waters, and they drink and perish!” What you have been taught is NOT Halachah. It is the Torah of Galut, poison of poison.

    The true Halacha can be found in the Rambam: “In every generation it is the duty of the Jewish People to conquer Eretz Yisrael if they are able…” As for your attempt to bring the Lubavicher Rebbe into the discussion, I suggest you go find a few quotes from the Rebbe regarding the sanctity of Eretz Yisrael and the need to “gather with arms and show by force that this is our Land!” Yes, this is a direct quote.

    Those who have taught you are, at best, ignorant. I suggest you make an effort to learn the real Halacha. You can start with the Rambam, R. Meir Kahane and R. Teichtal. As for the position of the Lubavicher Rebbe, I suggest you go learn it from R. Sholom Dov Wolpo.

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