Milking the American Freierim


Dear reader, as you no doubt well know from previous posts, the so-called “settlements” of Yosh are nothing of the sort. In reality, these are helpless suburbs good for nothing except sucking down Israeli subsidies and utilities, tying down IDF manpower on police tasks and exposing Jews needlessly to Islamic terrorism. For all the pioneer airs put on by the so-called “settlers”, the reality is that those who live in the yishuvim of Yosh are nothing more than hapless, helpless, lazy suburbanites. These people have no desire to defend themselves. Yet they have the gall to complain when Moslems attack them. They cower behind ghetto walls or leave their communities unwalled out of mindless bravado. The lemmings of Yosh cannot be bothered to construct even a minimum of proper fortifications.

When Yitzhar was once again penetrated by Moslem infiltrators this past week, the best the lemmings of Yitzhar could think of was to complain about “security”. Not one of them even considered getting together some HESCO baskets and putting together a proper fortress wall, much less organizing a force to secure such a wall. And when Moslems fire from surrounding vantage points into the paper trailers of Yosh communities, the residents merely patch up the holes, tend the wounded and bury the bodies. Nobody bothers to spend a day or two putting a couple of meters of rammed earth between two plywood walls in order to render a trailer bulletproof.

The list of absurdities goes on and on. Instead of ensuring a food supply for themselves through intensive agriculture, the Yeshite suburbanites import food from Israel. Instead of generating their own electricity, they hook up to Israeli utilities. They cower behind IDF kapos whose only function is to encourage Islamic terrorism. Yet when the Israeli kapos predictably fail to protect the suburbanite ghettoes and openly cooperate with the Moslems, the yeshite response is not the rational reaction of normal people. Instead of throwing the IDF out of town and establishing proper Jewish security forces, these people whine to the IDF generals. Of course, every IDF general wants only to ensure that every last “settler” is killed by Arabs as soon as possible while the IDF maintains plausible deniability. Therefore, no surprise, the whining of the yeshite lemmings does nothing at all to improve the situation. The IDF performs some window dressing operations, marches around to no purpose for a while and goes home. And then the Moslems attack again and the cycle repeats. Yet, though this has been going on for nigh-on 20 years, the lemmings of Yosh have learned absolutely nothing from it.

Now, this theater of the absurd could not, of course, go on for even a day without billions of shekels spent by the State of Israel to keep the lemmings of Yosh quiet by providing for them the comforting illusion of “security”. One is reminded of chickens being fattened for slaughter, blissfully unaware of their impending collective fate even as one after another they end up as chicken soup. Cluck-cluck, says one chicken to the next, too bad about that other guy, but the farmer protects me. He would never let the shohet cut MY throat the way he cut that other guy’s!

But what the average Western reader does not know is that the lemming-squats of Yosh also depend on millions of dollars provided to them by gullible Jews in the United States. Perhaps the most egregious example is the uber-lemmingoid community of Hebron “settlers”, uniquely distinguished by the fact that there is an Israeli kapo for every resident of the Hebron Ghetto, the ultimate in IDF “protection”.

Here is a list of the “projects” these people will be wasting American donors’ money on this year:

• $90,000 – Purchase of New Hebron School Bus

• $80,000 – Dedication of Archeological Gardens or 1 of 7 Machpela “Gardens of Eden”

• $72,000 – Dedication of Adult Outdoor Gym and Park behind Beit Schneerson

• $60,000 – Renovation of the Abraham Avinu Schul

• $50,000 – Sponsorship of Holiday Musicfest at Maarat HaMachpela

• $36,000 – Dedication and Renovation of Entrance to the Avraham Avinu Jewish Quarter

• $26,000 – Dedication of Room in the Beit Hadassah Museum

• $20,000 – Sponsorship of Main Selichot Event

• $18,000 – Sleep Away Camp

• $18,000 – Sponsorship of 1929 Memorial

• $18,000 – Playground or Park (Near Fink House, Beit Hadassah, Gan Elazar and elsewhere)

• $16,000 – Overhaul of Children’s Computer Club

• $15,000 – Renovation of Hebron Gym and Workout Room

• $12,000 – Annual Support of 1 Kollel Family

• $10,000 – Soldier Hospitality Program for 1 year

• $9,000 – Renovation and Renewal of Beit Hadassah Synagogue

• $8,000 – Installation of 12 park benches and sitting areas throughout Hebron

• $7,200 – Renewal of Beit Hadassah Basketball Court

• $7,200 – Air Conditioning, Beit Hadassah Museum

• $5,000 – Dedication of Ambulance Garage

• $5,000 – Supporter’s Plaque in Gutnik Center

• $3,600 – Summer Camp Day Trip

• $1,000 – Adopt a Club

• $500 – Sponsor a mini-vacation for a Hebron Mother

Quite a list, isn’t it? You would think they were living in Brooklyn, or perhaps Monsey. It’s not “pioneering” if you don’t have a gold-plated $700 park bench and a $15,000 gym, right? Now, let’s compare this list to the cost of decently equipping a Jewish militiaman to properly defend Yosh. Just for fun, we will assume that each militiaman’s gear will be purchased retail by individuals in the United States shopping on the internet and that all gear must be good enough to do the job, but as inexpensive as possible beyond that simple requirement. We will also assume that the militiaman comes with 1,000 rounds of ammunition for his rifle.

Here’s what we come up with:

SLR-106-34 rifle.  This is an AK accurate to 1 minute of angle, which is better than a Galil sniper rifle, yet it is as completely indestructible and reliable as any other AK.  — $650

• 12 magazines — $300

Bayonet — $65

• Decent second generation NVD with head mount –$2300

AK night sights.  Yes, these are theoretically for the wrong caliber AK, so the range gradations are all wrong for the 5.56mm NATO round. But the basic infantryman will zero in his sight to 300 meters using the D setting and never needs to move it after that. — $84

Sight Adjustment Tool.  Technically, you only need one per cell and you can make do with one per squad. — $17

Cleaning kit.  You also need a rag, but that’s free — a good-sized piece of an old cotton t-shirt will do  — $19

Bottle of CLP.  You want the 4 oz liquid, not the explosive aerosol can! — $6

e-tool — $10

e-tool cover — $8

LBE suspenders — $20

LBE belt — $20

3-mag ALICE pouch X4 –$42

2 canteens — $6

• 2 canteen covers — $18

Tourniquet — $35

Compression Bandage — $7

Quick Clot Pad — $31

Quick Clot Gauze Wrap — $40

First Aid Pouch X2 –$10

Mini Maglight –$15

Cotton BDU Jacket in OD Green — $25

• Cotton BDU Pants in OD Green — $25

OD Green Cotton Boonie Cap — $10

Camouflage Shemagh — $21

OD Green T-Shirts X 2 — $12

• Good quality belt — $9

Boot socks (6 pair) — $20

• Good quality boots.  This is one item worth every penny, as an infantryman’s life depends on his feet — $120

Polypro — $15

Field Jacket — $54

Watch Cap — $9

Gloves — $20

Poncho — $ 42

Poncho Liner.  For the civilians out there, liner+poncho=big waterproof blanket.  — $34

Sleeping Mat — $14

Large Rucksack — $80

Rucksack Frame and Straps — $90

Bungee cords — $6

• Decent Multitool — $55

Total cost to decently equip a light infantry private militiaman: $4299. A thousand rounds of SS109 ammunition will set us back another $532, for a grand total of $4831, plus shipping and handling.

Now, we can come up with better gear. Every incremental step increases the cost at ever-diminishing payoff, but some of it is worthwhile. We can, first of all, substitute milspec nylon-cotton multicam BDUs, avoiding the glow-in-the-dark poly-cotton ones like the plague even though they are cheaper. We can add moisture wicking T-shirts and high-tech socks. We can replace the field jacket with a multicam gortex parka. We can replace the old-fashioned ALICE gear with high-speed MOLLE from Tactical Tailor. We can get a helmet. Instead of the old-school AK night sights, we can add a picatinny rail and a high quality night vision compatible reflex sight for the AK. We can get much better night vision gear. We can splurge on body armor. But all of this is extra. It’s nice-to-have gear a man could do without in a pinch.

Mind you, if we were to go shopping on e-bay, we could find quite a few of the things our hypothetical militiaman would need at half the prices quoted here. And a front organization constituted as a retailer or a security company could buy everything in bulk direct from manufacturers and wholesalers, making things cheaper still. And who says we have to go shopping in pricey America, when we can, for example, buy our rifles directly from Bulgaria? And, moreover, why do we have to buy finished gear when it can be manufactured from imported raw materials and/or component parts directly in Yosh, were there a will to manufacture it?

Finally, this gear list assumes that our militiaman is a volunteer light infantryman from America, ready to step off the plane and onto the job.  If we assume instead that he is equipped as a bare-bones guerrilla, we can toss out everything except rifle, magazines, bayonet, cleaning kit with CLP, web gear and canteens, a uniform, a pair of running shoes, a sweater, a shemagh, a bandage and a tourniquet for first aid, a rucksack and a poncho with a poncho liner.  This will bring the cost of equipping him down to around $2,000 or less, even at American retail prices.

Granted, a true self-defense force requires some things one cannot buy easily on the American civilian market, like RPG launchers, RPKs and PKs. But if Mexican drug cartels can get these things on the world market, why can’t the lemmings of Yosh either buy or make these things? They obviously have the money, or they wouldn’t be wasting it on $15,000 gyms!

And lest the lemmings protest that they could buy the gear but not pay for a full-time fighting force, note that they are asking for $12,000 per family per year to spend on kollel students. We all know from Pirke Avot that Torah study unaccompanied by labor, in the manner of the haredi heretics, will always come to naught and leads only to sin. Therefore, let the kollel students avoid sin by laboring to fortify and secure their community!

The bottom line is, the lemmings of Yosh can equip every single adult in their communities with every piece of kit necessary to act as a part-time fighter and they can well afford to raise and equip a full-time fighting force to defend their communities from pseudistinian Islamic thugs, all for a fraction of what they spend every year on fripperies and nonsense. Next time the lemmings come to you asking for donations, think carefully of how your money is being spent.

23 Adar, 5770


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7 Responses to “Milking the American Freierim”

  1. Sassover Says:

    Re: Children’s playground, etc…

    Don’t the children need to have a childhood? Or else why would they devote themselves to truth or to any cause we adhere to when they are older, if they are captive and shellshocked and have no childhood? Seems it could cause psychological damage rather than produce healthy proud Jews.

  2. Vienna Mike Says:

    Sassover, there are three issues:

    1) $18,000 for a sandbox and a couple of swings? Really?

    2) The children won’t have a childhood if they are all dead.

    3) The purpose of childhood is to prepare for adulthood. The children of Hebron would be better served by a shooting range and a dojo than a playground.

  3. Sassover Says:

    Why would a sandbox cost 18,000 dollars? People could build their own sandbox practically for free! Yes I completely agree, providing a gynasium for athletics and physical fitness training and self defense (a dojo) would be essential for the children, moreso than a fancy overly-expensive swing or two (which could also be self-built practically for free – in decades past building a swing on a tree or a makeshift basketball hoop was standard practice).

    The only problem is, the Israeli regime prevents the Jews from building anything. Where could they put a shooting range and how?

    Furthermore, the crux of this issue is the following: Arming self-sufficient security forces from within Hebron to protect against the Arabs is clearly a necessity, but how do the Hevron Jews convince the Israeli regime to ALLOW them to do this? Even to purchase and possess/store these materials you mention runs into legal problems or at least the authoritarian double-standard set up against Settler Jews by the Israeli state. They will not allow them to possess such things, much less import them (or test them and build them), walk around wearing them, use Hevron-designed security protocol rather than IDF or Israeli-state engineered protocol, etc etc.

    In what way are the Jews of Hevron able to reach an agreement with the State of Israel on some kind of security arrangement whereby the state butts out and the Jews fend for themselves? The Israeli regime does not want to relinquish its power as “overseer” between Jews and Arabs, no matter what the circumstance, much like the British before them.

  4. Vienna Mike Says:

    How, Sassover? You already know the answer. The same way the “palestinians” were able to convince the Israeli regime to leave Ramallah and Gaza and Jenin.

    First, by seeing themselves as people who are not Israeli and can never become Israeli. Second, by asserting their difference from the Israelis by every possible means. Third, by treating the Israelis as foreigners illegitimately occupying their country.

    The IDF routinely runs from Arab rock-throwers. The IDF will eventually run from Jewish rock-throwers also. A “palestinian” intifada eventually forced Israel into a “peace” process. A Jewish intifada will do the same.

    In other words, by applying the lessons of self-liberation 101.

  5. W Says:

    Regarding the choice of the Arsenal SLR-106:

    Notwithstanding its availability, the AK-108 appears to correct a disadvantage in most of the AK series (the unequal motion which decreases accuracy during rapid fire) with a balanced countermass mechanism with two operating rods.

    While I am not knowledgeable about the combat advantages of 7.62mm rounds, it seems that the 5.56mm round would be more easily attainable in Eretz Yisrael, and this would solve the problem of the AK night sights listed here.

    Aren’t all easily attainable civilian versions of the AK in the USA semi-auto fire only?

    Also, no mention is made of a side arm.
    While it might be unnecessary in many instances, maybe the author could give a quick personal update to ‘every Jew a 22’.

  6. Vienna Mike Says:

    AK-108 equivalents are unavailable in the US and, at any rate, there is no need to mess with perfection. The AK mechanism is fine just the way it is. Kalashnikov designed an assault rifle for real soldiers, not an exhibition rifle for trick shooting. It is indestructible, utterly reliable and, when produced out of good materials by competent workers, accurate to within 1MOA. That is more than sufficient for real-world infantry use. All remaining issues concern ergonomics such as the positioning of the safety, operation with either hand, etc.

    Sidearms are good as backup arms for for SWAT cops and as symbols of authority for officers. They also work well for urban guerrillas who work at close range and need an easily concealable weapon. They are superfluous for frontline infantrymen. Your rifle will not fail if it is an AK. If you want to be able to shoot more, bring more ammunition.

    Full automatic weapons are not readily available in the United States due to the slow erosion of the US constitution under the pressure of would-be tyrants. However, full automatic fire is a luxury in an infantry weapon, not a necessity. At any rate, the point of this blog entry was to show how even the ridiculously overpriced and restricted American retail market can be used to cheaply equip militiamen. Obviously, much better results can be had by those who do more than just by stuff retail in America. If the Jews of Yosh wanted to, they could arm every single adult in their communities virtually overnight. THIS is my point, and nothing else.

  7. Vienna Mike Says:

    W, if you want a sidearm to carry in Eretz Yisrael, you cannot go wrong with a 9mm Glock. Both ammunition and spare parts are readily available. The Glock name speaks for itself insofar as reliability and accuracy.

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