The Martyr Rebbe in His Own Words


While I work on my next blog post, here are a couple of reminders that those who accuse Vienna Mike of “distorting” the words of the Holy Martyr Rav Meir Kahane (z”l, h”y”d) are, at best, misinformed.  The following two clips show hat the Martyr Rebbe’s real position on the key subjects of this blog.  The author mistakently thought that these were taken from the Martyr Rebbe’s last speech, but apparently this is not the case.  The Tzaddik haDor did state eerily similar things shortly before he entered immortality.  Only days before, he had fired the entire board of directors of Kach because the board wished to continue with futile political maneuverings instead of embracing revolutionary struggle.  Behind the Rav, on the right side of the screen, you can see part of the provisional banner of Medinat Yehudah.  Unlike at Rav Kahane’s many prior speeches, the banner of Israel was notably absent in the last year or two of his life.  As, quite often, was the banner of Kach.

Sadly, the Martyr Rebbe had not yet adopted beged ivri before he was murdered, although this initiative would have certainly followed in due course.

Listen carefully to what the Martyr Rebbe has to say.  His holy words reach from beyond the grave to shatter the misconceptions of the foolish and the naive.

For those who visit here using the proper highly anonymous means, here are the youtube links.  Be warned, the viewer count is low and, of course, it’s youtube, with all the security holes this implies.



You can also find many copies of this entire speech by typing “Rabbi Meir Kahane Why Be Jewish” into a google video search.


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2 Responses to “The Martyr Rebbe in His Own Words”

  1. Anon Says:


    The above comments were made at a Kach seminar in America sometime in 1989. They were not from his final speech he gave in New York on November 5th, 1990.

    Here is a video of the Rav speaking 5 days before his assassination. Note that his beard has grayed considerably from the video above.


    Here is a link to the Rav’s speech given on the night of his assassination.

    Note how on that night the Rav started a group called ZEERO, Zionist Emergency Evacuation Rescue Organization. His message of Aliyah was on his lips literally until his dying day.

  2. Vienna Mike Says:

    I stand corrected. I believe that the Rav gave similar answer to the same questions multiple times. As for aliyah, I do not disagree with R. Kahane’s view that the American Holocaust is coming. However, as things stand today, the Israeli Holocaust is likely to come before or during the American. If the Israelis are permitted to destroy the Jewish community in Eretz Yisrael, the Jews of America will have nowhere to run. And trust me, the vast majority of them will run only at the last minute, with nothing but the shirts on their backs.

    As long as the State of Israel remains a self-made Auschwitz, there can be no mass aliyah. I do not view the process of geula as irreversible and, if you read his last book carefully, you will see that R. Kahane took the same message from the story of Bar Kochba that I do — it is possible to go very far down the road to geula only to stumble and fall, producing an awesome national tragedy. The State of Israel is neither holy nor immortal. It is merely a nation state like any other. It may have been created and maintained on a holy “credit” of miracles, but this divine “credit line” may run out any day unless the Jews begin paying back the debt. If we do nothing, the State will inevitably fall.

    Given present circumstances, it is better for the Jews of America to remain in America and use their wealth to support the armed struggle for Medinat Yehudah in Eretz Yisrael. If you read the posted lessons of Self-Liberation 101 carefully, you will see that the new oleh is utterly useless until there is at least a Stage 1 transition. He has no connections in country, he speaks little or no Hebrew, he stands out like a sore thumb. Unless he possesses some truly extraordinary talents, he can be neither a Stage 0 conventional guerrilla nor a Marighella cell member. Worse, his naivete easily causes him to believe the press, believe the sham illusion of Israeli “democracy” and fight AGAINST the very forces he is supposed to fight FOR. At best, he will comprehend instinctively that something is wrong and that armed struggle is needed, but he will waste his efforts on the wrong targets or even on innocents. He cannot produce usable propaganda either.

    Look at Yaakov Teitel’s one-man campaign and you will see the best that a new oleh can do. Irrelevant and sometimes innocent targets, leaflets written in illiterate, barely comprehensible Hebrew, and, in the end, zero results.

    When American Jews come to Eretz Yisrael to fight, they should come as volunteers to an organization ready to integrate them into the ranks, supply them, arm them if necessary and provide them with ideological, tactical and strategic direction.

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