An Orderly Partition


It seems that a day does not pass nowadays without some new outrage from Israel’s so-called “security forces”.  Jews are all but lynched within spitting distance of the Kotel and the Israeli so-called “police” do nothing.  A mob of Moslems pelts Beit Schneerson with rocks and the IDF “defenders” ostensibly charged with protecting it run away at once.

Troops are sent to guard a bunch of Moslem squatters while the latter work stolen Jewish land within a stone’s throw of Yitzhar.  Taking advantage of the circumstances, some of the Moslems attempt a terrorist attack.  Two are shot and killed by the IDF.  The Israelis put their own soldiers on trial for having the temerity to shoot live ammunition at homicidal maniacs swinging deadly edged weapons.  The wisdom of sending the IDF to guard thieves who usurp Jewish land is never questioned.   The concept that no sane set of rules of engagement can possibly prevent soldiers from using deadly force to defend themselves and everyone else around them from armed murderous psychopaths is never brought up.

Tank crewmen are ordered to dismount and walk around on foot in order to draw fire from Moslem infiltrators, the point of the exercise being to confirm that the infiltrators are not “innocent civilians” who just happen to be sneaking across the border with AK-47s in the middle of the night.  One of the tankers is killed by friendly fire because infantrymen in the area saw a man on foot where they expected a seventy-ton metal monster.  The blame is immediately cast on “failure to properly communicate”.  No doubt some poor infantry sergeant will get railroaded and some hapless officer will get a career-ending reprimand.  In order to prevent such incidents in the future, infantrymen guarding the border will probably be ordered not to open fire without direct permission from some major, if not some colonel, heavens knows where in some command bunker.  And if they do open fire, even in self defense, they will be court-martialed.  The dead man’s mother will get an IDF apology.  No one will mention the moronic policy of using Jewish soldiers as pop-up targets in order to protect Moslem so-called “civilians”, much less call for its revision.

Three IDF “soldiers” go for a run in Hebron, get attacked by a bloodthirsty mob of Moslems and, instead of mowing down the filthy savages in their dozens, flee ignominiously without firing a shot.  The local IDF commander does not respond to this outrage by sensibly leveling the neighborhood, much less flattening the whole town as a lesson to the rest.  He does not even round up and shoot those responsible for the riot.  Heck, he doesn’t even take a few hundred hostages and threaten to shoot them if there is a repeat performance.  Instead, the local head kapo orders that there will be no more running in Hebron at night!

For twenty years IDF so-called “soldiers” have done nothing but run away and bumble around.  The TSaHaL ran from Lebanon.  The TSaHaL ran from Gaza.  In Heaven’s name, for twenty years the TSaHaL has been running away even from Arab children with rocks!  For twenty years rules of engagement have been “tightened” and “tightened” and “tightened” with the sole goal of killing as many as possible of the hapless Jewish fools who are still stupid enough to join the IDF.  In fact, the latest rules of engagement issued by OC Central Command kapogruppenfuhrer Avi Mizrahi (y”sh) prohibit IDF “soldiers” from firing when molotov cocktails are thrown at their vehicles, from firing at rock throwers under any circumstances whatsoever and even prohibit the firing of warning shots without the approval of an IDF officer ranked lieutenant colonel or above.

For twenty years, the only things the IDF has done well involve attacking the people it allegedly exists to protect.  The IDF may flee from Arab children with rocks, but it is always eager to beat Jews with clubs, sexually assault preteen Jewish girls, desecrate schuls, throw Jews out of their homes, toss Jewish children out of windows, hand land to Hamas, arm and train Islamic terrorists and, last but not least, perform its core competency – kill Jews directly and by proxy.  If it cannot kill Jews by abandoning them to danger or by encouraging Islamic terrorism, the IDF simply issues twisted orders and kills the Jews in its own ranks.

In Hebrew, the word “חייל”, soldier, comes from the word “חיל”, valor.  The tongue no longer twists to call the kapos of the IDF “chayalim”.  Call them “pachadnutnim”, from the word for cowardice.  Call them “berachnutnim”, from the verb “to flee”.  Call them “mitavdutnim”, from the word for suicide.  Call them morons.  Call them kapos.  Call them freierim.  Call them unwitting enemies of the Jewish People.  Call them anything you want, but do not call them “chayalim”!

Parshat Vayikra, the parshah we read right before Shabbat haGadol, begins with a discussion of the voluntary sacrifice before moving on to the mandatory sacrifices.  From this we derive a very important lesson.  The foundation of all obedience to law is the voluntary acceptance of the legitimacy of the lawgiver and of the law he gives.  From this, in turn, flows the voluntary acceptance of the legitimacy of the government constituted in accordance with the law, and of the courts that apply this law and of the institutions of the State as a whole.   Without voluntary acceptance of the legitimacy of the law, all further discussion of the law’s fine points is moot, for there exists no earthly power capable of forcing an individual to obey every moment of every day a law he considers to be illegitimate.  Tyrannies can use force to temporarily ram an illegitimate law, an illegitimate government and an illegitimate State down the throats of an unwilling public.  They can force dissent underground through oppression and enforce public compliance with their laws, however unjust.  But they cannot enforce private compliance, because private compliance with the law depends on the perception of legitimacy that causes the individual to obey the law even while no one is watching; and one cannot create legitimacy by force.

Since they can never achieve legitimacy by force alone, illegitimate tyrannies always crumble.  The day always comes when the soldiers will not shoot, when the people will not obey, when the illegitimate laws are torn up, the illegitimate government is overthrown, the illegitimate State is dissolved.  Once a majority of The People begins to view a State, its government, its laws and its institutions as illegitimate, the clock of history starts ticking a countdown to that State’s destruction.

Today, there can be no doubt that the State of Israel is illegitimate.  There can be no doubt that the government of Israel is illegitimate, that the laws it makes are illegitimate, that the security apparatus charged with implementing these laws is illegitimate.  The illegitimacy of the entire system is proven and re-proven daily on the front pages of every newspaper and on the news programs of every serious television channel.  All one has to do is open one’s eyes and see, open one’s ears and listen, turn on one’s brain and think.  Yet the vast majority of Jews trapped in the self-made Auschwitz daily created by the illegitimate Israeli Entity stubbornly refuses to see, or hear, or think, much less speak the plain facts.

The root of this refusal is not ignorance.  The State of Israel openly and blatantly denies its Jewish population the most basic, inalienable human rights.  The Jews living under Israeli tyranny are denied freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly and petition, the right to keep and bear arms, the right to due process of law and protection from unreasonable search and seizure.  They are denied the right to worship and offer sacrifices upon the Temple Mount.  Their property is subject to destruction and confiscation at the whim of any minor functionary of the Israeli government.  There is no doubt in the mind of any sane Jew in Eretz Yisrael that the Jewish People in the Holy Land live under the oppression of an antisemitic totalitarian police state.

Speak to any taxi driver, be it in Tel Aviv or Sderot, and you will know immediately that he sees the Israeli State and its laws as fundamentally meshuggeh, that he considers the Israeli politicians and the Israeli courts to be as pristine as a pile of manure and as trustworthy as the guy selling counterfeit Rolexes two blocks down the street.  Yet he will not say that the State is illegitimate; not out of any perception of the legitimacy of the State, but out of simple fear.  If our taxi driver begins to see the State of Israel as illegitimate, what does he replace it with?  If the netanyahus and the livnis and the baraks and the pereses have no right to rule, then who does?  And if there is no legitimacy to the laws they make, what laws replace them?

It is not enough to denounce the insane policies, to lambast the corrupt politicians, the goyish courts, the “laws” taken straight from the legal tradition of Sodom and Gomorrah, the homicidal-suicidal generals, the openly pro-Islamic police and the mindless kapos in IDF green who daily attack and humiliate the Jews of Eretz Yisrael under the pretext of “protecting” them.   One must give an alternative.  One must build the alternative in one’s own eyes and in the eyes of others until that alternative becomes a serious issue in the mind of the public, until there is something legitimate to replace that which is illegitimate.  The average taxi driver on the street must be made to understand that there indeed exists an alternative to the policy of national surrender, retreat and suicide, that there exists an alternative set of ideals to replace the failed ideals of secular Zionism, that there is another way besides either enduring endless terrorism and endless “occupation” or else surrendering half the country to homicidal Satan-worshippers in some desperate, idiotic attempt to stop the pain of non-stop war.

The average Srulik on the street asks: “Who will defend me?”, “Who will give me peace and security?”, “Who will keep the goyim from being angry at me and imposing sanctions on me as punishment for defending myself?”   He does not consciously know it, but our average Srulik desperately seeks the calm, strong, bearded stranger in strange, biblical-looking clothes who will stand up and say: “I will.  I will.  I will.”  And when he sees this stranger, truly sees him as he is and not as Israel’s homicidal-suicidal press paints him, our average Srulik will fall down on his knees and kiss this stranger’s running shoes, for he will see for the first time in his life a legitimate alternative to that which he knows in his heart of hearts to be illegitimate, to the godless, mindless, suicidal-homicidal post-Zionist State of Israel.  Our Srulik may choose to join this stranger, to throw away his artificial Israeli identity and return to the identity of his forefathers, to lace up a pair of combat boots, put on beged ivri dyed olive-green, pick up a rifle and step into the fray alongside his fellow Jews.  Or he may choose to remain on the Israeli side of the border, hand the stranger some arms and some cash, get some falafel and sit back to watch the fireworks.  But the one thing he will NOT do is choose to be neighbors with a Hamas terror state rather than the stranger’s Medinat Yehudah.  This, in a nutshell, is the essence of the struggle, the key to achieving an orderly partition of the illegitimate Israeli State and a secure future for the Jews of Eretz Yisrael.

It is the task of creating this strange-familiar new-old Jew, of getting the archetype not seen in two millennia to step off the pages of the Book of Joshuah, out from behind the Hanukkah menorah, out of the dancing flames of Lag BaOmer, out of the stories and the half-forgotten legends, that must be foremost in the minds of all those who seek to rebuild Medinat Yehudah and restore the Beit HaMikdash.   Understand, dear reader, that this cannot be an act, a ploy or a game.  To save the Jews of the Holy Land from extermination, it is not merely a new-old country that must be rebuilt, but a whole new-old identity that must be recreated from whole cloth.

The Jew of Judah must be different from the Israeli, as different as day is from night, more different even than the chiloni in Ramat Aviv is from the haredi in Meah Shearim, so different that there can be no question of his ever sharing a single country with the Israeli.  Yet he must not be so alien that the Israeli cannot see his point of view, nor so different that the Israeli cannot compromise with him.  He must be strong and dangerous, fanatical and steeped in ideology, yet also on some level reasonable, fundamentally pragmatic and businesslike in the way he pursues his goals.  The Israeli must see him as a potential enemy more deadly and more implacable than any Islamic fanatic could ever be, yet also as a potential ally both stronger and more reliable than any other.  The Israeli must simultaneously fear him and admire him, be repelled by him and yet be attracted to him.  Above all, the Israeli must see him as a force capable of standing up to the entire Arab world and winning, standing up in the face of UN sanctions and surviving despite them, of being the lightning rod that draws goyshe anger away from Medinat Israel and the strong shield behind which Medinat Israel can hide.  In short, the Israeli must see this modern-day Hebrew as a force seriously capable of building a real country out there in those strange wild lands beyond the limits of Gush Dan, in the places where the Israeli has never been and never wants to go, yet that are nominally part of his country.

Only if our Yehudi MeMedinat Yehudah is seen in this manner will the Israeli be willing to do business with him, to give him the parts of Medinat Israel he almost never sees and does not really want to keep.  It is up to us to produce this fine balancing act, to forge this new identity and to graft it upon an entire sector of Israel’s present society, for, until it exists, bloggers can write until their fingers fall off, activists can shout slogans until they are blue in the face and urban guerrillas can blow up bombs until doomsday, but nothing will ever change for the better in Eretz Yisrael.  And even before this Jew of Judah exists, once the task of creating him begins in earnest, once the archetype steps off the page into real life, once he picks up first the rock and the banner and then the molotov and the rifle, there can be no going back.

So, dear reader, now that you understand the enormity of what must be done, it is reasonable for you to ask how to do it.  The answer is that there is no simple answer, no easy solution that can recreate this new-old Jewish, non-Israeli identity overnight.  There is no guarantee of success.  But there is a way to get there from here.   That way is for a core of activists to advocate Medinat Yehudah and, by personal example, to rebuild the identity of our forefathers.

The first step for any would-be activist seeking to fight for Medinat Yehudah is to free his or her own mind.  The advocate of Medinat Yehudah must personally reject the legitimacy of the State of Israel in his mind and in his heart.  He must say to himself that only a Torah State can have any legitimacy or right to exist in Eretz Yisrael.  It is immaterial whether this State is a Torah theocracy, such as we had under Moshe Rabbeinu, a Torah military dictatorship, such as we had under Yehoshuah Bin Nun, a Torah republic, as we had under the Shoftim, or a Torah monarchy, as we had under David and Solomon and will have again under the Moshiach.  What is important is that it must be a TORAH State.

Since Medinat Israel is not a Torah State, it has no legitimacy and no inherent right to exist in any borders whatsoever.  Since the State of Israel has no legitimacy and no right to exist, all of its institutions likewise have no legitimacy and no right to exist.   Any and all power the State of Israel may exercise over the Medinat Yehudah activist and over anyone and everyone around the activist is usurped power held solely by the illegitimate exercise of naked force.  The State of Israel has no RIGHT to order any Jew to do anything or to do anything to any Jew.  Not only does it have no right to tell a Jew where to live or to collect taxes from him, it does not even have the right to issue him a license plate for his car or to tell him where and when he can and cannot cross the street.  The activist may obey this or that Israeli “law” at some given moment because they are forcing him to obey or because it is somehow convenient for him to do so, but he must always keep in mind that he is doing it solely under duress or because it brings him some benefit, not because it is Israeli “law”.  Needless to say, if Israel’s illegitimate “law” can be circumvented to the benefit of the Medinat Yehudah activist or to the benefit of others he cares about, he has every right and even a duty to circumvent it.  If it conflicts with Halachah, there is no conflict — Halachah is legitimate, while Israeli “law” is not.

Secondly, the activist must internalize the fact that the State of Israel is now diametrically opposed to everything Jewish and that, therefore, it is no longer possible for a Jew to be Israeli.  One cannot give his loyalty both to the Jewish People and to the State of Israel, for the State of Israel is now seeking to destroy the Jewish People.  A Jew must choose, and he must choose the Jewish People or be called a traitor.  Further, since the illegitimate State of Israel is forcing upon the Jewish People in Eretz Yisrael an illegitimate set of arbitrary and harmful demands it dares to call “law”; it follows that one must work in every way possible to undermine its capacity to enforce its usurper will upon oneself and those around him.

Thirdly, the activist must internalize the idea that a compromise, a division of the territory presently held by the State of Israel into an Israeli State and a Jewish State, is necessary for tactical and strategic reasons.  While it would be better to simply overthrow the State of Israel and to establish a Torah State in its place, this is at present impractical.  The Israeli ruling elite has blocked all means to peacefully remove it from power.  Revolution or civil war would cost too much and would likely end with a victory neither for the Jews nor for the Israelis, but for Islam.  Therefore, we must come to some kind of agreement with the Israelis.  We must permit the existence of the State of Israel in some minimal borders, not because it has any right to exist but because we have more dangerous enemies than the Israelis and because the State of Israel can be of use to us in the future.  After partition, the Israelis will, in due course, die out on their own, for failure to breed and from yeridah if from nothing else.  And while they are busy dying in their Tel Aviv cesspool, they can serve as one of our means to circumvent the inevitable goyshe efforts to strangle Medinat Yehudah economically and politically.

Fourthly, the Medinat Yehudah activist must internalize the fact that the very existence and the continued growth in the numbers of the dati leumi in Israel threatens the power of Israel’s ruling elites and that therefore these elites will do everything in their power, up to and including genocide, to remove this threat.  However, there are plenty of other threats faced by Israel’s ruling elites as well.  In the face of a serious proposal to not only remove the Jewish Threat but to turn it into an asset via partition, the ruling elite will split into opposing camps and will ultimately help partition to take place.  Therefore, partition must go from a fringe idea to a mainstream idea the way the notion of giving half of the State of Israel to the so-called “Palestinians” went from being a fringe idea to being a mainstream idea – through endless advocacy and pressure, both non-violent and violent.   Both ideas are ostensibly aimed at achieving the same thing – a removal of the dati leumi from the fabric of Israeli society, a set of peaceful and secure borders for Israel and security for its ruling elites.  The key is to convince enough Israelis at all levels, from cabbies on the street to the Israeli Prime Minister in his office, that peace for Israel is best achieved not by giving half the country to Hamas, but by giving that same half of the country to the Jews.

Any would-be Medinat Yehudah activist must repeat these points to himself until he KNOWS them to be true, the way he KNOWS that there is a G-d who runs the universe, that the Holy Torah is Truth, that the sky is blue, that the sun rises in the East and that gravity pulls things downward.  He must view everything through the prism of these points.  Thus every time he sees some Israeli outrage or hears a report of one, his views of Israel as illegitimate, Judah as legitimate, Jews as utterly different from Israelis and partition as the only answer will be reinforced.  Once he has internalized these things, he has built the philosophical foundation upon which to erect a Jewish identity independent of the State of Israel and from which he can marshal arguments to convert others to his world view.

Once the Medinat Yehudah activist has internalized the mental foundations upon which to build everything else, he must resolve to propagate these ideas by any and every means at his disposal.  He must also, insofar as humanly possible, separate himself from the Israeli identity and reinforce his separate Jewish one.  The first step to the latter is the strict observance of basic Jewish norms and rituals.  By no means does this mean any similarity with haredism.  The activist must not turn into a pious fool, wrap himself in a tallit and try to daven the Jewish State into existence while ignoring the real world, for the real world will not ignore him and, sooner or later, it will come up and bite him on the arse no matter how loudly he recites tehillim.  Our way must be a practical Judaism, an action-oriented Judaism, a Judaism that is not a shell into which to withdraw but a sword with which to smite our enemies and a shield behind which to shelter and a tool with which to build a new world.  But it must be Judaism nonetheless.

We cannot afford to wrap ourselves in our tallitot like the exile-minded haredim and their spiritual ancestors Nadab and Abihu, devote our lives entirely to the achievement of otherworldly holiness to the exclusion of all practical considerations.   We cannot permit yeshivot whose students spend all their time studying the Gemarra and leave the yeshiva gates with no knowledge of science and mathematics, no understanding of politics, no knowledge of martial arts and the art of war and no practical skills with which to make a living.  A community that seeks merely to maintain itself indefinitely in the exile can do these things, depending on the goyim among whom they live to build the cities, till the ground, serve in the armies, invent new machines, discover new scientific principles, operate the industries and run the economy.  But a community that seeks to build its own viable state must perforce ensure that it has all the practical, real-world skills needed to build and run a modern country.  But we likewise cannot permit the existence of godless “colleges” and “universities” where the Holy Torah is ignored, demeaned and treated with contempt and where godless professors spout lies and unbelief at their gullible students in the name of false “science”.  Likewise, on the personal level, we cannot and should not insist on flawless observance of every last obscure pseudo-halachic pronouncement.  But we can and should insist on strict observance of basic Halacha.

He who seeks to advocate a Jewish State must perforce eventually do so by personal example.  Therefore any serious Medinat Yehudah activist MUST keep kosher.  He MUST daven at the correct times or, if he is somehow prevented from doing so, at least recite the Shema morning and evening.  He MUST keep Shabbat, breaking it only in order to save Jewish lives, for example by participating in the struggle against Israeli oppression.  He MUST lay tefilin. He MUST study Torah on a regular basis, by day and by night.  These things are the foundation of all Jewish identity.  There is no Jewish identity outside the Torah.  Therefore the Medinat Yehudah activist must cling to the Torah.  Doing so will internalize his Jewish identity, connect him to the infinite power of Hashem and allow him to draw upon the infinite strength and wisdom of Hashem when his own meager human faculties fail him.

Once the Medinat Yehudah activist has internalized a basic Jewish worldview and created within himself a basic non-Israeli identity, he must begin to advocate for Medinat Yehudah by the means available to him.  Among the readers of this blog are trained artists, propagandists, teachers, rabbis, activists and scientists.  I need not teach you how to convince others that your view is the right view.  You know already, and you know better than me, for you have been doing it YOUR way, and doing it well, all of your adult lives.   My challenge to you is simple.  You know what you must create.  You know whom you must bring to life.  Take this ancient-modern Jew, the warrior behind the Hanukkah menorah, and make him real to your audience.  Draw him.  Photograph him.  Film him. Write about him.  Speak of him.  Turn yourself into him, and turn your students into him and your friends into him until he is more REAL, more ALIVE than the defeatist Israeli kapo who dares not even pull the trigger on an Arab thug throwing a molotov cocktail for fear of arrest.  And if you are not one of those people whose entire livelihood depends on making others believe what they want them to believe and think what they want them to think, you can still do your part.  It doesn’t matter if your part consists merely of repeating a few simple points over and over again as a talkbacker on some blog.  It doesn’t matter of you are showered with ridicule and rejection, if you convince but one reader in a hundred, or one in a thousand.  What matters is that you keep pushing, and pushing, and pushing, until others come and help you push, until things begin to shift.  This is how a “lunatic” idea becomes reality – people push it and push it and push it endlessly, until “lunacy” becomes “fringe opinion”, “fringe opinion” becomes “minority view”, “minority view” becomes “majority view” and “majority view” becomes universally unquestioned dogma.

If you live in Eretz Yisrael and you really want to put skin in the game, adopt beged ivri.  Nothing will separate you from the Israelis as much as this.  Doing this might cost you your job.  It might cost you your friends.  It might make you the object of ridicule.  But it will not only make you instantly different from the Israelis, it will also reinforce your own sense of separateness.  There is a reason why the haredim cling to their black hats and bekishes.  Doing so gives them an independent group identity.  Not only does it cause the secular world to reject them, but it also reminds them every moment of every day to reject the secular world.

Even more importantly, wearing beged ivri will cause everyone you meet to ask questions.  Who are you?  Why are you dressed this way?  You must answer these questions honestly and forthrightly, adopting your answers to the person you are talking to, but always pushing the same worldview.  You must avoid the temptation to be rejectionist, to shock for the sake of shocking or to outrage for the sake of outraging.  By all means, if producing shock and outrage gets you past other people’s mental barriers and forces them to consider WHY you are saying what you are saying and doing what you are doing, use shock and outrage.  But always remember that your purpose is to convince others that Medinat Yehudah is the answer.  They need not want to live there.  They need not want to put on beged ivri and follow you.  But they must come to believe, immediately or by stages, that the only alternative to a giant Hamas/al-Qaeda rocket launching pad named “Palestine” arising within a few kilometers of Ben Gurion Airport is to give the same territory to Medinat Yehudah, to a bunch of Jews who will not only fight until doomsday with the same endless resolve displayed by Hamas but will actually keep their promises, will actually abide by the treaties they make and will genuinely desire to live in peace with the State of Israel.

Once there is a core of Jewish activists wearing Hebrew garb advocating for an independent Jewish State, things will begin to shift rapidly.  The Israeli media has made a concerted effort to paint the dati leumi community as weak, divided and helpless.  But in this internet age, the truth is hard to hide.  About a quarter of Jews living in Yosh today are willing to use any means, including arms, to resist any IDF attempt to expel them from their homes.  Nearly half would consider any attempt to uproot the yishuvim of Yosh to be illegitimate, even if there is an Israeli referendum to approve such an action.  Over a quarter of the Jewish population inside the green line do not recognize the authority of the Israeli State on the matter of removing the Jews from Yosh.  Given the nature of the questions asked and considering that Israel is a totalitarian police state where anyone can be thrown into prison indefinitely for any reason whatsoever or no reason at all under so called “administrative detention” rules, these poll numbers are almost certainly wrong.  The fact that such large numbers of people are willing to openly state such positions despite a very real fear of arrest indicates that there is a huge silent mass behind them of those who feel the same way but dare not speak.  Once there is a core of determined activists to energize this mass and to point it toward a real solution to the current predicament, the mass will fall in behind them, at first silently, through passive assistance and then actively, by joining the activists.

First and foremost, this applies to the dati leumi youth.  The parents of our young people still, by and large, believe themselves to be kippah-wearing Israelis, as if such a thing were possible. Despite everything that has happened over the past 20 years, these insane people still insist on undying loyalty to the Israeli State.  But their children are a different matter altogether.  Many of them have grown up knowing no time when the State of Israel was not the sworn enemy of the Jewish People.  They do not remember a time before Oslo.  They have never seen the IDF do anything other than protect the Moslems and encourage Islamic terrorism.  It is not that hard for them to renounce all loyalty to the State of Israel and to embrace the cause of Medinat Yehudah.  It is therefore the young men and women in their teens and twenties that must be the foremost target of Medinat Yehudah activism.

Nor is the dati leumi community helpless in the face of the power of the Israeli State.  On the contrary, it is the Israeli State that is all but helpless in the face of the true power of the dati leumi community.  About two thirds of IDF combat arms soldiers wear knitted kippot, as do about half of the lower ranking combat arms officers.  In some elite units, the proportions are far greater.  A quick look around the Golani brigade, for example, will reveal that something like 80% of company grade officers are dati leumi.  Statistics on field grade officers are a little harder to estimate, but one need only look around any IDF combat unit to see that at least a quarter of them must be dati leumi.   Given that the State of Israel depends upon the IDF for its very survival, a mass exit of the dati leumi from the IDF can bring Israel to its knees.

However, we cannot simply permit the IDF to collapse overnight, even if it were possible to initiate an immediate mass exit of dati leumi soldiers.  At present, our community lacks an independent means of training and equipping its forces.  We also lack a coherent national self-defense and law enforcement infrastructure, not to mention the food production, energy production, transportation and other infrastructures necessary for survival as an independent state.  All of these infrastructures must be built, and must be built all at once, in parallel.  We must push the IDF out of our communities in order to prevent it from interfering in our creation of national infrastructures.  We must remove Israel’s “security forces”, “laws” and “courts” from our midst and replace them with legitimate security forces, Torah Law and Torah courts.  At every turn, we must raise the national consciousness of our oppressed people and emphasize our many differences from the Israelis.  We must remove the State of Israel in stages, pushing its boundaries ever farther from Jewish communities until we have created a contiguous de-facto Jewish State.

What this means in practice are riots and demonstrations and, when necessary, armed attacks.  No IDF soldier should be permitted to interfere with the lives and activities of Jews or to even approach a Jewish community without special permission.  As a first step to the establishment of the Jewish State, the Jews of Eretz Yisrael must draw definite boundaries around their communities, boundaries which the IDF will not be permitted to cross without a fight.  Any Israeli unit that crosses the boundary and enters a Jewish community should be attacked.  If the unit is small enough, its soldiers should be overpowered by the youth of the community, stripped of their arms, ammunition and military equipment, and chased away in humiliation.  If the IDF unit is too large to overpower, its soldiers should be showered with rocks, insults and garbage.  Escalating force should be directed against its vehicles and equipment.  At first, vehicle tires should be punctured, rearview mirrors broken, windshields doused with paint and so forth.  But if the IDF refuses to leave, firebombs should be used to set the vehicles on fire.  And if this is not enough, lethal sniper fire and explosives should be used in order to force the occupier to retreat.  At no time should the IDF be permitted to detain, arrest or even speak to anyone.  If necessary, lethal or near-lethal force should be used immediately in order to free prisoners.

The leaders of the Israeli state must learn that actions have consequences.  Therefore, after every Israeli interference with Jewish life, whether it be an expulsion, a demolition, an incursion into a Jewish community or even a simple altercation between an IDF soldier and a Jew at some checkpoint, a painful price in blood and treasure must be extracted from both the Israelis and their Islamic henchmen.  Certainly no IDF officer who orders or participates in an antisemitic atrocity like an expulsion or demolition should be permitted to ever again live a peaceful life.  He should find his face, name and address plastered on wanted posters all over Yosh, his car burned, his house firebombed, his family unable to leave the house without being pelted with garbage and so forth.  And any IDF unit that officer commands should likewise discover that “the trouble” will follow them right out of Yosh, into their barracks and to their checkpoints and into their dining facilities.  After the first few times entire battalions are rendered combat-ineffective because, for example, someone slipped laxative into their food or burned down their motor pool, the leaders of Israel will begin to make a cost-benefit calculation before ordering any hostile act.

Similarly, Israeli police and agents of the Israeli courts should find it impossible to operate in Yosh.  A police car attempting to enter a Jewish town should, at best, have its tires punctured immediately.  During the latter parts of the struggle, the blue-suited kapos in the car should end up dead within moments as a firebomb is thrown through their windshield or a sniper shoots into the car.

The escalating confrontations with Israeli forces will result in inevitable and escalating brutality as the Israelis attempt to crush resistance by the application of overwhelming force.  The Israeli atrocities will serve as excellent basis for propaganda, which will further polarize opinions and separate the Jews from the Israelis.  Eventually, with perseverance, Israel’s security forces will begin to leave the communities of Yosh and will refrain from crossing boundaries.  Even as this process is ongoing, efforts must begin to make the communities of Yosh self-sufficient and to fortify them against attack.

As fortified homes and fortress walls begin to rise in the communities of Yosh, as wells are dug, victory gardens are planted, military industries are established, a separate court system begins to judge not according to Israeli “law” but according to the Holy Torah and self-defense forces begin to train in earnest, the same activists who had heretofore embraced a policy of unending confrontation with the Israeli state must suddenly become receptive to compromise.  Even as Jewish self-defense forces launch a relentless campaign to expand and merge zones under Jewish control by attacking and driving away Israel’s Islamic allies, even as IDF attempts to interfere with this process are met with escalating force, even as increasing numbers of dati leumi youth begin to eschew IDF service, the senior leadership of the Medinat Yehudah movement must begin to respond favorably to Israeli overtures.  Rather than permit the IDF to collapse for lack of dati leumi recruits, they must insist on specific conditions under which Jews will serve in their own IDF units.  Rather than permit the situation to escalate into civil war, they must push for Jewish autonomy.

The primary goal of all this compromising must be to buy time.  It will take time to re-gear the dati leumi educational system to turn out agricultural, industrial and military specialists able to operate truly self-sufficient communities.  It will take time to train a sufficient cadre of specialists needed to run an independent state.  It will take time to raise, train and equip sufficient self-defense forces and to build the necessary infrastructure to support them indefinitely.  Only by compromising from a position of strength can this time be bought.

The secondary goal of compromising with the Israelis should be to use the IDF as a means to form and equip a standing army for Medinat Yehudah.  For this purpose, by designating a specific IDF unit that will be permitted to operate in Yosh and by insisting on specific guidelines regarding it, the Medinat Yehudah activists should seek to create a second, parallel army, nominally part of the IDF but in reality loyal to Medinat Yehudah.  This force must draw its rank and file exclusively from the dati leumi community.  It must be commanded exclusively by dati leumi officers loyal to the idea of Medinat Yehudah.  It must possess the full range of arms and support structures necessary to operate independently on an indefinite basis.  In short, it must be a fully independent IDF corps whose entire infrastructure, including stockpiles of ammunition, fuel, lubricants and spare parts, reserve components and reserve component equipment, and even depot level maintenance, is located in Yosh.

The final result of our efforts must be a de-facto state that is de-jure part of Medinat Israel for some time.    It must have Local Forces thinly disguised as Settlement Police and Police Auxiliary Forces, a Regional Force thinly disguised as a Yosh Regional Police, a standing army that is nominally an IDF corps, a Sanhedrin thinly disguised as a Rabbinical Advisory Council, a Knesset thinly disguised as a Yosh Regional Assembly and a Nasi thinly disguised as some kind of Chief Administrator, with a cabinet called an “Executive Staff” for the sake of appearances.  This de-facto state must have defense industries, potentially even ones operating openly as legitimate businesses that supply the IDF under contract.  It must be composed of largely self-sufficient, fortified communities.  It must amass large stockpiles of food, fuel, munitions and war materiel so that it can mobilize virtually its entire able-bodied adult population and keep it mobilized for years on end as it fights for its independence.   Only after all these things are in place, after the infrastructure is built, the armed forces are ready and a victorious war of independence is likely, should negotiations begin for a formal partition.

This, in brief, is the roadmap to Jewish independence in Eretz Yisrael, insofar as one can be constructed at all.  The question you should ask yourself, dear reader, is whether you are content to dismiss this roadmap as mere “impossible” “fantasy” the way Herzl’s vision was dismissed by scoffers, or whether you are willing to embrace it a your vision as well.  As you watch IDF pachadnutnim, berachnutnim and mitavdutnim set new heights of cowardice and suicidal stupidity, ask yourself, how long can this insanity be permitted to go on?  And if the vision of Medinat Yehudah is not what you wish to embrace, then what realistic solution do you have to end the insanity?

11 Iyar, 5770

Watching the lightbulbs fly in Yitzhar


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5 Responses to “An Orderly Partition”

  1. Anon Says:

    What do you mean by flying light bulbs in Yitzhar?

  2. Vienna Mike Says:

    During a recent incident in Yitzhar, a bunch of kapos sought to illegally interfere with the inalienable right of Jews to move freely in the Land. As result, a confrontation ensued during which a few members of a group of about 100 of our fine youth pelted the kapos with rocks and other such items. One capo was hit in the face with a paint-filled light bulb.

    Here is Israeli propaganda about this incident as published by Jpost:

    Here is a jpost account of the Israeli kapo leaders making threats following the confrontation:

    Yitzhar is the crown jewel of today’s yishuv. The youth there, especially the fine bachurim of the Od Yoseph Chai yeshivah, are at the forefront of the armed struggle to liberate our Land from the Israelis. Though the vast majority of them do not consciously understand that this is what they are engaged in, their instinctive struggle for hope, freedom and dignity in the face of Israeli oppression shows every sign of growing into an embryonic national liberation movement. May they go from strength to strength and may every Jew in Eretz Yisrael join them in ending the tyranny of the erev rav.

    P.S. I suggest you get a strong anonymous proxy, like I2P or TOR.

  3. Sassover Says:

    VM: What is the “Central Fund,” is it useful (ie, do its moneys go toward sensible security measures, or are they used to buy 3 million dollar swing-sets), and are its handlers free from interference from the govt or others who might be opposed to the ideas here? I think a detailed explanation of this matter may be useful on this site.

  4. Vienna Mike Says:

    The Central Fund is a coordination board that hooks American donors up to Yosh communities in need of funds. The money goes, generally, on arms, supplies, construction materials, food and war materiel. All of this is legitimately namable as aid to the poor or classified as “security needs”, so you can even get a charity receipt to apply toward your taxes. There is an old site of theirs at It does not appear to have been updated for several years, but the fund is still active and at least some of the POCs on the virtual map should still be good. Last year, they funneled some $12 million directly to Yosh communities.

    Of course, all the donors end up on FBI and Shabak watchlists. The only way to avoid this is to travel directly to Eretz Yisrael with cash in hand and give it to trustworthy persons on site. There is, sadly, no public portal truly free of government interference.

    In all fairness, by now, I doubt that even the people in Hebron are really spending $300 per park bench. However, with the likes of David Wilder in charge, the money will make zero difference over there either way. They are unwilling to confront and expel the IDF. Thus they are useless.

    Right now, the only TRULY worthwhile community to give money to is Yitzhar, especially its wonderful yeshivot. This having been said, some sort of awakening seems to be slowly taking place in Tapuach as well, and I have hopes for Bat Ayin, also. It will take time, sadly, for the old dead wood generation to be pushed out of power and for realistic young activists to take over. Really, the sixties slogan “don’t trust anyone over thirty” is not a bad thing for the youth to apply as a start, even if it excludes sick old cripples like me. 🙂

  5. JEOD Says:

    There is a fine line between a Maccabi and a Bar’Yoni.

    The dati IDF presence you describe will be harnessed by MBY in due time.

    MBY will have secret connections and consultations with select Chareidi holy men, including R. David Chai Abuchatzeira.

    Do outreach to the Chareidim!! Get them involved in “off-the-grid” lifestyles. The first ag settlements in E”Y were Chareidi!

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