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Telling It Like It Is

May 23, 2010

Arutz Sheva recently published a clip of Saeb Erekat speaking at the Israeli Institute for Mass Surrender and Suicide in Tel Aviv.  Watch this clip.  In fact, watch it twice.  Look at the terror on the faces of the little Israeli lemmings in the audience, these rats who seek only some gangplank to jump off the obviously sinking ship of their godless Zionist enterprise.  Every word Erekat speaks in this clip is the pure and simple truth.  And the key quote is simply this:  “…Those children who are being born in non-Jewish households between my constituency, Jericho, and your town Tel Aviv, when they enter the first grade in 2016, they are the majority in this land.  Yes, I know that you have 5,000 tanks, 3,000 fighting planes, nuclear, America, whatever…  …Is that the option you want?”

Note the open contempt  he displays for the Israelis.  Note the dismissive waves of the hand and the trembling, cowering lemmings in the room, listening to their goyshe master explaining the realities of life.

Why does he feel so confident in himself, this representative of a few million squatters in possession of an overgrown militia armed with small arms and a few hundred mostly improvised armored vehicles, without a single combat aircraft, a single decent artillery piece, a single naval vessel or even a single tank of good quality poison gas, much less a functional nuclear weapon?  Why it is simple.  He knows, as well as the cowering Israeli mice in the room if not better, that the weapons Israel possesses are just for show.  He knows that the only time these weapons will ever be used is when the Israeli government again orders its kapo army to attack Jews.

Erekat looks forward to getting his hands on those useless Israeli weapons, the planes that will be given to the Arabs without a fight, the tanks that the Islamic Emirate of Palestine will inherit in mint condition, the nuclear weapons that will be handed over on a silver platter if they are not surrendered to America first.  Because he knows that the cowering lemmings in the room are afraid of the displeasure of the goyim.  There are, you see, 27 nations in the European Union and 127 nations around the world ready to recognize the Islamic Emirate of Palestine.  And if the Israelis balk, these nations will boycott and sanction and blockade.  And therefore, since the Israelis have no means or spine to withstand sanctions or blockades or international opprobrium, since the Israelis possess neither love for the Jewish People, nor attachment for the Land nor faith in Hashem, Erekat knows that they are already defeated.  When push comes to shove, even their “hawks”, the bibis and the tzipis and the bogies, will simply surrender and run away, leaving their hapless chiloni constituents to slavery and mass slaughter.

Dear reader, no greater proof of the imminent necessity for Medinat Yehudah can be given than this video clip.  Only a leadership that has faith in Hashem, an unshakeable attachment to our G-d given Land and a burning love for the Jewish people can do what is necessary.  Only a Jewish leadership guided by Torah ideals can slaughter and expel the arrogant Ishmaelite thieves.  Only a Jewish leadership guided by Torah ideals can laugh at goyshe sanctions and opprobrium. Only a Jewish leadership guided by Torah ideals can do what is commanded by Hashem without fearing the anger of goyshe worms.  Only a Jewish leadership guided by Torah ideals can ensure peace, security and prosperity for the Jewish People in Erez Yisrael.  And only the Medinat Yehudah movement can give birth to such leadership.

Forget Feiglin, Ketzeleh, Nadia Matar and all the rest of the useless alter kackers who keep pretending that there is something to be gained by adopting any position other than a demand for Jewish independence in Eretz Yisrael.  In our times, the only real choice is between Medinat Yehudah and Islamic Palestine.  Anyone who opposes Medinat Yehudah, and this includes “leaders” like Ketzaleh and Feiglin, is a de facto supporter of Islamic Palestine.

As for the State of Israel, it is no longer part of the equation.  Medinat Israel is merely a basket of goods, territories and assets to be inherited by one of the two peoples who have a potential future in Eretz Yisrael – the Jews and the Arabs.  The Israelis have already surrendered without firing a shot.

10 Sivan, 5770

Only a Jewish leadership guided by Torah ideals can

Of Cornerstones and Yeshivot

May 18, 2010

This blog speaks extensively, almost exclusively, of the vital military aspects of armed struggle for Jewsih national liberation.  This bias is natural.  First of all, the author is a soldier.  When one is used to swinging hammers, it is natural to talk about problems that look like nails.  Secondly, without the military aspect there can be no victory.  Peaceful demonstrations, the waving of orange ribbons and tearful appeals to the nonexistent consciences of Israeli erev rav will not stop the pogroms and expulsions.  Peaceful measures will not end the avalanche of antisemitic atrocities daily perpetrated by the illegitimate Israeli occupation regime.  Gush Katif and Amona proved THAT.

But just because one has a hammer and hard won knowledge of how to swing it, one should not give in to the temptation of seeing every problem as a nail.  It is not enough to destroy.  In order to restore Jewish sovereignty in Eretz Yisrael after 2000 years of exile, one must also BUILD.  The fact of the matter is, in order to arm, feed, clothe and sustain a Jewish State in the modern world, it is necessary to have a basic package of skills.  Even to build a bare bones self-sufficient outpost it is necessary to have a package of basic practical skills.  One must have the skill to make a proper raised bed garden, the skill to cultivate it, the skill to know which crops to plant, how to rotate them, how to make compost, how to build walls and houses and irrigation systems, how to ensure proper sanitation, how to make weapons…  The larger the community grows, the more complex the set of skills needed to sustain it.  When the community is a fully independent modern state, the array of skills needed to build and maintain it is staggering.

And therein lies the problem.  The so-called “settlements” of Yosh are in reality nothing but helpless suburbs not only because they are not self sufficient and unfortified, not only because they depend for their “security” upon a foreign army of goyish pogromschik thugs and Israeli “police”, but also because their hapless residents lack the package of skills needed to run an independent Jewish State.   Chilonim and Israeli profiteers dominate not only the upper ranks of the Israeli army, but also the industrial and agricultural sectors.  The vast majority of dati leumi are middle class people with sedentary office jobs.  The hilltop youth, for the most part, are overgrown teenagers playing around instead of seriously trying to build a new country.

We should not feel insulted when this is pointed out to us.  This is the reality and it will not go away just because we are upset at the sight of it.  But if Medinat Yehudah is to arise, this reality must change.

Believe it or not, the road to Medinat Yehudah will begin in the study halls of a yeshiva.  It does not matter where this yeshiva will be located.  What matters is what it will teach.  For the goal of the rosh yeshiva and his assistants must not be merely to imbue their charges with Jewish patriotism and Torah, but also to give them the skills necessary to build, feed, arm and defend the Jewish communities of Eretz Yisrael, to make the Jewish People free for the first time in 2000 years despite the best efforts of the Israeli enemy to massacre us all and hand the Land over to the Moslems in exchange for bribes from American and European goyim.  It is not enough, therefore, for this yeshiva to teach the self-evident illegitimacy of the erev rav State and its pogromschik henchmen.  It is not enough even to teach that a new Torah State must be built to replace the illegitimate pile of manure excreted by the godless swine who oppress us.   It is not enough to foster a separate Jewish identity independent of and in opposition to our evil Israeli stepbrothers.  There must also be an emphasis on practical scientific and technical skills.

Building these skills in a yeshiva framework has a great many advantages.  First of all, yeshivot and ulpanot have populations of strong, young people full of energy and will for self-sacrifice in the name of a cause higher than themselves.  The youth do not have jobs to protect.  They do not have children to worry about feeding.  They do not own houses or apartments.  They are truly free agents.  Armed with enthusiasm, a few skills and some small resources, they can go forth and succeed where their old, timid, tired and confused parents have repeatedly failed.

Secondly, a yeshiva has a tremendous financial advantage.  As an educational institution, it can theoretically receive funds from the Israeli enemy even as it fights to defeat this enemy.  This is no cause for shame or accusations of hypocrisy.  It is good guerrilla practice to take resources from the enemy and use them to defeat him.

Thirdly, yeshiva and ulpana students can be easily isolated from the harmful influence of their mentally ill mamlachti parents and peers.  When their young minds are no longer bombarded non-stop by lunatic propaganda claiming that the Israeli State that beats their brothers and sisters with clubs is holy, they will need only a very little prodding to come to a healthy attitude toward the illegitimate Israeli Entity.  After all, what sane person can believe that the State that has for 20+ years beaten Jews with clubs, armed Amalek and handed pieces of the Land to genocidal Islamic goyim is interested in anything other than the extermination of the Jews in Eretz Yisrael?  Take away the mamlachti propaganda and sanity is restored in a week, just under the influence of a truthful dose of daily news.

Thus we can see the characteristics of the yeshivot and ulpanot that will serve as the cornerstones of Medinat Yehudah.   First of all, all the students will live on site.  Of course, they will be imbued with patriotism and Torah.  They will be eager to overthrow the rule of the erev rav and liberate their country from the Israeli oppressor.  Their teachers and rabbis will strive daily to reinforce the proper Jewish attitudes in their young hearts, so that even decades later the graduates will reflexively reach for the nearest weapon at the sight of an Israeli policeman, will never possess a shred of loyalty to the godless Israeli system that thirsts for our blood and can never view the IDF soldier as anything other than an illegitimate foreign occupier on Jewish soil.

Secondly, the yeshivot will pretend to be Israeli educational institutions, in some cases even hesder yeshivot, in order to receive funding from the Israeli ministry of education.  In proper guerrilla fashion, they will take every resource they can from the Israeli enemy even as they seek to annihilate this enemy, and they will be proud to do so.

Thirdly, the yeshivot will work to turn themselves into completely self-sufficient entities, true outposts that feed, arm and secure themselves, thereby producing graduates with practical experience of doing all three.

The first task of any startup yeshivah that moves toward this path will be to feed itself using the efforts of its own students.   The reason for this is twofold.  First of all, Medinat Yehudah will never get off the ground unless its communities are self-sufficient fortresses able to feed themselves and stockpile supplies with which to support the armies throughout the War of Independence.  But even more importantly, feeding yourself makes good financial sense.  Agricultural methods exist that enable one to produce large amounts of food in a very small space.   Once the yeshiva bochurim have mastered them, the yeshiva no longer has to buy 90% of the food it previously had to buy to feed them.  There is still need to buy meat and wine and fish for Shabbat, and maybe a little milk and some eggs, cheese, etc, to make food more interesting during the week, but all of these are ultimately luxuries.  Once your garden can provide you with a balanced diet, the funds previously spent to buy food are free to be used for something else.  This is true in a schoolhouse environment and even more true in the context of a hilltop outpost struggling to survive despite the best efforts of the Israeli enemy and his Islamic allies.

Therefore, each student must understand what a balanced diet consists of, how the necessary crops are grown and harvested, how the garden is built and maintained to ensure productivity and how the food is preserved for long term storage.  Upon graduation, each student must be able to build with his own two hands a garden capable of feeding at least himself and one other person.  This includes the ability to perform calculations for and construct a proper irrigation system that will neither waste valuable water nor weaken the crops through insufficient irrigation.  With this skill, when he leaves the gates of the yeshivah he will be equipped to feed his community.

This is not as easy as it sounds.  For example, there is zero assurance that access to modern hybrid seed will be available in the future.  These seeds tend to go bad very quickly, often after a single year.  The crops produced do not breed true.  Often the seeds they produce are sterile altogether.  In other cases, they are full of undesirable mutations.  Therefore, since one cannot produce one’s own seed from these modern crop varieties, one is forced to go back and buy more from the seed producer each year.  For standard commercial farmers, this is not a serious problem.  For struggling pioneers, this is a game-killer.  There is an almost 100% chance that isolated outposts will not be able to afford such luxuries.  Therefore, emphasis must be made upon open-pollinating so-called “heirloom” crop varieties.  Unlike the modern hybrids, these plants breed true.  With proper storage, the seeds last for years and even decades.  Ancient farmers bred these characteristics into their plants over millennia specifically because, until very recently, the number one purpose of agriculture was self-sufficiency on the scale of the individual village.  The slight loss in crop productivity is offset by the ability to preserve seeds for future plantings.  It is up to the yeshiva to experiment with crop varieties until the correct package of both summer and winter crops is established. It can afford such experimentation.  Outpost communities built by graduates will not have the money to do this.

The second set of practical skills the yeshiva must teach flow naturally from the first.  One must be able to BUILD.  Not just French bed gardens and irrigation systems, but whole towns from the ground up.  Each student must be proficient in at least one building trade, be it carpentry, masonry, plumbing, electrical wiring, or anything else.  He must be familiar with ALL the trades to the extent that, given a few basic tools and a small stock of materials, he is able to build his own home suitable for a proper settlement.  Even though the end result might not be too pretty, the RPG-proof walls must stand on their own, the firing slits must be properly positioned, the roof must not leak nor must the bulletproof parapet around it be unstable, the bunker in the basement must not fill up with ground water or threaten to collapse, and when the generator is hooked up to the wiring, it must not burst into flames or blow out the light bulbs .  The student must understand  the basic principles behind the design of buildings and fortress walls, plumbing and sewage systems, electrical distribution grids, etc.  There is no need for him to be a fully trained architect.  But, when necessary, he should be able to do a competent job designing everything a small, self-sufficient Jewish community might need to build on its own, from the composting toilets to the rainwater collection system, the houses, the tunnels, the bunkers, the guard towers and the perimeter wall.

Complicating the issue is the fact that Jewish communities will not have money to burn.  Much like the wall-and-watchtower settlements of yore, the average Jewish outpost of the future must be a combination of inexpensive prefabricated structures and locally available free materials, such as local stone and rammed earth.  Thus the basic designs and construction methods taught at the yeshiva will in many cases have to be developed there instead of borrowed wholesale from the Israeli construction industry.

The third set of vital skills that everyone should be taught is the art of making weapons.  At the very least, everyone must know enough to construct a simple friction fuse grenade, molotovs in both basic and improved versions, and a basic set of command detonated and victim-detonated IEDs.  The vast majority of students should know enough chemistry and engineering to make these weapons not only from prepared materials, but also from scratch, starting with hardware store chemicals and household appliances.  A subset of skilled and intelligent students must understand the principles of rocket construction and design.  A small proportion who show a talent for such work must be trained as gunsmiths.  Similarly, knowledge of general physics, chemistry and engineering should be developed in as many as possible so that students are able to solve new problems and develop or adapt new processes, for example the production of biodiesel from suitable oils.

The fourth set of skills that must be taught is the art of war.  Everyone in the yeshiva or ulpana must know how to use firearms and IEDs, how to fight hand to hand, how to conduct an ambush, how to steal a car, how to storm a building, and so forth.  In short, every student must understand how to plan and carry out basic guerrilla and conventional operations.  Every young man must graduate from Jewish educational institutions possessing all the skills of an infantryman and able to lead at least a squad into battle.  Every young woman must graduate as a competent support soldier able to organize a first aid station, cope with mass casualties, deploy and operate field telephone and radio systems and, of course, fight in self-defense when necessary.  Perversely, this is the easiest skill set of all to establish an instructional program for.  Much of the curriculum can be taught under the guise of preparing the students for service in the IDF.

The fifth set of skills is, in a way, the most vital of all.  It is the skill to GOVERN.  Graduates must understand the structure and function of the organs of basic Jewish government and the laws pertaining thereto.  They must understand how the Torah Republic differs from the rotten goyish system called “democracy”.  They must know and understand how to apply basic Halacha.  For example, not one in a thousand of our modern-day youth knows that Moslems are Bnei Amalek and not one in a thousand of those understands what this implies.  Ask the average young person in Yosh how a Jewish State is to be governed and you will get a blank stare, or some blather about Moshiach fixing everything with a Harry Potter magic wand, or some regurgitated Feiglinite crap about humanistic democracy.  Nobody understands that we are engaged in Milchemet Mizvah.  No one knows the stringencies and leniencies applicable to Jewish warriors under arms, such as the permission to eat unkosher food when kosher food is not readily and immediately available.  All of these things must no longer remain mysterious to our youth.  The best and brightest of them must be groomed from the very beginning to lead the creation and liberation of Jewish communities throughout the Land, to enforce Torah Law and establish Torah Courts without the need to call a Rav every five minutes for instructions on how to proceed, and so forth.  Ultimately, our objective must be the creation of a truly Jewish army – one where every officer, or at least every field grade officer, is required to have semicha.  The first step to making this a reality is to create a pool of young men potentially suitable for service as Jewish senior military officers.

The sixth set of skills that every student must possess on graduation are the skills to make a living in the modern world.  Only by establishing a modern economy can Medinat Yehudah become anything more than virtual reality.  We must be prepared to build everything we need with our own hands, from gardens and houses to tanks and fighter jets and nuclear missiles to spacecraft and ballistic missile submarines, to modern factories and research laboratories and power plants.  The capacity to operate a modern state implies a thorough communal mastery of all aspects of secular science and engineering.  Therefore, ultimately, the system of yeshivot that become the foundation of Medinat Yehudah must give their graduates a better scientific and technical education than that provided by Israel’s godless universities.

Another incentive to prepare the students for operating in a modern economy is simply financial.  To put it bluntly, funding from abroad cannot and will not replace underground taxation and front businesses as sources of revenue.  To collect taxes productively, one must have a productive tax base.  We will not have one unless we build it ourselves.

The above six sets of skills are necessary, but not sufficient to liberate our country and make it flourish.  Just as the six days of the week exist for the sake of Shabbat, so do the six categories of basic skills exist to enable the seventh “skill” – the capacity to create truly Jewish communities.  Only when there is a network of communities across the Land that live by the Holy Torah, recognize no authority except the authority of legitimate Jewish rulers and actively seek to link up and liberate the entire Land will Medinat Yehudah begin to step off the pages of blogs and pamphlets.  Only when these communities finally link up and squeeze out both the Israeli State and its Moslem henchmen will Medinat Yehudah become a fully fledged living reality.

Since the first step in creating a Jewish community is the creation of Jewish families, the rabbis who run the yeshivot and ulpanot that will create Medinat Yehudah must endeavor to ensure that no young man and no young woman leaves their gates without being married to a graduate of an institution that holds the same values and teaches the same skills and ideals.  From the first yeshiva, from the cornerstone of Medinat Yehudah, the graduates will spread like holy sparks.  They will fall upon the dry tinder that is the Jewish People in Eretz Yisrael, and they will set it aflame with the fire of liberty and justice.  And though the illegitimate Israeli State that usurps our Land will try its best to extinguish these holy sparks, it will never quench them all.  And so, in the end, the Israeli State will flee from the holy flame of Jewish national liberation, or else be consumed by it.  And Medinat Yehudah will be born.

Dear reader, now that you understand what a Jewish national education system will do, ask yourself, is your community yeshiva worthy of laying the cornerstone of the Jewish State?  And if it is not, what is it that YOU need to do in order to transform it into the institution that will change everything?  In this season of the giving of our Holy Torah, may our communities speedily awaken and may the day of liberation soon come.  Chag sameach.

5 Sivan, 5770

Violence Works

May 6, 2010

Those of you who have been following the news from Eretz Yisrael no doubt already know that the Israelis’ Supreme Kangaroo Court is pushing their government to carry out another massive pogrom in Amona.  This time, the objective is the total destruction of the community.  According to the so-called “justices” of the so-called “court”, a bunch of Moslem squatters and land thieves “own” the land upon which Amona is built.  The eminent kangaroos of the “court” certainly know that their illegal entity has neither the right to rule on any matter whatsoever, nor the legal grounds to do so.  Firstly, the “court” is not authorized by a duly constituted Sanhedrin.  Secondly, not one of the “justices” is qualified to sit on a properly constituted court[1].  Thirdly, a goy cannot legally own immovable property in Eretz Yisrael[2].

But all of this is beside the point.  What is really important in this story is that the Israeli state prosecutor is fighting tooth and nail to AVOID having to carry out the instructions of the pogromschik “justices”.  The official excuse is that this is due to the racist building freeze.  Allegedly, the Israeli State lacks the resources to commit a new set of mass atrocities against the Jews of Amona.   This excuse, of course, is a sham.  Demolitions and Israeli attacks against Jews are daily occurrences all over the Land.  The Israelis possess ample resources to destroy a single yishuv, even if this yishuv is Ariel or Ma’aleh Adumim, much less a tiny community like Amona.  After all, their kapo forces have tens of thousands of soldiers and policemen who can be mobilized at the drop of a hat in order to beat, rape and destroy.

The real reason the Israelis are so averse to the idea of a second Amona pogrom is the name “Amona” itself.  Though the desperate defense of the yishuv during the first Amona Pogrom consisted mostly of helpless children and unarmed teenagers offering themselves up to be beaten and sexually assaulted by Israeli kapos, the mere memory of images of photogenic violence splashed across Israeli television screens four years ago is sufficient deterrence to cause the Israeli establishment to resist the idea of an Amona II.  All this deterrence value produced by only a few hundred injuries, most of them not even life threatening!

Nonetheless, certainly as night follows day, the eminent kangaroos of the Israeli supreme “court” will win in the end.  There will be an Amona II.  The reason for this is extremely simple.  The cost of a pogrom does not exceed the benefits of a pogrom in the eyes of the Israeli ruling elite.  Until the deterrence equation changes, the antisemitic atrocities will continue.

Let us look reality square in the eye.  The Israelis understand only violence.  Eretz Yisrael is acquired through suffering.  Blood is the only currency in history that has ever bought freedom from oppression.

There are only two questions remaining.  The first is simple: Will it be OUR suffering or THEIRS, OUR blood or THEIRS?  The second is simpler still:  How much blood will it take?

The answer to the first question is obvious.  Of course it will be both.  But we will achieve victory only if we spill far more of theirs than they spill of ours.  The answer to the second is not so obvious.  The answer is “it depends”.  The more elite and privileged those whose blood is spilled, the richer they are, the more prominent they are, the closer they are to the top, the more deterrence is produced and therefore the less blood it will take.  The more continuous the bloodshed, the more obviously it is a matter of cause and effect, action and consequence, the sooner the equation of deterrence will be established and again, the less blood it will take.  Finally, the more of the enemy die while we suffer few visible losses, the more painfully the enemy is made aware of his disadvantages, the sooner he will choose the path of negotiation over the path of aggression and again, the less blood it will take.

What does this mean for Amona II and for every other future Israeli atrocity?  Simple.  There must be more blood.  There must be more violence.  It must be gorier, scarier, more graphic than ever before.  Kapos must die.  Equipment must be destroyed.  Those who give antisemitic orders and those who obey antisemitic orders must learn that Jewish avengers will follow them home, to their bedrooms and their mess halls and their night clubs and their restaurants.  When kapos are met with sniper fire, grenades, firebombs and IEDs, there will be deterrence.  When kapo commanders are gunned down in their living rooms in front of their wives and children, there will be deterrence.  When in response to every expulsion dozens of kapos all over Eretz Yisrael are killed and wounded from ambush, bombs go off in Sheinkin and groups of Jewish avengers storm trendy treif cafes in Ramat Aviv and Kirkar haMedina, indiscriminately massacring the patrons, the Israelis will begin to think twice and thrice about attacking Jews.  Raise the butcher’s bill high enough, and the Israeli enemy will stop his oppression.

In terms of the mechanics of resistance, the principles at this stage of the struggle are fairly obvious to anyone who has kept up with Self-Liberation 101 to date.

The first principle is that the Israeli enemy is, for the time being, physically unstoppable.  By virtue of a massive superiority in numbers and firepower, the Israelis possess overwhelming physical force.  They can go wherever they want.  They can do whatever they wish.  Any attempt to stop them in a direct confrontation will fail if the confrontation is permitted to go on long enough for them to apply their overwhelming physical advantage.

The second principle is that the number of Jewish liberators is very small and the forces of liberation enjoy little support.   Therefore, the lives of Jewish liberator warriors are very valuable.  The Jewish heroes who spearhead the national liberation struggle must build and strengthen their forces and not squander them.

The third principle is that the Israelis will respond to Jewish self-defense with escalating oppression and brutality.  This will win them no friends.  The more vicious and arbitrary the Israeli occupiers get, the more they apply collective punishment, the more they demonize the Jews in their vile propaganda, the more Jews they will alienate and the more resistance will be generated.  Increased Israeli oppression benefits the Resistance.

The fourth principle is that the Israelis are vulnerable to asymmetric and psychological attack.  The vast majority of Israeli kapos are in fact deluded, brainwashed Jews.  Though they do not consciously know any better, deep in their hearts they know that by helping to hand vital assets to Hamas and al-Qaeda they are betraying their own people and doing unspeakable evil in defense of an illegitimate, antisemitic regime.  By confronting these kapos with the need to perform ever more brutal and vile acts in defense of the regime, the forces of Jewish national liberation can fill their hearts with self-hatred, shame, revulsion and remorse, forcing many to abandon the struggle and a few to even switch sides and aid the Resistance.

From these basic principles we can derive the general guidelines for acting against Israeli pogroms at this stage of the national liberation struggle.  First of all, the Israeli enemy should be confronted on site via riots employing maximum violence.  The primary killing agents during these riots should be IEDs emplaced beforehand.  Kapos should be lured into IED traps, for example by getting them to chase Jews or by placing IEDs where kapos will assemble and/or park their vehicles.  Primary IEDs should then be detonated in order to cause maximum kapo casualties.  Secondary IEDs should be used to kill kapo first responders and to delay medical evacuation of kapo wounded.  Select warriors with good escape plans should engage kapo attackers with sniper fire from well concealed positions, grenades thrown from crowds, pistols and submachineguns fired suddenly from concealment and so forth.

Most of the rioters should be young, the younger the better, for maximum photogenic effect.  Many should be female.  Preteen children especially should be taught to attack the kapos, at first with rocks and later with pistols and grenades.  Nothing will present a tactical dilemma to the average Israeli kapo quite like a cute ten year old Jewish girl throwing a hand grenade at him.  If he shoots her, the Resistance gains a martyr and can decry the Israeli kapos as child murderers.  If he does not shoot her, he must retreat.  After all, grenades are lethal weapons.  Thus the Resistance gains a victory and the child warriors who aid the Resistance gain both confidence and a strengthened Jewish identity, not to mention accumulating the merit of defending the Land.

Ultimately, the objective of the Resistance during the riot should be to provoke the Israelis into maximum brutality, film their violence and exploit it for propaganda purposes.  Sooner or later, the Israelis will begin to fire live ammunition into crowds, use tanks, helicopter gunships, mortars and artillery.  They will begin to impose mass curfews, collective fines and so forth.  All of these tactics will only increase resentment of the occupation.  While at first those affected will blame the Resistance, as time goes on more and more of them, especially those who are younger, will begin to place blame where it belongs – upon the Israeli oppressor.

No matter how heroic the initial resistance, how brave the rioters, how high the number of kapos killed and wounded, how great the cost of destroyed equipment, at some point the Israeli physical advantage will grow too great and the riot will end.  The kapos will call for reinforcements.  These can and should be delayed by riots, ambushes and IEDs, but eventually they will arrive nonetheless.  The buildings will be destroyed.  The yishuv will be evacuated.  Many of the rioters will be arrested.  Some will be killed.  All of this should be planned for.

Resistance fighters should retreat at the correct time, avoiding the arrest of key operatives.  If it is necessary for tactical reasons for some to be arrested, these should be political strugglers with no connections to or knowledge of the armed wing.  The vast majority of those who will ultimately be taken prisoner by the enemy should be younger people who have no vital Resistance knowledge and who are willing to be arrested and continue theatrical histrionics in prison and in the Israeli courts.

The Resistance will benefit from the propaganda derived from Israelis’ holding of children and teenagers in prison.  The Resistance will benefit from the violent imagery shown on Israeli television.  And the Resistance will go on.

When the riot ends, the fight only begins.  Actions have consequences.  The Israeli enemy must be made to feel the full brunt of the consequences.  While those among the Resistance who are committed to the political aspect of the struggle spread propaganda and engage in non-violent direct action, the armed Resistance should go to work in earnest.   Attack should follow attack, every single one prepared properly so the heroes of the Resistance can escape to strike again, every single one properly filmed and exploited for propaganda purposes. It should go on, and on, and on every day for weeks on end, until the Israelis scream in pain and terror so loudly that their desperate bellows shake the sky.

Every IDF commander and Israeli official responsible for the atrocity should be systematically targeted for assassination.  If Jewish women and children were harmed, and they almost certainly will be harmed if the initial riot is properly planned and carried out, the wives and children of the kapo commanders should also be targeted.  The Israelis can protect their ministers, their ramatkal, their corps, division and brigade commanders.  They can protect the generals.  But can they protect every colonel, every major, every captain, every lieutenant?  No they cannot!

And if a specific Resistance cell cannot attack a high value target, it should attack low value targets and targets of opportunity.  Can the Israelis protect every random policeman in Yosh?  Can they protect every coffee shop where border police hang out to pass the time in between brutalizing Jews?  Can they protect every posh cafe, every North Tel Aviv fancy store selling indecent “designer” clothing for ridiculous prices, every army barracks housing a kapo unit that participated in the atrocity, every police station?  They cannot!

And if a cell is unable or unwilling for some reason to attack kapos and Israeli elitists directly, let it instead attack enemy infrastructure.  How many power lines can the Israelis protect all at once?  How many substations?  How many transformers? How many cell towers can they keep safe? How many water pipes, wells, sewage treatment plants, chemical storage facilities?  How many rail lines?  How many bridges?  How many highway overpasses?

If after every Israeli atrocity, surely as dawn follows night, North Tel Aviv turns into a sweltering hell without water and electricity, if bombs keep going off for days on end, if critical infrastructure is destroyed everywhere, if the blood of kapos and Israeli elitists flows in rivers and oceans, how long do you think it will be before the Israelis stop committing atrocities?  How many buildings have they destroyed in Ramallah lately?  How many have they destroyed in Umm el-Fahm?  Violence works!  If it seems that the violence is not working, it is because not enough violence has yet been applied.  When enough is applied, the Israelis will crumble.  They will crawl to us the way they crawled to Arafat in Oslo.  And we will have an end to antisemitic atrocities.  The day of liberation will come.  After the war, bizrat Hashem, there will finally be peace and security and even prosperity for our long-suffering people.  But first, there must be blood.

Amona II is coming.  For those who want peace, it is time to prepare for war.  Look around, dear reader.  The  Makkabim are watching you min haShamayim.  Are you ready to follow in their footsteps?

22 Iyar, 5770

[1] See Rambam, Hilchot Sanhedrin 2:7 for the minimum qualifications.  I challenge you to find even one Israeli”judge” who possesses wisdom, humility, yirat shamayim, a loathing for money, a love for truth, the love of the public and a good reputation.

[2] Rambam, Hilchot Avodat Kochavim 10:3