Lessons from the Mavi Marmara


As everyone who has not been living under a rock knows by now, the bumbling clowns of the Israeli Disgrace Forces boarded the terrorist vessel Mavi Marmara on Monday, as part of a window dressing “operation” designed to provide the appearance of “blockading” Gaza.  As result of the utter incompetence and total disregard for the lives of Jewish soldiers displayed by the Israeli high command, numerous Jews were unnecessarily injured.  Only by the grace of Hashem none were killed.

The battalion-sized Islamic guerrilla element embarked aboard the Mavi Marmara suffered very light losses.  A mere nine Moslem guerrillas were killed.  Some twenty five were seriously injured.   The rest of the enemy were merely detained and will receive a free ticket home courtesy of Israel’s taxpayers.  As was the plan from the beginning, the supplies aboard the enemy ships will be carefully offloaded and sent on to Hamas in Gaza.  Thus the Islamic enemy receives both the supplies he wanted and a major victory at no cost whatsoever.

The goyshe reaction to this pathetic display of Israeli weakness, cowardice and incompetence has been exactly the same as it would have been to a proper blockade enforcement operation.  Had Israeli aircraft and missile boats sunk the Mavi Marmara and accompanying enemy vessels without warning and with total loss of life, the same goyshe condemnations, calls for sanctions and accusations of high seas piracy would have followed.  Thus Israel has accomplished by means of its weak bumbling exactly the opposite of what its leaders ostensibly intended.

The footage of the confrontation aboard the Mavi Marmara shows that the entire operation from beginning to end was meticulously planned and flawlessly executed by the Islamic guerrillas.  The strike company embarked aboard the vessel can be clearly seen deploying in squad-sized elements, with each element assigned an Israeli soldier to attack.  Designated personnel were also set aside to attack the helicopter by firing flares at it and by tying the rope used to drop the commandos to the ship.

The purpose of the latter action is to cause unexpected force to be exerted on the helicopter, hopefully causing the pilot to either lose control and crash or overcompensate, snapping the rope.  The recoiling end of the snapped rope could then seriously damage the helicopter.  In the worst case, it could entangle rotor blades, again causing a crash.  While the extensive training of the Israeli pilots and aircrew makes it highly unlikely that such a simple technique would cause a crash or serious damage to the helicopter, had it succeeded tense moments would have undoubtedly ensued until the crew chief could cut the rope.  Injury to the crew chief would have been highly likely as well.

Islamic strike company personnel were well armed with weapons appropriate to the planned riot mission.  The vast majority of weapons were “legal” tools and supplies, such as pipes, kitchen knives, souvenir daggers, hammers, axes, wrenches, etc.  In addition, there were at least two snipers deployed with the strike company.  Secondary weapons consisted of the usual rioters’ assortment of flares, firebombs and high-powered slingshots.  The personnel of the strike company were provided with body armor.  While most only had improvised armor in the form of life jackets, bulletproof vests were also issued to key personnel.  Select personnel were equipped with night vision devices.  Provision for the use of tear gas by the Israelis was likewise made.  Every member of the strike company was issued a gas mask.  Designated personnel were also no doubt assigned to pitch the snipers’ weapons overboard if the snipers themselves were unable to do so.

It is also clear that the rest of the guerrilla battalion and the various “activists”, propagandists and terrorist wannabes aboard the vessel were not informed regarding the detailed riot plan.  Doing so would have only caused them to leak this information and spoil their “genuine” surprise and outrage.  In fact, efforts were made to control the locations of the “independent” propagandists and “activists” in order to ensure that most never saw and filmed the initiation of the violence.  Instead, their purpose in the operation was to film the casualties, render first aid, rush to shield retreating strike company members and film violence in progress as the strike company retreated.  The actions of this large group of “independent” support personnel was well managed by guerrilla organizers imbedded among them and by the second-tier members of the guerrilla battalion embarked aboard the ship.

Overall, the planned riot aboard the Mavi Marmara was a textbook guerrilla operation that accomplished all of its goals at minimal cost.  Israel has been delegitimized further.  Internal Israeli debate has been focused on making future self-defense actions weaker.  Egypt has announced a temporary opening of the border with Gaza.  Israel has announced additional shipments of “aid” to further strengthen Hamas.  Islamic forces throughout the world have been buoyed by the overwhelming victory over the Israelis and the inspirational footage of Israeli soldiers being clubbed to the deck, thrown off the ship and jumping overboard to save themselves from all but certain death.   Goyshe governments are calling for sanctions.  Goyshe political organizations are calling for boycotts and divestment.  Goyshe commentators are calling for American and European warships to attack the Israeli navy in order to break the laughable “blockade”.   Global attention has been distracted from the Iranian nuclear program.  And there are more ships on the way.

The Islamic guerrillas involved displayed a high level of professionalism, dedication to duty and excellent discipline.  This is not a surprise given that the operation was undertaken by the trained professionals of the IHH, with the overt support of the Turkish government.  The commanders of the operation will certainly receive commendations for their work.

More importantly, even though they displayed utter incompetence, lack of professionalism and dereliction of duty, virtually all the Israeli commanders and politicians involved in this fiasco will certainly keep their jobs.  Benjamin Netanyahu (y”sh), Ehud Barak (y”sh) and all their hangers-on will go on to endanger more Jewish lives.  They will murder more Jews.  They will use the excuse of “international pressure” caused by this incident to again attack the dati leumi, with genocidal intent.  To explain their treasonous actions, they will claim that they need to “mollify America and world public opinion”.  And the Jewish lemmings of the Holy Land will swallow this fairy tale once again, hook, line and sinker.  No doubt they will keep buying it even as Israeli forces are demolishing Ariel and Ma’aleh Adumim.

Now that we have summarized our observations, what lessons can we learn from this incident?

The first lesson to note is that Jews wishing to ensure the continued survival of the Jewish People in Eretz Yisrael should adopt the same tactics displayed by the Islamic guerrillas.  Just like the Israelis crumble and bumble in the face of Islamic guerrillas, they will crumble and bumble in the face of Jewish guerrillas.  Just as casualties among Islamic guerrillas are minimal, so will the casualties among the Jewish guerrillas be minimal.  Just as the outcome of confrontations between Israeli security forces and Islamic guerrillas will always play well in the Islamic audience and ultimately serve to strengthen the Islamic guerrillas, so the outcome of confrontations between Israeli security forces and Jewish guerrillas will ultimately play well in the Jewish audience and strengthen the Jewish guerrillas.

The second lesson to note is that the Israelis are playing to lose.  Even before the confrontation began, the Israelis already agreed to allow the flotilla’s cargo into Gaza.  And even as rockets are daily fired from Gaza into Israel, the Israelis continue to supply Gaza with food, electricity and war materiel.  The Israelis also continue to make regular transfers of cash to Hamas via the Palestinian Authority.  Every effort is being made by the Israelis to weaken their own position and strengthen the position of Hamas.  This is being done specifically so that the strengthened position of Hamas can be used to justify additional Israeli attacks against the dati leum under the pretext of the “peace process”.  As an added bonus, it is hoped that Islamic terror attacks will fall disproportionately on the dati leumi communities in Yosh due to their proximity to large, illegal Islamic squatter camps such as Jericho and Ramallah.

The third lesson to learn from this fiasco is that the State of Israel no longer has any senior military officers fit to lead troops in battle.  If the decision is made to send men armed with nothing but paintball guns and a few pistols to take control of a ship manned by a battalion of Islamic guerrillas, sailing under the auspices of a well known Islamic terrorist organization, then it is obvious that the people making this decision are not fit to command a latrine detail.  And since the troops sent were none other than Shayetet-13, an elite commando force, it stands to reason that they are commanded by some of the best officers Israel is able to muster.  We have now seen Israel’s best military minds in action.  Behold the fruits of 40 years’ of politically correct misuse of the military and weep!

The final lesson to learn from the Mavi Marmara flows squarely from the first three.  Medinat Israel is a dead state stumbling.  Any Jew who wants to survive, much less continue living in Eretz Yirael, had better get with the program and support Medinat Yehudah.  Separate from the Israelis and live, or keep embracing them and die.  The choice is that simple.

20 Sivan, 5770

Watching the stuttering Wise Men of Medinat Israchelm.


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9 Responses to “Lessons from the Mavi Marmara”

  1. roeh Says:

    I agree that this bodes well for MY. Shayetet 13 is supposed to be one of the two most elite units in the IDF.

    Well, is this is how the best soldiers of the IDF fight, then the chances for MY to come about in our lifetimes is greatly improved!

    All that remains is for the dati in the Land to pick up the sword. The state provokes and shames them more and more every day. Will they?

  2. rob Says:

    The problems I see are obvious. there is a double standard, one set of standards for dealing with PA and related terrorist, the most PC way, and another for dealing with the dati.

    I can imagine the brainwashed and brain dead IDF would see the urgency in quashing any type of uprising, in fact the world would remain silent even if the state of israel were to deploy long bow’s and abrams.

    I dont think a comparison between the two groups is accurate, they show no hesitation in busting the heads of women and child alike, no politically correct tip toe when it comes to the “settlers”

  3. Vienna Mike Says:

    OF COURSE there is a double standard, Rob. OF COURSE the Israelis will respond with brutal violence and oppression. OF COURSE they will use live fire and tanks and artillery and helicopter gunships and airstrikes. That is THE POINT. This is how struggles for national liberation always start. Pharaoh must order the slaves to make bricks without straw. The overseers must complain that they have been made to stink in the eyes of Pharaoh.

    The dati leumi community will not awaken and form a healthy national identity unless and until the Israelis force them to do so. Only after whole communities are destroyed and rivers of blood spilled by Israeli barbarians will the dati leumi be ready to boycott the IDF en masse, riot at the drop of a hat, shoot and blow up Israeli soldiers and police and otherwise do all the things that must be done in order to free Medinat Yehudah from Israeli occupation.

    The sequence of events for a national liberation struggle is always the same:

    (A) armed resistance against the foreign occupier

    leads to

    (B) brutal oppression on the part of the occupier

    leads to

    (C) resentment and increased resistance

    leads to

    (D) massacres and atrocities committed by the occupier

    leads to

    (E) a mass movement for national liberation

    leads to

    (F) outright guerrilla warfare

    leads to

    (G) loss of hope by the occupier

    leads to

    (H) a peace process

    leads to

    (I) independence

    This sequence of events is the purpose of this blog. Vienna Mike cannot strike the decisive blow all by himself. But Vienna Mike can teach others.

  4. Sassover Says:

    100,000 able-bodied haredi “footsoldiers” were mobilized at the drop of a hat by simple encouragement from their rabbis, and they rumbled through the streets, in a notably non-violent protest. The infrastructure is there, the command (of the rabbis) is there, the resentment of the state and its authorities is there – Can’t help but think this is tremendously significant, only problem is that what they consider their “causes” are often completely twisted and insane!

    And I have on good intelligence, the “encouragement” from rabbis extended even to minor po-dunk yeshivoth/haburoth with American and baal teshuva guys learning there. It was as if this was a Jewish national crisis and suddenly haredi rabbis were Jewish activists rallying the masses. There was tremendous potential in what happened Thursday. How do we channel it properly? I don’t think the interests of their leaders coincide with any real national goals or any sensible plans to defeat the islamic and pseudo-Jewish enemy.

  5. Sassover Says:

    Also let’s keep in mind that the main thrust of the protest was a simple slogan Torah over State. Torah over all else. These people are ready to hold up the banner of Torah over any institution which seeks to limit it.

  6. Vienna Mike Says:

    The haredi rabbis have their priorities. These priorities are limited to the preservation of their own personal power, wealth and privilege. This is why haredim are not threat to the Israelis. They can be bought and they are not willing to kill and be killed. After all was said and done, the parents went to prison.

    What is needed to save the yishuv in Eretz Yisrael is not merely a group of people willing to put Torah above all else, but one willing to use unlimited violence over an unlimited period of time to place the Torah in its proper position with regard to the State — that of total, overwhelming and unquestioned dominance backed by unlimited lethal force. The haredim are not and will never be such a community.

  7. Sassover Says:

    Still, as a nonviolent civil action, it eroded the credibility of the courts and it put fear into the hearts of chilonim country-wide. I think it is a mistake to not try to make bridges with the haredim. Maybe their rabbis can become “motivated” to mold them into a more resistance oriented group.

    And the masses may not be violent, but the extreme chassidic protests which are much smaller are violent. It’s in an unorganized primal way and they usually are just handing themselves over to be beaten mercilessly, but still there is violence. If the priorities of these groups shift we have something to talk about. But right now they simply have no national priorities.

    Everyone knows how small a ‘sector’ the national religious is. This discourages real resistance.

  8. sk Says:

    Sassover, the Haredi elite are part of the problem. They undermine opposition to the various perfidious acts of the other Israeli elites.

    One thing that must be done is to humiliate the Haredi elite (e.g., $hades and the Lithuanian moneybags Elia$hiv) until they stop undermining what needs to be done. You want to ally with them?

  9. Sassover Says:

    I don’t understand what you mean, sk. Of course they are part of the problem. But I mentioned trying to “motivate” them. If the establishment can bribe them, so can we. When there’s more than one piper in town, let’s see how fast allegiances shift. Deep down they resent the regime and its secular-heathen manipulators.

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