Remember Gush Katif


Exactly five years ago today, the erev rav regime that has illegally usurped power in Eretz Yisrael for sixty two years perpetrated the greatest crime in modern Jewish history.  Over eight thousand Jews were mercilessly ripped from their homes and sent, penniless and homeless, to wander through the Land.  Their homes were destroyed before their eyes by black-suited kapos.  Everything they had built was stolen at gunpoint by the illegitimate gang of thugs who style themselves as Israel’s so-called “government”, and given to Hamas.

At first blush, the tragedy of the Gush Katif pogrom seems to pale in comparison to all the other horrors and tribulations we mark on Tisha b’Av. After all, compared to the destruction of our two temples, the exile from our Land, the pogroms and the expulsions down the centuries, the crime perpetrated against the Jewish People by the erev rav who destroyed Gush Katif was almost pain-free.  No one was murdered.  No one was raped.  Only property was destroyed.

Yet this is a false comparison.  For the crime committed at Gush Katif was qualitatively different from all other crimes in our recent history in that those who inspired, organized and committed it were halachically Jewish.  And this makes them WORSE than any of the many enemies in our history.  The Nazis, the Moslems, the Cossacks, the Crusaders, the Romans were all goyim.  They were all honest enemies who honestly proclaimed their desire to exterminate our people and honestly carried out their intentions as best they could.  No one welcomed them into the Brit.  No one celebrated their bar mizvah.  No one counted them for a minyan.  No one called them up for aliyot in a schul.

But the Israelis and their Jewish mamlachti and haredi henchmen are enemies who creep up in stealth and deceit.  They profess their undying love for our people and endlessly call for unity among Jews even as they stab us in the back again and again and again.  Jews did not elect Hitler (y”sh) on a platform that promised to defend the Jewish People the way Jews elected Ariel Sharon (y”sh).  No one hailed Martin Luther (y”sh) as a gaon and the gadol haDor, the way foolish Jews still hail “rabbi” Abdullah “$hade$” Yosef (y”sh), whose pet political party sold Gush Katif for a few thousand shekels.   The black uniforms of the Waffen SS, may their memory and descendants perish, did not bear the Magen David the way the black uniforms of the Israeli pogromschiks did.  Nor did Bogdan Chmelnitsky (y”sh) and his Cossacks wear knitted kippot, like many of the pogromschiks who came to destroy Gush Katif.  Nor were these enemies of our people part of our communities, as were the insidious mamlachti snakes who deliberately sabotaged even the few pathetic, half-hearted efforts to defend the Gush.

The most exquisite tortures devised by sadists past and present are not retribution enough for the crimes of these inhuman monsters, these treacherous savages who are worse than all the Nazis, all the Cossacks, all the Roman legionaries and all the Islamic jihadists in history put together.  What they have done can never be forgotten.  Nor can it be forgiven.  And though justice may have to tarry, the day will surely come when all of them, the ones who conspired, the ones who inspired, the ones who ordered, the ones who cheered, the ones who destroyed and the ones who sabotaged and cried crocodile tears, will face the retribution they deserve.  EVERY SINGLE ONE, from the “judge”, the MK, the reporter and the general down to the last lousy private and the last pissant patrolman.

But though true justice would require more pain than all the tortures of the word can inflict even when coupled with all the artifice of modern medical science used to prolong life, consciousness and suffering, Am Yisrael is full of chesed and tzedakkah, seeking peace and pursing peace.  Therefore, though they deserve far worse, the subhuman creatures who destroyed Gush Katif should simply be sent, speedily and without undue ceremony, to stand before the Merciful One Blessed Be He and receive their just deserts.

May we see justice done speedily, in our time.

10 Av 5770


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5 Responses to “Remember Gush Katif”

  1. General Raoul Salan, the one Goy worse than the Israelis Says:

    “And this makes them WORSE than any of the many enemies in our history. The Nazis, the Moslems, the Cossacks, the Crusaders, the Romans were all goyim.”

    In other words, the Nazis, the Moslems, the Cossacks, the Crusaders and the Romans were actually BETTER than the Israeli elites–because they were goyim. But I know of one goy who in spite of everything is WORSE than the Israeli elites–and that goy is ME!!! Come on! Admit it! You’d rather kill me for pestering you than kill Tzipi Livni in the name of Medinat Yehudah! For I deflate your ego. That’s why you call me a Nazi even though if you searched your website, you would see that you use the word “kike” more than I do! But it is typical of the bigots who belong to minorities to hypocritically proclaim the bigotry of the majority whenever they are offended. Your ego is quite sensitive.

    And yes, I do think you are motivated by ego. Only your ego is fed not by money, nor by power, nor by the love of the world. Rather your ego is fed by your self-perspection that you are a great hero for the Jewish people!

    You know, I know that the Jews believe that in each generation a candidate for Messiah emerges and that his success depends on whether God is right to bring about the Redemption. Well, if such a man was building an army and if, upon you joining, he poo-pooed your character and heroism by making you an enlisted man rather than an officer, your honor would be so hurt that you would plot to kill that man, if the assassination delayed the Redemption by a thousand years!

  2. Sassover Says:

    I’m no fan of the evil O$lo enablers, $ha$, but it was actually UTJ who got paid off to support expulsion from Aza. From what I remember, $has voted against it or was not involved this time. Can we get a fact check on that?

  3. Vienna Mike Says:

    No, Sassover. U$TJ abstained. Shas voted for the expulsion, based explicitly on the instructions of “rabbi” Abdullah Yo$ef (yemach shemo). If they had both exited the coalition in protest instead, the government would have almost certainly fallen and there would have been no expulsion.

  4. Sheet Rock Says:

    Please answer the following questions.

    A} What do you think should have been done by the residents of Gush Katif when Sharon announced his plan in 2003? I presume it would have been too late to implement the strategies you recommend throughout this website. You have written against symbolic last stands. B} Should the residents have just taken the compensation and left?
    For that matter, what do you think should have been done by the average Jew in Israel, to stop the pending disengagement? Looking back at Kefar Maimon, it seems it should have been obvious it was all a charade. How could nobody have known? What would you have done in Kfar Miamon to stop or expose or prevent the charade?
    C} What do you think of a former soldier who realizes the error of his participation in the disengagement? Can he do Teshuva to cleanse himself of his crime? How about a Rabbi or Rosh Hayeshiva who didn’t tell his students to refuse? Can he do Teshuva?
    D} What should the disengagement refugees have done after the disengagement was through? They were just sitting around doing nothing. Should they have taken some sort of revenge? Against whom? Doesn’t the Torah say not to take revenge?

    Last Question. Where do you recommend getting news from Israel. Arutz Sheva? Is there anywhere else?

  5. Vienna Mike Says:

    “general”, my reply to you consists of one gesture: [YAWN] . Also, I am a majority in my country. YOU, on the other hand, are in the minority in your own country, or soon will be. But that is not my problem. After all, it’s not MY country.

    Sheet Rock:

    A) Ideally, the residents should have demonstrably fortified Gush Katif and conducted a full scale planned riot, complete with buildings being brought down on the heads of the pogromschiks, kapos lured into IED fields, sniper fire from prepared positions and massive brawling and rock throwing by everyone from grown men to children. At the same time, picked groups of volunteers should have attacked Israeli targets, both infrastructure (National Water Carrier, power lines, bridges/major highway overpasses etc.) and symbolic (the Knesset, Beit haNassi, media headquarters, prominent leftists, etc.). Simultaneously, intifada activities of a similar nature should have been undertaken by the entire dati community throughout the Land. In the end, assuming dati soldiers did not mutiny, the Gush would have fallen. But with hundreds dead, thousands wounded, tens of thousands arrested, massive damage to national infrastructure and literally days if not weeks of rioting, the effect would have been similar to the effect of the First Intifada, if not the Second. The Sharon government would have fallen immediately. The entire national discussion would have been re-channeled from mollifying the Arabs to mollifying the Jews. By now, we would have full autonomy in Yosh and be well on the road to independence.

    Practically, given the delusions that obtained before and during the pogrom, what happened was inevitable. The goal today is to ensure that NEXT TIME the defense is appropriate to the circumstances.

    B)At Kfar Maimon, too many believed the traitors and the liars. It was too late to change anything. Unless one had the charisma of R. Kahane (z”l) one could not have mobilized the sheeple to act against the mamlachti meraglim. The “disengagement” could not be stopped. It could only be made into an object lesson. As for what an individual Jew could do in response, you see it on this blog. Medinat Yehudah is the only answer to our problems. Assuming you do not wish to form a Marighella Cell, I suggest you review the blog entry entitled “An Orderly Partition” to see where you fit in. If you are more adventurous than that, this the Self-Liberation 101 course outline, completed lessons and related blog entries provide you ample guidance.

    C)As we are taught by the Almighty, the gates of Tshuva are always open to all, even the worst of the worst. Certainly those who committed the crimes of Gush Katif and Amona can, in principle, perform tshuva. They simply have a very steep hill to climb when it comes to tikkun. Moreover, in this case, a soldier is certainly a tinok shenishba. The horrible idolatry of deifying the State of Israel has been ingrained into generations of our people. Therefore, since they did not invent this rebellion themselves, even today’s rabbis potentially qualify in this category. Of course, a rabbi or an officer bears far heavier responsibility and must therefore perform a far greater rectification than an enlisted man. Obviously, struggle to liberate Medinat Yehudah falls into the category of tikkun for the pogrom-related averot committed at Gush Katif and since.

    D) This is not about revenge or holding a grudge. This is about justice and preventing a Second Holocaust. The residents should have utterly rejected the Israeli State and embraced Jewish self-determination. R. Shmuel Tal has certainly taken atleast the first step by instructing his students to fly black flags with an orange stripe on Yom HaAtzmaut. I would prefer they fly the banner of Medinat Yehudah, but one step at a time. The bottom line is that it is not too late, either for them or for their children. But they must be properly educated by those who see the situation correctly. Thus this blog.

    News: You should use a cross-section of news sources. Arutz Sheva, Samson Blinded and Yesha Bulletin are good news sources on our side. Debka is a good news source, although sensationalistic to a fault. There is also a blog called Israel Truth Times, which is often tinfoil hat nutty but sometimes has gems of very valuable information. The Jerusalem Post is left wing, but not totally hostile. Enemy news sources, such as ynet, are to be treated with caution due to the heavy dose of hostile propaganda they contain. Nonetheless, they are of use in seeing what the enemy is up to and how he perceives the situation. Nothing quite so underlines the depth of the divide between the Jew and the Israeli, and the genocidal intent of the Israelis, as reading the editorial page of HaAretz.

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