Another Day, Another Murder


So, now it’s two for two.  A car outside Kiryat Arba the night before last.  And last night, with the earth yet fresh on the graves of the four victims, a drive-by  against a car near Kochav HaShachar.  This time, baruch Hashem, no deaths.  Only an attempted murder, not a successful one.

In response to both attacks, the Israeli security forces swung into well-practiced action.  Jews attempting to enforce justice were stopped in their tracks.  Israel’s Hamas allies were given protection by IDF soldiers.  Jewish youth were attacked and arrested.  The Head Kapo showed up on the scene of the Kiryat Arba murder to mouth platitudes, while his green-suited subordinates made the pretense of looking for the enemy whom they were really protecting.  His boss, the mass murderer Yehud Run-Like-Lightning Barak (y”sh) called on Jews to “respect the law”.  The Big Cheese Bibi  (y”sh) opined that Israel’s actions will not be influenced by terrorism, then proceeded to go to dinner in preparation for rewarding terrorism by giving Israel’s Hamas allies all of Yosh and half of Yerushalayim.

But all of this is business as usual.  The real issue is what is to be done about it.

We all know that Torah-true justice requires that roughly 12,500 Ishmaelites in Eretz Yisrael be executed immediately in response to the successful murders.   In response to the unsuccessful murders, it would be wise to kill another 5,000 or so.  After all, why should justice be stayed just because Hashem, in his infinite mercy, caused the Ishmaelite bullets to go astray?  Finally, to prevent future attacks, all Ishmaelites living within a day’s travel of the sites of the attacks should be rounded up and deported.  Any who resist in any way, even by word or gesture or by failing to promptly obey commands, should be killed immediately.  All in all, were justice served properly in today’s Eretz Yisrael, roughly 20,000 of the Ishmaelites within Israel’s borders would be dead by this afternoon and all the rest would be sitting in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

Of course, the Israelis will do nothing of the sort.  Justice will not be served because, first of all, the State of Israel is allied with Hamas.  Right now, Israel’s leaders are busy celebrating the death of their Jewish enemies and are certainly in no mood to attack their allies.  Secondly, even if the Israelis were on the side of the Jews, they would not be capable of acting in a just fashion because they would not know justice if it stood up and slapped them on the face.  To be just, one must be true to the Holy Torah.  This excludes the Israelis by definition.  Thirdly, just action would draw howls of protest and sanctions from the goyim.  The Israelis are not willing to endure such tribulations simply for the sake of some Jews.

Therefore, the answer is clear.  No justice will be served.  The Ishmaelite-Amalekite forces will continue their rampage through the Land until the JEWS stop them.  It is also clear how the Jews can stop them.  Firstly, Jewish security forces must enforce Torah-true justice against the Ishmaelites.  Secondly, the appropriate defensive measures must be taken.  Yosh is a war zone.  It should be treated as such.  Until the enemy is exterminated and security is established, civilian vehicles should move in armed convoys.  No vehicle should travel by itself.  No vehicle should leave the gate of a secure area unless every adult occupant has a rifle and plenty of ammunition.  There should be at least one light machine gun for every two vehicles.  If at all possible, local security forces should provide armored escort vehicles to large convoys.  Of course,  control of the roads and control of key terrain dominating the roads is paramount.  Jewish security forces must establish and maintain such control.  As a side effect, such control will prevent the enemy from resupplying his forces, causing starvation and abandonment of territory by the enemy.  Thus defense becomes offense.  As enemy forces abandon territory, secure areas will grow, freeing up forces for additional operations.  Thus offense becomes defense.

None of this can happen while Israel’s illegitimate occupation forces remain in Yosh.  Therefore, the first priority of any clearheaded Jew must be to expel Israeli security forces from the Jewish communities.  This is where you, dear readers, come in.  The Jews of Yosh will not begin to properly defend themselves until the idea that the State of Israel is an illegitimate foreign occupier on their soil is planted firmly in their minds.  You must help to make this happen by spreading the idea of Medinat Yehudah.  Only when the idea of Medinat Yehudah spreads widely, only when the Jews of Eretz Yisrael begin to understand that Medinat Yehudah is the only plausible answer, only when the general path to establishing Medinat Yehudah is well understood by many, will things finally begin to turn around in Eretz Yisrael.

P.S.  Recently, there have been numerous requests for permission to use the material on this site, translate it, etc.  There have also been offers of money.  Let me be clear.  For reasons of operational security, the persons who operate this site will never contact you directly and ask you for money, nor will they accept money from you.  If you wish to donate money to peaceful causes that will benefit the Jews of Yosh, you should find a worthwhile institution or organization, such as the Od Yoseph Chai yeshiva or The Committee to Save the People and the Land,  the Central Fund, or Mishmeret Yesha.  Or better yet, contact the various communities of Yosh directly and donate money where it is needed.

Insofar as use of material on the site, it is free for you to use.  You may distribute it in any manner you see fit, whether for profit or not for profit, in any media of your choice, in order to promote the cause of our national liberation.  You may translate material into any language you wish, quote whatever you wish, etc, as long as it is for the cause of liberating our oppressed people from the rule of Israeli erev rav.  Attribution to the original site is unnecessary whenever it is operationally or tactically inconvenient.  The only request those behind this site’s creation have is that you consistently use the symbology of Medinat Yehudah, that is the colors white-black-gold and the Chai flag, when you explicitly promote Medinat Yehudah and not just talk in general terms about autonomy and self-determination.

Obviously, if you are planning radical action in accordance with Marighella Doctrine, you should not, at this stage, use Medinat Yehudah symbology or even talk about Medinat Yehudah.  Rather, you should talk about vengeance and revolution, and use your own symbology.  For the Israelis, Medinat Yehudah must be the “moderate answer” to the terrifying radicals.

Either way, whoever you are, wherever you go and whatever you do, those operating this site do not want to know any identifying details that can lead back to your true identity.  What a man does not know, he cannot compromise.  Remember, the reason the “Kahanists” left in this world today believe that Israel does not kill Jewish activists is because, the deranged ranting of Barry Chamish notwithstanding, in order to get on a kill list in the snake pit that is Israel’s coterie of upper echelon decision makers, one must be EFFECTIVE.  No Kahanist since R. Binyamin Kahane (z”l, h”y”d) has been worth killing.

23 Elul, 5770


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4 Responses to “Another Day, Another Murder”

  1. Jew613 Says:

    I have to disagree with you slightly, the last Kahanist the government considered worth killing was Natanel Ozeri. His case was a blatant example of the government setting up or even organizing the murder of someone viewed as a threat to the existing power struggle. His selflessness, charisma, brilliant organizing capabilities and rejection of Western Hellenistic Democracy ensured it was only a question of time till the Shabak (secret police) had him killed.

  2. Vienna Mike Says:

    I stand corrected. Netaniel Ozeri (z”l, h”y”d) certainly fit the profile of the kind of man worth the trouble of wet work. Whether he was killed by the government or not is more murky, as his entire approach to outpost construction was very impractical. His death was only a matter of time given his lack of realism in these matters.

  3. jew613 Says:

    True he was somewhat impractical but he had the charisma necessary to cause thousands to set up small communities in YESHA, and he was against using the IDF as a means of defense instead stressing self-defense. He hadnt yet come to the conclusions of the means necessary for a True Torah State but I think it was only a question of time, though thats a theoretical argument.

    As for his death, the fact that the government seized his weapons and immediatly afterwards Arabs came to murder him, to me this seems like it was set up by the Shabak.

  4. Vienna Mike Says:

    The fact that he did not have any weapons after the government seized his official weapons tells me that he set up himself.

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