Adults and Children


It is tempting to write a gloomy, Cassandra-like post about the current status of the “peace” negotiations and the inevitable consequences thereof.  But I would find myself simply repeating what I have already written many times.  Everyone who visits this site on a regular basis knows that the real goal of the “peace process” is the annihilation of the dati leumi.   Everyone who has read Vienna Mike’s posts over the past two years knows that the ruling elite plans to precipitously remove the IDF from the helpless suburbs of Yosh, leaving the hapless, disarmed suburbanite sruggie lemmings to die or run for their lives.  Therefore, it is not really a surprise to anyone that the current “peace” proposal from Bibi the Murderous (yemach shemo) proposes to leave “settlers” in place under “Palestinian” jurisdiction, protected by “security arrangements” of the kind that “guaranteed” the sanctity and integrity of Joseph’s Tomb.  Nor is it really a surprise that Bibi the Murderous is negotiating to bring Tzipi the Treacherous into the government in order to secure the “peace” deal’s implementation even when Liberman bolts the coalition.  Nor is it really great news that, even as he plots to surrender all of Yosh to Hamas, Netanyahu is also plotting to surrender the Golan to Syria.  Negotiations to surrender Eilat to Egypt and the Galilee to Hezbollah would make a nice exclusive, I suppose, as would the news that Tzipi Livni’s father has stopped spinning in his grave long enough to rise up and strangle the daughter he would have drowned at birth had he known how she would turn out.  However, the former is going to have to wait a bit, while the latter requires a revealed miracle.

At any rate, all this gloom and doom is quite unbefitting the season, so let us look on the bright side of life.  Just this week, representatives of the significant faction of the ruling elite that would immediately support any credible effort to establish Medinat Yehudah have all but stood up and openly declared this fact.  Caroline Glick has outright written a column proclaiming that the “peace” process exists solely as a vehicle wherewith to exterminate the dati leumi.  Of course, being Caroline Glick, she claims that it is only Barak and Livni and their hangers-on who are responsible for the crime.  It falls to Likud veteran Michael Eitan to plainly admit, in a rambling interview to David Horovitz, that the leadership of the Likud, himself and the prime minister included, shares this goal because it sees no other way out that preserves their power and the nature of their State.  Indeed, Eitan goes so far as to essentially restate, in more polite language, the ugly truths, the inconvenient history, and the underlying facts of life that this blog has been repeating ad nauseaum  since the very first post.

In the meantime, Avigdor Liberman has thrown down the gauntlet to Netanyahu in a speech that openly positions him to place blame when Netanyahu’s “peace” processing explodes in everyone’s faces.  With the public sufficiently riled up by rockets falling on Kfar Saba and Neve Tzedek, no amount of fraud on the part of Likud, Kadima and Labor will keep Avigdor Liberman from the prime minister’s chair.

Now, a Prime Minister Liberman will be subject to all the same constraints and pressures experienced by Prime Minister Sharon(y”sh).  Ultimately, he too will start looking for a way out and a means to keep out of jail.  But, unlike Sharon, Liberman is open to unconventional solutions previously successfully tried in lands familiar to him.  His plan for “exchange of territories and populations” is essentially an open invitation for Jewish patriots to fight a proxy war on Israel’s behalf.  As prime minister, Liberman will certainly try to implement it, in the full tacit expectation of becoming Israel’s Ter-Petrosyan.

Mind you, Liberman is not going to stand up and tell the idiot dati lemmings to revolt.  If he did, he couldn’t keep his position.  As prime minister, he would even condemn the “extremists” in Yosh as he secretly armed them.  But arm them he would, if they existed as a credible movement.  Nor is Caroline Glick going to destroy her career tomorrow by writing a column in the Jerusalem Post, much less in Makor Rishon, calling for Medinat Yehudah.  She is not even going to authorize a Latma skit to openly push the idea.  But again, were there a credible set of moves by the dati leumi towards self-sufficiency, self-rule and self defense, rest assured that it would be answered first by Latma skits making fun of those who would rather have Hamastan for a neighbor, and then by well reasoned columns in both Makor Rishon and the Jerusalem Post, making the case that it is better to be neighbors with a bunch of religious Jews who want to raise sheep on hilltops in Yosh than to be neighbors with a bunch of genocidal Islamic fanatics who want to shoot rockets at Tel Aviv. Nor are the veteran rank and file of the ruling class, the likes of Michael Eitan and Bogie Ayalon likely to be averse to the idea of creating a breakaway friendly Jewish State instead of a genocidal Islamic one.  All that is needed for them to get on board is, once again, a credible movement led by serious people, one that has clear goals and the visible capacity to succeed.

All of this hinting and posturing is reminiscent of adults trying to hint to not-too-bright, recalcitrant children that it is time to finish dinner and go to their rooms.  The problem is precisely that the other side is led by overgrown children trapped in adult bodies.  And the damned kids just won’t take a hint!

The contrast between the Israeli adults and the dati leumi children is extreme.  For example, when Caroline Glick repented of her peace processing, she did not go around pretending like nothing was wrong, or writing useless mea culpa columns in the Jerusalem Post.  She looked around for some way to fight the system and, being both a skilled propagandist and a serious, heavyweight intellectual, almost immediately found it.  By creating Latma, she has unleashed a barrage of well-crafted, precision-targeted propaganda that delegitimizes the regime by making it look ridiculous.  Yes, Latma by itself cannot saturate the information space anymore than a single howitzer, however well aimed, can create a saturation barrage.  Nor does Latma possess the capacity to eliminate the opposition propagandists by direct action.  But it has still managed to do more to protect the Jews of Eretz Yisrael from the Israeli government in a single year than all the ribbon wavers of Yosh have managed in nigh on twenty years.  And, as a perfectly legal organization that never strays beyond the bounds of the law, even as it keeps laughing at the king’s nakedness in ever sharper terms, Latma is very difficult to shut down.  With each Tribal Update including a music video, each funnier yet more serious than the last, viral hits are all but inevitable and, indeed, have already been achieved.  In the tiny teacup that is Israel, even a very small spoon can create a tempest, if it keeps stirring long enough.

In the meantime, while serious adults do serious things, what do the children in Yosh do?  Well, we can take some representative samples.  David Wilder keeps posting snapshots of services at the Machpela and some videos of himself harassing some leftists.  As if the Israeli decision to abandon Hebron can be influenced by taking pictures of Jews praying.  Tzvi Fishman’s contribution to anti-regime propaganda was to waste $5,000 on a giant poster to hang on top of Beit haShalom.  In the meantime, he has also been writing blogs urging the remaining 100 or so frum Jews in America to make aliyah so they can sit with him in his personal corner of the world’s largest ghetto and wait for the other shoe to drop. Baruch Gordon, who actually runs Arutz Sheva, has basically spent his time trying to copy Tzvi Fishman.  Israel Medad at least has an interesting blog, but it is a grab bag of random items pulled from elsewhere, with no coherent message or goal.  In the meantime, David Haivri is busy welcoming a new Peace Now mapping app via facebook.  If their English activities were just a sideshow, all this would still be sad.  But, alas, these people are serious.

Sum total effectiveness of propaganda efforts –zero.  Coherent goals – none.  Realistic vision – absent.  Leadership – nonexistent.

With “efforts” like this, there can be no doubt that, barring a miracle, if Bibi fails in his effort to pull the IDF out of Yosh and expose at least 100,000 of the hapless yeshite suburbanites to a massive Arab pogrom, another prime minster will.  And when it happens, these foolish people will have the gall to act surprised!

On the plus side, things are not going to be that bad after this next mass expulsion.  The majority of the yeshites will surely run like hell once they discover that the IDF has left them defenseless and face to face with a murderous Arab mob.  Perhaps only a few thousand will die.  Who knows, some communities might even open their eyes in time to arm and fortify themselves as best they can when the coming pullout is announced.  Maybe one or two will even survive.  And once the lemmings of Yosh are slaughtered and expelled, the mamlachti so-called “leadership” that has enthralled the dati leumi community will have been totally discredited.  The cult of the Medinat Israel golden calf they preside over will simply fall apart as those who survived and those who witnessed the massacres reject wholesale those who were responsible for them.  In the meantime, the Moslems will certainly unleash a barrage of rockets against Israel’s major cities.  This will bring the IDF right back into Yosh in short order and will probably land Avigdor Liberman in Netanyahu’s current chair, thus giving Israel its first Jewish prime minister since Yitzhak Shamir.  The stage will thus be set for a rebuilding of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria on a sound ideological, economic and military basis.  Assuming, of course, that the overgrown children are replaced with adult leaders who can take a damned hint.

Chag Sameach!

20 Tishrei, 5771


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12 Responses to “Adults and Children”

  1. Yisrael Medad Says:

    It’s tough being the only rational person around.

  2. Vienna Mike Says:

    Ah, proof positive that you have not really read the article before commenting. How stereotypical. Your enemies, both Israeli and Moslem, are rational within their respective frames of reference. Your potential allies among the Israelis are likewise rational within their frame of reference. Even you are rational within your frame of reference. The problem is that your frame of reference is the most at odds with reality. When adults are confronted with persistent evidence that their frame of reference does not correspond to reality, they alter their frame of reference. Children, on the other hand, prefer to pretend that their frame of reference is valid and reject reality in favor of comforting fantasy. Anyone who at this point still believes that a kippah-wearing Jew can be Israeli is acting like a child.

  3. Sassover Says:

    I don’t get one thing. The current regime does not allow these people to arm and fortify themselves even if they wanted to (some do want to) and even if they would exert a coordinated effort to do so. Likely, ones who did so would even have their leaders of such efforts picked off “randomly” by “arab terrorists.” So what hints are they exactly supposed to be taking in terms of self-defense? And what difference will it make with Lieberman at the helm building new settlements if these new settlements also will not be allowed to operate in a self-sufficient manner even if they want to? The bolshevik israeli regime likes to extend its hand to every expanse it can reach, and Lieberman as leader of same regime will be no different. He will want full IDF control and Israeli governing over whatever settlements he might build or rebuild just like any other Israeli leader.

  4. jew613 Says:

    Vienna, do you think Lieberman as PM would go so far as to have the Shabak or IDF Intelligence set up a separatist movement if the Jews cant pull it off on their own?

  5. Vienna Mike Says:

    Sassover, have you been reading this blog? First of all, Liberman will be governing in coalition with either Kadima or Likud. I personally bet on it being Kadima. He will not be building jack outside the areas he intends to keep. Second, I said a CREDIBLE movement. For example, Hamas is a credible movement. Does Hamas ask the Israelis what and where it can or cannot build? Does it simply give up when it loses leaders or does it retaliate tenfold against its enemies and promote new leaders?

    A CREDIBLE dati leumi independence movement would make it a lethal proposition to be a member of Peace Now, Betselem, or any other left-wing antisemitic terror group. It would make interference with Jewish communities a pricey and bloody business, both via crowds of preteen children throwing rocks, molotovs and hand grenades at Israeli sodiers and via young men and women storming the likes of Cafe Rogatka and massacring the patrons, or setting off bombs in downtown Tel Aviv. When the cost of demolishing an “illegal” building in Yosh is a mechanized infantry battalion operation with tank, artillery and helicopter gunship support, resulting in the destruction of several armored vehicles and the deaths of a dozen soldiers, followed by a rain of rockets on Tel Aviv, there will be no more demolitions of “illegal” buildings in Yosh. And THEN there will be tacit cooperation from the Israeli elite. Not before.

    jew613: No. He will conclude that you cannot make steel by pounding shit and send the yassamniks to break the lemmings’ empty heads. Any fake put-up movement would not be capable of credibly defending Yosh from the Arabs, or of establishing a self-sufficient State that could survive without Israeli support.

  6. Sassover Says:

    “Sassover, have you been reading this blog? First of all, Liberman will be governing in coalition with either Kadima or Likud. I personally bet on it being Kadima. He will not be building jack outside the areas he intends to keep.”

    So in other words, you are implicitly admitting there really is no “hint” to be taken from lieberman. Or anyone else. There is simply the reality of what needs to be done and what reality on the ground needs to be established. It has nothing to do with lieberman or any of the establishment, and they will not be cheering any of this along so don’t pretend or insinuate that they will or that they will be on the Jews’ side in their endeavors.

  7. Sassover Says:

    So to sum up – your comment here, vienna mike, and your article are very different from each other. Perhaps they had different authors.

  8. Vienna Mike Says:

    Regardless of authorship, the blog entry and the response are in agreement, Sassover. Ruthless political sharks like Liberman have no friends. They back whomever appears to be the Strong Horse. Their only goal is the preservation of their arses and the continued feathering of the nests wherein said arses reside. Until you prove to them that you are the Strong Horse, they will fight you with all due ruthlessness. But the moment you prove to them that a greater advantage obtains by supporting you, they will turn around 180 degrees and support you. The “hint” that these people are giving is precisely this — many of them would not at all mind an alternative that does not involve Hamas as the Strong Horse. They just can’t see one, because none currently exists. If and when there is a credible Medinat Yehudah movement, this alternative will have appeared. An the moment it does, some of the same people who once murdered Medinat Yehudah activists will suddenly be tripping all over themselves in an effort to strengthen these same activists, at first overtly and latter covertly.

    This having been said, you are right in the understanding that what needs to be done must be done regardless. There is only one way to get respect from the Israelis — the same way Hamas did.

  9. Sassover Says:

    IDF collecting the weapons of private security groups. Yeah, self-defense is really possible when it’s against the law.

  10. moshe Says:

    Actually, the IDF is collecting the OFFICIALLY REGISTERED weapons of COMMUNITY RAPID RESPONSE TEAMS whose members are likewise registered with the government. This perfectly fits what Vienna Mike is saying.

    They are not collecting weapons from the Abutbuls, the Abergils and the Alpersons because the mafia does not bother to officially register its weapons or the members of its hit squads. Also, to collect the mafia weapons, you have to find them first.

  11. Sassover Says:

    So you are encouraging good Jews to get arrested. Because when they procure weapons illegally, hide them, etc, the Shabak will not just find it out, but they will prosecute them for it. Or am I mistaken?

    Who has the kind of intelligence “firepower” needed to counteract the expanse of the ubiquitous modern-day shabak? And how can this be achieved practically? The underground succeeded in large part because of sound intelligence and the failure/limitations of british intelligence. Maybe you can address this issue in depth.

  12. Vienna Mike Says:

    Moshe is right on the money. If you think, Sassover, that it is possible to do what is advocated on this site without anyone getting arrested, beaten, shot, jailed for decades, etc, etc, you have serious problems. Also, you overestimate the Shabak. They are yet to shut down the mafia, or clean out the illegal arms in places like Umm-El-Fahm. They are just a bunch of cops, exceptionally well equipped cops unrestrained by any law or appearance of legality, but still not supermen.

    The Resistance of the Yishuv succeeded for the same reasons resistance organizations always succeed — because it perceived the British as the enemy, succeeded in making the people it hid among see the British as the enemy, severely punished informants and suspected informants, persevered in the face of losses and ultimately convinced the British that they could not defeat it. The IDEA defeated the British. The same idea can defeat the Israelis — an independent State for the Jewish People. The moment the dati leumi community stops perceiving Israel as the Jewish State, it will begin to see all of its agencies as arms of a foreign occupies. The moment this happens, the Shabak human intelligence stream will dry out. The technical intelligence stream is more difficult, but the technical precautions to take are widely known and many have been mentioned on the pages of this blog.

    All the basic principles necessary for resistance operations have already been posted on this blog. There are still some lessons to write, as you can see from the self-liberation 101 course outline, but all the basics are in the outline and in the published lessons.

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