Welcome to the Virtual Medinat Yehudah

This blog is dedicated to all those who are sick of censorship, sick of bolshevism and sick of the filthy travesty called Medinat Israel.

The rules here are simple.

1) This blog is about Medinat Yehudah. If you don’t like it, too bad. Go somewhere else.

2) Off-topic comments will be deleted. If you want to talk about hair gel or advertise your favorite porn site, go elsewhere

3) Keep a civil tongue in your head. Posts containing excessive four-letter words will be deleted.

4) There is no censorship on this site. Unlike Arutz Sheva, we do not practice bolshevism here. If you are an idolater who worships Medinat Israel as “the first flower of geula” or a Yoshka-worshipper or some other kind of nut, your blather will be tolerated as long as you do not use four-letter words. The readers are welcome to flame you and so may this blogger, but you are entitled to your idiotic opinion, same as everyone else. Be warned, however, if you do not have a coherent, logical argument, you will be treated with the contempt you deserve.


33 Responses to “Welcome to the Virtual Medinat Yehudah”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Congratulations on this site!!!
    This is Daniel from Kyoto (although I am no longer in Kyoto but am now based elsewhere in Asia)…
    I look forward to sensible discussions, and hope that Fishman’s attempts to divide us fail (despite his success so far).

  2. sk Says:

    I am extremely honored to be the first to post to this fine new blog. Good going Vienna Mike.

    Note that the main page should not be the “about” page of this site. You need some kind of index page.

  3. Rob Says:

    Od Kahane Chai!

  4. American (chelm) Says:

    Hoorah! Mozel Tov! I may not qualify to be a totally accepted resident of your proposed state, but I would not mind fighting for it. Mainly I believe in overkill and prefer something to carry that stops front-loaders without climbing on. Thus said, Yes, your proposals are worth fighting for. I am sick of BOTH of my pc countries.

  5. Zevulun - Staten Island Says:


    Remember me from Arutz Sheva? I have waited a long time for your blog and I am happy it is finally up! I posted several times months ago calling for you to start a blog, and have waited patiently for it. Now I will reap the rewards.

    I guess this would be a good time to say “thank you”. Thank you for all you have taught me. After the pogrom/expulsion from Gush Katif, I began to question the core of my beliefs about the state of Israel and the Religious Zionist movement/leadership/philosophy. I could not understand how such a thing could have happened.

    You were the first and only voice who was able to put the entire situation into perspective. I now understand not only why Gush Katif fell, but why the state of Israel is the greatest threat to the Jewish people in the world today.

    I disagree with some of the things you say. But more than that, I have a ton of questions that will hopefully be answered in your posts. I look forward to learning a lot more from you. And again, I thank you for the free education!

    My only real disappointment is you did not call the blog “viennamike.wordpress.com”, but I guess I can’t complain!


    (note: Mike, please do not require an e-mail address. Just like you do not use your real name, I would also like to keep a shroud of secrecy.)

  6. sk Says:

    Gentlemen, I pleasure to see y’all here.

    Mike, what are your plans for this blog? I wouldn’t mind a link to the home addresses of Israeli elites of both the Haredi and leftist persuasion as a good first step.

    Oh, so Fishy has imposed 100% censorship on you? Does he expect that he will entertain others without your help?

  7. sk Says:

    To start us off, I understand that $hade$ leads the Bukharan synagogue, giving a shiur on Motzei Shabbat. I don’t know what a “shiur” is, but there are others here who do, I’m sure.

  8. vienna mike Says:

    Those who wish to publish the names and home addresses of known traitors are welcome to it. This forum is envisioned by me as the place where Jews who care about our occupied country can come together. If it becomes a place of use to those who act to raise the banner of Medinat Yehudah in the Holy Land, so much the better.

    For those who wonder about the email address field, you can type anything you want in there, as long as it has the format of an email address. This particular blog platform requires this field by default. Once I figure out how to make it go away, I will.

    P.S. I strongly recommend to all who read this that you access this site solely through strong anonymous proxies, such as the tools found at the TOR Project http://torproject.org. Since the TOR network is not 100% secure, I would suggest that those who perform serious operational planning do so via strong encryption. The tools for this are easily found online. For example, GPGee is free and effective. You can exchange public keys here via talkback. I recommend using one-time email accounts created and accessed through TOR to exchange encrypted planning data. For those who do anything more serious than pelting the likes of $hade$ with rotten eggs, Vienna Mike recommends not using the same email dropbox more than once. The enemy is evil, but he is not a cartoon villain from some Hollywood movie. The Sabak is highly competent and highly effective. And they WILL kill you like they did R. Kahane and his son.

    P.P.S. Attention all FBI assholes and other fascist scum reading this post. Vienna Mike does not endorse violence against any person. All information provided on this website is for educational purposes only. In other words: Sod off you fascist buggers. America still has a First Amendment.

  9. Daniel Says:

    I’m not concerned about “security” because I’m not doing anything illegal or which undermines anyone. This is virtual. It’s fantasy. I’m quite enthusiastic about fantasizing, but I don’t think anybody is going to take any action against me for fantasy. At least I hope not.
    Fantasy is important- at least it makes us feel less powerless.

  10. sk Says:

    Mike, what’s the plan for this blog? Can there be areas for free comments on A7’s nonsense?

  11. Bill Says:

    You guys are crazy. Just because you’re disappointed by goings on in Israel, you’re willing to throw out the baby with the bath water. You only THINK you want what’s good for Jews. In actuality, you pray only to a G-d who would serve YOU.

    Ultimately, I think most of you have lost the big picture, and would probably have been the types to denounce G-d if you’d lived through the Holocaust or the Inquisition, saying no G-d of YOURS could allow something like that. You only worship a G-d that looks like you are thinks like you, and if you can’t wrap your head around His ways, you reject them utterly.

    Whatever – it’s not original, and frankly, not so threatening. Those of you who stay hunkered down in your bitter little corners, shaking your fists at everyone who isn’t totally dejected and disempowered like you are, will ultimately fade away into history, with not even your bitter diatribes remaining to praise you….

    Whatever –

  12. Vienna Mike Says:

    Bill, your ignorance is staggering. Nobody here is “disappointed” or “dejected”. As for “disempowered”, this blog is about means to change that.

    I am sure that the Maccabees “faded into history”. Those intolerant extremists! All they did was stay hunkered down in little corners, shaking their fists at the great Hellenic culture. Yes, their war against the Hellenists was completely about throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

    P.S. What does a goy know about the ways of Hashem?

  13. Questioner Says:

    How do you know “Bill” is a non Jew? Just wondering.

  14. Vienna Mike Says:

    From his ignorance

  15. Questioner Says:

    It is funny how he confuses denouncing the godless state of Israel and its traitorous leaders with “denouncing G-d.” I guess for a non-Jew it’s easy to identify with the traitors selling out the Jewish people as the supposed leaders of “Israel” and give them a sort of divine quality. There’s a history of this by certain groups of non-Jews to attach ‘divine fate’ or a divine nature to the destruction of the Jews. They and their false religion couldn’t be more wrong. You’re probably right that he’s a non-Jew.

  16. muman613 Says:


    Mike I know you from Arutz Sheva and you are still a putz in my opinion. Your treatment of Rabbi Fishman is a shame. I really dont believe you are a Jew because a Jew has a soul, and a love for the land of Eretz Yisroel.

    I dont want to be the enemy of the great Accuser so I will just say that it is very sad that people like Korach {Vienna Mike} think that they are the ones with the power. Power only comes to the Jewish people through the hand of Hashem. You build yourselves up and pat yourselves on your back because you seek personal glory. Your failure is already in the cards.

    Your hatred of the Rabbis and all that is holy in the land which Hashem promised our forefathers has driven you away. You thrive on the very things you hate. You are consumed like the korban on the altar. I see through your little charade. You tell people to not make aliyah and you instill fear in their hearts. You are no Maccabee my friend.

    I am just glad Arutz Sheva doesnt publish your posts anymore. It was getting very ugly and it only showed your hatred. Has SK contacted you yet? You and he have an agenda, eh?

    As someone said to me tonight…

    Get bent…


  17. muman613 Says:


    I have recently grown to regret the message I just left. It is up to you whether you want to post my angry letter. I would prefer you not post it as I realize it expresses a feeling which doesnt bring our people together but drives us apart.

    I am very disappointed in the tone which you have taken with Rabbi Fishman and your views. You are entitled to them, and if they are constructive I believe they will be achieved. Other than my opinion about your treatment of Rabbi Fishman I am not familiar with your political position.

    In general I too find the current government of Israel to be very troubling. I wish for a more Torah observing government and a Jewish state which teaches Jewish children about Judaism. But I dont know about your method which seems to demean those who are making aliyah because they support the Jewish people.

    I will not argue with you as I know you have your beliefs. I am sorry that I expressed my feelings with such vivid and angry tones.

    Thank you,

  18. Vienna Mike Says:

    Muman, dear, repentance is good for the soul. Read. Think. Understand. This blog is here because the likes of Fishman carefully censor what Vienna Mike writes.

    P.S. Fishman is no rabbi. I treat him the way he deserves to be treated. He preaches idolatry, blasphemy and suicide. All three are mortal sins.

  19. Rob Says:

    Dear Mike, I know there are some things we do not agree upon, and at the risk of going off topic, I would like to ask you a few questions and maybe get some good answers. I have tried to “bait” the Fish and others, but have at times been censored, hacked, deleted so as not to offend the followers of baal, the one who died and was resurrescted, and those who sympathize with them I $uppo$e?

    I have examined and scrutinized much of what you have said in the last year or so, and common sense tells me you are pretty much right however, Throw me a bone. Where does all this knowledge you have come from? without jepordizing identity, a little history/background please?

  20. Vienna Mike Says:

    Vienna Mike is not important enough to discuss on this blog. I am merely a Jew with a relatively uncommon education and, I hope, a working brain. How and why I acquired this education is unimportant. What is important is that I know the things I know because for many years it was my job to know them. I am no Avo Melkonian, nor even a Karo Kahkejian. Nonetheless, I have certain skills and certain knowledge, which I am happy to place at the service of my oppressed People.

  21. sk Says:

    Dear Muman613:

    Tell me more about the “agenda” I am supposed to share with Mike. As you repent only regarding your tone, I take it that you still think I have ulterior motives.

    Incidentally, while I would never recommend anyone waste his time on Fishman’s blog, you might want to take a look at the penultimate blog entry. Notice that the only people who defend Fishman’s latest rampage of censorship are exquisitely stupid Fish yes-men, e.g., Liad. In fact, I recommend you read all of Liad’s TBs for that blog. They really are Orwellian.



  22. Rob Says:

    Fair enough Vienna Mike., I guess..

  23. sk Says:

    Don’t take it personally, Rob. Mike won’t even email me. Sniff. Anyway, one of these days I’m going to have a *real* vacation, and it would be extremely amusing to drop by.

  24. Rob Says:

    Hey Sk, that would be great!

  25. Frank Says:

    hi, I’m a goy (don’t shoot yet) allI can say its sad, sad, sad. I landed by coincedence on this site. I spent 28 years fighting against Jew-hatred from the Goy world.. to find out… well however, -without wanting it,- you feed certain streams of goys for whom “Virtual Medinat Yehudah” is the cream on the cake, so to speak… Jews hating one another.. Time wil tell I guess, that A7, and even the leftist Jews are FORCED to join ranks in order to survive, folks.. because things turn really ugly for the whole of your people now. It’s 1938 again, maybe closer. my home got partially burnt down because of my Jewish symphaties..
    sorry to have disturbed you, but just think of it.. Can I run before you shoot?)

  26. Frank Says:

    hi, I’m a goy (don’t shoot yet) allI can say its sad, sad, sad. I landed by coincedence on this site. I spent 28 years fighting against Jew-hatred from the Goy world.. to find out… well however, -without wanting it,- you feed certain streams of goys for whom “Virtual Medinat Yehudah” is the cream on the cake, so to speak… Jews hating one another.. Time wil tell I guess, that A7, and even the leftist Jews are FORCED to join ranks in order to survive, folks.. because things turn really ugly for the whole of your people now. It’s 1938 again, maybe closer. my home got partially burnt down because of my Jewish symphaties..
    sorry to have disturbed you, but just think of it.. Can I run before you shoot?)

  27. Vienna Mike Says:

    Nobody is going to shoot you, Frank. Unlike the Moslems, we only shoot people who attack us and try to take away what is ours by the will and word of the Almighty. As for your criticism that certain folk on a few neo-Nazi and jihadist websites are applauding the existence of Jews who would fight against other Jews, I would like to point out to you that these same people would applaud even harder if the Israelis actually succeed in starting the Second Holocaust. We did not start this fight. We did everything in our power to avoid is. From the Season to the Altalena to Yamit, we have endured the unendurable and swallowed insult upon insult in the name of unity. But today the Israelis plot to not merely insult us but to exterminate us. And in the process, they will also exterminate themselves, though they know nor care naught. This cannot be tolerated, regarding of the gloating of Jew-haters.

  28. Cohen Says:

    Rabbi Nachman claimed to save people from hell and you support him unless Fishman put your name on those messages in his blog. With the very fact that they are committing idolatry and with the greater the threat and with the worsening of conditions in Israel, more people are flocking to his grave for help. It seems that you support it; yet, you blame them for committing idolatry when in effect you support it in another avenue. It wouldn’t surprise me if Fishman did put your name on his blog supporting messages; however, in your own blog, you have the freedom to disclaim them and I am looking for those disclaimers if any.

    You mentioned that you will answer Daniel Pinner’s message but I have not seen that message here yet. Maybe I am in the wrong place on your blog?

    Your anonymity does not bother me and it is quite evident that you do not live in VA; however, should I or you and anybody else wants to contact you privately, you do not allow that to happen. You have asked for our email address in order for us to get on this blog but you do not give us yours. You could just as well create a gmail address under any name you want. There are ways to publish your ideas on Fishman’s blog but I do not want to publish them in public.

    Additionally, I think your view points about Fishman are right on and many of your comments on the situation in Israel is also worthy of note; however, your lack of Torah learning and faith in HaShem disqualifies most of what you stand for. It doesn’t have to be that way if you approached this subject from a different and more righteous and practical point of view.

    Though the differences between what happened to us during the Nazi regime and to what is happening now in Israel is great; yet, there are some similarities. Let’s look a two different stories.

    1. As the talmidim of the Talmud Torah in Kelm made their way to the outskirts of the city to be shot by the accursed Nazi soldiers, Rav Daniel Movshovitz asked the German guard in charge for permission to address his people one final time. What transpired was one of the greatest illustrations of the stark contrast between the animalistic behavior of the Nazi soldiers and the almost angelic behavior of the Yiddishe korbanos. Rav Daniel spoke to the people about the importance of remaining calm in the face of their impending death and not blemishing the korban that they were about to become. Throughout the entire episode they remained composed. Poised. Unruffled. And then, just like that, he turned to the barbarians and informed them, “I have finished. Now you may begin…” An eyewitness to this incredible display of Kiddush HaShem related what had happened and word spread from village to village and from ghetto to ghetto.

    2. There was another story that circulated through the ghettoes involving an incident wherein an expectant Jewish woman, trying to climb into the cattle car as quickly as possible, had angered a Nazi SS guard with her slowness. The German began to pummel her savagely. Just then a Jewish man, beside himself with horror and anger, jumped on the German guard, grabbed him by the throat, and choked him to death. When the other SS guards realized what had happened, they riddled the poor man’s body with bullets. But those watching thought – at least there is now one less Nazi in the world.

    Tzvi Guttman thus posed his question – “Which is the correct way to act?” and he asked this question to the Kovno Rav who was well informed about both instances. After awhile, the Rav said “Kiddush shem Shamayim” means that a Yid does the maximum he can in whatever situation he finds himself. That is all HaShem requires of us. Rav Daniel Movshovitz did the maximum that he was able to do and the Yid who attacked the guard who was beating up the woman did the best that he could do. We all face difficult trials throughout life. But if we think to ourselves, “I am doing the best that I can do to be “mekadesh shem Shamayim” then we will have done the right thing. We each have different skills and training; so, we should each use that to the best that we can. The maximum that you can do is all the HaShem wants.

  29. Vienna Mike Says:

    Cohen you are wrong. Rabbi Nachman indeed believed that as a great tzaddik he would have the ear of Hashem to intercede on behalf of sinners. This in itself tells me that it is 100% certain that Rabbi Nachman cannot do any such thing, for there is no true tzaddik who claims himself to be a tzaddik. Those who come to pray on his grave are idiots, but they are not idolaters. This having been said, anyone who believes that salvation will come from praying at some gave, lowering hemlines, improving Shabbos observance or any such other spiritual action, instead of through careful planning and deliberate physical action combined with prayer, commits great Hillul Hashem and brings upon himself and those with him the Wrath of Heaven. As Tractate Shabbat points out, Hashem is not our slave, to do miracles on command at our beck and call. Nor, as the prophets point out, is any man so righteous as to deserve salvation solely due to his righteousness. Only sincere physical effort coupled with fervent prayer bring the mercy of Hashem.

    What Rav Moshovitz did was a tremendous Hillul Hashem. It is precisely the views he expressed that caused the Holocaust to descend upon our people. By sitting limply by and praying for miracles instead of fighting to the death in order to establish a Torah State in Eretz Yisrael, the Jews of Europe brought disaster on themselves. Empty prayer is like spilled seed, but worse. There is no greater insult to Hashem than empty prayer, for those who pray emptily for miracles without taking reasoned action in the physical world proclaim Hashem to be their slave. I am sorry to say, but Rav Moshovitz and all who listened to him earned gehinnom by their actions, whereas the Jew who jumped upon the Nazi and killed him at the cost of his own life earned the highest place in HaOlam HaBa’a in an instant, regardless of any prior sins.

    I suggest that you carefully study the information on this blog. Everything Vienna Mike proposes is realistic in the extreme. These methods have worked for millenia, liberated countless nations and toppled some of history’s mightiest empires. We celebrate the success of these methods every year for eight days. I suggest that you begin by clicking on the blog banner, where you will find the latest blog entries.

    As for email addresses, websites, etc, this has been addressed on the Scribble Board and on a separate blog entry. If you are providing an email traceable to your physical self, you are too brave for your own good.

  30. reouven Says:

    please please guys stop short of fighting we all are jews here well i hope so, be more concern with what happening in Israel , get together and find ways of helping the cause, then tell to all the jewish people where ever you are ,your concerns and how you go to take action to help Israel please guys no time to be divided here regardless of ours background colour education please help the state of Israel with your support , no with money , just with yourself okay to all of you jews and none jews on this site shalom thank you or PS and this message is for the jewish women aswell shalom

  31. Zelda Says:

    Hello Vienna Mike,

    I found your blog via the JTF forum — http://www.jtf.org/e. So far, I like what I’m reading, and I want to compliment you for your good work. As a right wing Jewish woman, I love finding other right wing Jews on the Internet. Would you like to exchange blog links?


  32. Ron Edge Says:

    What does medinat yehudah mean?

  33. Vienna Mike Says:

    Zelda: You are in America, so, like Rob, you are more or less safe. If you want to put me on your blog links, you are welcome to do so. But do remember what this blog advocates. In Eretz Yisrael, people are “disappeared” in the middle of the night for having these views.

    Ron: State of Judea.

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