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Back to School

December 30, 2009

As the results of our poll show, this site does not have a community of readers willing to put in work on a wiki.  Therefore, we will do the next best thing and simply point those readers interested in doing more than simply browsing the material on this site toward resources they will find useful.

The author of this site has been called something of a dinosaur.  This is not necessarily a bad appellation.  As a dinosaur, let me introduce you to good old dinosaur security – the TOR project, originally sponsored by the US Navy and still used by a variety of government agencies to ensure the privacy and anonymity of field agents communicating via the internet.

Once you have successfully torrified your applications, you will have access to the wonderful world of onionland.  The place to start in onionland is, of course, core.onion

Onionland is not a place for the faint of heart.  If you want to contemplate the sanctity of the brit in an internet Meah Shearim, onionland is not for you.  Here you will find everyone who wants privacy and anonymity, regardless of the reason.  99% of the users are bored kids with nothing better to do.  But among the denizens you will also find criminals, terrorists, revolutionaries, Nazis, communists, anarchists of all stripes…  and a whole lot of useful information.  Be advised, however, that anything you come upon in onionland may or may not be a trap designed to do anything from wasting your time to killing you outright.  For example, explosives recipes generally omit any mention of lab safety, more often than not in the hopes that you will blow yourself up in an attempt to make the described product.   Any and all educational material in onionland, and for that matter on Freenet or in eepland, is to be treated with due caution.  However, remember that among the dust there are gems.  The capabilities afforded by the internet are what makes modern Marighella-doctrine insurgency so much more effective than it was 30 or 40 years ago.

You can start your education with the Radical’s Introduction to Anonymity, a succinct summary of the three major means whereby one can set up and run an internet RCC – TOR, I2P and Freenet.

Another useful educational resource for beginners is the amusingly named guide “How to Exit the Matrix”.

Finally, here is an example of the best of onionland – a digitized copy of Uncle Fester’s “Home Workshop Explosives”.  This file and others of varying quality are available on, a self-described “online training camp”.

Unlike most so-called “underground” books, Home Workshop Explosives was written by a man with a good understanding of chemistry.  The explosives recipes are real.  Everything works as described.  However, the chapter on detonating the explosives gives frankly insane advice primarily with the purpose of killing the user.  This having been said, forewarned is forearmed.  I doubt, dear readers, that any of you would really be insane enough to attempt detonating nitroglycerin via a lit cigarette or trying to make an electric blasting cap from TATP even without my warning you that this is a really stupid idea.

Once you learn to make the explosives, you have already learned how to produce safe ways to detonate them.  The way to detonate a main charge is to expose an initiating charge of a safe but relatively sensitive slow explosive, such as powdered rocket candy, black powder or nitrocellulose, to an electric spark, flame or a wire heated to incandescence.  If a detonation via impact is required, a round of ammunition contains a perfectly good percussion cap and powder.  By removing the bullet and packing the case with additional powder, homemade stabilized nitrocellulose, black powder or powdered rocket candy, one can produce a perfectly serviceable percussion-initiated blasting cap.   If for some reason you cannot get your hands on a round of ammunition, do remember the old schoolboy amusement of scraping off powder from the heads of safety matches onto a hard surface, then striking it with a hammer or a rock to make a nice bang.

Once the initiating charge goes, it sets off a larger booster charge, which sets off the main charge.  Whether your main charge is made out of blasting gelatin, potassium chlorate, potassium or sodium perchlorate, RDX, HMX or ANFO really depends on what recipes you have developed in your own playbook and what ingredients are available to you.

Therefore, dear reader, when the next pogrom in Yosh finally drives you to the point where waving orange ribbons just isn’t enough, you have all the resources at hand to educate yourself, however inefficiently, even if Vienna Mike suddenly goes away.  Happy browsing!

12 Tevet, 5770

In contemplation of unpleasant probabilities


An Administrative Note

December 24, 2009

Dear readers, the latest installment of self-liberation 101 has been published.  You can access it via the link on the right hand bar of the main blog page.  Also, please pay attention to the extremely useful post on the political aspect of the struggle just published by SK.  You can find that post right below this one.

It has been recently proposed that we wikify this site.  Sadly, the various available wordpress wikification plugins have an unfortunate history of permitting all users to edit all pages, including pages that are not ostensibly wikified.  Since the major parts of this site, the blog posts and the self-liberation 101 pages, must retain their original content, what we will do instead is create a new blog and wikify it, then link it to the present one.

The Judah wiki would be a great place for translations of the information on this site into Hebrew and other languages, for additional information gathered by readers, uncensored news reports from Eretz Yisrael highlighting the daily crimes against the Jewish People perpetrated by the Israelis and their Moslem allies and so forth.  On the other hand, information of operational value, such as recipes for explosives, weapons designs, names and addresses of kapos linked to specific crimes and so forth, cannot be posted on this open wiki but can be posted in other locations (e.g.on a hidden wiki in onionland) linked to from the open wiki as “repositories of useful information”.

However, to make the Judah wiki work, there is a need for committed users to police the site to ensure that it cannot be shut down by the Americans for crossing the line under American law between free speech and “incitement”/”facilitation of terrorism” (i.e. You cannot say “so -and-so is a traitor who must die”.  You can only say “so-and-so is a traitor” and, on a separate unrelated page, “traitors must die”.  You cannot post instructions to make an artillery rocket.  But you can post instructions to make a very large model rocket capable of carrying a payload of a kilo or more straight up to an altitude of a kilometer or two.) Such users would also remove various trash deposited by those interested in defacing or shutting down the site.  Finally, there is a need for a “seed” set of content to be provided quickly when the wiki first starts up.

To help the author gauge whether or not we currently have such a pool of committed users, please participate in the poll below: