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  1. Questioner Says:

    Does Barry Chamish work for the Israeli govt?

  2. Daniel Says:


  3. Questioner Says:

    Are you sure?

    How can you be so sure? Think about it.

  4. Bill Says:

    This blog is boring.

  5. Vienna Mike Says:

    Well Bill, dear, if you are looking for entertainment, go somewhere else. This blog is for people who think, not for plebeians out for bread and circuses.

  6. Questioner Says:

    Ok. Let me explain. If you were the Israeli govt and you had participated in a conspiracy and a coverup regarding a huge scandal, that was bound to be exposed to the public in one way or another, what is the best way, the easiest way, to discredit the whole thing or make sure that doubts accompany its exposure? Start whispering some details in the ear of a known UFOlogist and bona fide “conspiracy theorist” ala Chamish who most of the public happens to think is a kook (whether he is or he isn’t). Then add in a few drops of misinformation to complicate the theories beyond recognition and make them appear even more insane and you have the recipe we are currently left with. Some degree of truth, some insanity, a lot of wild accusations, and the public not knowing quite what to believe exactly. So perhaps Chamish is UNWITTINGLY working for the Israeli govt. I don’t for a second attack the man personally or question is motives, although at times they do seem questionable. I merely suggest that perhaps he is an unknowing ‘agent by design’ to limit, obfuscate, and confuse resistance movements. The constant accusations, aspersions, suspicions etc against and among various rightwing elements as being ‘shabak agents’ are clearly a result of this recipe. Disunity ensues.

    It might even be that 99% of what he says IS true, but precisely because he is the one saying it, it works to the Israeli govt’s advantage. Think about it.

  7. Daniel Says:

    The person who should be recieving a large Israeli government cheque each month in Fishman, for dividing the “right”.
    I would put the percentage of truth in what Chamish says at 20%. Which is better than most in Israel, I would admit…
    What Mike suggests would solve the unity problem, as Vietnam and other places show- action unites. I would hope for a more peaceful form of action, but that does not detract from the validity of Mike’s points.

  8. Daniel Says:

    Bill- I think this blog is rather interesting actually. Did you know Mao’s doctrine? I certainly didn’t… I knew Ho Chi Minh’s and Vo Nguyen Giap’s writings to some limitted degree, but not more than that. And these are things which really shaped history in the 20th century, continue to do so, and will probably be important for a long time in the future too.

  9. sk Says:

    Questioner and Daniel, I’m reading Pacepa’s _Red Horizons_, about Ceausescu and his lovely wife Elena, the former dictators of Romania. What’s especially interesting is the systematic use of disinformation. One can see directly how much the Israelis have learned from the Communists in terms of technique. I expect you will find the book quite interesting.

  10. aret Says:

    Vienna Mike,

    Some questions. What can Jews outside Israel do to prepare for Medinat Yehudah?

    Specifically concerning military skills:

    1) Physically, in terms of military fitness.

    2) What to study (Boyd, Clausewitz, FMs, Napoleon…etc)

  11. Vienna Mike Says:

    1) If you cannot run 2 miles in 15 minutes or less, do 60 push-ups in 2 minutes and 60 sit-ups in 2 minutes, you need to start working out more. Basic physical fitness is key. You don’t have to be superman, but these minima are vital if you want to be of any use to anybody. You should also be able to do at least 10 pull-ups.

    More generally, you should be able to bench press 100lbs + the weight of your gear, weapon and 300 rounds of ammunition, military press the weight of your weapon and 300 rounds of ammunition and squat your own weight plus weight of gear plus 300 rounds of ammunition.

    For military fitness, you should be familiar with the common tasks in STP 21-1-SMCT “soldier skill manual of common tasks”, with the exception of the section on machineguns, which is difficult to train if you are a civilian and the sections on laws of war and mortuary affairs, which are irrelevant. You should also be familiar with FM 7-8 “Infantry Rifle Platoon and Squad” and FM 21-75 “Combat Skills of the Soldier”. You do NOT need to study Clausewitz or any high-minded theory to be an effective volunteer. All the practical soldier skills you need are contained in the three references above. You are better off practicing them ad nauseaum until they are ingrained into your muscle memory rather than reading books on military strategy. When you come home, your job will not be to determine strategy. Your job will be to tote a rifle. THAT is what you should prepare for.

    Insofar as training technique, I strongly recommend that you exercise regularly (at least 3 times a week) and take up paintball and/or orienteering as serious hobbies.

    If you wish, you may study a PRACTICAL martial art (e.g. krav maga). A note on martial arts: If your “sensei” believes that the students should walk out of the class without a single bruise, you are not studying serious martial arts with a serious sensei. No one needs to have his ribs broken, but, in a real school, men fight for practice. They do not “spar” for points. However, martial arts are not very useful on the modern battlefield. The average soldier will never engage in hand-to-hand combat. He will simply shoot his opponent at close range.

    This brings me to the next, and vital, topic of study. FM 3-22.9 “Basic Rifle Marksmanship”. You must be familiar with both long range and close quarters marksmanship as described in this book. While you will probably NOT have an M16 as your personal weapon if you bring your own gear to the fight, the basic techniques are universal. Also, there will be plenty of M16s floating around regardless of what you do. You must know how to handle one.

    Remember that when volunteers are needed, they will be needed quickly. You will not have time for a lengthy train-up or time to get in shape.

    For advanced study, I recommend Uncle Fester and David Harber on explosives as well Harry Stine and Dan Pollino on rockets. For even more advanced rocketry, if you are technically inclined, you may study the online work of Richard Nakka. However, you will not need any of this unless you choose to make aliyah in order to participate in the underground phase of the struggle.

    2) Get a good rifle in 5.56 or 7.62 NATO caliber, zero it to yourself FOR 250-300 METERS and learn how to use it WELL. Make sure you have a sling, a cleaning kit and a GOOD QUALITY bayonet THAT FITS to go with it. Get at least 12 magazines. Vienna Mike recommends the superb Arsenal SLR-106F or FR Magazines and accessories are available from k-var.

    When things get serious in Yesha, you want to get a good pair of boots (Vienna Mike wore these on his last deployment and recommends them highly, an od-green uniform THAT FITS and is made out of GOOD QUALITY lightweight ripstop fabric, a boonie cap, two camo t-shirts, four pair good military boot socks, a good rucksack and a set of load bearing equipment THAT FITS and ENOUGH POUCHES TO FIT ALL YOUR MAGAZINES to go with it. You also want a canteen, a GOOD e-tool, a poncho, a poncho liner, a sleeping mat, a field jacket or a gortex jacket and a polypro.

    A CAMOUFLAGE camelbak with a couple of spare reservoirs is useful but not essential. If you get one, also get a couple of spare bite valves ( and make sure it has a dust cap ( that goes over the valve or you will get dysentery in short order. Other useful items are a compass and a simple GPS, like the Garmin Etrex Basic. Also useful are a small flashlight with a red lens cover, a good utility knife like this one ( and a multitool (

    Get a waterproof case for your tefilin, a camouflage tallit and a travel siddur. If you expect to wear a tallit katan into battle, use the tallit katan instead of a t-shirt and DYE IT OD GREEN, including the tzitzit. Overheating and being given away by pretty white strings are two very good ways to die. Yes, you WILL tuck in your tzitzit so they don’t get caught on things, but they WILL come loose anyway. Murphy says so.

    That’s it. Everything else is extra weight. Hashem willing, you will come to the battle with the gear above and a few hundred rounds of ammunition. The details of how to get there and whether/how you get your weapon there will become apparent once the situation develops. At worst, you will have to leave weapon and ammunition behind and get both when you get to the fight. However, it would be foolish for the leaders of Medinat Yehudah to ignore the fact that American volunteers can bring their own weapons. Therefore, there will probably be a way.

    Train hard, pray hard and wait for the balloon to go up. Hashem is merciful. The Jews of Yesha WILL awaken.

    P.S. A note on camouflage: AVOID the so-called US Army universal camouflage pattern (ACU). It does not work. Also avoid black like the plague. Black stands out like a sore thumb although it is alleged to be a camouflage color. Nothing in the real world is black unless it’s man-made. Eretz Yisrael has some 16 wildly varied environments with radically different colors. The Judean desert is red, the Negev is yellow, the Galilee and the Golan are green, the area around Yerushalayim is mostly green and tan, etc. Unlike in America, you can go 5km and be in a radically different environment with a radically different color scheme. Your best bet is the only truly all-purpose camouflage — good old OD Green.

  12. aret Says:

    Thank you for the information, it’s very comprehensive;

    Before stumbling on this blog, I was planning on making aliyah and joining the IDF, wanting to join one of the sayarot. I trained physically to that end (I can do more than the physical requirements you mentioned), but did not do any military skills because I thought they would have been taught to me.

    What you’ve written is making me think twice. Should a Jew serve in Tzahal? Not in one of the Border Guard or Police traitor units that attacked Amona and Gush Katif, but in a kravi unit. I thought that most of the men in combat units are religious, what is your opinion? It could be a way to learn the skills necessary to later fight for Medinat Yehudah.

    Also, does the current Russian-Georgian war over South Ossetia have any lessons for Yehudah?

  13. sk Says:

    Mike, the link to Kahane in the first of the 101 pages doesn’t work. It seems that the “www” needs to be omitted from the url.

  14. Vienna Mike Says:

    Aret, no Jew should serve in the Tsahal except as a ploy to gather information or to steal weapons and equipment. If you want to go to Israel and train, you can train with Mishmeret Yesha. If you ABSOLUTELY wish to receive Tsahal training, I would suggest that the only semi-kosher unit in that entire kapo horde is Nahal Haredi. However, understand that much of what the Tsahal will try to teach you is going to be WRONG. Because they shackle their soldiers with ridiculous rules and play suicidal games, they will, for example, act to suppress your natural aggression and will teach you to hide behind walls and do nothing as your primary response to threat. A real soldier’s response to threat is to apply maximum available firepower in the shortest possible time. Similarly, they will spend forever teaching you precision room-clearing techniques that are well suited to police operations. Real soldiers clear rooms by throwing in grenades, unless a flamethrower or a tank is available. The Tsahal will also suppress your initiative and your ability to think by training you to always abide by the letter of their stupid rules, even if it kills you. In addition, that “army” simply lacks even the most basic soldier skills, such as camouflage and movement under fire. Their performance in Lebanon showed exactly what they are worth. All in all, I believe you will learn very little in the Tsahal. Not even the American National Guard is as incompetent.

    There is also the halachic issue of wearing the uniform of a rodef. When you are given the order to attack Jews or to support attacks on Jews, are you prepared to immediately kill the man who gives that order? Are you prepared to then bear the consequences of such actions? How can you serve in an ostensibly Jewish army, yet walk past any Moslem without immediately killing them? As a civilian, you can say “if I perform the mizvah of extirpating Amalek, the Israelis will kill me, therefore I must refrain”. But as a soldier who is obligated to sacrifice even his life in order to protect the Jewish People, how can you possibly walk past a Moslem in the Holy Land and not harm them?

    As for the lessons of South Ossetia, the only real lesson is the value of propaganda. The Georgians attempted genocide, yet the entire West perceives them to be victims. This happened because Georgia launched the attack on the Ossetin during the opening of the Olympics. Therefore, the attack received no coverage. When the Russian 58th Army counterattacked through the Rokhi Tunnel, the Western press woke up and started looking for Georgia on the map. When they foud Georgia, they flew in to Tbilisi. At the airport, the Georgians were waiting for them with prepared footage, press releases in perfect English and all kinds of stories of Russian atrocities. Conveniently, Russian airplanes were bombing Tbilisi and every other city in Georgia at the time. So the Western press, out of sheer laziness if nothing else, immediately took Georgia’s side.

    This lesson has only a weak applicability to our situation because the goyim generally hate Jews and want to murder us all. Only press influenced by the Evangelical Christians would be prepared to listen to Jewish propaganda.

  15. Vienna Mike Says:

    There are three items that the Tsahal can teach you that are difficult to learn in the civilian world. The first is how to handle a machinegun. The second is how to use mortars. The third is how to use military explosives. Therefore, if you DO choose to join the Tsahal despite the issues cited above, you should go to Nahal Haredi and try to get into a scout, engineer or mortar platoon. As a scout you should be taught about machineguns and basic demolitions. As an engineer you should learn a great deal of advanced explosives handling technique, especially the art of constructing improvised explosive devices and the art of precision demolition. In a mortar platoon you should endeavor to learn everything about setting and laying the tube as well as the manual methods of fire direction and control as practiced by the mortar Fire Direction Center. The question of what you WILL learn is an open one. Like I have said before, the Tsahal is not much of an army nowadays. They are real good at beating and raping Jewish girls. Destroying Jewish homes is also something they do well. Real combat, well… However, in any army, no matter how incompetent as a whole, there are competent units and competent individuals.

    At any rate remember what you are doing. You are infiltrating an enemy camp in order to learn things. Act accordingly. Those surrounding you will, at best, be addled and confused Jews who think themselves Israeli and will certainly attack you and/or surrender you to the Sabak if you as much as breathe a whisper about Jewish self-defense. You are also likely to be exposed to the idolatrous heresy that the State which perpetrated Amona and Gush Katif is “holy”. You will have to pretend to believe in this heresy. Without puking, you will have to stand and recite a prayer for the welfare of Medinat Israel and call it “the first flower of our redemption”. You will have to nod agreement when told about the Jewishness and morality of “purity of arms”. You will have to say Hallel on Israel’s Yom HaAtzmaut and salute the Israeli flag, as if Amona never happened and Gush Katif still stands. Consider carefully if you can live such a lie for several years.

  16. Rob Says:

    Dear Mike, regarding the beating and raping of jewish girls. As you know I have a problem with this. What kind of proof do you have for this. After I had heard some reports, I asked my friends, some of which were actually there in Amona. they told me no such things happened. Show me the evidence, links, ect. Thanks. Rob

  17. Vienna Mike Says:

    Sexual assaults were widely reported at the time. This includes A7, Jpost and even Ynet. Here is Ynet/Ha’aretz. Bear in mind that this paper is the bastion of Israeli antisemitism and is run by people whose sole goal is the speedy extermination of every Jew in the Holy Land.

    The beatings, of course, are on film. Search for any video of Amona and you will find them.

    As for the rest, where there is smoke there is fire. When policemen tell girls “we will rape you, Jew bitch” and drag them away, I am inclined to believe that they DID rape them. Given the stigma attached to being a rape victim and the value of virginity in a frum community, what makes you think that any of the girls would report being raped? Even in the US something like 70% of rapes go unreported. And the US has all kinds of support infrastructure for rape victims AND the victims are mostly secular. And whom would they report the rape to? The Israeli police? Perhaps they should have gone to the same police station where their rapists worked and registered a complaint? Oh, yes, and after they register the complaint with the Police Investigative Department, along with the name of the officer who wasn’t wearing a name tag while he beat and raped them, the PID can certainly be trusted to safeguard their identity. They have a cast-iron 100% guarantee that no further harm would come to them or their families, right?

    Rob, we are talking about murderous kapo thugs in service of a police state not much different from Stalin’s USSR or Hitler’s Germany in 1934. At this point, it is not up to the likes of me to prove that the rapes happened. It is up to the Israeli State to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the rapes DIDN’T happen.

  18. Vienna Mike Says:

    Here are just a few of the tamer videos and accounts of Amona.

  19. Rob Says:


  20. Rob Says:

    Ok Mike, In light of this info my next question would have to be, what is the matter with the Jews of Israel?The Yanks in particular. are they expecting some kind of justice such as one might have in the States?

    Dammit! I wan’t to go back pretending I do not really care and this is not my problem

  21. Vienna Mike Says:

    The answer to this requires a separate blog entry. However, in brief:

    1) They are too decent to believe that the evil before their eyes can really exist.

    2) Their entire worldview rests on infantile delusions about Israel and the alleged unity of the Jewish People, including the Israeli rodfei.

    3) They have been brainwashed by medieval-minded “rabbis” to the point where they will censor and self-censor any dissenting thought or opinion, including any impulse toward self-defense. This applies especially when they have no argument to counter this opinion because it points out the ugly Truth and requires that they put aside their favorite delusions. (I have recently provided a rather deliberate demonstration of this.)

    4) They have fallen into the heresy of believing that Medinat Israel is “the first flower of geula” and hence into the idolatrous worship of the State of Israel as “holy”.

    5) For the most part, they are utterly materialistic. Having rejected the ridiculous luxury of America for the normal standard of living that obtains in the Holy Land, they perceive themselves as having made the ultimate sacrifice and therefore are unwilling to make any further sacrifices.

    6) They are still galutniks inside and cannot imagine themselves actually fighting for anything, much less winning and/or ruling. This is like the generation that came out of Egypt. No matter how many miracles they witnessed, at heart they were still slaves.

    7)Many do not understand HOW to fight back because they lack the necessary education and do not know how to go about acquiring one.

  22. aret Says:

    I am very glad I found this website, I feel as if my eyes have been opened. I did not even know that these issues existed before coming here; and I thank you for that.

    You speak of the Anglo Jews in Israel. What of the Russians? The ones I have spoken to propose very aggressive measures against the Arab scum and Israeli traitors. I think Russian Jews will make up the large majority of soldiers in the new army that will fight for true Jewish values; unafraid of world opinion and of killing the enemy.

    The Anglo Jews that I have known are too brainwashed galutnik or they are fanatical medieval cowards who love to debate ad nauseaum about crazy non-Torah sexual laws but will never take up the sword and fight.

    As for myself, I have other options for gaining military experience. I could join the British Royal Marines or the Russian army. Would you say that either are better for gaining the necessary knowledge than Tzahal? Are they any good?

  23. sk Says:

    In case anyone still lacks the mug shots of the Amona Yassamniks, here is a link with the photos.

  24. sk Says:

    Mike, a question about the quality of the IDF. Do you really believe that Lebanon II demonstrates overall incompetence, or is the incompetence a decision by the IDF biggies not to fight?

    While this won’t matter for small actions, it would matter if the Egyptians eventually decide to attack as part of a multi-front campaign, which we all know they are training for.

  25. Vienna Mike Says:

    SK: The IDF no longer qualifies as an army. It is a glorified police force. The how and why things have gotten where they are requires a post in and of itself. But today’s IDF could not defeat a bunch of girl scouts. The only things that saves Israel from annihilation at this point is Arab fear of Israel’s nuclear weapons and the quality of Israel’s Air Force.

    Aret: Trust me, you do not want to join either the Russian Army or the British Marines. If you want to acquire military skills in a military organization and cannot stomach infiltrating the IDF, I suggest you join the US Marines or the US Army. I cannot speak for the Marines, but two years as a US Army cavalry scout should give you all the basic skills you need.

  26. Vienna Mike Says:

    Aret, for cultural reasons the Russian Jews in Israel will follow, but they will never lead. Most are insufficiently religious to see Medinat Yehudah as a solution in the first place and, more importantly, they are unwilling to get out in front of the crowd. They all know what needs to be done. They also know exactly the price that will be paid by those who begin doing it. I would estimate that, win or lose, not one in ten of the original members of any Jewish Resistance would still be alive within two years.

    The “Russians” grew up in a totalitarian police state. They know the score. They will jump on the bandwagon if it looks like Medinat Yehudah is winning, but don’t expect them to start the ball rolling.

  27. sk Says:

    MAYBE, Matar is starting to get the message. At least she is reading Vienna Mike, in light of certain words she uses.


    The Disease of Blind State Worship
    Nadia Matar

    Those people who oppose boycotting General Gershon Hacohen and think that he should have spoken in the Kfar Etzion debate titled “King David and I” point out that Gershon Hacohen has a lot of worthy deeds under his belt, a grand past in the army; One rabbi even says that Hacohen “prevented blood from being spilled at the time of the Gush Katif expulsion” and that after the deed was done, Hacohen admitted (not in public, but personally to one of the bereaved families) that he participated in a crime. Others say that Hacohen represents a different point of view, and, after all, what is the problem with hearing a different opinion?

    If so, I would like to propose that the serial rapist Beni Sela should be invited to be a head speaker in the “Binyan Shalem” convention titled “Family Relationships”. Why not? I’m sure Beni Sela has performed some good deeds. I’m sure he loves his parents, and fulfills the commandment of respecting parents. He probably once helped a blind man to cross the street. He may have done his reserve duty in the army and has helped the country in this way.

    While raping his victims, he shed tears of identification with them and most important, he prevented bloodshed. He just raped. He did not murder. And when he did rape, he did it gently. So he promises. Until the next rape… but mainly, he represents a different opinion…so why not hear him out?

    Sounds like a crazy idea? Excessive? Radical? Too cynical? Why?

    They’ll say “Don’t exaggerate. Beni Sela is a real criminal, how can you even compare the two?” And this is where the problem is: The organizers of this debate really do not understand the problem inherent in inviting Hacohen. It is because they do not think of the events of 2005 in Gush Katif as a crime. And the moment the expulsion is not a crime, what’s the problem with inviting Hacohen?

    The whole problem with the “Hacohen and the debate” is the very fact that he was invited ­ an invitation that shows us a clinically twisted and sick outlook, in part of the people of our camp. We must try and understand how it is that a large part of our community does not look upon the expulsion of 2005 as a crime? There is no doubt that if the same thing would have happened in France, and the government there would have expelled in force 10,000 Jews from the capital Paris and would give the synagogues there to Muslims in order to turn them to mosques, that all the organizers of this debate, together with the people of Israel would be united in the opinion that this is an anti-Semitic crime, and that we need to boycott and fight against those Europeans.

    Why is it that when this is done in Israel, there is no shock? Obviously not in the left; but even close to home the director of the Kfar Etzion Field School Yaron Rozenthal and the head of the Gush Etzion Community Center Eliaz Cohen, do not remember or interpret the expulsion as a crime?

    Is the answer to this question the fact that it was done by Jews? Meaning the same act, done by non-Jews is a crime, but done by Jews, inside the “family”, is ok?

    There are those who explain this as the abused wife syndrome, where a beaten woman tries to appease her husband by hugging him more. The fear of the strong, controlling left, leads to appeasement even if the price is treading on one’s own brothers. Others explain it as the “Stockholm Syndrome”. The Stockholm syndrome is a phenomenon where a captive who is held by force by strangers, starts agreeing and empathizing with the ideology and actions of the people holding him. This syndrome comes from the need identify one’s self with the strong and controlling element. We can also say that inviting Yossi Sarid and Gershon Hacohen reminds us of the Christian way of offering the other cheek to whoever spits on you or tries to tread on you. All these descriptions are correct, but they do not adequately address our question. Why? How did this happen?

    The problem is not only inviting Hacohen to the biblical debate. The problem is the conduct of part of our camp before, during and after the expulsion; dancing with the soldiers. The cooperation and groveling of certain rabbis and public figures with the perpetrators of the expulsion. Physical and verbal violence of the appeasers against right-wing activists. The pathetic need to be liked by the left. No other sector would behave like this when a threat of expulsion and the destruction of their life’s work were hanging over their head. Not the Charedim, not the secular camp. And certainly not the Druze. So why, why has our camp behaved in such an abnormal way? In this question lies the root of the problem and the root of the answer.

    I believe that the state-religious education system has spoiled many in our camp, rabbis and public figures included. This education believes in the ideology that the “State is above all”. Many have stretched this ideology to such extremes that in their opinion the government, as the representative of the state, can do whatever it pleases, even crimes against the Jewish people in its land. This radical state-worshipping has ultimately led to bizarre scenes of dancing with the expulsion forces. This extreme ideology prevented the Yesha Council from struggling to save Gush Katif, and instead to mourn and protest pitifully, because the holy State cannot be beaten. This abnormal ideology does not see the expulsion as a crime, which is why there is no problem with inviting the commander of the expulsion Hacohen to speak his piece. This perverted idea spoiled a lot of us and caused a lot of religious people to participate in the expulsion and thus desecrated G-d’s name by giving a hand to the abandonment of parts of our holy Land to the enemy, and by expelling Jews from their land.

    Luckily, not all have fallen victim to this radical and dangerous indoctrination that causes its victims to turn to mindless robots who obey every order, without questioning the ethics of the order. More and more people in our camp understand the danger of blind obedience to the government. These are the people who, please G-d, will make sure that another expulsion will not take place.

    These are people that understand that the State is not a goal in itself, but a tool to be used for another purpose: returning the Jewish people to its G-d given Land, application of Jewish sovereignty on all of Israel when the day comes and we can restore the Jewish kingdom of old. The same idea is correct when talking about the army. The IDF was created to safeguard the people of Israel in the Land of Israel, and to fight the enemies of Israel. If there are people who take over this country and its army and completely change their purpose, there is no better way to sanctify the name of G-D than to oppose them.

    What the radical state-worshippers do not understand is that opposing the expulsion command, would have sanctified, rather than harmed the IDF. Massive civilian disobedience to prevent the expulsion crime would have only preserved the State of Israel in the Land of Israel.

    We failed in Gush Katif and the Northern Samaria in the summer of 2005. Since then, we are trying to remedy the problem, in time for the future struggles over Judea and Samaria. The flood of protests to the invitation of Gershon Hacohen to the “King David and I” convention shows that thank G-D, there is a large group of people that understood the lesson taught to us in the 2005 expulsion and will struggle, this time seriously, to save Israel. I am sure that King David, who fought his whole life to conquer and build the Land of Israel, thanks all those activists who prevented a great desecration of G-D’s name in Kfar Etzion.

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  28. sk Says:

    Hey, I thought the “awaiting moderation” biz had ended …

  29. Vienna Mike Says:

    Sometimes the software holds comments in the moderation queue even though they come from readers with previously approved comments. I have no idea why. Blame gremlins.

  30. sk Says:

    I suspect the issue might be the length of the post.

    Anyway, do you see any improvement in Matar’s stance, or is it just wishful thinking on my part?

  31. Rob Says:

    Dear Sk, Thanks for posting the Matar piece.

  32. Vienna Mike Says:

    Time will tell. Perhaps Nadia Matar is waking up. She is a brave woman and it’s about time she realized that playing to lose will only result in more defeats. If she reads this blog, more power to her, but I would not want her to admit it if she were. These kinds of admissions are quite dangerous in a totalitarian police state.

  33. Zevulun Says:

    I have lots of questions, I don’t know where to start.

    Here are two (unrelated) questions?

    1. What is the deal with the Yesha Council? I have tried to get reliable info on them but it is practically impossible. Are they elected? Are they traitors or are they part of the conspiracy to destroy the Torah observant community in Israel? How can they be stopped and what is there doctrinally correct fate?

    2. I note an apparent contradiction in your writings. On one hand, you say that all the doings in Israel are with the sole intent and purpose of destroying the Jewish faith and practice in the Holy Land. On the other hand, your self-liberation 101 Lesson 4 seems to indicate that all the doings in Eretz Yisroel are the result of the government playing into the hands of the Palestinian doctrinally correct uprising. Please explain.

  34. sk Says:

    You’re welcome, Robdude.

  35. sk Says:

    Hey, I know Mike said that Fishman didn’t deserve notice in Virtual Yehudah, but as this is the scribble board, I’m sure it’s ok. I wanted to get this off my chest, and I thought Rob in particular might find it of interest.

    I’ve been corresponding with the sublime Baruch Gordon of INN. More precisely, I’ve been emailing him, once cc’ing Fish, and so far he has not responded. I was all set to ignore Fishman when he was down (i.e., when he “voluntarily” decided to return to his “Sabbatical”). But then he couldn’t resist a bit of vindictiveness. A guy named “Shwartz,” who claimed to represent “Matel [sic],” was in an exchange with Liad. In response to Liad’s bizarre diatribes, Shwartz suggested that Liad get a “@@@@@@”. So, I figured that Fishman had reverted to form and used the “@” business. I then suggested that the six-letter dirty word might be “@rgasm.” It seemed that Fishman then altered my TB (the last one in his next-to-last blog entry) in such a way as to call me a “queeer [sic].”

    Now of course I don’t burst into tears about such things. I was more annoyed at Fishman’s devious approach, putting the word in my mouth. Also, the word didn’t work in the context, so he also made me look like an illiterate. And, he would twist or delete any correction I made. So, I figured that since I couldn’t speak freely, I might as well ask Gordon if the latest hijinks from our finny Bolshevik and hemline expert were consistent with the alleged censorship policy.

    Shortly after my email, the number of TBs posted on that blog radically decreased. The ultimate effect of my “correspondence” is unclear, however. My hope is to get Fishman kicked off the censorship group so he can’t affect other areas of INN. I figure this will make our advocacy of Medinat Yehudah a bit easier.

    I do long for the days when I could ridicule Fishman’s absurdities and perfidy openly, though.

    Rob, maybe you’ll always love the Fish, but now you know why I despise him, as I am not at all surprised.

    Oh, and I think we should all realize that Fishman may have provided the forum necessary to get the present blog started. Thus from the manure of one blog comes the holiness of another. Kind of.

  36. Rob Says:

    Sk, I would not worry about the Fish. If you have noticed, many of the TB’s are from the same person ,different handles, so Fish really isn’t all that popular. He is small potatoes, and his effect is not all that damaging to a certain cause. let them believe they are doing great mitzva by giving up life in the first world, and taking a vow of “poverty”. in their minds this is the ultimate sacrafice. meanwhile the leaders are thowing away, and destroying the future of the Jews. I think the jews know this, but feel helpless. maybe this latest Matar will get arutz ink? It would most likely have more meaning to jews in the holy land coming from a home grown source. It was damned good. I thought Mike wrote it.

    It was you and Mike who pushed Fish from blogging about the dangers of sexual perversion, etc. to an all out censorship of ya both! I’m thinking neither one of you have many sympathizers at arutz, ya think?

    See ya dude!

  37. sk Says:

    Rob, the problem with Fishman is that he censors other blogs and apparently articles as well. With his own blog we can at least see him in action. Elsewhere, he does his dirty deeds invisibly. Thus, his popularity is not the only issue–his capabilities count. For this reason, he is indeed a problem, I think.

    I am delighted that you noticed my modest role in pushing Fish to all out censorship. I can’t speak for Mike, but I expected to have this effect. Until it happened, I figured we could get excellent traction and maybe do some good. I think Fishman couldn’t believe that he could be so easily bested, repeatedly. This would not have been possible without Mike, who put on quite a display, everything building around his efforts. Others started realizing that Fishman really was a mess. This took a leap forward when Yitzhak from Shilo was essentially banned for ridiculing Kabbalah. Hebrew Hammer, who seems to side in general with Fishman, couldn’t take his tactics lying down. Pinner, who agrees with Fishman, started questioning the tactics as well. Dovid offered a vigorous defense of us, and as he was nearly brought back from the dead, this carried plenty of weight. Of course, other smart people, e.g., Velvel, didn’t like the mindlessness or tactics and made that clear most eloquently. You chimed in with some nice stuff. And even Rachel eventually started a dissent, kind of. At the end, Fishman had lost any allies with a brain and/or a heart, both in Israel and in galut. Even Cartoon Commander started losing the will to fight. All Fish had left were people like Liad. At this point, finally realizing that he had failed miserably, Fish initiated a complete ban.

    This is my quick take on it, at least.

    As for sympathizers at A7, I think may have one or two. But the issue isn’t only sympathy, really. The result will be determined by a combination of the personal integrity of Gordon (as yet unestablished–we’ll see), the friendship between Gordon and Fishman, the sympathizer or two that I might have, the popularity of the blog, the feelings of other A7-related people about this, especially when TBs to their own work are censored, general sympathy for free speech, and finally, the worry that a problem not addressed in-house could be broadcast elsewhere.

    With all these variables (and perhaps others) in play, no prediction is possible.

  38. Rob Says:

    Sk,I don’t think the Fish has as much pull at arutz as you think. anyway I thought you guys would lay off him for a while after His Father passed. Boy was I wrong. I did not see him really start his campaign until after this.

    Oh well! you guys even have him chapped at me now, Ya happy? I’m sure he realized he was outgunned with Mike early on, but it was very entertaining, and fun. He stood up to it pretty good, never backing down. I respect him for that.

    I’m going to stay out of it if I can for now.

  39. sk Says:

    Rob, why do you think he’s mad at you? I’d say you’ve been quite loyal to him overall.

    At his father’s passing–and yes, I gave sincere condolences–Fish should have just kept his “sabbatical” pledge. He lacked the resiliency he used to have, but he was doubly angry and, I think, vindictive. Terrible combination. This precipitated the final showdown (for two weeks this time?).

    Anyway, by all means stay out of it now if you wish, Rob. I’ll just wait for Gordon’s decision or nondecision. The irony of this whole thing is that sometimes Fishman can be clever, if his ego doesn’t get in the way.

  40. Vienna Mike Says:

    Rob, you have in the past announced your decision to make aliyah. Now that you have had a chance to read the uncensored Vienna Mike, let me ask you a reasonable question:

    Given the means and facilities at your disposal, why would you want to impoverish yourself and reduce your ability to help the Jewish People simply in order to become one more nameless statistic inside the Israeli self-made Auschwitz?

    Consider that $43,000 can buy around 50 AKs and RPKs. That is enough to equip a platoon. If you can afford to spend this much on a Mustang, you can afford to spend it on the army of Medinat Yehudah, when the time comes to do so. If you can plant dozens of pine trees, you have room on your property to set up a firing range wherein to give Jewish volunteers a few hours of valuable training, or at least an opportunity to zero their weapons, before they board a plane straight to war.

    I guarantee you that, in the first weeks of Medinat Yehudah, when the foreign volunteers come off that plane, they will be thrown into combat within the hour. Two thirds of them will probably be dead the hour after that. A zeroed weapon, a few hours of basic IMT, a CQB marksmanship technique hastily learned, a single hand and arm signal dimly remembered… These things can mean the difference between life and death for some kid from Monsey or Irvine who has never handled a rifle in his life.

    But if you go to Israel to sit bound hand and foot among the lemmings, I guarantee you that Israeli bureaucracy and confiscatory taxation will ensure that you will not have a penny to your name, nor any way to contribute to the defense of the Jewish People except for picking up a rifle and marching off to war.

    When the balloon goes up, it is a given that people like us will pick up rifles and get on a plane, assuming we are still young enough and able-bodied enough to do so. It is a given that we will empty our bank accounts of our life savings, mortgage our homes and sell the shirts off our backs if necessary in order to give our country what it needs to survive. It is a given that, in the midst of a desperate struggle for the survival of Medinat Yehudah, every penny will count tenfold.

    When I look at my bank account, I do not count it in terms of dollars and cents. I count it in terms of rifles and rounds of ammunition. Because every round will be precious. Every round may be a Jewish life saved.

    Why give up all these rounds, all these potential Jewish lives, in order to go sit with the lemmings? So you can feel good about making a “sacrifice”? For personal satisfaction? Would you really give up the chance to save dozens of Jewish lives for THAT?

  41. Vienna Mike Says:

    SK: I do not think this blog is all that “holy”. I am not worthy of such appellations.

    As for the Fishman issue, I am deeply saddened that it became necessary to embarrass a fellow Jew in that fashion. Perhaps some good will come out of it. I would like to hope that even Fishman will, when he calms down, examine his behavior and view it with some chagrin. Who knows, he may even reassess some of his beliefs. More importantly, for however brief a time and however ineffectively, the idea of Medinat Yehudah was promulgated to the broader Jewish public. A few eyes were opened. That, in itself, is a victory.

  42. Vienna Mike Says:


    Regarding your first question:

    The Yesha Council, or Moetzet Yesha, is a clutch of some thirty-five individuals augmented by various hangers-on. Some are elected and some are appointed. None of them are actually appointed or elected to represent the Jews of Yesha. They are merely mayors and “community leaders”. Their primary purpose in life is to ensure that the trash gets picked up every Wednesday and the stray cats get rounded up every once in a while. If you would like an American equivalent, imagine if the collected mayors of a couple of dozen one-street towns were touted as the representatives of the entire Western United States.

    Worse still is the fact that, unlike the United States, Israel has no state and local governments. Local officials merely execute orders given by the central administration in Jerusalem (Israel’s equivalent of the Federal Government). What’s more, they are paid not by the community they serve but by the Israeli central government. So they have no authority to make real decisions, no real control of funds beyond simple disbursement thereof in accordance with directives from above and no say in anything of any importance. If they ever cross their paymasters, their salaries can go away. As result, these people do not even have the initiative and the gumption of the average American small-town mayor. In fact, not one of these people could get elected dog catcher in America, much less make it into a position of serious responsibility. They are nobodies. But they are good at the art of political cronyism. The better they are at it, the more funds are allocated to their community at the expense of other communities.

    Moetzet Yesha is classic Israeli misgovernment at its worst. Nothing of this kind has been seen in America since the days of Tammany Hall. The system is designed to elevate cowardly, spineless ass-kissing nobodies who are spring-loaded to betray everyone and everything just so they can hold on to their nice cushy chairs. As result, it in fact elevates cowardly, spineless ass-kissing nobodies who betray everyone and everything, thereby holding on to their nice cushy chairs. These people helped Rabin to draw the Oslo withdrawal maps and to determine the numbers of weapons and other goodies to be handed to the PA. They actively sabotaged any resistance to the Gush Katif pogrom because they were worried about their nice cushy chairs. They have routinely made separate deals, undercut each other and sold their neighbors down the river in exchange for favors from Israeli government officials. They actively trade one settlement for another because they are constitutionally predisposed to believe that by feeding the alligator they can ensure that they get eaten last. In the meantime, maybe the alligator will get indigestion and go away for a while. They have no long-term plan of any kind, nor do they have real goals. All they want to do is individually survive another day and collect another paycheck.

    In Jewish history, organizations like the Yesha Council have typically run ghettoes. In Germany, they were known as Judenrats. The Nazis, of course, revived the Judenrat during the Holocaust. The Judenrats proceeded to behave the way they always did because they were structured the way they always have been, thus facilitating the Nazis’ extermination of millions. Today, the Yesha Judenrat is facilitating the destruction of Yesha and, ultimately, the extermination of the Jewish People in the Holy Land.

    Here is Nadia Matar writing about the Yesha Judenrat’s role in the grand scheme of things in Yesha:

    As for the doctrinally correct fate of the Yesha Council, it is the same as that of any other social, political or communal organization in Yesha. It must be suborned by the Jewish Resistance and used as a tool against the Israeli occupation. The council’s access to large municipal funds is a good reason why this action will proceed early. The Yesha Council is simply too important an organization to be left untouched for long once a Stage 1 transition occurs.

    The resistance will seek to covertly or overtly suborn members of the council, replace them with new members who are members of the resistance or wholly beholden to it and, finally, sideline the old members to ensure that they are completely removed from the levers of power. Those members of the council who are smart will cooperate in their own sidelining by doing the bidding of the resistance, first mostly out of greed, then out of greed mixed with fear, and finally out of utter terror. In some cases, the resistance may forgo bribery and use naked terror from the beginning, for example by threatening, kidnapping and/or killing close family members of the councilors. Ultimately, those who cooperate will exhaust their usefulness. At this point, they will be told to step down and retire. They will enjoy a peaceful retirement as long as they don’t do anything foolish.

    Those members of the council who are not so smart will leave Yesha in response to non-violent and/or non-lethal direct action against them and their close relatives. Those who are least smart will be assassinated. Some may be made examples of in various horrible ways.

    I expect that most of these people will fall into the least smart category. They have internalized the alleged omnipotence of their Israeli paymasters too well to comprehend their own vulnerability.

    At any rate, one of the major signs of real Jewish resistance in Yesha will be sudden change in the composition and behavior of the council, probably accompanied by a wave of assaults, house burnings, kidnappings and assassinations directed against Yesha Council members and their supporters. When you see the tired old “moderates” disappearing and the youthful “radicals” taking over, it will be time to seriously prepare for aliyah.

    Regarding your second question, there is no contradiction. On the one hand, the State of Israel has been falling flat on its face because the Moslems are fighting a brilliant and successful guerrilla campaign. On the other hand, Israel’s ruling elite is desperate to rid itself of the Jewish Threat. The first factor has led to the demoralization and increasing desperation on the part of the Israeli public and Israel’s ruling class. This has only exacerbated their acute fear of the Jewish Threat. By unconsciously projecting upon the Jews their fear of the Moslems, significant portions of the Israeli public have been able to displace their aggression. Since they perceive themselves to be unable to hurt the Moslems, they seek to blame the Jews for the Moslem threat and seek to appease the Moslems by eliminating the Jews. Simultaneously they relieve their frustration with their current predicament by finding and beating a scapegoat. Since the Moslem is deadly dangerous and the Jew is not, it is greatly satisfying to blame and punish the Jew while pretending that he IS, in fact, just as dangerous as the Moslem. It is also safe to do so. Note that were it NOT safe to do so, it would not be done.

    What you are seeing is not a conspiracy but rather the combination of individual and small-group actions that have the appearance of conspiracy because they are driven by similar motivations and directed toward the same goals. The Moslem guerrilla campaign has created a noxious mix of fear, desire for appeasement, a perception of their own helplessness and a desperate desire for escape within the minds of the Israelis. As result, the Israeli actions against the Jews have become ever more risky, unreasonable and irrational. The Israelis will cave in to whomever they perceive to be the biggest threat while attacking whomever they perceive to be the smallest threat. Therefore, the Jews are best served by making themselves more threatening and more deadly than Hamas could ever be.

  43. Rob Says:

    Dear Mike, I will do what needs doing. I see my satire filled with cryptic clues is certainly not wasted on you.

  44. Daniel Says:

    sk- I’m sorry I missed the “fun”… I stopped reading Fishman when his father died, because I didn’t want to kick him when he was down…
    Is there a form of direct action which you would recommend at this point- i.e. would it be meaningful to e-mail Baruch Gordon and second your message?

  45. Daniel Says:

    sk- I posted in Fishman’s blog, and it was altered.
    I’m not in the least bit amused.

  46. sk Says:

    Yes, Daniel, I noticed the alteration. I have responded in an email to Gordon, who, a little bird tells me, has been on vacation. Evidently my letters to him are awaiting his return.

    I think a email from you to Gordon would be helpful. Of course, clogging up his fax machine would make the point more memorable.

  47. Daniel Says:

    I e-mailed Baruch Gordon with my real name and e-mail, and cc’ed Tzvi. The content is below:

    Dear Baruch Gordon,

    A large number of people commenting on Tzvi Fishman’s blog have
    complained of censorship, and worse still, of having had their
    comments altered to put words into their mouths. I experienced the
    same yesterday, when the username “sk” in my comment was changed to
    This is obviously not acceptable, and undermines the whole rationale
    behind talkbacks on blogs. Putting words in my mouth and in the mouths
    of others is hotzaat diba, dishonest, hurtful, and immoral.
    On a different but related subject, in my opinion Tzvi Fishman’s blog
    is bigotted, divisive, and weakens the national camp as much as is
    possible via such a medium. By dividing Klal Israel into the “real
    Jews” who live in Israel versus the “shiksa lovers” and “half-Jews”
    who live in chul, he’s creating sinat chinam. He also attacks Haredim
    at every opportunity he gets. I know that my opinion of the dati leumi
    camp (to which I have always belonged) has been substantively worsened
    by reading his blog.
    I would urge you to seriously reconsider your contract with Tzvi
    Fishman, with whom I am very disappointed, and to feature bloggers who
    have ahavas yisrael, of whom there are no shortage. As a longtime
    torani activist and somebody who has been reading, listenning to, and
    promoting A7 for close on 15 years, I am mamash disappointed in your
    choice of Fishman and your insistence he not leave when he offered to
    do so last year.

    Yours sincerely, (signature)

  48. Velvel Says:

    Daniel, he (either Baruch Gordon or Tzvi) posted your personal information into the blog comments at the bottom of your letter, which they posted. I hope that he asked your permission to do this! And if not, I hope they will remove it….

  49. Velvel Says:

    Oh I see that comment was signed as “Daniel Kyoto” so maybe you put in that personal information yourself.

  50. Daniel Says:

    Huh? Are you serious?
    No I didn’t. This is criminal action.

  51. Daniel Says:

    This is a real shock. I demanded that it instantly be taken down. If they don’t, I would like advice about legal recource. I’m positive that posting somebody’s private information in a public forum is something I can sue over. If so, and if they don’t take it down, I’ll take this to court.

  52. jew613 Says:

    Mike how did you know the Rav?

  53. sk Says:

    Daniel, it seems that they have now removed the TB that consisted of the email you sent to Gordon and cc’d to Fishman. Evidently, Fishman decided, by himself, to post this as a TB, naturally with your personal information, and without your authorization. (If you wanted to post this as a TB, you would have done so.)

    If these guys are liable, and they probably are (although Israeli law is a mystery to me), they can still be sued. This was a deliberate and malicious attack, I am quite sure. Then, when caught, Fishman just “mitigated the harm to you,” which in the common law means that the damages would be less than if he did not move to mitigate it.

    We’ve learned more than I suspect we ever wanted to know about the depravity of Israelis. Give an Israeli any power and immediately, it seems, he becomes malicious. There are perhaps a couple of exceptions, but they are few. The immorality we find in the Israeli mass–an immorality that dissuades them from doing anything when Jews are expelled from Gush Katif, or when a party called Kadima illegally seizes power, though Likud was voted it, has obviously penetrated throughout that land. Even worse, these immoral people actually voted Kadima into leadership after it was illegally created.

    If I were religious, the last place I would live would be Israel. Imagine raising a family of morally bankrupt children.

    Gordon only cares about money and power and abets evil. Fishman actively spreads evil. Both, I’m sure, would respond to lawsuits because they care only about material things.

    I’m thinking of offering to write an op-ed for Haaretz showing my new understanding of Gordon and INN. I think it might have some appeal to Haaretz readers. I would do the same for Ynet, except that, as it has banned me, I’m not sure it would be a moral choice for me, even if malice on their part would make the op-ed appealing.

    HEY, does anyone out there know the people or group that is above Baruch Gordon? As he is editor of the English language INN, I expect there must be a level above this.

  54. Rob Says:

    Dear Sk, Don’t do it. Just take a breather for a spell, let this blow over. Mike has already explained the situation between A7 and the Government.

    They have been really pushing “it” by allowing some of the TB’s to get posted. Give them credit for running Matars piece at least, this is sure to cause them some problems. I am not at all suprised by the Fish’s reaction, You guys hit him when he was down. Re-group, change your IP address if need be. Don’t cause trouble for the only voice, and place for us to express our opinion. Please consider,Thanks. Rob

  55. jew613 Says:

    SK, the reason Jews live in Israel is its a Mitzvah as the Rav held and ruled time and again (see “Time To Come Home” & “Ohr Haarayon”)

    Secondly while I am sure the fight with Tzvi Fishman is very important to you, and the others involved, it is not to anyone else at Arutz Sheva. I doubt more then a handful of people are even aware it is taking place. It is not to insult you but you should realize this is a dispute between Fishman and yourselves.

    It is also obvious from your statement that you have had no contact with Baruch, as claiming he only cares about money and power is misguided at best considering that with his talents Baruch could be making far more money in the regular corporate sector. I honestly doubt Baruch saw Daniel’s email as he receives hundreds per day and we are in the midst of a expansion of the web department so Baruch is very busy right now.

    In answer to your question, yes there are people above Baruch, ketsaleh, Rabbi Melamed, or Dudu Salah.

  56. Vienna Mike Says:

    SK: Enough already. Suing Fishman is one thing. Giving the antisemites of Haaretz a hand up by using them as a forum to bash the dati leumi community is another.

    The Jews of the Holy Land do indeed suffer from massive moral poisoning as result of living in the unholy Zionist State. The way to fix that is to build a Torah State, however imperfect. We know that the Zionist State is ultimately destined for gehinnom, whereas a Torah State would, bizrat Hashem, slowly improve over time, as long as it were constituted as a Torah Republic.

    This is one of the many reasons Vienna Mike has started this blog. The seeds of self-destruction that the advocates of monarchies and theocracies seek to inherit from the Israeli State are just as dangerous as the godless ideology that has poisoned everything in the Holy Land. We have gotten to the point where the Israeli government has begun to actively abet Islamic terror. THAT is the result of godless communism. But a theocracy run by the likes of Ovadiah Yo$$$ef would stop all scientific research, destroy the economy and ultimately self-destruct into civil war. A monarchy would be even worse. A corrupt prime minister is bad enough. A corrupt Hebrew king would be 100 times worse.

    Gentlemen, the topic of Fishman needs a rest. Talk about relevant issues.

  57. Daniel Says:

    Vienna Mike is right as usual- and suing would also be wrong (and impossible because I don’t live in Israel) because it gives money and legitimacy to one of the most corrupt court systems in the world. I would call him to a din Torah if this were a financial issue maybe.
    Indeed, how does one build a Torah state which is not myopic and provincial, not to mention corrupt and dictatorial? People in Israel can be low on morals, and the case here is a very small example of that. One which understands the importance of sciences, recognises the existence of and respects other cultures and nations (knows the difference between Vietnamese, Cambodians, and Chinese for instance), and is dedicated to truth and torah rather than the pursuit of power and money. I don’t know. I’m petrified that even if we would really work hard to reform Israel, our efforts would be hijacked by power-hungry corrupt people and our dream would become a nightmare, like the French revolution. That’s why I’m not sure I support any action at all at this point. Not until there’s some kind of real alternative which we can believe in.

  58. sk Says:

    Well, gentlemen, I will bow to the consensus. I usually don’t do this, by the way. The thing is, a Haaretz gambit does have real risks. I will, however, contact Gordon directly (I now have his direct email).

    Robdude, I have not been talking (mainly) about censorship that protects INN from the government. But I agree that INN has taken some risks.

    Jew613, I don’t know you by this name, but I expect we’ve crossed paths. You’re right, I don’t know BG. Still, it was easy enough for him to pull Fishman aside and tell him that anti-blasphemy censorship was not kosher at INN. I am afraid that he has been corrupted by the little power he has. I am willing to be persuaded otherwise, and I always hope that Jew has integrity. It’s just that my experience points in a different direction.

    Anyway, I am happy to close this issue here and now.

  59. Rob Says:

    Thanks Sk, you’re a good man bro.

  60. Rob Says:

    Hey Sk. It is time for me to change gears. I am not able to continue playing both sides of the fence. I leave this in the good hands of everyone involved. I have been told to support Judah, and make no such distinction between Israelis and Jews, although common sense shows the difference.

    I wanted to thank you for your support bro. you are a good friend. Listen to V Mike, He is truely amazing. I admit to have thought he was moshiac a time or two, or at least in the spirit of moshiac.

    Later Dude!

  61. Vienna Mike Says:

    Daniel: The price of doing nothing are 6 million dead Jews. When I stand before Hashem, I want to be able to say: “I tried”. Understand, there is nothing we can do until the Jews of the Holy Land arise to fight for their lives. The only thing we can do at this point is try to open their eyes and prepare for the moment when, bizrat Hashem, their eyes DO open. The rest is in the hands of Hashem. I trust in His everlasting kindness. He will grant His favor to those who struggle in His name, as long as their plans are sound and they struggle with all their might, reason and will.

    Rob: When you are being told things that make no sense, you have to wonder about the person telling you. You mention the Israelis in every amidah: “Let there be no hope for informers and may all the heretics and wicked instantly perish…” Just because most Israelis can repent and become Jews again, does not mean that they are to be treated the same as Jews. Ahavat Yisrael includes the protection of Am Yisrael from internal enemies. We may be obligated to love the Israeli because, halachically, he is still theoretically a Jew. But we are also obligated to stop him from murdering millions of real Jews. The resolution to this difficulty is simple: killing the rodef is strictly business. There is no pleasure to be derived from it, nor should there be.

    Nor would I derive any great pleasure from partition. It is simply a distasteful necessity. Thus Vienna Mike advocates peaceful coexistence between Israel and Judah after partition and looks forward to the slow absorption of Israel into Judah.

    P.S. I urge you all to spread the word about this blog to Jewish fellow travelers. Among the most important things we can do today to save the Jews of the Holy Land from certain extermination is to convince as many others as possible that Medinat Yehudah is THE answer. Every avalanche begins with a few pebbles. Every revolution begins with a few lone voices. Welcome to the revolution.

  62. Vienna Mike Says:

    Rob, please do not blaspheme. I am not worthy to lick the boots of moshiach, may he come speedily in our days.

  63. Rob Says:

    Dear Mike, I take things at face value . I had read and re-read what you posted from B Kahane. I understood the message he was conveying, it was pretty clear. I have also read much of Rabbi Kahane’s stuff. very cut and dried. I do not understand why people would want to argue with you about the meaning. Has the Earth become flat again? Last time I was at thirty six thousand, it look like a sphere to me. Also the spy from Arutz, jew613, LOL, asked how you knew the Rav, I would also like to know this. Thanks

  64. sk Says:

    Rob, don’t go! You’re a very amusing fellow. And as for all the conflicting emotions you’re feeling, whoever said being a Jew was comfortable?

  65. Vienna Mike Says:

    Rob, there is no need to disparage jew613. His employment at A7 shows him to be in an honorable line of work. He is certainly no “spy”. There is no cause to insult him.

    Now, for your question. The reason people argue with the obvious is human nature. Most people prefer comfortable lies to ugly truths. When ugly truths are revealed to them, they generally choose to shoot the messenger and return to their comfortable lie. In this case, the Truth is particularly awful. There are truly terrible consequences associated with it. Armed struggle is not a pretty business, nor does it help that it must be conducted by Jews against people many of whom are, in the narrowest halachic sense, theoretically Jewish. Yet the necessity of armed struggle flows naturally out of any acknowledgment of the Truth. Worse still, there are huge numbers of people who have built their entire lives around the Big Lie that Israel is somehow a “Jewish State” and “holy”. To acknowledge the full Truth is for them to reject everything they believe in and to put a big red X over the sum total of their prior life. Most people do not have the moral courage to do so.

    The last time we as a people stood at this kind of crossroads, there was a fellow named Antiochus Epiphanus running an outfit called the Seleukid Empire and one Mattathias Maccabee was teaching Torah in Modiin.

    As for your other question, you are free to speculate how and whether I knew the Martyr Rebbe or his illustrious son. Vienna Mike is not a subject of this blog.

  66. Rob Says:

    Dear V Mike. No intended insult to jew613. I do not Blaspheme. I look for a person who meets a criteria according to the sources, and wonder.

  67. Daniel Says:

    Rob- you’re talking nonsense. Don’t make us look like clowns.
    What is an honourable line of work? The problem is that any job people work at in Israel pays taxes and helps the Israeli economy. Also, because of the “building freeze”, it’s impossible to build factories and workplaces in Yesha (I know somebody who seriously tried).
    I agree that A7 is one honourable line of work… but not all of us are reporters and editors. Additionally, not all of us are soldiers or have the physical capability to seriously fight 18-year-old dogs of war, even if it becomes necessary to do so. So what can we do which is constructive?
    I think first of all that any Jewish action is good- i.e. Shabbes meals, helping in one’s community, charity, etc. Additionally, I think Jewish strength outside Israel is critically important- both in financial terms and in terms of attaining influential positions.
    At this point in time, I think that it’s very hard to do anything constructive in Israel, but one can do much more in chul- for example, one can make lots of money in business without aiding the Israeli economy.

  68. Rob Says:

    Dear Daniel, Thanks.

  69. Rob Says:

    Dear Daniel, Legitimate questions are not nonsense. while you were most likely in Torah study, I was surfing at mission beach, racing cars, or some other worthless endevor. I cannot count the number of times Fish has altered my TB’s, deleted, or posted under my name. I know when I am going to get censored, so It does not suprise or anger me. I accept this as part of the game.

    I have read Rabbi Kahane. I get it. other’s choose to ignore His truth, or twist in in such a way , so it will apply to their ideology. This is not just a dream Daniel, this is what must happen in order for the survival of our brothers in Israel,Though they see it differently. They believe the olmerts and the beliens will somehow, by miracle, Repent. This has not happened in the last sixty plus years, and will never happen. BTW, You SHOULD financially support INN, our only voice in the holy land.

    I will never express my true opinion of the situation, that would be dangerous for me. just rest assured I am not intimidated by 18 year old dogs of war,Sold out Rabbi’s in dark glasses, or people who would call me a clown. I have not pushed a pencil for the last twenty five years.

    Daniel, stop justifying the good work you do on behalf of Jewish in Asia, It’s not necessary , no one here is going to flame you for that.

    And lastly, You listen to V Mike

  70. Vienna Mike Says:

    Daniel, if you think that Jews should ask PERMISSION to build in Yesha, you have not been reading this blog. The same goes if your idea of “confrontation” is to directly bump heads with a yassamnik. I suggest you carefully re-read what I wrote about the construction of outposts.

    Finally, insofar as living in Israel, obviously those already in the Holy Land cannot leave as there is a mizvah not to leave the Holy Land except under the most extreme circumstances (e.g. famine). However, this does not mean that they should, for example, pay taxes or be “officially” employed. A Jew must work, otherwise he will sin (Pirkei Avot). But this does not mean that if he can, for example get the enemy State to give him money for being “unemployed” that he should not do it. Also, you need to carefully re-read what I wrote about doctrinally correct fundraising.

    Finally, you are obviously angling to wriggle off the hook of actually coming to Eretz Yisrael when the bullets start flying and toting a rifle. Very well, the Torah tells us that not all persons are suited to the battlefield. However, you will be obligated to finance your brothers.

  71. Daniel Says:

    Mike, I’m not sure you’re understanding what I’m saying. One can work and still get “unemployment benefit” perhaps if one is a farmer… and do so profitably. But let’s say I want to set up a microprocessor plant in Yesha, and let’s say it costs 50 million USD. Let’s say I have investors to cover construction. Even if Israel doesn’t bulldoze it, leaving me 50 million USD in debt (plus interest), it can still block shipments and disrupt operations, making the plant unviable. It would be a waste of money to even try…
    So you say a Jew in Israel should work… as what? As a farmer? That’s the only option you’re leaving open, just about.
    I’m quite interested in the economic side, because I think it’s essentially important no matter how things eventually pan out in Eretz Yisrael. If no workplaces in Yesha are created, the youth will become poorer and unemployment will rise yet further- and people will take bribes and relocate.

  72. Rob Says:


  73. Rob Says:

    Sorry Daniel, hit the wrong key, anyway, recall some of the TB’s given by Mike in which he talked about the early American settlements.

    These were self contained due to the fact that home was an ocean away. As to how self reliant the towns of yesha are, I have not a clue. But I suspect they rely heavily on the state for defence, police, and municipal services, as a Jew is not allowed to defend Himself, or even think for Himself for that matter.

    Lets forget about 50mUSD, software companies for the present. the early stages of medinat yehudah will need to be financed from the diaspora.
    unemployment will be solved very easily. there is much to do. young men to train, food to grow,security to provide, infrastructure to build, eg. solar, wind, and any other type of off grid power generation. the list goes on.

  74. Daniel Says:

    Rob- let me make my question clearer. Mike has explained to us in a very interesting series of posts the theory of Maoist insurgency. I’m asking about “economic insurgency”, as we are not maoists- how can Yesha Jews set up an economic entity which is independant of Medinat Israel? Maybe Mike isn’t qualified to answer this- he’s a military man- but I would be interested in hearing the opinion of an authority in economic theory.
    Setting up an economy to Yesha is important independently of a military insurgency, because it gives the dreamt-of Medinat Yehuda an economic future and some level of economic self-sufficiency. It’s relevant for everyone right now. It also allows people to work at jobs other than just farming without aiding Medinat Yisrael.
    One obvious idea is companies operating over the internet, so that somebody in Yesha could be employed by a company in California- but that’s probably not a real solution. I don’t believe one can base an economy on dot-com startups. It does give Jews in Yesha training in IT skills, which would matter in an insurgency as well, and would give them a professional future.

  75. sk Says:

    On a different topic (I’m not saying the present one isn’t fascinating–it is), I’ve updated my blog with an “expose” of Ted Belman’s attempt to pretend that he opposed the Disengagement/Expulsion/Pogrom. We have GOT to make these guys accountable. Just because Israelis can’t remember back a month, there is no reason for Americans to share this affliction.

  76. Rob Says:

    Sk, His responce was shocking. INN obviously sympathizes with Mr Belman however! if his position has now changed, “you are a liar” is not going to redeem him. I applaud you buddy!

  77. sk Says:

    Well, Rob, we’ll see if INN prints my reply. I already put up a note on Batya’s blog that I updated my own blog with this item.

  78. jew613 Says:

    Mike, in Liberation 101 lesson 3 you state there are 2 giants of Guerrilla warfare, and state Mao is the foremost. But who is the second?

  79. Vienna Mike Says:

    Daniel: Rob is right. The key to economic self-sufficiency is to expel the Israelis from Jewish towns. Beyond that, and for the foreseeable future, Medinat Yehudah will have a mobilizational economy geared toward total war. Before partition, this means primarily financing from abroad to build defensive infrastructure, drill wells, emplace power generation equipment, stockpile foodstuffs and supplies and produce/ stockpile weapons and explosives. After partition, things will improve as Israeli businesses and Jewish businessmen from abroad will flock to take advantage of Judah’s low tax rates and cheap labor. Nonetheless, you can forget .com millionaires. Medinat Yehudah will be a place of grinding poverty and hardship, where men serve 6 years in the Army and spend 3 months out of the year on reserve duty for 6 years after that, where military education begins in kindergarden and where the vast majority of the national GDP is spent on the armed forces. Medinat Yehudah will eventually achieve prosperity, but it won’t happen in our lifetimes. The alternative, of course, is a Second Holocaust.

    As for the immediate steps to self-sufficiency, they must be based on agriculture and sponsorship from the diaspora. To this end, I suggest you learn more about Jatropha curcas. Biodiesel production from waste oil is another excellent startup industry for Yesha. Not least because biodiesel production requires large amounts of potassium nitrate and sulphuric acid while the major byproduct of the process is glycerin. I will address this further in the next installment of self-liberation 101.

  80. Vienna Mike Says:

    Jew613: The other giant of guerrilla warfare doctrine is Carlos Marighella. We will learn about him in Lesson 6.

  81. Rob Says:

    Mike and Sk, Nice flame job on Medad, Whoa! And jew613, I seem to remember some official reports by the government considering abandoning the Jews of Gaza, do you recall any such reports? Thanks.

  82. jew613 Says:

    Rob, what you may be refering to is the soon to expire existence of SELA with most of the Jews of Gush Katif having never received any of their promised compensation. If this takes place as planned only Hashem knows if any compensation will ever reach the hands of Gaza Jews , though I doubt most will ever see a penny…

    Also while I dont much care for Medad considering he didnt raise a finger to prevent Kach from being banned, what flame job are you refering to?

  83. Rob Says:

    jew613, check Medad’s latest blog for flame job. No, I was not refering to SELA, but that is not at all suprising to me. I had heard a report the government announced they would simply abandon all jews who refused to leave Gaza, thought maybe you heard this also. I will do some more research. Thanks for the info.

  84. jew613 Says:

    Rob, are you talking about Yisrael Medad? Please provide a link

  85. Daniel Says:

    Dear jew613:
    A7 have been doing a very bad job recently- why is this? Specifically, science and technology related stories have been covered very badly. This includes the death of Oded Schramm z”l (unreported) and the recent LHC story (extremely inaccurately reported). A7 used to think of itself as an “online Beis Midrash”, and t’s our only voice, so it makes me sad when it fails on stories which should be simple.
    There have also been stories which are obviously very strange- “Swastika Epidemic in the United States” etc.
    Is A7 a news organization or a tabloid? Why the deterioration in journalistic standards?

  86. Rob Says:


  87. sk Says:

    The date of the relevant blog is 10 Elul 5768, 9/10/2008.

    And, jew613, I too would be interesting in knowing what has happened to A7. As everyone here knows, it’s censorship activity is disgraceful, but disgrace occurs even in basic science coverage, as Daniel pointed out. In other words, the issue is not just trying to avoid political bullets.

  88. Rob Says:

    Sk, INN is not a secular news forum. It is neither possible, or necessary to accommodate everyones beliefs. I think they do a great job regardless.

    If I haved an interest in science related news, I have other sources for this kind of information. When I want to know what is going on in Israel, I go to INN.

    Frankly, I have been very suprised to see some of V Mikes comments get published. This tells me perhaps there is some measure of sympathy for this idea of Medinat Yehuda ( I suspect more than just a small measure)

    My opinion is that both Yourself and Daniel could quite possibly be treading on Holy Ground..

  89. Velvel Says:

    Rob I have had similar suspicions, but not about sk or Daniel kyoto….

  90. Rob Says:

    Velvel, I do not question Sk or Daniels motivations at all. I guess what I am saying, if you have not already figured this out from past comments, INN is very important to me. I realize they have many contributors that are of the non-Jewish brand. I believe they do a righteous job of remaining true to the faith, while at the same time accommodating the feelings of some of the non-Jewish supporters by at least allowing them to post some of their rediculous nonsense. and it has given you a chance to light into them on occasion. Sk knows I support Him, Daniel has certainly figured out I apprciate him as well. Thanks for the comment Velvel, for a second,I thought you might be trying to make a fight, LOL

  91. Daniel Says:

    I think A7 is extremely important, which is why I care about improving it. I’m very much concerned about censorship and about accomodating views, especially those I’m sympathetic to, but I think that journalistic standards are somehow an even more basic goal. I mean, A7 is a news service (or at least that’s how it presents itself). Jews deserve one decent news outlet which isn’t Communist/Socialist. I would hope, with all the talent in Yesha, that A7 would have standards which would allow it to compete productively with the BBC and CNN (at least among Yesha Jews), and certainly not to lose out to the likes of Haaretz and the Jerusalem Post. I focus on science news because that’s what I care about, but I think that in other subjects also A7 is not as good a news service as I would hope. And I would like to ask people who know, like Jew613, why this is the case and what the “inside story” is, and whether there are plans to improve journalistic standards, to set guidelines for censorship, to set guidelines for fact-checking, etc…

  92. Daniel Says:

    When is lesson 6?

  93. sk Says:

    Rob, INN is holy?

  94. sk Says:

    Oh, Rob, my repeated efforts to reply to Belman in TBs to his recent column have not been posted. AND, when I added a page to my blog–a page that was findable for two days–the page suddenly become invisible to Google and Yahoo search engines. I wonder who could be responsible?

    Anyway, I’ve written to Gordon and asked for the chance to do an op-ed regarding the general pattern of kicking a history of Expulsion support down the memory hole. I’m not holding my breath, though.

  95. jew613 Says:

    Daniel, right now we are putting effort into improving the site, first by providing more coverage, more stories, and only then improving the quality of the stories and coverage. If you want to send specific complaints to Baruch it certainly cant hurt.

  96. Rob Says:

    Sk, I believe INN is holy. probably not perect though.

  97. sk Says:

    jew613, I don’t intend to be obnoxious (you’d know it if I did), but I have not seen much evidence that Gordon cares one bit about specific complaints. For example, I have pointed out several times with great specificity and through several channels that the website is not properly compliant with Firefox, the second most common browser on the market. Nada. And bear in mind that this is purely a technical issue–meaning unresponsiveness cannot be blamed on threatening sounds from Olmert’s henchmen. I have reported other easily fixable issues, but they seem not to be registered and queued for correction. Feedback, in other words, seems to go to the great circular file in the Internet. This is not good business.

    BTW, I notice that I haven’t responded to one thing you said above:

    “It is also obvious from your statement that you have had no contact with Baruch, as claiming he only cares about money and power is misguided at best considering that with his talents Baruch could be making far more money in the regular corporate sector.”

    Actually, at one point I had some contact with Mr. Gordon, and he just doesn’t seem to be the same fellow now that he was then. However, the reason why I have had no contact with him for a long time is that he will not reply to my emails.

    Jew613, the censorship mess (which is prevalent throughout your paper) shows that INN is, in this important respect, more Bolshevik than Haaretz (I am not exaggerating). Why should anyone trust Bolsheviks? The silly web problems that persist show a lack of attention to feedback.

    I used to think the best of people, but I’m having trouble applying that to Israelis. No offense intended.

  98. Daniel Says:

    I apologise for filling up Mike’s scribble board with this stuff.
    sk- the problems you bring up are serious. If you find ways to deal with them- e.g. the Belman issue- please post them on your blog. Also, it may make sense to start a “direct action” page, with ideas for direct action (e.g. e-mailing relevant people) in issues like the one you bring up with Belman, and Fishman.
    Regarding news, this is an important point- how can we give feedback to A7? E-mails to Baruch Gordon don’t seem to work. Allow me to share a recent personal experience:
    One of the greatest mathematicians in the world, an Israeli, Oded Schramm z”l, died in a hiking accident on September 1st 2008. For various reasons I was on top of the story instantly, and I e-mailed the news to Baruch Gordon, with much information and many links to local newspapers in Washington State (where he had died) reporting it etc.. Nothing. I e-mailed it to other Israeli news agencies, and also nothing… eventually, on the 14th of September, 2 weeks after it had happened, Maariv noticed:
    And wrote an attrocious article highlighted blog posts about him… the only good parts are word-for-word stolen from the Boston Globe:

    /2008/09/12/oded_schramm_mathematician_who_crafted_a_physics_equation/ which also took almost 2 weeks to notice.
    INN would have had this story on the first week of September, had you been listenning… with more and better sources. By the way, INN STILL haven’t run it.
    They also ran the Perelman story approx 6 months after it had happened, even though I e-mailed it to them when it happened- how many months until you notice Oded Schramm’s death is a huge story?
    So I want to know who to write to who will actually read my e-mails and know where to forward them. I want somebody to do the job Baruch Gordon claims to be doing, but to actually DO THE JOB!

  99. jew613 Says:

    SK, I have spoken with Tzvi barush, he is in charge of the techinical department, he has requested you send him an email describing the problem you’ve had with firefox, and a screenshot if possible at

    As for Baruch ignoring you, I dont think its out of malice, but he is running the english department of a media organization, he receives hundreds of emails per day and your’s probably get lost in the mass. But I will pass on your difficulties.

    As for censorship, each blogger has control over what goes on their blog, thats just how the organization is run it doesnt have anything to do with Baruch.

  100. Rob Says: Mike can explain why this idiot should have kept his pie hole shut.

  101. Columnist Says:

    Robert: I will publish an online book called Defeating Eurabia at Gates of Vienna in a few days, which can be downloaded, republished and reprinted for free by anybody who wants to. I know this is a little risky, since it could be republished also by people I do not agree with or even actively dislike. I will therefore include some preconditions for the use of my material, one of which will be support for Israel. It is the easiest way to separate the good guys from the bad ones.

    This will be the final chapter, btw:

    Posted by: Fjordman at September 30, 2008 12:06 PM

    Maybe Fjordman can be educated about the Israeli state. He seems to be on the right track however.

  102. Velvel Says:

    I thought the INN topic was going to be dropped here… No offense guys.

  103. sk Says:

    Velvel, I thought that the Fishman topic was what was going to be dropped. As as our hero with the towel has, amazingly enough, not come back from sabbatical yet, there’s no need for more about him anyway.

  104. aytan Says:

    Police chief confirms “settler” leaders betrayed gush katif

    Karadi also confirmed suspicions that were often voiced in the national camp when he explained that the cooperation of Jewish community leaders made it possible to carry out the expulsion smoothly.

    “We could not have reached those results [completion of the expulsion in six days – ed.] withou
    “In some cases we let them carry out actions like blocking a road, out of the understanding that they need to express protest.”
    t developing a relationship between our leaders and theirs,” Karadi told Z’man Mekomi.

    “I think the settler leaders deserve a lot of appreciation,” he added. “Besides the formal discussions that were held between the top echelons of the security forces and the settler leaders, there were informal meetings between me and the local leadership. In some cases we let them carry out actions like blocking a road, out of the understanding that they need to express protest,” he said.

    “Never has a police force received the task of expelling citizens from its own nation, which the government sent to live there [sic],” he added.

  105. aret Says:

    Mike, what is your opinion on this quote from an article at Samson Blinded:

    “Judaism is the only sustainable national ideology for Jews. Judaism, returned to its original role as a practical way of living in the Holy Land, patriotic, militant, and proud. Judaism allows blessings over artillery shells and menorah images on tanks. Such Judaism may not be that far beyond. As conscription becomes unfashionable in Tel Aviv schools, the army would have to open its doors to the Black Kipas, Orthodox and haredi Jews, who would change its mode of fighting for the better. Once the army accepts their terms of conscription, from kosher food to kosher ways of fighting the Amalek, the state of Jews will become the Jewish state.

    The Torah Judaism of the Holy Land can attract both sides of the spectrum. Atheist Jews – and I know of many such examples – will discover that Judaism is the only sustainable basis for their patriotism and Zionism, and will become moderately religious. Haredi Jews – and I know of a few examples – who enter the real life beyond their communities will abandon some of the superfluous rules that they adhere to now.

    The time of praying for a return to Jerusalem, the time of preserving Judaism has gone. We preserved Judaism, and we have returned to Jerusalem.

    Religious Jews have to venture outside the fence of their own, impose the law of the Torah on everyone from the Knesset down to kibbutzim and Arab villages, and makes this land holy. In such a country of our own, we would no longer need the fence around the law.”

    What is the possibility that Medinat Yisrael can be saved on its own?

    Also, do you believe that recent events bode well for the creation of Medinat Yehudah? Is resistance growing?

    [Vienna Mike responds:

    To hope for a reform of Medinat Israel is to hope for a miracle. By all means, pray for it, but do not count on it. A much more plausible miracle would be a peaceful partition after a few thrown rocks, some demonstrations and a couple of IDF brigade commanders pinned with SS insignia/ doused with red paint for signing distancing orders. I pray for THAT one quite often, but I do not count on it.

    As for the growth of resistance, only time can tell.]

  106. unrenuind Says:

    I’ve just registered to say your site is very useful and nicely done!
    Thank you very much for your work.


    Sorry for offtopic.

  107. Bernie Helms Says:

    MIKE: FALLUJAH: Prob. off topic here but I can’t get this to you at the ‘fish’.
    If you are interested; this tanker wrote a blog while he was there.
    Start at archives, December 2004, BUT go to the Bottom of the page and go up for proper dating.
    Thanks Hang in There!

    [Vienna Mike responds:

    Thanks. This guy had a more fun war than I did. He even had opportunities to sleep and write a blog. The consequences of 14 months without more than 2 hours of sleep a night will be with me for the rest of my life. Still, I would not trade places with him. Iraq has taught me everything I know. Were I not where I was at that time, doing what I did, this blog today would not exist.

    I agree with him that being sniped at is quite funny when the snipers can’t shoot straight, though. I can also report that nothing makes a man quite as horny as the experience of mortal danger.]

  108. Cohen Says:

    Mike you said: “Many do not understand HOW to fight back because they lack the necessary education and do not know how to go about acquiring one.” So, how does one fight and where is this type of education?

  109. Vienna Mike Says:

    In case you haven’t yet figured it out, this blog exists specifically to educate people like yourself

  110. sk Says:

    For those who are as contemptuous of Yishai Fleisher as I have become, my latest blog entry on includes my last effort to make an impression. It was, naturally enough, censored, as all my TBs to his blog now are.

    I am trying to clear some time to do an expose of this fellow, as I think his case is representative and because he actually influences some people (in bad ways).

    As this is the Scribble Board, I hope Mike won’t get pissed off at my pointing to my own blog. But Mike and share the honor of now being censored 100%.

  111. sk Says:

    Hey Mike, you going to post my last scribble?

  112. sk Says:

    Mike seems awol, but sometimes my comments are “moderated” and sometimes not. Most odd. I think I will be writing a critique of Yishai and Generation Z soon. It needs to be done, as it is an astounded example of the Platonic Form of Lemming.

  113. sk Says:

    I’m not sure if anyone reads this scribble board, but the J. Post — which has finally joined the Haaretz league of Jew-hating, reports that “The IDF is considering allowing the Palestinians to establish a specially trained counterterror squad – a scaled down version of the IDF’s elite reconnaissance units – qualified to carry out pinpoint operations against Hamas terrorist cells in the West Bank….”

    YEAH, I’m sure that’s the reason. It would have nothing to do with the government facilitating the killing of Jews in Yesha!

  114. sk Says:

    Has anyone noticed that A7 (Israel National News) has a revised censorship policy in the TBs? Get this, TBs are likely to be censored if they “Are offensive to entire sectors of society, e.g. all Christians, Muslims, or Jews.”

    BTW, if you point out, just as Peres has done, that Israelis are not Jews, you are likely to be censored as well, as this will apparently be considered “offensive” to Jews who think of themselves as Israelis.

    A7 has become the ultimate Israeli organ for social control. It’s revolting.

  115. Vienna Mike Says:

    A7 is subject to the obvious pressures from Israel’s organs of state repression. After they castrated the Russian language version of A7, it was only a matter of time before the English version was likewise castrated. There is also mamlachtiyut, which disease is unfortunately prevalent among those who run A7.

  116. sk Says:

    Agreed, Mike, but I compare with what would happen in the US — or in Netherlands. So many A7 types come from the US. Yet they forget what they presumably understood when living in the US.

    There are worse things than having a government shut you down. “Castration” is a precise word for this outcome. Is there a single man at the A7 by now?

    Let’s hope that yerida (i.e., immigration to Israel) never increases, or we Jews will become corrupt in proportion to our descent to that unspeakable land. You know, I have little belief, but modern day Israel, in its infirmity, actively increases my belief.

  117. Vienna Mike Says:

    SK, do not slander the Land. The Land is good, spacious, precious and holy. It is the monstrous illegitimate abomination called “the State of Israel” that is to blame for all the troubles the Jews of the Holy Land and of the entire world are experiencing at present. While this monstrous Zionist cancer must be abolished in favor of a Jewish State as soon as possible, its existence is no excuse for yeridah, which is the disgusting and often sinful act of abandoning the Land in the face of the Israeli and Amalekite threat. As for your hope that aliyah never increases, it is likewise mistaken. Aliyah must reach a triumphant crest the moment that Medinat Yehudah is declared. Waves of motivated Jews must pour immediately into our G-d given Land in order to exterminate the Amalekites and, if necessary, slaughter their Israeli allies as well.

    Your criticism of A7, while reasonable, is too harsh. Until you have sat on the receiving end of credible death threats from known mass murderers, you do not truly know what this entails. Do not judge the editors of A7 too harshly. They are only human. This having been said, I agree with you that, in the abstract, it would be better for the Jewish People as a whole if A7 were brutally shut down and its editors and correspondents murdered by Israeli thugs. But I will not wish for such an outcome as it is sinful to wish harm upon a fellow Jew.

  118. sk Says:

    Mike, when I said “Let’s hope that yerida (i.e., immigration to Israel) never increases),” I was alluding to “descending” to Medinat Israel in its present form. I refuse to use the word “aliyah” for immigration to Medinat Israel.

    Things change when there is a Medinat Yehudah. Indeed, I think that both states will benefit tremendously (as do you).

  119. Vienna Mike Says:

    SK, I remind you that when a broken sewer pipe fills a palace with shit, it remains a palace. When you enter the palace, it is still a palace though the shit is dripping off the walls. Aliyah is still aliyah. Vienna Mike opposes the aliyah of those who cannot at present be useful in cleaning up the shit and of those who are so naive that they think that the shit is ice cream. But there does exist a tiny minority who should make aliyah regardless — those with perfect or near-perfect Hebrew, a good knowledge of the country, plentiful local connections, a burning hatred of the Israeli State, a willingness to struggle for the liberation of the Jewish People from Israeli oppression and the skills to make an effective contribution to the early stages of this struggle, whether as propagandists or as guerrillas.

  120. sk Says:

    Off topic (as if anything can be off topic on a Scribble Board), but someone hijacked my Opera blog account AND the Windows Live Hotmail email account linked to it. I cannot sign on to either, and yes, I am absolutely certain that my passwords are correct, as they are in encrypted form on two different PDAs.

    Naturally, my yahoo account wasn’t touched, as it had no connection to the Opera-based blog.

    So, for any of you who doubt what we’re up against, know that there are people out there who really don’t like us.

  121. Velvel Says:

    sk, did you recover your blog? I can see why the enemy would target it (I really like the pictures where you document expulsion criminals), but is that really possible? They can just sign into your account ? Did anyone access your passwords or where you store them? Well, good luck.

  122. sk Says:

    Hey Velvel. Sorry that I hadn’t noticed your question until now. I did indeed recover the blog by browbeating Opera. But finally, they cooperated.

    I still do not know what happened. What I am 100% sure of is that I did not forget any passwords.

  123. Ron Edge Says:

    I was curious what ‘you guys’ might think about this,1_78437_AOI6vs4AAStcTHGLhgWi%2BilRuHg,1_76951_AOc6vs4AAWB8THFKggKyUAMvuhc,1_244_AOU6vs4AARj%2BTHD1yAUApFfwf6A,1_978_AOI6vs4AAMnkTHDvHwcM0AEgJ8g,1_1754_AOg6vs4AAPUTTHBJVwZkMS6X0D8,1_2891_AOg6vs4AAV%2BCTHAvkgTiJCpaKOE,1_3545_AOM6vs4AASY8THBMygc3EBNrZbs,&sort=date&order=down&startMid=75&hash=45288717b6ecd78d80073fea39eaf1f9&.jsrand=1975568

    from A7, but Hey!, it’s been 10 months: not a lot of action…..

  124. jew613 Says:

    Vienna Mike, I think a piece showing why a previous liberation movement, the Lechi, failed in creating a proper Jewish state despite proper goals and seemingly the stomach necessary for the job would be useful to prevent a Judean Liberation Movement from making the same mistakes.

  125. Ron Edge Says:

    Sorry guys, the link has failed and I don’t have any idea what
    my point was.

  126. Vienna Mike Says:

    jew613: The Lehi was a proto-Marighella pseudo-fascist organization with a tiny membership. Most of its members and all of its leaders were effectively secular. Its first leader was so naive that he tried to negotiate with Hitler to secure arms for a Jewish uprising against the British. The Lehi ultimately ended where secular Zionists always end up. Shamir went to Madrid and Livni’s daughter is in favor of giving up Yerushalayim to Hamas. Everything you need to know about why Lehi never got anywhere has already been written on the pages of this blog.

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