Self-Liberation 101, Lesson 1: Introduction

Welcome to Self-Liberation 101, Doctrinal Foundations of Resistance.

This course is designed for those who do not understand why Medinat Yehudah should exist or how to bring it about.

Those who believe that Medinat Yehudah is impossible are wrong. This course will teach you why Medinat Yehudah must exist and how it can come about in our lifetime.

To everything there is a time and for everything under the sun there is a season. In his last and seminal work, the holy tzaddik Martyr Rebbe Meir Kahane (z”l) explains to us in plain English why there will be blood and why it is time to spill it.

Kahane died for writing this book. He knew full well when he wrote it that there would be no referendum. He knew also that by publishing it he was signing his own death warrant. The last action of Kahane’s political career was to hold a conference in order to found a movement to liberate Medinat Yehudah. The last speech of his life was given before the provisional banner of Medinat Yehudah. The “Yehudah” in Radio Kol Yehudah did not stand for a geographical region. It stood for a Jewish State brutally trampled under the jackboots of Israeli occupiers. Let us honor the memory of the greatest Lion of Judah by heeding his words.


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