Self-Liberation 101, Lesson 2: A brief interlude

Welcome to part 2 of Self-Liberation 101

We have begun this course by introducing the seminal work of the Martyr Rebbe Meir Kahane, “Revolution or Referendum”. Let us summarize what we learn from the Martyr Rebbe’s work, life and death.

For 2000 years the Jewish People have yearned for a return to our Holy Land. For 2000 years we have prayed for it three times a day. We were born with this dream. We lived with the dream. We died and were buried, still holding fast to the dream. For 2000 years we yearned to be a free Jewish Nation in a free Jewish State. This yearning was based neither upon racist ideas of national superiority, nor upon the desire for conquest, plunder and self-aggrandizement, such as motivate the goyim. The pure yearning of the holy Jewish People was based solely upon the promise of Hashem in our Holy Torah.

At long last, it seemed that the dream had come true. By a series of miracles, a state had arisen in the Holy Land. It was a State with a Jewish majority and it called itself a Jewish State. But the dream soon turned to nightmare, for the newborn State of Israel was a poison tree sprung from a poison seed, a mixture of godless communism, racist nationalism and blatant desire for power over fellow Jews. From the beginning, the secular Zionist movement that built Medinat Israel wanted nothing whatsoever to do with Hashem or Torah. This was a movement led by murderous, callous, godless monsters, communists and heretics of every stripe. These men and women hated the Jew and Judaism. They strove with all their might to destroy the Jew and to build in his place a “new man”, a secular, godless, communist, “modern” nationalist. In short, they wanted to kill the Jew and make an Israeli.

So evil were these people that, from the beginning, they were willing to murder Jews by the thousands and tens of thousands in order to achieve their goals. The Martyr Rebbe does not even begin to plumb the depths of their wickedness. Consider, for example, the following chilling lines from Ben Gurion’s diary: “If I had a choice between saving all the Jewish children in Germany by sending them to England or of saving only half of them by bringing that half to Israel, I would choose to save half.” Even more horrifying is this wonderful gem, uttered by a high-ranking Israeli official: “Mass immigration will pour in only as a result of distress. This is a bitter truth, whether we like it or not. We must consider the possibility of initiating the distress, of bringing it about in the Diaspora.”

Today’s Jews were brought up on the legend of the “gathering of exiles” by the selfless agents of the newborn State of Israel, risking life and limb in an effort to save every last Jewish life. The reality was quite different. The Jews of the Arab World were abandoned to their fate, forced deliberately to trek long distances, exposed to Moslem bandits, thieves and murderers and the harshest of conditions for the sole purpose of ensuring that the “sick and weak” died on the way. The Joint paid the Mossad 40 pounds sterling for every immigrant who boarded an Oniot uSfinot ship. The Mossad crammed the ships to the gunwales with no regard to the suffering of the Jews on board, turning a handsome profit in the process. When the immigrant arrived in the concentration camps the Israeli government had set up to rob him of his Judaism and humanity, he became Avak Adam, debris in a brutal brainwashing machine. If he wanted to survive, he was forced to join the Histadrut, eat treif, work on Shabbat and send his children to a secular Israeli school designed to poison their Jewish souls from their very first day. In the face of the terrible pressure upon them, the vast majority of the Jewish olim became Israeli. But nonetheless a tiny remnant survived. It was this remnant that would ultimately become the salvation of the Jewish People.

The secular Zionists hated Hashem and His Torah. They sought to destroy the Jewish neshama. Nonetheless, Hashem used this movement, which denied His very existence, as His tool to initiate the geula. Such is His great power and boundless wisdom that even the wicked unwittingly do His bidding. Those who believe the State of Israel to be holy are mistaken. The State of Israel is best likened to a pile of manure used to fertilize a tiny acorn from which will sprout a mighty oak. The oak is great and lofty, but the manure is neither. It is a foul, smelly, filthy fertilizer, necessary only in order to nourish the seed for a limited time.

Today, the seed has sprouted into a sapling. The manure which once nourished it now impedes its growth. The secular elites of the godless State of Israel perceive the utter failure of their plans. Their State was supposed to be both Jewish and democratic, yet Judaism is incompatible with democracy. They sought to replace Judaism with a “modern” land-worshipping nationalist ideology. Instead, the empty nationalism of the secular left has been abandoned wholesale by the new generation. The children of the kibbutzniks prefer New York and Miami to Tel Aviv. The Jews grow and multiply, going from strength to strength in the Land. Soon, they will be a majority. But the Israeli elites cannot permit this. The Israeli elites wish to remain in power at all costs. The Israeli elites hate Judaism and Jews more than ever. And the Israeli elites are still willing to use all of the means they have used from the beginning.

The Israeli elites’ attempts at retaining power are aimed at destroying the Jews. The Israelis wish to repeat the process of the 1950s, to turn the Jews into Israelis by the same means they used in the past. The Israelis would rather destroy the State they have built and murder 6 million than hand the State over to the Jews. The Israelis have consciously, deliberately, blocked off every avenue of peaceful change. They have ensured that no democratic means exist to challenge their power. They control everything. They stack the courts with their supporters. They run the media. They ban, instantly, any political movement that attempts to empower the Jews by peaceful, democratic means. They control the police and ensure that thousands of goyim in police uniform are always available to do their dirty work. To repress the growing power of the Jews, the Israelis have even perverted the officer selection process of the IDF, replacing competence with political correctness as the chief criterion for selection. The fact that this destroys the army as a fighting force is well understood by them. But so great is their hatred of the Jews that they are willing to take the risk. Moreover, the Israelis are willing to start a civil war in order to bring the Jews to heel. Certain circles within their ranks have been shrilly advocating civil war for decades. These people have filled the airwaves and print media with filthy antisemitic propaganda in an effort to dehumanize the Jews and to pit the populace of the State of Israel against them. There is no doubt that, barring a drastic change in the situation, these people will succeed. The civil war will come to pass. And with it will come the Second Holocaust, the Holocaust of hatchets and knives.

In the face of this shambling horror, there can be no solution that uses the system as it exists. If the Jews are to survive, it must be DESPITE the system. The Martyr Rebbe, in his great Ahavat Israel, sought to open Jewish eyes to the great danger that looms over the Jews of the Holy Land. He paid for his effort with his life. Though he spoke of a referendum, there can, of course, be no referendum. Totalitarian elites do not give up their power so easily. They think that because they control all the tools of repression, there can be no revolution. They think that their power and the looming Moslem threat preclude a civil war launched by the Jews. They are right. But there are more things in Heaven and Earth than are known in their philosophy. The Martyr Rebbe, with his degree in political science, knew all these things. From the moment he began writing his final book, the Maryr Rebbe knew that only the establishment of an independent Jewish State in the Land can save the Jews. With his last acts he sought to launch a movement to build that State.

Though the Israelis murdered Rabbi Kahane, they cannot murder his words. Truth cannot be murdered. Truth is impervious to bullets. Truth cannot be crushed by tanks. Truth always wins in the end, no matter how hard the liars struggle and how deeply they bury it. For Truth is Power. The Truth sets us free.

The Israelis believe themselves to be secure in their power. They are mistaken. Though they are physically very strong, they are mentally weak. They believe in nothing except their own mortality. They want only power and creature comforts. They have no conviction of the justice of their cause. Simply put, they are adrift with no rudder and no future. Despite their multimillion dollar equipment, despite all of their seemingly-invincible power, they were defeated, forced to the table in Oslo, by Moslem children with rocks. They can be defeated by Jewish children just as easily. In upcoming lessons, we will learn about the doctrine of pitting moral strength against physical power. We will learn about the means whereby mighty nations can be brought to their knees by peasants with sticks. We will learn how Israel was forced to come to Oslo. And we will learn how Medinat Yehudah can come to be born.


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