Self-Liberation 101, Lesson 3: The Long March to Victory

In every field of human endeavor, there are a giants who stand out from among the rest, men whose work defines the field to such an extent that all which comes before them is encompassed in it and all that comes after them derives from it. Physics has Newton and Einstein. Medicine has Pasteur. Torah study has the Rambam.

In the field of guerilla warfare, there are two giants of thought. The first and greatest of these men is history’s greatest mass murderer. Nonetheless, his evil does not detract either from his brilliance or from the clarity of his thought. Therefore, without further ado, let us examine and comprehend the most important book ever written on the subject of matching moral power against physical strength.

Inquiring readers may note that though this book is available in many places on the internet, your instructor has carefully selected a certain webmaster. Consideration of reasons for this choice is left to the student.


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