Self-Liberation 101, Lesson 7.1: The Way of the Urban Guerrilla

Among guerrilla warriors, the urban guerrilla stands apart. He is a real-life superhero who dares to beard the State in its own den, in the very places where the State is strongest. Like his fictional counterparts, the urban guerrilla maintains a secret identity. He is, on the surface, apolitical, ordinary, unremarkable. You will not find him at meetings of college radicals. He does not shout slogans at demonstrations. He does not join radical parties, whether legal or otherwise. You will not hear radical rhetoric when he speaks. If he is a student, he appears totally devoted to his studies. If he works, he seems to be devoted to his family and job. If he owns a business, it is that business and not politics that seems to preoccupy him.

In the eyes of the security services of the State, there is nothing to differentiate the urban guerrilla from thousands of ordinary citizens. The all-seeing eye of the State passes him by, focusing instead on others, on those who stand out from the crowd. The propagandist of a traditional political movement is arrested at demonstrations. The radical supporter of the classical guerrilla movement up in the hills is subject to assassination, arbitrary arrest, surprise house search, prolonged imprisonment on trumped-up charges. But the urban guerrilla passes through the police cordon unnoticed. He is invisible because he seems ordinary.

At times of his own choosing, the urban guerrilla assumes his true identity. He strikes without warning. His actions terrify the ruling elite and confound its henchmen. He appears and disappears like a ghost, leaving behind photogenic carnage replete with the symbols of his cause, a psychogenic storm of photographers’ flashbulbs and media headlines that far outweighs the physical impact of the damage he inflicts.

Like fictional superheroes, the urban guerrilla is often condemned and hated by the very people he is fighting for. The leaders of “mainstream” community organizations denounce him. Their addled followers hound him. He is portrayed by the media as a terrorist, a lunatic and a fanatic. He is often betrayed by those nearest to him, by his own family, friends, loved ones. He knows no rest and finds no succor anywhere he treads. Yet he persists in his efforts, for he fights not for acclamation, nor recognition, nor fame nor fortune, but for a Cause, a Cause so precious to him that he is willing, at any moment, to lay down his life for it without question or hesitation or a moment’s second thought. It is this dedication, this selfless devotion to the welfare of others at the expense of his own, that gives the urban guerrilla the ultimate nobility of a fairy-tale knight in shining armor.

But the real world is not a comic book, nor a novel, nor a fairy-tale. There are no superpowers to protect the real-world superhero. There is no knight errant so skilled and so brave that he cannot be overwhelmed by sheer weight of numbers, nor struck down by a lucky blow from a regime hobgoblin. No secret identity can remain inviolate forever. The urban guerrilla is human. He will always make a mistake. And the very first mistake he makes is all but certain to be his last.

Carlos Marighella developed his doctrine specifically to enable the urban guerrilla to make his blows as telling as possible. The focus of the doctrine is on the continuation of the struggle as a whole, regardless of the fate of specific individuals and specific cells. His genius was in realizing that he who steps upon the path of the urban guerrilla is already dead. His life cannot be saved. In the majority of cases, he will die within a year or less. But the Cause he fights for can be made immortal.

Only a lucky few will live to see the Cause triumph, to remember the many comrades who fell heroically in the unequal battle against the now dead Regime, to become prime ministers and college professors and name towns after their fallen comrades. Indeed, dear reader, this has already happened once in the recent history of Eretz Yisrael. How many streets, how many towns are named after Avraham Stern and his comrades? How many old men still belong to the shrinking fraternity of those who proudly wear the Lehi ribbon? But I digress.

The classical doctrine of guerrilla warfare as developed by Mao Tse Tung is the “corporate” model of insurgency. There is a defined hierarchy. There is a Leader. There is a Headquarters. Orders flow down and reports flow up. It is all very organized, very efficient, very traditional. And completely useless in the urban environment. In the urban environment, the classical movement is quickly infiltrated, its communications are cut, its leaders imprisoned or killed. Without leadership at the top, the classical movement, like a body without a head, thrashes about aimlessly for a while, bleeds out and dies.

In contrast, Marighella doctrine is the “franchise” model of insurgency. There are no Supreme Leaders. There are no Orders From Above. There are no Reports From Subordinates. Each cell organizes itself, funds itself, equips itself, develops its own targets, plans its own actions. Each cell fights its own fight, spills its own blood, waves the common banner of The Cause. Each cell stands or falls on its own, independent of any other cells. The cells are connected solely by ideology. They are as varied in their means and methods as the nation itself. Some have expertise with poisons or explosives. Some are expert in the use of firearms. Some have easy access to military or police vehicles, uniforms or equipment. Some contain talented propagandists. Each cell strikes at the Regime with the weapons it has at hand. Each cell strives above all else to create an environment conducive to the formation of other cells like itself.

When the movement begins to mature, each cell contributes to the training and planning of others through the Resistance Coordinating Committees. Some cells use the RCCs to become trusted specialists, masters of IED manufacture or indirect fire operations or finance or sniping or propaganda, communicating and cooperating with others through the anonymous masks of the RCCs and an ever-shifting network of dead drops. The cells’ only common denominators, besides their absolute dedication to The Cause that inspires them, are their anonymity, the absolute loyalty of their members to one another and their obsessive concern with secrecy.

The Marighella cell is composed of a small number of people who share unbreakable bonds. They may be brothers and sisters, lovers, college friends, army buddies or an inner circle of religious devotees who attend the same prayer group. They seek to blend in, to call no attention to themselves. They rarely, if at all, seek to explicitly recruit beyond their tiny circle of initiates. Every new recruit is a potential informant. Every new recruit is a potential weak link who, through incompetence or inexperience or fear or a desire for fame, might deliberately or inadvertently betray them all. If they do recruit, they do so by slow stages, maintaining anonymity as long as possible, forcing every potential recruit through months or even years of tests, of ever more dangerous and trustworthy tasks, culminating ultimately in an act of no return, one that no informant, no agent of the Regime and no uncommitted thrill-seeker would ever undertake.

Marighella cells possess high initiative and audacity. Because they are self-sufficient, they are difficult to track. Because they are independent, their actions are difficult to predict. Because they are composed entirely of seemingly ordinary individuals who call no attention to themselves, they are extremely difficult to detect. Because they are insular and obsessive about operational security, they are virtually impossible to infiltrate. Thus these cells present a tremendous challenge for enemy security forces.

Each cell independently promulgates the common symbols of The Cause that inspires them all. Each cell strives on its own to make the common Voice of the Revolution sing as loudly as possible through its actions. There are only five basic guiding principles behind their activities:

1. Stay alive to strike again

2. Spread the symbols of The Cause

3. Generate an environment conducive to the creation of other cells

4. Make the Regime pay

5. Set the People against the Regime

On occasion, a few cells might come together on an ad-hoc basis. Sometimes, despite the risks associated with such activity, a Marighella cell begins to recruit and organize in earnest, producing some variation on the classical pyramid of underground fighters organized, more or less, into three man cells. But such an organization remains independent of a myriad others, some smaller and some larger than itself, all attacking the Regime independently, all individually striving toward the same goal, all exchanging information and spreading propaganda anonymously via the RCCs.

Because there are no leaders above the cell level, there is no “head” for the regime to cut off, no “body” to die. Because communications between cells, if such exist at all, are generally limited to notes on tactics, techniques and procedures exchanged via anonymous, secure means, there is no command and control infrastructure for the State to disrupt. Because each cell is generally unconnected to the others, the destruction of any one of them has no effect whatsoever on the movement as a whole. The Regime can kill the “leaders” of the movement ad nauseaum. It can destroy individual cells ad infinitum. As long as the Cause is popular among the masses, as long as there are a few young men and women willing to die for The Cause, new cells form continuously. As long as there are RCCs anonymously spreading guerrilla know-how, newly formed cells will discover it and use it to improve themselves.

As the State tightens the screws of repression, it only increases the anger of the disaffected. Soon enough, the State begins to appear to the People as some kind of monster hidden behind blast barricades, walls and barbed wire, communicating solely by means of threats barked from megaphones, coupled with warning shots and volleys of tear gas. As the anger of the People builds, whole neighborhoods are turned into no-go terrain where the security forces of the State dare not venture. Since they directly target the agents and institutions of the State but do not attack the public as a whole in the manner of real terrorists and criminals, the urban guerrillas, at first reviled, eventually begin to appear instead as heroes.

Since the cells all fight for the same Cause, since they all promulgate the same symbols, their combined actions have the EFFECT of a coordinated assault. Each action, in itself, is insignificant and random. Taken together, they terrorize and paralyze the Regime. Ultimately, faced with endless violent opposition apparently immune to all forms of persuasion and repression, the Regime seeks to undermine the Cause by removing the “underlying grievances” that fuel it. Therefore, it seeks to empower “reasonable moderates”, with whom it can productively negotiate. The “moderates” generally come from a movement external to the insurgency proper, a political party or grouping that cites broadly the same “grievances” as the guerrillas and seeks to achieve broadly similar goals, but does so by less violent means. The reasoning of the regime is that, if the “underlying grievances” are adequately addressed, the process whereby new cells continuously form will be arrested. The “terrorist” activity of the active Resistance cells will then, according to the reasoning of Regime strategists, slowly peter out as they are destroyed by the security forces of the State, self-disband and join the “peace process”, go dormant due to a surfeit of police attention, or simply adopt a wait and see attitude and cease attacks. By “engaging” and “empowering” the “moderates”, the State seeks to use them to actively “stop” the guerrillas, reasoning that the “moderates” are unconstrained by the various factors that prevent the security forces of the State from defeating them.

Of course, in order to produce such a reaction, the urban guerrillas themselves must remain utterly radical and implacable. It is not their function to negotiate or compromise. It is their function to serve as the terrifying “lunatic fringe” in contrast with whom the “moderates” appear moderate. If the urban guerrillas attempt to negotiate or compromise, not only do they risk splintering the movement as a whole, but they also remove the incentive for their enemies to continue empowering the “moderates”. Thus, anything other than radical confrontation with the Regime is unacceptable as a position for the urban guerrilla.

As the “peace process” progresses, the State builds an entire internal industry of peace processors and apologists. Its own elite, by attempting to assimilate the inassimilable symbols of the Resistance, begins to believe that it is the State that is in the wrong and the radicals who are, in however misguided a form, ultimately in the right. Once this has occurred, the guerrilla movement will probably achieve that which it is fighting for. The peace processors will see to it, as long as guerrilla activity continues to spur them on. Thus, even though the movement as a whole is completely unable to deliver the high impacts necessary to actually overthrow the Regime, it ultimately emerges victorious. The State defeats itself. The War of Symbols becomes the sole means of victory for the guerrillas.

This, in brief, is how Marighella doctrine works. The devil, of course, is in the details. In order to understand the details, we must examine each constituent vital part of a Marighella doctrine insurgency separately. These parts are The Cell, the Resistance Coordinating Committee and The External Movement. We will consider these in detail in upcoming sections of Lesson 7.


11 Responses to “Self-Liberation 101, Lesson 7.1: The Way of the Urban Guerrilla”

  1. Columnist Says:

    Did it occur to you that chilonim could use Marighella methods against a Regime of Judah?

  2. General Raoul Salan Says:

    A few points:

    1. My point was NOT that race is the be-all and end-all of Jewishness. Rather it was that some Palestinians also have ties to God and the Holy Land. I may say that Christianity is the way to such ties and you may say that Judaism is. But if you take your point to its logical conclusion, then you should have the courage to tell the Christian allies you plan to recruit that embracing Christianity means expulsion from the Holy Land. Because many Palestinians would be Jews had their ancestors not converted to Christianity. If you openly tell your allies what you think of their religion and the implications of accepting it, then you will have confirmed my point.

    BTW, I noticed that you said, “If you are…a Yoshka-worshipper or some other kind of nut…” In other words, you group “Yoshka-worshippers” as a type of nut. I did some online research and found that in Yiddish Jesus was insulted by the title Yoshka Pandrek (Little Joseph, Lord of Poo). So if you despise the Christians, you should say so rather than mutter insults in Yiddish or Hebrew!

    2. You also said “the Satmar z”l”. But you also said that only an idiot still believes in the validity of the Three Oaths. (Never mind that my point wasn’t based on the Three Oaths so much as God not explicitly declaring that the time of Exile was over.) So do you think that an idiot can also be a saint. I suppose that’s possible though the discord between the disrespect of calling someone an idiot and the respectfulness of calling someone a saint is jarring!

    3. Your source about the complicity of the Labor Zionists with the Nazis also says that the US is a CIA-run dictatorship in bed with the ideological heirs of the Nazis. Do you believe that assertion as well as the assertion about the Labor Zionists? If so, how do you sleep at night knowing that you served such a regime?

  3. Vienna Mike Says:

    There are two answers to your question, Columnist. One is short and one is long.

    The short answer is: “In the name of what ideology will these self-centered masturbators, who are willing to grovel like beaten curs even before Hamas in exchange for the mere illusion of a temporary peace, suddenly grow the cojones to stand up and sacrifice their lives by the hundreds? If they are unhappy in Judah, they can always emigrate to Israel.”

    And the long answer is simply this: “Medinat Yehudah yihyeh medinat echad leAm echad.” In the full sense of the phrase. After the first generation, there will be no chilonim. Or do you expect a few aging hipsters to take up arms against their own children?

  4. Vienna Mike Says:

    Ah, “general”, I see that you do have a civil tongue in your head after all.

    The answer to your first point is that there is no such thing as a “Palestinian”. These are, for the most part, descendants of Syrian and Egyptian migrant workers who illegally immigrated in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century in search of jobs in the new Zionist economy being built in the Holy Land. They are Moslem followers of Amalek. some are blood descendants of Mohammad bin Abdallah (y”sh) and are thus actual Amalekites. The only “ties” they have to HaKadosh Baruch Hu is that they are His enemies. Those among them who descend from apostate Jews have no more share in the Covenant than the rest, and no more tie to the Land. The Land belongs to the People of the Covenant. Those who abandoned the Covenant have no share in it. The lot of them are welcome to undergo Halachically valid conversion to Judaism or leave. If they abandon Islam and convert to some other religion, we will no longer be under obligation to kill those of them who do not descend by blood from Amalek. But they will still have no right to the Land.

    Now, regarding Christianity. I do not “despise” Christians. I simply find Christianity laughable. As did the Sages of the Talmud. No one who has actually read the Torah can do anything other than laugh hysterically at the idea that Jesus of Nazareth was the Moshiach. After all, if he was the Moshiach, why are the Jewish People still scattered, why is there a mosque on top of Har HaBayit and where, pray tell, is the Kingdom of G-d on Earth?

    I know Christians have all kinds of answers to these questions, but they are all based on mistranslations of the Torah or on quoting out of context or are simply nonsense outright. It is no coincidence that Christians who bother to learn proper Hebrew and to study the Torah in the original tend to turn to the Talmud for explanations and almost inevitably convert to Judaism. No intelligent person could do otherwise.

    Christianity is a two thousand year old scam that Jesus himself would laugh at. At its worst, it has generated murderous Catholic idolatry and psychotic pogromschiks of all stripes. At its best, it produces genuinely good people with silly beliefs, whom one humors politely as long as they do not try to confuse the gullible.

    Nonetheless, as I have pointed out in the past, non-trinitarian, dual covenant Christianity falls under the rubric of Noahide worship and thus gerim toshavim could potentially choose such Christianity. Judah would tolerate such a choice in the same manner the United States tolerates the pot-smoking hippies who meditate with “holy” crystals in order to achieve LSD-tinged “nirvana”.

    Our potential allies’ embrace of Christianity does not mean “expulsion from the Holy Land”. Christians have not controlled any part of the Holy Land since the late thirteenth century of the common era. Under Israeli rule, they have, for the first time in centuries, been able to visit safely and comfortably as tourists. Jewish rule will also permit them to do so, albeit under stricter supervision. But if any Christian has the gall to believe that we will allow him to proselytize to Jews in the Holy Land, to vote or to participate in government, he will be swiftly disabused. In contrast to us, the Moslems really WILL slaughter the Christians and bar them from the Christian holy sites if they win.

    Whether individual Christians back us or the Moslems is up to them. Hashem will grant us victory either way. It just might take longer if we have to fight by ourselves. We have waited two millenia for redemption. If need be, we can wait some more. But, as you watch Christian Western Europe collapse under the hammer of Islam, I suggest you remember Hashem’s promise: “He who blesses Jacob, him shall I bless. He who curses Jacob, him shall I curse.” The Europeans of today are paying for the sins of their forefathers. Would you wish the same fate on your American descendants?

    In response to your second point, Jews do not have saints in the Christian sense. The Satmar(z”l) was a great tzaddik, but even the greatest tzaddik can occasionally be wrong, or foolish, or even slightly crazy. In order to claim that the Three Oaths still have validity in our time, the Satmar had to misquote the text. He also had to rule against the Ramban, who holds it to be a mizvah to conquer the Land in any generation in which we are able to do so, in order to establish therein Torah-based sovereingty; And against the Rambam, who fails to include the Three Oaths in the Mishneh Torah. Moreover, he had to essentially give an Aggadic passage the force of Halacha, the which he did based solely on the Maharal. Never mind that the Maharal made his ruling most probably in order to mollify the murderous goyim who were once again rampaging through the Jewish communities of Europe in the name of their crucified “god”. Moreover, the Satmar had to rule against the Shulchan Aruch, since the Three Oaths properly quoted are a three-sided covenant made invalid by excessive oppression on the part of the goyim.

    Given these facts, anyone who genuinely holds that the Three Oaths are valid in our time and, by extension, that the Jews need any kind of explicit sign in order to come and possess the Land by force, is either a complete ignoramus or a complete idiot. In your case, the answer is even simpler — you do not hold by the Three Oaths or anything else in the Talmud or, indeed anywhere in the Torah. You are just a Nazi who hides behind pretensions of Christianity in order to disguise his antisemitic bigotry.

    Now, your third point. Francisco Gil-White is welcome to believe that the United States is a CIA-run dictatorship. The facts do not support either assertion. The US is, however, in bed with modern-day Nazis, not because America is evil, but because America is greedy, naive and ignorant of anything outside her own borders. In other words, like all overgrown children ignorant of their own strength, the Americans know not what they do. But their hearts are in the right place. America has been good to the Jews within her borders. This is all that can be expected of any goyshe nation. As long as America keeps being good to the Jews within her borders, the Jews within her borders have every reason to be good to America.

    As for a Jewish State in the Holy Land, it would have to do what all States do — seek to coldly calculate the position of maximum advantage and to sway the geopolitical balance in its own interest. The failure of the State of Israel to do so for internal political reasons is, in itself, a damning indictment of Israel’s ruling elite. Indeed, it is grounds for their mass slaughter, for the entire purpose of the ruling elite’s existence must be to ensure the wellbeing of the State entrusted to it. An elite which fails its purpose must be removed and replaced.

  5. General Raoul Salan Says:

    What evidence do you have that I am a Nazi? I’m not the one plotting to kill lots of people the way you are. In particular, children and anyone who happens to be Arab!

  6. Inquirer Says:

    How do you see the situation right now? Do you think it is improving or deteriorating? I think the current crop of dati adults are worse than useless right now and we must depend on the youth.

    It seems every day that the news get worse from Israel. Do you think that perhaps this is a good thing as it might make things progress faster?

  7. Inquirer Says:

    One more question, what are the chances of a mid-level commander in the IDF executing a coup d’etat? I expect it would have to be a mid-level commander storming the Knesset as the generals are probably all leftist scum. Or of a hard-line rabbi leading the haredim in revolt?

  8. Vienna Mike Says:

    “General”, your racism gives you away. I am well aware of the fact that this blog has a small but devoted audience among patrons of various neo-Nazi websites. The stupid ones are reading this to chortle about “dem evil kikes fighting among themselves”. The smart ones are reading this in order to apply the lessons to their Racial Holy War. You obviously belong to the former.

    Between the “Khazar kikes” canard coupled with a complete inability to place the Khazar Kaganate in either time or space or historical context; and the ridiculous obsession with racial purity as a criterion for determining rights, you stand out like a sore thumb. So engrossed are you in your racist ideology that even after months of reading this blog you are still capable of making idiotic comments like the one about my “plotting” to kill “anyone who happens to be Arab”. Frankly, it’s hilarious.

    It’s probably wasted on you, but I will state it again: race is irrelevant. This is a RELIGIOUS conflict thirteen hundred years old. It started when Satan revealed the Koran to the Ishmaelites through a descendant of Haman and commanded them to conquer the world and exterminate the Jews. It will end when Islam is as dead as the cult of Amon-Ra. I would have no problem if my son married a Jewish black girl who converted yesterday. But if he married a white Christian apostate named Levinson who descends from seven generations of rabbis, I would, at the very least, disown him on the spot.

  9. Vienna Mike Says:

    Inquirer, the news from Israel is getting better every day. We have brave youth trying to set the house of the deputy attorney general on fire. We have young soldiers throwing away their careers in order to protest pogroms. We have brave Jews shooting the Ishmaelite enemy in the Shimon HaTzaddik neighborhood of Yerushalayim…

    Consider just the case of the soldiers. They had to make the sign. They had to get it to the kotel. They had to unfold it. Yet no one in the platoon ratted them out. The two ringleaders held the sign, but the whole squad had to have helped them to unfold it, otherwise there is no way two men at the opposite sides of a formation could have ended up holding the ends of the sign. Consider this for a second. They all busted their asses to get into the Shimshon battalion. They all busted their asses to graduate. And now, at the Kotel, at the swearing-in, they unfold the sign, KNOWING they would be punished. KNOWING that the whole squad if not the whole damned platoon is risking jail time and a dishonorable discharge! Think carefully on the cojones and desperation and anger that took.

    The older generation is indeed mostly dead wood. But the youth are waking up. They know whom they hate. They know what they are fighting AGAINST. But no one has explained to them in plain Hebrew what they are to fight FOR. Forget bombings, shootings, posters, whatever. The first task before the Medinat Yehudah movement, tattered mess that it is, is to simply go from kid to kid to kid whether in person or by music video or by any other means, and speak the words “Medinat Yehudah” again and again and again until they begin to sink in. My Hebrew frankly sucks. I am a sick old man, no one these kids would hang out with. But there are plenty of young men out there with good Hebrew. If this website reaches even a few who can read English, they can make the argument in Hebrew. And once they make the argument, once they go from “Here’s an explanation for what is happening” to “Here’s what we should want” and “Here’s why we should want it” to “Here’s how we can get there from here”, Medinat Yehudah will be conceived as surely as Medinat Israel was conceived at Basle!

    The youth are a powder keg waiting to go off. All they need is a spark. Bizrat Hashem, we will strike that spark before it is too late.

    As for any potential military coup, sorry but I don’t see it. The IDF selects for promotion based not on competence but on political criteria. Note how quickly the proportion of kippah-wearers drops off as you climb the ranks. I cannot envision a coup led by anyone with fewer than two falafel on his epaulettes. But among those men, you will not find any kippah that is not firmly attached to an addled mamlachti head. Maybe in another ten or twenty years it might be a possibility, when a few among the current crop of kids manage to hold their tongues long enough to get into a position of power. But not today.

  10. inquirer Says:

    Regarding convincing young Hebrew men of the merits of Medinat Yehudah, have you seen the websites and

    They are both run by Chaim Ben Pesach, an ardent Kahanist who advocates the expulsion of Arabs from Eretz Yisrael. He runs a series of videos on Flix and YouTube in both English and Hebrew targeted at youth. It seems he’s built something of a following of right-wing youths on the Hayamin website.

    Perhaps it would be worthwhile to show him that Medinat Yehudah would be a more realistic solution than the saving of Medinat Yisrael?

    Then you would have someone on your side who speaks both English and Hebrew, posts videos targeted at Jewish youth in the Land and already has an internet forum up to facilitate communication.

    If it is unwise to post this comment for others to see, than please don’t do so. I just wanted to point out a possible opportunity to spread the word.

  11. Vienna Mike Says:

    Inquirer, I encourage all readers to bring up Medinat Yehudah and this site in all available fora, including the discussion boards of JTF, Revava and all the other myriad splinters of the Kahanist movement. Discussions of Medinat Yehudah and of this site have been brought up there before, but they have typically petered out due to lack of a consistent champion to push them in the forum. Remember that in order to convince people, it is necessary to spend months constantly pushing the idea. The reason for this is that people have been wedded to the notion that Medinat Israel is the be all and end all “first flower of redemption”, “holy”, etc.

    To comprehend that Medinat Yehudah is the answer requires the average Jewish nationalist to reject nearly everything he previously believed and to stand his whole worldview on its head. After the average Jewish nationalist admits to himself that Medinat Yehudah is the answer, he has to get over the giggle factor. The dati leumi community is so splintered, so dependent on the Israeli State and so paralyzed by its own preconception of its helplessness that it takes a whole separate educational process for the average Jewish nationalist to see that Medinat Yehudah is not merely a nice idea, but is a nice idea that is practically attainable. I have the advantage of a hard won specialist education that enabled me to see how we can get there from here, how we can go from kids throwing rocks to adults demanding autonomy, to peace process resulting in a de-facto self-sufficient State to full independence. But the average Jewish nationalist looks at the proposition of armed resistance and immediately confuses it with civil war. He looks at the unviable suburbs of Yosh and concludes that Medinat Yehudah would not last 15 minutes. But he does not then take the next logical step of asking what Yosh must look like in order for Medinat Yehudah to exist. Instead, he just dismisses the whole idea as “fantasy” and goes back to looking for the instant gratification magic wand that will solve all problems in a single Harry Potter moment. To correct the delusions requires a correction in the entire mode of thinking. It is necessary to basically pour a whole lifetime of education into his head. Thus self-liberation 101.

    I spend most of my free time nowadays trying to distill everything I have learned over my entire life into as few plain words as possible. As you might imagine, this is a painful and time-consuming process. Given this, I myself cannot be on every forum, as I would have to spend 24 hours online, which, besides depriving my family of parnassah, would also result in Self-Liberation 101 grinding to a halt. Therefore, if you or any other reader wants to become the champion of Medinat Yehudah on a particular forum, I would be grateful to you.

    P.S. I would also like to point out that there is no better way to learn than by teaching. As you attempt to explain the concepts you learn here in your own words, you will discover that your understanding of the concepts improves. Therefore, my challenge to all readers is to abide by the words of the Lubavicher Rebbe (z”l): “It is not necessary to know the entire aleph-beis in order to help other Jews. If a Jew knows only Aleph, he should teach the others Aleph.”

    Medinat Yehudah needs all of you, dear readers. Every single one. One voice is as fragile and irrelevant as a single snowflake. But a myriad snowflakes together become an unstoppable avalanche that sweeps all before it. Every revolution starts with a single voice. But it cannot end there. If you stay silent, Medinat Yehudah will never be born.

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