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Adults and Children

September 29, 2010

It is tempting to write a gloomy, Cassandra-like post about the current status of the “peace” negotiations and the inevitable consequences thereof.  But I would find myself simply repeating what I have already written many times.  Everyone who visits this site on a regular basis knows that the real goal of the “peace process” is the annihilation of the dati leumi.   Everyone who has read Vienna Mike’s posts over the past two years knows that the ruling elite plans to precipitously remove the IDF from the helpless suburbs of Yosh, leaving the hapless, disarmed suburbanite sruggie lemmings to die or run for their lives.  Therefore, it is not really a surprise to anyone that the current “peace” proposal from Bibi the Murderous (yemach shemo) proposes to leave “settlers” in place under “Palestinian” jurisdiction, protected by “security arrangements” of the kind that “guaranteed” the sanctity and integrity of Joseph’s Tomb.  Nor is it really a surprise that Bibi the Murderous is negotiating to bring Tzipi the Treacherous into the government in order to secure the “peace” deal’s implementation even when Liberman bolts the coalition.  Nor is it really great news that, even as he plots to surrender all of Yosh to Hamas, Netanyahu is also plotting to surrender the Golan to Syria.  Negotiations to surrender Eilat to Egypt and the Galilee to Hezbollah would make a nice exclusive, I suppose, as would the news that Tzipi Livni’s father has stopped spinning in his grave long enough to rise up and strangle the daughter he would have drowned at birth had he known how she would turn out.  However, the former is going to have to wait a bit, while the latter requires a revealed miracle.

At any rate, all this gloom and doom is quite unbefitting the season, so let us look on the bright side of life.  Just this week, representatives of the significant faction of the ruling elite that would immediately support any credible effort to establish Medinat Yehudah have all but stood up and openly declared this fact.  Caroline Glick has outright written a column proclaiming that the “peace” process exists solely as a vehicle wherewith to exterminate the dati leumi.  Of course, being Caroline Glick, she claims that it is only Barak and Livni and their hangers-on who are responsible for the crime.  It falls to Likud veteran Michael Eitan to plainly admit, in a rambling interview to David Horovitz, that the leadership of the Likud, himself and the prime minister included, shares this goal because it sees no other way out that preserves their power and the nature of their State.  Indeed, Eitan goes so far as to essentially restate, in more polite language, the ugly truths, the inconvenient history, and the underlying facts of life that this blog has been repeating ad nauseaum  since the very first post.

In the meantime, Avigdor Liberman has thrown down the gauntlet to Netanyahu in a speech that openly positions him to place blame when Netanyahu’s “peace” processing explodes in everyone’s faces.  With the public sufficiently riled up by rockets falling on Kfar Saba and Neve Tzedek, no amount of fraud on the part of Likud, Kadima and Labor will keep Avigdor Liberman from the prime minister’s chair.

Now, a Prime Minister Liberman will be subject to all the same constraints and pressures experienced by Prime Minister Sharon(y”sh).  Ultimately, he too will start looking for a way out and a means to keep out of jail.  But, unlike Sharon, Liberman is open to unconventional solutions previously successfully tried in lands familiar to him.  His plan for “exchange of territories and populations” is essentially an open invitation for Jewish patriots to fight a proxy war on Israel’s behalf.  As prime minister, Liberman will certainly try to implement it, in the full tacit expectation of becoming Israel’s Ter-Petrosyan.

Mind you, Liberman is not going to stand up and tell the idiot dati lemmings to revolt.  If he did, he couldn’t keep his position.  As prime minister, he would even condemn the “extremists” in Yosh as he secretly armed them.  But arm them he would, if they existed as a credible movement.  Nor is Caroline Glick going to destroy her career tomorrow by writing a column in the Jerusalem Post, much less in Makor Rishon, calling for Medinat Yehudah.  She is not even going to authorize a Latma skit to openly push the idea.  But again, were there a credible set of moves by the dati leumi towards self-sufficiency, self-rule and self defense, rest assured that it would be answered first by Latma skits making fun of those who would rather have Hamastan for a neighbor, and then by well reasoned columns in both Makor Rishon and the Jerusalem Post, making the case that it is better to be neighbors with a bunch of religious Jews who want to raise sheep on hilltops in Yosh than to be neighbors with a bunch of genocidal Islamic fanatics who want to shoot rockets at Tel Aviv. Nor are the veteran rank and file of the ruling class, the likes of Michael Eitan and Bogie Ayalon likely to be averse to the idea of creating a breakaway friendly Jewish State instead of a genocidal Islamic one.  All that is needed for them to get on board is, once again, a credible movement led by serious people, one that has clear goals and the visible capacity to succeed.

All of this hinting and posturing is reminiscent of adults trying to hint to not-too-bright, recalcitrant children that it is time to finish dinner and go to their rooms.  The problem is precisely that the other side is led by overgrown children trapped in adult bodies.  And the damned kids just won’t take a hint!

The contrast between the Israeli adults and the dati leumi children is extreme.  For example, when Caroline Glick repented of her peace processing, she did not go around pretending like nothing was wrong, or writing useless mea culpa columns in the Jerusalem Post.  She looked around for some way to fight the system and, being both a skilled propagandist and a serious, heavyweight intellectual, almost immediately found it.  By creating Latma, she has unleashed a barrage of well-crafted, precision-targeted propaganda that delegitimizes the regime by making it look ridiculous.  Yes, Latma by itself cannot saturate the information space anymore than a single howitzer, however well aimed, can create a saturation barrage.  Nor does Latma possess the capacity to eliminate the opposition propagandists by direct action.  But it has still managed to do more to protect the Jews of Eretz Yisrael from the Israeli government in a single year than all the ribbon wavers of Yosh have managed in nigh on twenty years.  And, as a perfectly legal organization that never strays beyond the bounds of the law, even as it keeps laughing at the king’s nakedness in ever sharper terms, Latma is very difficult to shut down.  With each Tribal Update including a music video, each funnier yet more serious than the last, viral hits are all but inevitable and, indeed, have already been achieved.  In the tiny teacup that is Israel, even a very small spoon can create a tempest, if it keeps stirring long enough.

In the meantime, while serious adults do serious things, what do the children in Yosh do?  Well, we can take some representative samples.  David Wilder keeps posting snapshots of services at the Machpela and some videos of himself harassing some leftists.  As if the Israeli decision to abandon Hebron can be influenced by taking pictures of Jews praying.  Tzvi Fishman’s contribution to anti-regime propaganda was to waste $5,000 on a giant poster to hang on top of Beit haShalom.  In the meantime, he has also been writing blogs urging the remaining 100 or so frum Jews in America to make aliyah so they can sit with him in his personal corner of the world’s largest ghetto and wait for the other shoe to drop. Baruch Gordon, who actually runs Arutz Sheva, has basically spent his time trying to copy Tzvi Fishman.  Israel Medad at least has an interesting blog, but it is a grab bag of random items pulled from elsewhere, with no coherent message or goal.  In the meantime, David Haivri is busy welcoming a new Peace Now mapping app via facebook.  If their English activities were just a sideshow, all this would still be sad.  But, alas, these people are serious.

Sum total effectiveness of propaganda efforts –zero.  Coherent goals – none.  Realistic vision – absent.  Leadership – nonexistent.

With “efforts” like this, there can be no doubt that, barring a miracle, if Bibi fails in his effort to pull the IDF out of Yosh and expose at least 100,000 of the hapless yeshite suburbanites to a massive Arab pogrom, another prime minster will.  And when it happens, these foolish people will have the gall to act surprised!

On the plus side, things are not going to be that bad after this next mass expulsion.  The majority of the yeshites will surely run like hell once they discover that the IDF has left them defenseless and face to face with a murderous Arab mob.  Perhaps only a few thousand will die.  Who knows, some communities might even open their eyes in time to arm and fortify themselves as best they can when the coming pullout is announced.  Maybe one or two will even survive.  And once the lemmings of Yosh are slaughtered and expelled, the mamlachti so-called “leadership” that has enthralled the dati leumi community will have been totally discredited.  The cult of the Medinat Israel golden calf they preside over will simply fall apart as those who survived and those who witnessed the massacres reject wholesale those who were responsible for them.  In the meantime, the Moslems will certainly unleash a barrage of rockets against Israel’s major cities.  This will bring the IDF right back into Yosh in short order and will probably land Avigdor Liberman in Netanyahu’s current chair, thus giving Israel its first Jewish prime minister since Yitzhak Shamir.  The stage will thus be set for a rebuilding of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria on a sound ideological, economic and military basis.  Assuming, of course, that the overgrown children are replaced with adult leaders who can take a damned hint.

Chag Sameach!

20 Tishrei, 5771


Staggering to Oblivion

June 20, 2010

As everyone who reads this blog undoubtedly knows, following the tremendous success of the Marmara operation, the forces of international jihad have mobilized to repeat the same tactic dozens of times over.  With Israel’s pathetic response demonstrating that Israel’s rulers have neither love for the Land, nor loyalty to their own country, nor competent generals, nor even a desire to survive, dozens of terrorist ships chartered by everyone from al-Qaeda to Hezbollah to Code Pink are heading toward Israeli territorial waters.

In response to this, Israel’s ruling elite has literally no idea what to do.  They have been so busy delegitimizing and preparing to massacre their dati leumi enemies that they have forgotten that they have an external threat to contend with.  And the very methods they have been using to rid the Israeli entity of the dangerous infestation of pesky kikes in knitted kippot have left them bereft of defenses against Islam.

A measure of how bad things truly are can be garnered from an utterly defeatist editorial published in the Jerusalem Post by Netanyahu shill and somewhat repentant once-upon-a-time peace processor Caroline Glick.  As a minor member of Israel’s ruling elite, we can take Caroline Glick as a representative of what passes for patriotism and resolve among the Israeli so-called right wing.

What is Caroline Glick’s prescription for national defense in the wake of the jihadist victory of Marmara?  More of the same!  Non-lethal tactics, rubber bullets and pathetic whining for nonexistent goyshe mercy are the order of the day, according to her.  And when Turkey sends warships to escort the terror ships, Caroline recommends “evasion” as a military strategy.  Caroline’s prescription for fighting Iran?  Endless and pointless conventional strikes guaranteed to do absolutely nothing to stop Iran’s nuclear program.

Do the likes of Caroline Glick understand that the Turks will not be deterred by “evasion” but only by a credible threat of nuclear mushroom clouds rising over Ankara and Istanbul?  Do they understand that rubber bullets will do absolutely nothing to deter the Islamic terrorists and their Christian useful idiots, whereas repeated ship sinkings and mass executions of any survivors will do the trick after a few thousand are killed?  Do they understand that Iran, a nation with its own world-class universities, its own uranium mines and its own nuclear industry, cannot be stopped by bombing a few factories?  Buildings damaged by airstrikes will be repaired faster and cheaper than Israel can replace dead and captured pilots.  Destroyed equipment will be replaced faster and cheaper than Israel can replace destroyed airplanes.  We have all seen this movie before.  It’s called the Battle of Britain.  We don’t need a remake starring Elyezer Shkedy as Goering, Bibi Netanyahu as Hitler and the IAF as the Luftwaffe.  We all know how the story ends.  The Persian nuclear program will go on as long as the universities and the factories and the cities that support them are standing.  Only nuclear strikes against every single one of Iran’s major cities can stop Iran from developing and using nuclear arms.

So do they not understand?  Yes, dear reader, they understand.  But they refuse to accept.  Because accepting this reality means choosing once and for all between their Jewish roots and national suicide, between being a hated pariah besieged by the entire world, and being a universally beloved cemetery on whose gravestones it is written “They were good little kikes.  They marched into the gas chambers all by themselves”.  They refuse to understand, refuse to accept and refuse to act.  They are incapable of doing anything other than refusing because their fundamental worldview does not include the concepts necessary to understand the reality before them, much less accept it or act based upon it.

The fundamental view of the so-called Israeli left is that the State of Israel is an evil, foreign, colonialist occupier in Arab land and must therefore appease the Arabs until the Arabs are appeased, regardless of what it takes, up to and including packing up the country and leaving for greener pastures.  The fundamental view of the so-called Israeli right is that Israel is incapable of doing anything whatsoever to end the conflict with the Arabs and that, therefore, Israel must hunker down and wait for some “evolutionary change” to cause the Arabs to suddenly see the light and accept Israel’s “right to exist”.

Because they are all a bunch of Hebrew-speaking goyim, neither the Israeli “right” nor the Israeli “left” is capable of seeing the real situation.  To do anything other than vomit forth chiloni nonsense about “international law”, “colonialism” and “right to exist”, they have to remember WHY we are in this Land, WHY it was here and not anywhere else that the State of Israel was established DESPITE the desire of the Zionist leadership to go somewhere more quiet, say Uganda.  To see the reality as it is, the Hebrew-speaking Israeli goyim have to accept that there is a G-d who gave this Land to His Chosen People for all eternity.  They have to accept that there is a Satan who drives his Amalekite followers to thwart the plan of Hashem because that is the function of Satan.

To see the reality as it is, they have to accept that this is not a conflict between Israel and the Arabs, but a conflict between Judaism and Islam.  They have to accept that Islam commands the Moslems to exterminate the Jews worldwide, regardless of age and gender, without mercy, second thought or hesitation, until they have killed the last one, even if they have to go to the ends of the earth to find that last Jew cowering underground and even if he professes to renounce all claim to the Land and recognize “Palestine” as an eternal Islamic waqf.  They have to accept that this is Islam, this was always Islam and this will always be Islam.  They have to accept that Islam will never “evolve” to have any relationship with the Jews except one of genocidal hatred, anymore than Nazism, another tool of Satan, can evolve any relationship with the Jews except one of genocidal hatred.

And once they accept this set of “horrible” facts, they have to accept another set of “horrible” facts, one that they cannot accept because it imposes upon them obligations they are constitutionally unable to bear.  They have to accept that Hashem is our G-d and we are His Chosen People, bound to follow His Law, eternal, holy and unchanging from the day it was given upon Mount Sinai until the end of eternity.  They have to accept that this Law is the SOLE source of legality and morality in the universe and that nothing that contradicts this Law can be moral or legal, nor can anything that follows this Law be immoral or illegal.  They have to accept that in His Law, Hashem has given us clear instructions to extirpate Amalek.  They have to accept that, in accordance with the expressed will of Hashem, we must kill Moslems in their hundreds of millions regardless of age and gender, without mercy, second thought or hesitation, until we have killed the last one, even if we have to go to the ends of the earth to find that last Moslem cowering underground and even if he professes to renounce his Jew-hatred and recognize our “right to exist”.

In short, dear reader, the Hebrew-speaking Israeli goyim have to reject their entire worldview and everything that underpins it.  They have to reject everything they believe and accept everything they do not believe.  They have to reject their very IDENTITY as Hebrew-speaking Israeli goyim and become full-fledged, real Jews.  Only then can they accept the reality that this conflict can and will be solved via religiously mandated genocide and by no other means, with the only question remaining being who will exterminate whom.

Since the Israelis cannot stop being Israeli, they cannot accept or even recognize the reality before them, much less take appropriate measures based upon this reality.  The only choice they have is between surrendering immediately, as advocated by their “left”, and delaying surrender through a futile series of half-hearted half-measures, as advocated by their “right”.  Since the “right” is currently in charge in Israel, they will, of course, choose the position of the “right” — the half-measures.  And so, by choosing the half-measures, they will choose to paint themselves into an ever-narrowing corner between the gas chambers and the knife-wielding goyshe mob, a corner from which there is ultimately no escape except the grave.

But there is a silver lining to the gloomy clouds of the gathering storm.  As the wolves of the Second Holocaust gather at our doorsteps, salivating and baying for our blood, as Israel loses what little control it still has over its borders, as tens of thousands of Jews are expelled from their homes, as more of the Land is given to Hamas, Hezbollah and al-Qaeda, as rockets rain down upon Israel’s major cities from every direction, as UN troops march into Yerushalayim and the State of Israel staggers ever further into oblivion, the erev rav Zionist regime will become increasingly delegitimized in the eyes of even the addled Israeli chilonim who still support it.  And so instead of establishing Medinat Yehudah to save ourselves, we may yet have a chance at taking the whole caboodle via revolution.  Instead of having to build our own nuclear weapons from scratch to use in our national defense, we may yet take Israel’s.  Instead of having to smuggle in funds from the diaspora to finance Judah’s War of Independence, we may yet instead pay for Israel’s War of National Salvation and the march to the Euphrates by using the confiscated funds of sixty or seventy thousand executed traitors.

If Marir Katan governs long enough, we may yet see the blessed day when Jewish Revolutionary Guards with orange armbands hang Bibi the Spineless off a Tel Aviv lamppost next to Tzipi the Birdbrain, and throw Ehud Run-Like-Lightning off the balcony of his luxury apartment.  I, for one, long and pray to see such a day.  And so should you.

8 Tammuz, 5770

Watching the storm clouds gather

Lessons from the Mavi Marmara

June 2, 2010

As everyone who has not been living under a rock knows by now, the bumbling clowns of the Israeli Disgrace Forces boarded the terrorist vessel Mavi Marmara on Monday, as part of a window dressing “operation” designed to provide the appearance of “blockading” Gaza.  As result of the utter incompetence and total disregard for the lives of Jewish soldiers displayed by the Israeli high command, numerous Jews were unnecessarily injured.  Only by the grace of Hashem none were killed.

The battalion-sized Islamic guerrilla element embarked aboard the Mavi Marmara suffered very light losses.  A mere nine Moslem guerrillas were killed.  Some twenty five were seriously injured.   The rest of the enemy were merely detained and will receive a free ticket home courtesy of Israel’s taxpayers.  As was the plan from the beginning, the supplies aboard the enemy ships will be carefully offloaded and sent on to Hamas in Gaza.  Thus the Islamic enemy receives both the supplies he wanted and a major victory at no cost whatsoever.

The goyshe reaction to this pathetic display of Israeli weakness, cowardice and incompetence has been exactly the same as it would have been to a proper blockade enforcement operation.  Had Israeli aircraft and missile boats sunk the Mavi Marmara and accompanying enemy vessels without warning and with total loss of life, the same goyshe condemnations, calls for sanctions and accusations of high seas piracy would have followed.  Thus Israel has accomplished by means of its weak bumbling exactly the opposite of what its leaders ostensibly intended.

The footage of the confrontation aboard the Mavi Marmara shows that the entire operation from beginning to end was meticulously planned and flawlessly executed by the Islamic guerrillas.  The strike company embarked aboard the vessel can be clearly seen deploying in squad-sized elements, with each element assigned an Israeli soldier to attack.  Designated personnel were also set aside to attack the helicopter by firing flares at it and by tying the rope used to drop the commandos to the ship.

The purpose of the latter action is to cause unexpected force to be exerted on the helicopter, hopefully causing the pilot to either lose control and crash or overcompensate, snapping the rope.  The recoiling end of the snapped rope could then seriously damage the helicopter.  In the worst case, it could entangle rotor blades, again causing a crash.  While the extensive training of the Israeli pilots and aircrew makes it highly unlikely that such a simple technique would cause a crash or serious damage to the helicopter, had it succeeded tense moments would have undoubtedly ensued until the crew chief could cut the rope.  Injury to the crew chief would have been highly likely as well.

Islamic strike company personnel were well armed with weapons appropriate to the planned riot mission.  The vast majority of weapons were “legal” tools and supplies, such as pipes, kitchen knives, souvenir daggers, hammers, axes, wrenches, etc.  In addition, there were at least two snipers deployed with the strike company.  Secondary weapons consisted of the usual rioters’ assortment of flares, firebombs and high-powered slingshots.  The personnel of the strike company were provided with body armor.  While most only had improvised armor in the form of life jackets, bulletproof vests were also issued to key personnel.  Select personnel were equipped with night vision devices.  Provision for the use of tear gas by the Israelis was likewise made.  Every member of the strike company was issued a gas mask.  Designated personnel were also no doubt assigned to pitch the snipers’ weapons overboard if the snipers themselves were unable to do so.

It is also clear that the rest of the guerrilla battalion and the various “activists”, propagandists and terrorist wannabes aboard the vessel were not informed regarding the detailed riot plan.  Doing so would have only caused them to leak this information and spoil their “genuine” surprise and outrage.  In fact, efforts were made to control the locations of the “independent” propagandists and “activists” in order to ensure that most never saw and filmed the initiation of the violence.  Instead, their purpose in the operation was to film the casualties, render first aid, rush to shield retreating strike company members and film violence in progress as the strike company retreated.  The actions of this large group of “independent” support personnel was well managed by guerrilla organizers imbedded among them and by the second-tier members of the guerrilla battalion embarked aboard the ship.

Overall, the planned riot aboard the Mavi Marmara was a textbook guerrilla operation that accomplished all of its goals at minimal cost.  Israel has been delegitimized further.  Internal Israeli debate has been focused on making future self-defense actions weaker.  Egypt has announced a temporary opening of the border with Gaza.  Israel has announced additional shipments of “aid” to further strengthen Hamas.  Islamic forces throughout the world have been buoyed by the overwhelming victory over the Israelis and the inspirational footage of Israeli soldiers being clubbed to the deck, thrown off the ship and jumping overboard to save themselves from all but certain death.   Goyshe governments are calling for sanctions.  Goyshe political organizations are calling for boycotts and divestment.  Goyshe commentators are calling for American and European warships to attack the Israeli navy in order to break the laughable “blockade”.   Global attention has been distracted from the Iranian nuclear program.  And there are more ships on the way.

The Islamic guerrillas involved displayed a high level of professionalism, dedication to duty and excellent discipline.  This is not a surprise given that the operation was undertaken by the trained professionals of the IHH, with the overt support of the Turkish government.  The commanders of the operation will certainly receive commendations for their work.

More importantly, even though they displayed utter incompetence, lack of professionalism and dereliction of duty, virtually all the Israeli commanders and politicians involved in this fiasco will certainly keep their jobs.  Benjamin Netanyahu (y”sh), Ehud Barak (y”sh) and all their hangers-on will go on to endanger more Jewish lives.  They will murder more Jews.  They will use the excuse of “international pressure” caused by this incident to again attack the dati leumi, with genocidal intent.  To explain their treasonous actions, they will claim that they need to “mollify America and world public opinion”.  And the Jewish lemmings of the Holy Land will swallow this fairy tale once again, hook, line and sinker.  No doubt they will keep buying it even as Israeli forces are demolishing Ariel and Ma’aleh Adumim.

Now that we have summarized our observations, what lessons can we learn from this incident?

The first lesson to note is that Jews wishing to ensure the continued survival of the Jewish People in Eretz Yisrael should adopt the same tactics displayed by the Islamic guerrillas.  Just like the Israelis crumble and bumble in the face of Islamic guerrillas, they will crumble and bumble in the face of Jewish guerrillas.  Just as casualties among Islamic guerrillas are minimal, so will the casualties among the Jewish guerrillas be minimal.  Just as the outcome of confrontations between Israeli security forces and Islamic guerrillas will always play well in the Islamic audience and ultimately serve to strengthen the Islamic guerrillas, so the outcome of confrontations between Israeli security forces and Jewish guerrillas will ultimately play well in the Jewish audience and strengthen the Jewish guerrillas.

The second lesson to note is that the Israelis are playing to lose.  Even before the confrontation began, the Israelis already agreed to allow the flotilla’s cargo into Gaza.  And even as rockets are daily fired from Gaza into Israel, the Israelis continue to supply Gaza with food, electricity and war materiel.  The Israelis also continue to make regular transfers of cash to Hamas via the Palestinian Authority.  Every effort is being made by the Israelis to weaken their own position and strengthen the position of Hamas.  This is being done specifically so that the strengthened position of Hamas can be used to justify additional Israeli attacks against the dati leum under the pretext of the “peace process”.  As an added bonus, it is hoped that Islamic terror attacks will fall disproportionately on the dati leumi communities in Yosh due to their proximity to large, illegal Islamic squatter camps such as Jericho and Ramallah.

The third lesson to learn from this fiasco is that the State of Israel no longer has any senior military officers fit to lead troops in battle.  If the decision is made to send men armed with nothing but paintball guns and a few pistols to take control of a ship manned by a battalion of Islamic guerrillas, sailing under the auspices of a well known Islamic terrorist organization, then it is obvious that the people making this decision are not fit to command a latrine detail.  And since the troops sent were none other than Shayetet-13, an elite commando force, it stands to reason that they are commanded by some of the best officers Israel is able to muster.  We have now seen Israel’s best military minds in action.  Behold the fruits of 40 years’ of politically correct misuse of the military and weep!

The final lesson to learn from the Mavi Marmara flows squarely from the first three.  Medinat Israel is a dead state stumbling.  Any Jew who wants to survive, much less continue living in Eretz Yirael, had better get with the program and support Medinat Yehudah.  Separate from the Israelis and live, or keep embracing them and die.  The choice is that simple.

20 Sivan, 5770

Watching the stuttering Wise Men of Medinat Israchelm.