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Adults and Children

September 29, 2010

It is tempting to write a gloomy, Cassandra-like post about the current status of the “peace” negotiations and the inevitable consequences thereof.  But I would find myself simply repeating what I have already written many times.  Everyone who visits this site on a regular basis knows that the real goal of the “peace process” is the annihilation of the dati leumi.   Everyone who has read Vienna Mike’s posts over the past two years knows that the ruling elite plans to precipitously remove the IDF from the helpless suburbs of Yosh, leaving the hapless, disarmed suburbanite sruggie lemmings to die or run for their lives.  Therefore, it is not really a surprise to anyone that the current “peace” proposal from Bibi the Murderous (yemach shemo) proposes to leave “settlers” in place under “Palestinian” jurisdiction, protected by “security arrangements” of the kind that “guaranteed” the sanctity and integrity of Joseph’s Tomb.  Nor is it really a surprise that Bibi the Murderous is negotiating to bring Tzipi the Treacherous into the government in order to secure the “peace” deal’s implementation even when Liberman bolts the coalition.  Nor is it really great news that, even as he plots to surrender all of Yosh to Hamas, Netanyahu is also plotting to surrender the Golan to Syria.  Negotiations to surrender Eilat to Egypt and the Galilee to Hezbollah would make a nice exclusive, I suppose, as would the news that Tzipi Livni’s father has stopped spinning in his grave long enough to rise up and strangle the daughter he would have drowned at birth had he known how she would turn out.  However, the former is going to have to wait a bit, while the latter requires a revealed miracle.

At any rate, all this gloom and doom is quite unbefitting the season, so let us look on the bright side of life.  Just this week, representatives of the significant faction of the ruling elite that would immediately support any credible effort to establish Medinat Yehudah have all but stood up and openly declared this fact.  Caroline Glick has outright written a column proclaiming that the “peace” process exists solely as a vehicle wherewith to exterminate the dati leumi.  Of course, being Caroline Glick, she claims that it is only Barak and Livni and their hangers-on who are responsible for the crime.  It falls to Likud veteran Michael Eitan to plainly admit, in a rambling interview to David Horovitz, that the leadership of the Likud, himself and the prime minister included, shares this goal because it sees no other way out that preserves their power and the nature of their State.  Indeed, Eitan goes so far as to essentially restate, in more polite language, the ugly truths, the inconvenient history, and the underlying facts of life that this blog has been repeating ad nauseaum  since the very first post.

In the meantime, Avigdor Liberman has thrown down the gauntlet to Netanyahu in a speech that openly positions him to place blame when Netanyahu’s “peace” processing explodes in everyone’s faces.  With the public sufficiently riled up by rockets falling on Kfar Saba and Neve Tzedek, no amount of fraud on the part of Likud, Kadima and Labor will keep Avigdor Liberman from the prime minister’s chair.

Now, a Prime Minister Liberman will be subject to all the same constraints and pressures experienced by Prime Minister Sharon(y”sh).  Ultimately, he too will start looking for a way out and a means to keep out of jail.  But, unlike Sharon, Liberman is open to unconventional solutions previously successfully tried in lands familiar to him.  His plan for “exchange of territories and populations” is essentially an open invitation for Jewish patriots to fight a proxy war on Israel’s behalf.  As prime minister, Liberman will certainly try to implement it, in the full tacit expectation of becoming Israel’s Ter-Petrosyan.

Mind you, Liberman is not going to stand up and tell the idiot dati lemmings to revolt.  If he did, he couldn’t keep his position.  As prime minister, he would even condemn the “extremists” in Yosh as he secretly armed them.  But arm them he would, if they existed as a credible movement.  Nor is Caroline Glick going to destroy her career tomorrow by writing a column in the Jerusalem Post, much less in Makor Rishon, calling for Medinat Yehudah.  She is not even going to authorize a Latma skit to openly push the idea.  But again, were there a credible set of moves by the dati leumi towards self-sufficiency, self-rule and self defense, rest assured that it would be answered first by Latma skits making fun of those who would rather have Hamastan for a neighbor, and then by well reasoned columns in both Makor Rishon and the Jerusalem Post, making the case that it is better to be neighbors with a bunch of religious Jews who want to raise sheep on hilltops in Yosh than to be neighbors with a bunch of genocidal Islamic fanatics who want to shoot rockets at Tel Aviv. Nor are the veteran rank and file of the ruling class, the likes of Michael Eitan and Bogie Ayalon likely to be averse to the idea of creating a breakaway friendly Jewish State instead of a genocidal Islamic one.  All that is needed for them to get on board is, once again, a credible movement led by serious people, one that has clear goals and the visible capacity to succeed.

All of this hinting and posturing is reminiscent of adults trying to hint to not-too-bright, recalcitrant children that it is time to finish dinner and go to their rooms.  The problem is precisely that the other side is led by overgrown children trapped in adult bodies.  And the damned kids just won’t take a hint!

The contrast between the Israeli adults and the dati leumi children is extreme.  For example, when Caroline Glick repented of her peace processing, she did not go around pretending like nothing was wrong, or writing useless mea culpa columns in the Jerusalem Post.  She looked around for some way to fight the system and, being both a skilled propagandist and a serious, heavyweight intellectual, almost immediately found it.  By creating Latma, she has unleashed a barrage of well-crafted, precision-targeted propaganda that delegitimizes the regime by making it look ridiculous.  Yes, Latma by itself cannot saturate the information space anymore than a single howitzer, however well aimed, can create a saturation barrage.  Nor does Latma possess the capacity to eliminate the opposition propagandists by direct action.  But it has still managed to do more to protect the Jews of Eretz Yisrael from the Israeli government in a single year than all the ribbon wavers of Yosh have managed in nigh on twenty years.  And, as a perfectly legal organization that never strays beyond the bounds of the law, even as it keeps laughing at the king’s nakedness in ever sharper terms, Latma is very difficult to shut down.  With each Tribal Update including a music video, each funnier yet more serious than the last, viral hits are all but inevitable and, indeed, have already been achieved.  In the tiny teacup that is Israel, even a very small spoon can create a tempest, if it keeps stirring long enough.

In the meantime, while serious adults do serious things, what do the children in Yosh do?  Well, we can take some representative samples.  David Wilder keeps posting snapshots of services at the Machpela and some videos of himself harassing some leftists.  As if the Israeli decision to abandon Hebron can be influenced by taking pictures of Jews praying.  Tzvi Fishman’s contribution to anti-regime propaganda was to waste $5,000 on a giant poster to hang on top of Beit haShalom.  In the meantime, he has also been writing blogs urging the remaining 100 or so frum Jews in America to make aliyah so they can sit with him in his personal corner of the world’s largest ghetto and wait for the other shoe to drop. Baruch Gordon, who actually runs Arutz Sheva, has basically spent his time trying to copy Tzvi Fishman.  Israel Medad at least has an interesting blog, but it is a grab bag of random items pulled from elsewhere, with no coherent message or goal.  In the meantime, David Haivri is busy welcoming a new Peace Now mapping app via facebook.  If their English activities were just a sideshow, all this would still be sad.  But, alas, these people are serious.

Sum total effectiveness of propaganda efforts –zero.  Coherent goals – none.  Realistic vision – absent.  Leadership – nonexistent.

With “efforts” like this, there can be no doubt that, barring a miracle, if Bibi fails in his effort to pull the IDF out of Yosh and expose at least 100,000 of the hapless yeshite suburbanites to a massive Arab pogrom, another prime minster will.  And when it happens, these foolish people will have the gall to act surprised!

On the plus side, things are not going to be that bad after this next mass expulsion.  The majority of the yeshites will surely run like hell once they discover that the IDF has left them defenseless and face to face with a murderous Arab mob.  Perhaps only a few thousand will die.  Who knows, some communities might even open their eyes in time to arm and fortify themselves as best they can when the coming pullout is announced.  Maybe one or two will even survive.  And once the lemmings of Yosh are slaughtered and expelled, the mamlachti so-called “leadership” that has enthralled the dati leumi community will have been totally discredited.  The cult of the Medinat Israel golden calf they preside over will simply fall apart as those who survived and those who witnessed the massacres reject wholesale those who were responsible for them.  In the meantime, the Moslems will certainly unleash a barrage of rockets against Israel’s major cities.  This will bring the IDF right back into Yosh in short order and will probably land Avigdor Liberman in Netanyahu’s current chair, thus giving Israel its first Jewish prime minister since Yitzhak Shamir.  The stage will thus be set for a rebuilding of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria on a sound ideological, economic and military basis.  Assuming, of course, that the overgrown children are replaced with adult leaders who can take a damned hint.

Chag Sameach!

20 Tishrei, 5771


Another Day, Another Murder

September 2, 2010

So, now it’s two for two.  A car outside Kiryat Arba the night before last.  And last night, with the earth yet fresh on the graves of the four victims, a drive-by  against a car near Kochav HaShachar.  This time, baruch Hashem, no deaths.  Only an attempted murder, not a successful one.

In response to both attacks, the Israeli security forces swung into well-practiced action.  Jews attempting to enforce justice were stopped in their tracks.  Israel’s Hamas allies were given protection by IDF soldiers.  Jewish youth were attacked and arrested.  The Head Kapo showed up on the scene of the Kiryat Arba murder to mouth platitudes, while his green-suited subordinates made the pretense of looking for the enemy whom they were really protecting.  His boss, the mass murderer Yehud Run-Like-Lightning Barak (y”sh) called on Jews to “respect the law”.  The Big Cheese Bibi  (y”sh) opined that Israel’s actions will not be influenced by terrorism, then proceeded to go to dinner in preparation for rewarding terrorism by giving Israel’s Hamas allies all of Yosh and half of Yerushalayim.

But all of this is business as usual.  The real issue is what is to be done about it.

We all know that Torah-true justice requires that roughly 12,500 Ishmaelites in Eretz Yisrael be executed immediately in response to the successful murders.   In response to the unsuccessful murders, it would be wise to kill another 5,000 or so.  After all, why should justice be stayed just because Hashem, in his infinite mercy, caused the Ishmaelite bullets to go astray?  Finally, to prevent future attacks, all Ishmaelites living within a day’s travel of the sites of the attacks should be rounded up and deported.  Any who resist in any way, even by word or gesture or by failing to promptly obey commands, should be killed immediately.  All in all, were justice served properly in today’s Eretz Yisrael, roughly 20,000 of the Ishmaelites within Israel’s borders would be dead by this afternoon and all the rest would be sitting in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

Of course, the Israelis will do nothing of the sort.  Justice will not be served because, first of all, the State of Israel is allied with Hamas.  Right now, Israel’s leaders are busy celebrating the death of their Jewish enemies and are certainly in no mood to attack their allies.  Secondly, even if the Israelis were on the side of the Jews, they would not be capable of acting in a just fashion because they would not know justice if it stood up and slapped them on the face.  To be just, one must be true to the Holy Torah.  This excludes the Israelis by definition.  Thirdly, just action would draw howls of protest and sanctions from the goyim.  The Israelis are not willing to endure such tribulations simply for the sake of some Jews.

Therefore, the answer is clear.  No justice will be served.  The Ishmaelite-Amalekite forces will continue their rampage through the Land until the JEWS stop them.  It is also clear how the Jews can stop them.  Firstly, Jewish security forces must enforce Torah-true justice against the Ishmaelites.  Secondly, the appropriate defensive measures must be taken.  Yosh is a war zone.  It should be treated as such.  Until the enemy is exterminated and security is established, civilian vehicles should move in armed convoys.  No vehicle should travel by itself.  No vehicle should leave the gate of a secure area unless every adult occupant has a rifle and plenty of ammunition.  There should be at least one light machine gun for every two vehicles.  If at all possible, local security forces should provide armored escort vehicles to large convoys.  Of course,  control of the roads and control of key terrain dominating the roads is paramount.  Jewish security forces must establish and maintain such control.  As a side effect, such control will prevent the enemy from resupplying his forces, causing starvation and abandonment of territory by the enemy.  Thus defense becomes offense.  As enemy forces abandon territory, secure areas will grow, freeing up forces for additional operations.  Thus offense becomes defense.

None of this can happen while Israel’s illegitimate occupation forces remain in Yosh.  Therefore, the first priority of any clearheaded Jew must be to expel Israeli security forces from the Jewish communities.  This is where you, dear readers, come in.  The Jews of Yosh will not begin to properly defend themselves until the idea that the State of Israel is an illegitimate foreign occupier on their soil is planted firmly in their minds.  You must help to make this happen by spreading the idea of Medinat Yehudah.  Only when the idea of Medinat Yehudah spreads widely, only when the Jews of Eretz Yisrael begin to understand that Medinat Yehudah is the only plausible answer, only when the general path to establishing Medinat Yehudah is well understood by many, will things finally begin to turn around in Eretz Yisrael.

P.S.  Recently, there have been numerous requests for permission to use the material on this site, translate it, etc.  There have also been offers of money.  Let me be clear.  For reasons of operational security, the persons who operate this site will never contact you directly and ask you for money, nor will they accept money from you.  If you wish to donate money to peaceful causes that will benefit the Jews of Yosh, you should find a worthwhile institution or organization, such as the Od Yoseph Chai yeshiva or The Committee to Save the People and the Land,  the Central Fund, or Mishmeret Yesha.  Or better yet, contact the various communities of Yosh directly and donate money where it is needed.

Insofar as use of material on the site, it is free for you to use.  You may distribute it in any manner you see fit, whether for profit or not for profit, in any media of your choice, in order to promote the cause of our national liberation.  You may translate material into any language you wish, quote whatever you wish, etc, as long as it is for the cause of liberating our oppressed people from the rule of Israeli erev rav.  Attribution to the original site is unnecessary whenever it is operationally or tactically inconvenient.  The only request those behind this site’s creation have is that you consistently use the symbology of Medinat Yehudah, that is the colors white-black-gold and the Chai flag, when you explicitly promote Medinat Yehudah and not just talk in general terms about autonomy and self-determination.

Obviously, if you are planning radical action in accordance with Marighella Doctrine, you should not, at this stage, use Medinat Yehudah symbology or even talk about Medinat Yehudah.  Rather, you should talk about vengeance and revolution, and use your own symbology.  For the Israelis, Medinat Yehudah must be the “moderate answer” to the terrifying radicals.

Either way, whoever you are, wherever you go and whatever you do, those operating this site do not want to know any identifying details that can lead back to your true identity.  What a man does not know, he cannot compromise.  Remember, the reason the “Kahanists” left in this world today believe that Israel does not kill Jewish activists is because, the deranged ranting of Barry Chamish notwithstanding, in order to get on a kill list in the snake pit that is Israel’s coterie of upper echelon decision makers, one must be EFFECTIVE.  No Kahanist since R. Binyamin Kahane (z”l, h”y”d) has been worth killing.

23 Elul, 5770