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The First Rays of Dawn

November 11, 2010

This year’s commemoration of the pagan Israeli festival of St. Rabin Peace Martyr was notable for three things. The first was that the annual St. Rabin Memorial Antisemitic Hatefest was so stunningly unpopular that only a single television channel carried it, and that only after it was strongarmed into doing so. The second was the release of the best musical tribute ever to Yitzhak Rabin (yemach shemo) and his monstrous legacy, courtesy of Latma. This video deserves to become a viral hit among Jews. Please make every effort to share it with others.

But the most interesting thing of all was that the extremist Israeli propaganda site Walla published, without censorship, a short letter from the saintly Larissa Amir. Since no Jewish press organ dared to produce an English translation for the benefit of the Jews of the English-speaking diaspora, this site has arranged for a translation. As you read it, consider what it means when even our Israeli enemies publish such things in their own press.

Though the world around us seems dark, the eastern sky already begins to brighten. The first rays of dawn are hesitantly poking over the horizon, reminding us that the new, Jewish consciousness we all struggle to build among our brothers and sisters is slowly displacing the alien Israeli consciousness that holds them all prisoner. It cannot be otherwise, for lies always, eventually, fall in the face of Truth. The day of our liberation will come. Judah will be free. The Beit haMikdash will be rebuilt. May it come speedily, in our time.

4 Kislev, 5771