Whose Idea Was It, Anyway?

Many foolish people assume that the author of this blog somehow “distorts” the writings of R. Kahane.  No matter how many times one notes to them that R. Kahane’s last speech was given before the provisional banner of Medinat Yehudah, no matter how many times one quotes the prophetic words in “Revolution or Referendum”, still the various naysayers scream bloody murder and make idiotic claims.

The truth is, the Martyr Rebbe died for Medinat Yehudah.  R. Kahane was the first to realize the depth of hatred Israel’s ruling elite truly felt for the Jew.  He was the first to understand that the Israeli elite’s fear of the Jew was based primarily on the comparative birth rates between the Israeli and the Jew.  The Martyr Rebbe was the first to note the terror felt by the Israelis when these contemplated the simple fact that while Israeli women had careers, abortions, pets and “quality of life”, Jewish women had children.

The Israelis rightly understand that, if things are allowed to proceed unchecked, the Jews will peacefully dismantle the bolshevik pseudo-democracy within a generation and replace the entire rotten system with a holy Torah State.

The Martyr Rebbe was also the first to comprehend Israel’s response to the Jewish Threat.  He was the first to understand that Medinat Israel sought nothing less than a repeat of the massive antisemitic repressions of the 1950s.  He was the first to see behind the Oslo Treason not simple folly but a reasoned plan to murder as many Jews as possible, drive the remainder into concentration camps, forcibly strip them of Torah and faith in Hashem and, by destroying the Jewish souls of their children with Israeli secular “education”, produce a new generation of Israelis.

The Martyr Rebbe was also the first to understand the need for partition.  He, and not the author of this blog, was the first to comprehend that only by removing the Jewish Threat to the Israelis can civil war and a Second Holocaust be avoided.  It was for this reason that he signed his own death warrant by publishing “Revolution or Referendum”.  It was for this reason that he called a conference to kick-start a movement for an independent Medinat Yehudah.  He must have believed that his sacrifice would not be in vain.  He must have believed that his death would not end the movement to liberate Judah from Israeli occupation but would rather, by giving Judah her first and greatest martyr, cause those who saw clearly the Osloite path to the Second Holocaust to rally around the holy banner of Medinat Yehudah and to struggle on until ultimate victory.

But the Martyr Rebbe’s great love for his fellow Jew prevented him from seeing the full picture.  Such was his great Ahavat Yisrael that he truly did believe that peaceful partition was possible.  He truly believed that, eventually, Medinat Yehudah and Medinat Israel would somehow be able to reunite, that Israel would somehow come to understand that Judah was right.  He truly did believe that the Israeli public would experience a spiritual awakening, that the elites would repent and peacefully surrender power.  He truly did believe in the possibility of a “rose revolution”, a collapse of Israeli bolshevism as soft and sudden as the collapse of Communist East Germany.  The Israelis murdered R. Meir Kahane before he had time to tearfully admit to himself the full and awful truth.

The Israeli elite will never surrender power peacefully.  The Israeli elite will never permit the Jews to secede without an armed struggle for national liberation.  Simply put, the Israelis cannot credibly assume that Medinat Yehudah will be viable unless Medinat Yehudah proves to be at least as brave, determined and ruthless as Hamas.  Only an alternative Peace Process can put an end to the Oslo Treason.  Only an armed struggle can succeed.

R. Binyamin Kahane picked up his father’s banner.  But, alas, he too was doomed by the tzaddik’s great love for his people.  In the pure heart of R. Binyamin Kahane, the Israelis were better people than they truly are.  To him also, peaceful partition was possible and peaceful reunification inevitable.

Still, before the Israelis murdered him, the Martyr Rebbe’s son had the time to understand that it was not possible to establish Medinat Yehudah through conferences or referenda.  Before the death of R. Binyamin Kahane, we were given the next step in the development of our trampled country’s path to liberation from the Israeli yoke.  R. Binyamin Kahane came to the concept that a unilateral secession, a fait accompli, was the answer.  In his conception, the Jews of Yesha would not ask the Israelis for permission to form a Jewish State.  Rather, the Jews would tell the Israelis, firmly but peacefully, to leave.

For this simple realization, R. Binyamin Kahane was murdered.  He, like his illustrious father, died for our nation’s ultimate freedom.  With the death of Binyamin Kahane died any hope of a peaceful partition.  The Israelis have demonstrated, in unequivocal terms, that there is no path except armed struggle for liberation.  They demonstrate it still.  With every demolition, murder, illegal arrest and mass pogrom, the Israelis demonstrate their true nature.  Today, after the atrocities at Gush Katif and the brutal savagery of the Amona Pogrom, the real nature of the Israeli regime should be clear to all.

The author of this blog is a dwarf who stands on the shoulders of giants.  He makes no pretense of being fit to fill the shoes of the great leaders of our oppressed people.  The author simply speaks the Truth.  The Jews of the Holy Land cannot win a civil war.  The Jews cannot butt heads with the Israelis in open combat, children and women with rifles against the Israelis’ tanks and fighter jets.  Yet the Jews cannot sit limply by and wait to be murdered by Israel and her Moslem henchmen.  If the Jews of the Holy Land do nothing to oppose the insane Israeli mass murderers, they are all dead men.  So there can be only one answer — armed struggle for national liberation.  Not idiotic peaceful games with orange ribbons that only work in a democracy.  Not suicidal civil war.  Armed struggle, conducted in a doctrinally correct fashion in order to force Israel to the negotiating table in an alternative Peace Process, produce an orderly partition and, incidentally, save six million Jews from a Holocaust of Hatchets and Knives.

Dear reader, contemplate this simple fact:  If the choice is between certain death and a slim chance of victory, is it not better to choose the slim chance?  Is Hashem not merciful to those who struggle mightily and trust in His holy name?

I leave you with the last letter of R. Binyamin Kahane (z”l).  This letter became his death warrant.  He died to bring you these words.  Read them well and think carefully.  Whose idea is Medinat Yehudah?

“To my dear brothers and friends living in the mountains of Judaea and Samaria:

The situation currently facing us demands that we courageously re-assess all that we have believed until now. The issue before us is no longer just the fundamental problem of Chillul HaShem and Jewish humiliation; more, it is now a simple issue of straightforward security that involves each and every one of us.

Living in the mountains of Judea and Samaria, we are truly fortunate in that we comprise a community that, for the overwhelming majority, fears its God, loves its nation unstintingly, and is prepared for self-sacrifice. At this time of unrelenting strife, violence and an all but declared war, this faith grants us an insuperable advantage over those who live in ostensibly safer areas.

The capitulation of Joseph’s Tomb – on Shabbat T’shuva, the Sabbath of Penitence (!) – shocked us all to the very depths of our souls. But, truth to tell, few if any of us were really surprised, particularly after the IDF gave the broadest possible hints of their intentions just a few days earlier.

The situation today is difficult and complex. On the one hand, we are fully prepared – physically, emotionally, and spiritually – to retain Jewish control over the Jewish homeland, maybe more prepared than any other sector in Israeli society. On the other hand, the IDF is being exposed – with all the good-will – as a confused body, lacking direction and ideology and, above all, with no faith in God.

Additionally, we daily witness Jews throughout the land rising spontaneously, the plain meaning of which is that they are sick of the current government and the situation that it has wrought, and that they yearn for a determined leader who will steer the state along a truly Jewish path. Together with this, simple actions of individual Jews from all the settlements (such as blocking roads to Arab vehicles) are more successful in casting fear over the Arabs than the IDF with all its APC’s, jeeps, bullet-proof vests, inconsequential patrols, and bewildered commanders. And in the light of all these facts and their implications, we the inhabitants are determined to remain; we refuse to surrender our hold over our land, even as we refuse to acquiesce in the continuing humiliation of the Nation of Israel and the desecration of the Name of God.

My suggestion is as follows: Based upon the facts that I have outlined above, all the settlements on the mountain-ridge running north-south along the length of Judea and Samaria must conjoin with each other, forming a united leadership. This will immediately broadcast an unequivocal message to the IDF: “Just as you abandoned the Tomb of Joseph in Shechem – so, too, please abandon us. Abandon the entire mountain range whereon we live”. This must be stated politely, calmly and rationally. “Clearly, you do not want to be here. You obviously do not understand what you are doing here. You have no overall aims whatsoever, beyond the idiotic aim of ‘enforcing order’. There is no purpose at all, under these circumstances, in forcing you to remain here. We who live here are ready and willing to take full responsibility for this area upon ourselves. Just allow us this responsibility. As we all know, the government fully intended in any event to abandon virtually all this region to the Arabs, if only Arafat would have deigned to agree to their designs. So please, hand over this land to us. By the grace of God, here in these mountains we have wonderful youth and highly-trained military personnel whose morale is high; they will gladly accept this responsibility upon themselves. Ultimately they will take to their duties enthusiastically and, what is more important, with the faith in the God Who gave us this land. Just leave us the arms (and even if not, we will nevertheless succeed…), and HaShem will be our strength”.

Without the slightest doubt, the Arab denizens will be terrified merely at hearing this news: authority here will no longer rest with the shackled Army which has for so long been the punching-bag of Arab hooligans. Rather, those “monstrous settlers” (and, thank God, the Arab media portray us as the devil incarnate, if not worse) will now take charge.

Without the slightest shadow of doubt, such a step would clear the air here. There will be a complete about-face: this news will, for the first time in too many years, attract youths in their hundreds – at least! – who would come here to help. At long last there will be genuine yishuv ha-aretz (settling of the Land of Israel) and the beginning of Jewish sovereignty over the Land of Israel. This will put an end to the confused stammering and steadfast search for ways of handing over the land to the enemies of God, which have been the greatest obstacles to the Mitzvah which we are fulfilling here with our very being. Can we even begin to imagine the inspiration that this earth-shaking news would give to so many Jews, both ‘secular’ and ‘religious’, in Israel and abroad? It has been far too long since we experienced that deep and stirring feeling of Jewish national pride.

This is truly revolutionary! But it is far less revolutionary than the changes that have been wrought in the reality of Israel in the past few weeks, and we have nothing to lose. Even if the IDF does not accept this proposal – as can be expected, at least in the initial stage – then, at the very least, the military command and the government will realize that there is an additional and serious force on the ground, a force which they ignore at their peril.

Furthermore, for reasons of its own security, the IDF will want to prove that it can protect civilians; consequently, it will act more determinedly – at least, so far as it is capable within the limitations imposed by fear of the gentiles and of the Left which shackles it.

None of this entails separating ourselves from society. To the contrary, we will remain part of Israeli society, willing at a moment’s notice to re-join, by agreement, that state which has, until now, refused for 33 years to annex us. We speak here not of separation, but of additional Jewish sovereignty over a part of the Land of Israel which has been too long abandoned. We act for the good of the Nation of Israel, for the good of the State of Israel, for the sake of our families’ safety. Above all, we act for the sake of Kiddush HaShem, the sanctification of the Name of God, and eradicating its desecration until the hour of Final Redemption comes.”

With grave concern and Ahavat Yisrael,

Binyamin Kahane

P.S.  The original text quoted here and the story behind it can be found on the website of the Bnai Elim movement at http://bnaielim.org/binyamin_lastletter.htm


8 Responses to “Whose Idea Was It, Anyway?”

  1. Velvel Says:

    mike vienna: kol hakavod on the blog! Excellent reading so far.

    Just a quick point:
    “He was the first to see behind the Oslo Treason not simple folly but a reasoned plan to murder as many Jews as possible,”

    Since the Oslo Treason officially began in 92-93, with the Madrid conference in 1991 as a prelude, I assume you mean the overall concept/mentality behind it and not *actually* the official Oslo Treason because Rav Kahane ZT”L was murdered in 1990. That or you may have just been confused.

  2. vienna mike Says:

    Velvel, “Oslo Treason” is a larger phenomenon than the Oslo conference. It is true that the official conferences began after R. Kahane’s death. But they were preceded by years of semi-secret negotiations, concessions to the Moslems and escalating repression against the Jews of the Holy Land. In his latter speeches, R. Kahane (z”l) often referred to these activities of the Israeli government.

  3. Rob Says:

    Interesting. What is the motivation behind this? Can you convince me that it is a genuine hatred for religious Jews, Hashem and Torah? I have attributed Oslo to stupity, a need to be counted as a normal nation, and a good friend to the US, therefore I have been somewhat sympathetic to Israel the state. I have also been instructed by Rabbinate to support Israel the state, so much so, I fear not to support them. However after seeing Gaza and Amona……

    Liberation 101 is excellent BTW. Rob

  4. Vienna Mike Says:

    Rob, it is not hatred. It is FEAR. The Israelis are absolutely terrified of the prospect that the Jews will take away their power. This terror is bone-deep. It breeds hate, desperation and irrational, even suicidal action. Only if the fear goes away will Jews and Israelis be able to live in peace. The fear will not go away unless the Jews stop threatening the Israelis. Thus Medinat Yehudah.

    As for the Rabbinate, ask yourself, where do they get their money? Note that the Satmars and the Eda Haredit certainly do not teach their followers to support the State of Israel. I have many problems with these two groups also, but note that, unlike the Rabbinate, they do not get their money from the State of Israel. He who pays the piper, calls the tune.

  5. Rob Says:

    Mike, I do not understand how this fear would go away, could you elaborate? also, you seem to excuse their behavior somewhat, and attribute it to this fear, so has my utter contempt for them been a mistake?

  6. Vienna Mike Says:

    The fear will go away if, instead of a threatening ever-growing Jewish population within the State of Israel, the Jewish population was contained in its own country, Medinat Yehudah, which was useful to the Israelis as a shield against the power of Islam.

    Suddenly, instead of being threatening, the Jews become a valuable proxy. This does not mean that the State of Israel could be trusted. It merely means that the Israelis must at all times be aware of the terrible price Medinat Yehudah would exact for any betrayal and, simultaneously, of the terrible threat to Israel that would arise if Judah were not there to shield it. In other words, it must be in the Israelis’ self-interest to ensure the survival of Medinat Yehudah.

    Thus instead of making deals to surrender Jewish land to Moslems, the Israelis would be making deals to surrender land to the Jews. All those troublesome Arabs in the Galilee and that nasty border with Lebanon, those nasty Golan Heights, that horrible border with Gaza, that awful Negev desert with its Bedouins… Who needs any of it? Just hand it off to Judah and you can lie on the beach in Tel Aviv and Haifa with not a care in the world! Of course, you have to hand the Jews all kinds of hardware first and they will demand continuous shipments of a whole lot of strategic materials and some precious metals and a trade agreement, too, but hey, you can get rich off of it all! Let the Jews tote rifles in an endless milchemet mizvah, suffer grinding poverty, 3-month reserve callups, all those silly religious laws and all that crazy jazz! The Israelis will party hearty in the clubs of Tel Aviv! Why, they won’t even need an army! They could spend all this money on welfare to ensure an obedient underclass of welfare bums to continuously vote them into power.

    Really, if this deal were truly available and if the Israeli elite believed the deal to be credible, do you think for a moment that they would not jump at the chance? The problem is that the Jews must first articulate this deal and prove that it is CREDIBLE. In other words, the Israelis must believe that the Jews are more dangerous than Hamas and must be appeased FIRST. They must also believe that, in a war for Yesha, the Jews would WIN. Only a doctrinally correct armed resistance campaign can do THAT.

    The Israelis are not truly insane. They are merely utterly callous and unbelievably selfish. The upper crust who orchestrates the policies is confident that, in an emergency, IAF transport planes will whisk them all away with the national treasury, to enjoy comfortable lives on tropical islands while 6 million Jews are massacred. Since they are gambling with the lives of others, it is no surprise that these people are willing to take suicidal risks. To them, only their own well-being has value. If they cannot enjoy wealth, power and privilege, schtup on the beach, eat treif and hobnob with Western elites, they are perfectly willing to allow the State of Israel to perish. After all, to them it has no intrinsic value whatsoever. It is merely a vehicle whereby they satisfy their desire for wealth and power. Therefore, if they can’t have it, why should anyone else?

    Contempt is not the right feeling for them. They must be respected as a deadly and dangerous enemy who must be outmaneuvered and ultimately rendered powerless. Idiots think that Vienna Mike wants to massacre the Israelis because he hates them. In reality, Vienna Mike wants to give the Israelis exactly what they want — a modern, hedonistic, Western “democracy” full of free-flowing liquor, drugs, sexual perversion, pornography, abortion on demand and hot and cold running women in every room. They can then happily poison themselves out of existence in peace and quiet while providing a window to the West on the one hand and an outlet for Judah’s malcontents on the other.

    Within a generation, their birth rate will drop below replacement and the death spiral will begin. Within two generations, their population will be sustained solely via immigration from Medinat Yehudah. Within three generations, they will give up Haifa. Within four generations, they will be down to the city limits of Greater Tel Aviv. And there they will stay until Moshiach comes because Medinat Yehudah will find them to be a useful cesspool the way China finds Hong Kong to be a useful cesspool.

    To the great consternation of the rabbis, all of Judah will come to Israel to party on Spring Break. To the great relief of the parents, after the youth of Judah are efficiently separated from every last shekel in their pockets, they will crawl on the rabbi-provided free bus home and, after sleeping off the hangover and getting prophylaxis for the latest forms of VD, run to the mikveh and hence to the schul to repent and perform crazy kabbalistic tikkun for all their sins (and do it all again next year, just like their parents did.)

    Peaceful coexistence. Believe it or not, THAT is the vision of Vienna Mike.

  7. Rob Says:


  8. Daniel Says:

    It’s an amazing dream… count me in on the dream.
    It would really be “hainu kecholmim”.

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