Telling It Like It Is


Arutz Sheva recently published a clip of Saeb Erekat speaking at the Israeli Institute for Mass Surrender and Suicide in Tel Aviv.  Watch this clip.  In fact, watch it twice.  Look at the terror on the faces of the little Israeli lemmings in the audience, these rats who seek only some gangplank to jump off the obviously sinking ship of their godless Zionist enterprise.  Every word Erekat speaks in this clip is the pure and simple truth.  And the key quote is simply this:  “…Those children who are being born in non-Jewish households between my constituency, Jericho, and your town Tel Aviv, when they enter the first grade in 2016, they are the majority in this land.  Yes, I know that you have 5,000 tanks, 3,000 fighting planes, nuclear, America, whatever…  …Is that the option you want?”

Note the open contempt  he displays for the Israelis.  Note the dismissive waves of the hand and the trembling, cowering lemmings in the room, listening to their goyshe master explaining the realities of life.

Why does he feel so confident in himself, this representative of a few million squatters in possession of an overgrown militia armed with small arms and a few hundred mostly improvised armored vehicles, without a single combat aircraft, a single decent artillery piece, a single naval vessel or even a single tank of good quality poison gas, much less a functional nuclear weapon?  Why it is simple.  He knows, as well as the cowering Israeli mice in the room if not better, that the weapons Israel possesses are just for show.  He knows that the only time these weapons will ever be used is when the Israeli government again orders its kapo army to attack Jews.

Erekat looks forward to getting his hands on those useless Israeli weapons, the planes that will be given to the Arabs without a fight, the tanks that the Islamic Emirate of Palestine will inherit in mint condition, the nuclear weapons that will be handed over on a silver platter if they are not surrendered to America first.  Because he knows that the cowering lemmings in the room are afraid of the displeasure of the goyim.  There are, you see, 27 nations in the European Union and 127 nations around the world ready to recognize the Islamic Emirate of Palestine.  And if the Israelis balk, these nations will boycott and sanction and blockade.  And therefore, since the Israelis have no means or spine to withstand sanctions or blockades or international opprobrium, since the Israelis possess neither love for the Jewish People, nor attachment for the Land nor faith in Hashem, Erekat knows that they are already defeated.  When push comes to shove, even their “hawks”, the bibis and the tzipis and the bogies, will simply surrender and run away, leaving their hapless chiloni constituents to slavery and mass slaughter.

Dear reader, no greater proof of the imminent necessity for Medinat Yehudah can be given than this video clip.  Only a leadership that has faith in Hashem, an unshakeable attachment to our G-d given Land and a burning love for the Jewish people can do what is necessary.  Only a Jewish leadership guided by Torah ideals can slaughter and expel the arrogant Ishmaelite thieves.  Only a Jewish leadership guided by Torah ideals can laugh at goyshe sanctions and opprobrium. Only a Jewish leadership guided by Torah ideals can do what is commanded by Hashem without fearing the anger of goyshe worms.  Only a Jewish leadership guided by Torah ideals can ensure peace, security and prosperity for the Jewish People in Erez Yisrael.  And only the Medinat Yehudah movement can give birth to such leadership.

Forget Feiglin, Ketzeleh, Nadia Matar and all the rest of the useless alter kackers who keep pretending that there is something to be gained by adopting any position other than a demand for Jewish independence in Eretz Yisrael.  In our times, the only real choice is between Medinat Yehudah and Islamic Palestine.  Anyone who opposes Medinat Yehudah, and this includes “leaders” like Ketzaleh and Feiglin, is a de facto supporter of Islamic Palestine.

As for the State of Israel, it is no longer part of the equation.  Medinat Israel is merely a basket of goods, territories and assets to be inherited by one of the two peoples who have a potential future in Eretz Yisrael – the Jews and the Arabs.  The Israelis have already surrendered without firing a shot.

10 Sivan, 5770

Only a Jewish leadership guided by Torah ideals can

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5 Responses to “Telling It Like It Is”

  1. sk Says:

    The body language on both sides was indeed instructive, with the Israelis having heads bowed, arms hugging their torsos.

    I disagree, Mike, that everything Erekat said was true, however. The old “demographic argument” is not true. Significantly, nobody apparently brought this up, either because they did not know its falsehood, or because of their general hopelessness. Nobody brought up that Abbas has no legal authority anymore either. “Two states, alongside each other, living in peace” is also utterly false. But nobody brought up that this would never happen.

    Thus, for me, the take-home message is that despite much utter nonsense and many lies being uttered by the Muslim spokesthing, there was not even an attempt to counter any of it. Indeed, having this creature make a speech was itself an admission of Israeli cowardice.

  2. Vienna Mike Says:

    Actually, the demographic message given by Erekat (y”sh) in this speech is almost certainly true. Note that he was careful not to say “Arab children”. He counts ALL the goyim, including the children of foreign workers, the children of the halachic goyim who were let in because they claim to have one Jewish grandmother or because they underwent a reform “conversion”, the children of the intermarried Israelis in Tel Aviv, etc, etc. According to the Blind Samson, today, inside the Green Line, this assorted bunch of goyim comprises roughly 33% of the population aged 0-9. And what Erekat claimed is not that the Arabs will be a majority in 2016, but rather that among children entering first grade, the goyim will be a majority.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Just wondering, what would you want done with these assorted goyim who are not halachic Jews but pose no physical threat to the Jews?

  4. Vienna Mike Says:

    Anonymous, they should of course be treated in accordance with Halacha. Those who are willing to accept the Seven Mitzvot of Bnei Noach can stay as long as they remain loyal to the Jewish People and the Jewish State. Those who are intermarried or who are children of intermarried couples should be encouraged to undergo a proper, halachically valid conversion. The disloyal and those unwilling to live as noahides in a Torah State should be deported to their homelands.

    Of course any movable property belonging to the deportees they can ship home at their own cost or dispose of it as they wish. Insofar as any immovable property they may possess in Eretz Yisrael, since the illegitimate Israeli government defrauded them by permitting them to illegally acquire it and registering it as legally theirs, I believe they should be compensated for it at fair rates as determined by a duly constituted Beit Din.

  5. rob Says:

    I would adopt a similar position regarding goyim as the CSA has for those they consider illegal or non resident. all such people would be immediatly deported, then they could apply for citizenship based on the determination and criteria set up by the Beit Din, all property would be siezed by the newly formed state, compensation would be given to those who would be considered a non threat to the state. anyone who has worked against the settling of this land would be put on trial for treason and if found guilty would be shot or hanged, or both. none of this turning the other cheek nonsense-a byproduct of rubbing elbows with christians for a couple millenia no doubt…

    It is my hope that MY becomes a reality. I have nothing to gain personally from a state of MY, I would not meet the criteria for citizenship. I see 1948 as an opportunity given to the Yehuda by Hashem to be stewards of the land, to make the desert grow, to facilitate the future reunification of all of the tribes as stated in the Torah, Tanak, and other highly regarded writings.

    I see no back bone among the Rabbinical leadership, they all seem to have their own agenda, going in every dirrection but forward.

    I am told there is a Moshiach born in every generation, that this person must take hold of this destiny, sieze it, go forward. If there was a point in our recent history when we needed such a Person, and a Prophet, this is that day….

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